Angel Fleet
Angel Fleet
Vital statistics
Founder Arceus
Time Created
Purpose Protect Earth and Humanity
Status Active
Current Former
Greninja Giratina

The Angel Fleet is a group made up of holy creatures and angels that inhabit the Skyworld, a land above the mortal world. the sole purpose to protect the mortal world from threats outside of their control. The original fleet of earth protection had decreased due to Giratina's involvement, and betrayal.


Angel Fleet badge

Angel Fleet Identification badge

The Angel Fleet itself is heaven's main defense, working in a similar fashion to simple military. The various ranking are brought around and assigned to those among Skyworld who show signs of warrior spirit, which isn't the common attribute among those of Skyworld. The ranks mostly include followers, fighters and servants who follow commands given to them by their leading head. There isn't an exact rank given to individuals of the fleet, just members and a leader, Though the leader can give specific roles to particular followers when needed, such as a spy, guard, general, or patroller. These placements can be moved at any time.