Back to Basics
Season 2, Episode 11
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Kanji 基本に立ち返って
Air date July 28, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Back to Basics is the 11th chapter of season 2, and the 23rd in the overall series.


Time to say good-bye to Kenya, and hello to Tokyo! Is it all the same as before?


The African Savannah skies were just waking up for a new day. Usually, many animals wouldn't be as active at this point in time, but one animal was already anxious and about; the tiny elephant. He'd been a bit sad for being left in the jungle with Kimba. Not saying his time in the jungle was entirely bad, but he just seemed to miss the others that didn't try to fight him. Kimba, even if not intended, had fought him, and it was still a bit of a hard thing for him to get used to the place. It took a little bit, but Kimba did wake up and realize what's what.

"Still miss them, huh?" Kimba said. The elephant responded with a small nod.

"Well, I'm sure they'll be okay. You'll have a great home here, no problem."

The elephant looked away, actually shaking his head. Kimba knew he couldn't make him stay, and took it in consideration. Eventually, Kimba the white lion nodded to him.

"How about you come with me? I heard they'll be leaving soon, and I'd like to see them off."

That news made the elephant better.


Dear Twilight:

I'll be back home soon.

Nagisa Shiota

That was the simple message Nagisa had Korosensei give Twilight back in Tokyo, the night before his departure. That morning was their last in Kenya, and they had to get back home before school would start again (which won't be very long). Just outside of their vacation home, Karma, Ren, Nagisa, Hinata, Luffy, Naruto, Weed, GB, and Mel all were packing up and ready to go. Korosensei was as ready as he'll ever be, with his arms wrapped around his basket carrier. A number of stuff was already in the basket, making a decent sized pile inside, but still plenty of room for everyone else.

"Alright, everybody got everything before we fly off?" Korosensei asked.

"Think so. You know, it's been fun in Kenya, but it'll be nice to get back home," Nagisa admitted. Even if they faced demons, it was still fun all the same.

"Yeah, it's not as hot back home. I swear to god, you can fry a damn egg out here," GB added. Some of the others laughed at the comment, but before anyone could get in, they heard Kimba begin to come over to see them off, the elephant following close behind.

"Oh hi Kimba. Come to see us off?" Karma asked.

"Hie. I want to thank you for what you all did; don't know where I'll be without your help," Kimba said, as the elephant looked over to the basket.

"No sweat, lion. Gave us plenty of action on our vaca. Too bad school's back up for us."

As they were talking, the elephant began investigating the basket nearby, his trunk exploring it a little bit. Soon, the elephant got an idea...

"Alright, everybody in! Next stop; Tokyo, Japan," Korosensei announced, as the group started to go in the basket. Only seen by Kimba, the elephant actually started to scramble inside too! It took a bit, but the little elephant slipped underneath all the stuff, getting cozy inside. Kimba would say, but he sensed that the elephant actually wanted to go with them rather than stay in Africa. The elephant saw Kimba just outside the basket, and Kimba moved over to him.

"Have fun," Kimba said quietly. The elephant patted Kimba's head from a hole in the basket, and went out of sight before anyone could notice him. Kimba took a few steps back, waving a paw to them as they waved back. Korosensei began to float up into the air, lifting everyone inside. Unlike before, everyone was prepared this time, and after getting high enough, they braced themselves. Soon, in one blast, Korosensei was off to the east, and disappeared from the Serengeti. Kimba watched them all go off from there, smiling.

"Hope to see you again."


The flight back from Kenya was still as wild as would be expected, with Mach-20 speed and all. They all were wondering, to some degree anyway, on how much has changed while they were away. Even if it was just for their summer vacation, a lot could've happened with Greninja, the high school as a whole, and other things they could've missed. Nagisa in particular looked forward to seeing Twilight again. He hadn't seen Twilight in months, and could only wonder what she was up to nowadays. After a while, the land underneath them started to look familiar after a flight over the ocean, turning into similar forests and cooler weather that they all were more familiar with. It was even quicker when they began to see the city of Tokyo further off. Korosensei was glad to be back in Japan, and started flying off towards where it all started; Yunibasaru Junior High. As he was going over though, he began to notice something coming their way; the strong wind gusts were going a bit rough up ahead.

"Everyone hold tight," Korosensei warned. The hit of the wind as they flew over was very strong, and quick. Korosensei didn't plan for that strong of gust, that hole in the basket opening up a bit more from. That same hole the tiny elephant was laying against soon tore open! He tried to stay in, but the wind combined with Korosensei's high speed made the elephant tumble out! He rolled up into a ball as he fell, no one in the basket noticing anything, and were soon out of sight. The elephant fell down, down, down, until he finally hit his landing point. The elephant ended up smashing into a nearby tree, rolling down like a ball, hitting many branches as he did. Dizzy and dazed, he finally landed on solid ground. He wasn't as hurt as one would expect an animal to be - his ball form letting him absorb the impacts easier. However, the elephant was basically stuck; he didn't catch where they bolted off to during the fall. He got up onto his feet after a bit, looking around the area. The tree was just in the main school front yard, and it seemed it was still too early for the kids to even show up on account that no one was around. Good thing too; he didn't want to deal with anyone else apart from the 3-E.

He gave off a few small trumpets with his trunk to be sure, and he didn't get any real response so he was sure he was alone for the moment. As he kept looking, he started to see a sign above the high school main doors, reading off the school's name. The elephant then remembered something he heard earlier.

Too bad school's back up for us.

Is this the school Karma meant? As far as the elephant knew, if that was true, then they should be inside somewhere.

After coming to that conclusion, he moved over to the main doors. Since the school was just an hour from opening, the doors were still locked up, so pulling on the doors wasn't as easy as it sounded. As if it wasn't hard enough with the elephant's small trunk anyway. He tried pulling over and over again, but the doors were shut tight, and weren't budging. Eventually, the elephant got tired of trying that way, and took a few steps back to try another way; ramming the door. A bit of a extreme, but, he still figured they were inside.

First try; not making much of an effect.

Second try; still nothing.

Third try; started to get a headache.

Fourth try; took a break.

The elephant, stubborn, took a few more steps back for one more try at the door. Rather than an old-fashion charge, he ran and rolled like a wheel right at it. This time, the hit shook the door a bit, so strong it dented the metal doors! Still, it wasn't enough to do the job, and he was still stuck outside. The elephant took a moment to relax, and leaned against the door ...

Just to have it simply slide open.

Guess the hits broke the locks at the final second. The elephant fell inside the building, a little unamused by the, admittedly, cheesy results, but at least he was in. Now to find the others.


It didn't take very long really, but Korosensei flew everyone right over to the Class 3-E building. Korosensei made to gently set them down on the ground underneath them, before landing himself. It was nice to see the 3-E building again, and the alien teacher couldn't wait to get rolling again with the school year.

"Thanks for riding Korosensei air. Be sure to watch your step, and have a nice day," Korosensei said, as the others got out of the basket. Naruto took a deep breath.

"Nice to be back home," Naruto commented. The others had to agree, but as they're getting used to things, Nagisa glanced over to the building itself. No one seemed to be there, being too early for the students to show up. However, just above the main door, someone seemed to be standing on top of the roof, looking down to them. It didn't take long to see who it was.

"Hey, Greninja! Long time no see!" Luffy said. Greninja leaped down from the roof, landing down in front of the group. However, rather than a friendly gesture, Greninja looked upset with them (Korosensei in particular)

"Where had you gone off to? I leave you alone, and you end up gone for over a month. Care to explain?" Greninja asked sternly, arms crossed and waiting for an answer.

"We were gone on vacation in Africa. Don't worry though, we're fine. Also, gotta surprise for ya," Karma said. Greninja didn't appear impressed with the response.

"I don't care for whatever surprise you got for me; you've been gone for too -" Greninja was cut short by what Karma did next. With a twist for his hand, palm to the sky, a flame was suddenly ignited in his hand, suspended in thin air! Greninja's anger subsided, replaced with a mildly amused look in his eyes.

"Kasai ... So you got your Multitype to come alive without help?" Greninja concluded. Karma got rid of the flame.

"I'm not the only one; seemed Nagisa over here gone through some power surge with Mizu," Karma replied, though Nagisa still didn't remember too well on it in particular himself. Karma's reminder though reminded him of his dream with Arceus, and what he had to say to him. Greninja looked to Nagisa with a surprised look, but before they could continue on the subject matter, they all suddenly heard a gasp from Korosensei,

"Oh god! Five minutes before second term; come on everyone, let's get an early start inside before the crowd sweeps in!" Korosensei said, pushing almost everyone along into the school. Quick and even forceful, but his intentions were in the right place. Greninja gave a sigh at that reaction, as it seemed to be that he'll have to get his answers some other time. Nagisa though got himself out of the way, mainly because he still needed some questions answered. If this was so important, then he needed as much information about it as possible. Looking to Greninja, he had to say something ...

"Greninja, wait."

Greninja stopped and turned back to him.

"What is it now?"

Nagisa needed a minute to get his words together, and just gave a deep sigh.

"I met Arceus."

Greninja stopped dead cold. There was a dead silence for a few minutes before Greninja spoke again.

"... You ... Met. Arceus? My Arceus?"

"He told me about the Multitype a bit, but ... But I need to know more, Greninja. Please."

Greninja turned away for a moment. This was surely some big news that he didn't expect to hear from him; when did Arceus contact him about this? Greninja no longer had to keep information from him anymore at this point, if this claim was indeed true. And Greninja could see in his face, that it was more than true ...

"... Remember that water hole in the mountains? Meet me there during your lunch period, and I'll explain then."


Sometime later, and over to the parking lot of the high school, a car had just pulled in. It was still a bit before the kids would come around, so this here was a staff car. Stepping out of the car, in this case, was the principal of the school; Gakuho Asano. He'd been rather busy all month long, and the school was no different. He was the principal after all, and he worked hard to keep the most successful school in Tokyo in working order. After getting out, another person, Gakushu Asano, stepped out of the car. As far as looks were concern comparing the two, Gakushu was orange in eyes and hair while Gakuho was more brown. Gakushu had some extra freedom because he was not just the highest ranking student of the school, but he was also the principal's son (go figure).

"Let's start this term off right. Shall we?" Gakushu said.

"We shall," Gakuho replied.

As far as behavior went, they were pretty much exact for the most part.

As the two headed over to the front doors though, they both immediately stopped once they saw the door. The dent in the door, and it being open to begin with, was more than troubling to put up with. Gakuho's serious expression remained unchanged, though he grew bugged with something inside his school.

"Great. We have a visitor."

"Thieves?" Gakushu asked.

"No. This won't take very long."

Gakushu and Gakuho both entered the building easily, looking around the place to see where whatever it was had gone off to. The halls of the main building were pretty quiet, and the lights a bit dim inside. Hard to really say where or what was in the place, but the father and son moved on ahead for a bit of ways, each of their steps echoing down the halls. They didn't say a word as they went along, trying to hear if anything was inside the school. For the first few minutes, it was just that; a quiet walk around the school. They both knew the longer they look, the more likely the other students will come in and get involved. If this was a criminal or an animal, then it won't end well exactly. Soon ...

A trumpet.

A quick, high-pitched trumpet caught their attention. The sound immediately told them both that the intruder was no human of any sort. Down the hall ahead of them, it cuts a corner, and they could just see a small shadow of whatever was over there.

Over around the corner, the creature was the tiny elephant. He'd been running around the school for a while, but didn't have much luck in finding anybody, never mind Nagisa and his friends. The elephant kept looking around until he began to hear footsteps just around the corner. The elephant faced the direction, and started to feel happy, thinking the sound was from his friends. He gave off a happy trumpeting, before he began to move over to the direction in question. Gakushu and Gakuho could hear the elephant coming their way, and hid behind the corner. Gakushu glanced to Gakuho, who gave him the nod of approval. Just before the elephant could make it past ...

"Got you!"

The elephant had no time to react, and Gakushu was already holding him off the ground. He struggled, squirmed and wiggled in Gakushu's grip, but it wasn't any good. The two gave the elephant a good look over.

"Strange animal. What do you want to do with him?" Gakushu asked, his tone slightly sly like his father. Gakuho checked his watch first to decide that answer. Unfortunately for him, it was too late to slip the animal out of the school without the kids noticing anything. Good thing they weren't too far from his office though when they found him. Gakuho gave the hand signal to hand the elephant over to him. As much as the elephant tried, he couldn't stop Gakushu from handing him over to Gakuho. Looking at his smile was a devil in disguise, and the elephant was scared on what he was going to do to him. Gakuho held him more like a child, cradling the elephant as he looked down to him.

"You run off to class, son. I don't want any word of this. We'll dispose of it later, but for now, it'll be with me."

That decision only got the elephant to gulp ...


After some hours, the classes of Yunibasaru were started up and were underway. With the summer vacation over and done, and with the second term of the junior high school now up and going. For both the teachers and the students, they all needed to spruce up and get back on track; the students with their memory over what they've learn over the months during first term, and the teachers with what lessons to teach, and what to get their students to catch up on. Usual stuff, really for Classes E through A. The students needed a little bit longer to reach the Class 3-E building (it being pass the mountains on the back of the main building and all that), yet once they did, they got their minds back with Korosensei and Ritsu's lessons. Speaking of Ritsu, the AI was a bit rusty in her circuits, since she was basically put on snooze mode for a month, but thanks to Korosensei's help, Ritsu got herself back on track.

The first number of hours went by in a breeze for many of the students, especially for those involved in the African trip. While many of them did continue with the lessons as they were supposed to, Luffy and Naruto both spent the time mainly going over what happened to them over the month trip, from the simple safaris, to the fights with the demons, despite Greninja's insistence to keep quiet about the details. It wasn't any good, and Greninja hoped Class 3-E wasn't a class full of easy-to-break blabbermouths. For Nagisa, the passage of time was mainly spent waiting for lunch to begin. Not because he was hungry, but from his wait to talk to Greninja again. He got a good amount of talk from Greninja already, and even more from Arceus after his power surge, but if they were going to pull this off, then he needed all the information he can get in order to fully understand it, and handle Giratina faster before the draconic demon would cause anymore trouble.

Eventually, and finally for Nagisa's sake, lunch time came around. One setback for those involved with the trip though, was the fact that they didn't have any real lunch to eat, while those not involved did. To Nagisa Shiota, it was just a minor setback, as he was too occupied with finding Greninja again to really care about eating. When he was given the chance - as best he could do, anyway - Nagisa slipped away from the school, and began heading off to the mountains close by. He went to the mountain pool only once before, but with how much he gained from it, he remembered the route pretty well. One short walk later, and he began to see the same pond in question, and Greninja awaiting him over by the pool's rocky edge. Rather than meditate, or something along the lines, Greninja was already standing tall, and looking to Nagisa, expecting him to come around sooner or later.

"There you are, Nagisa," Greninja said, upon seeing the blue-haired human coming over to the edge of the pool.

"Hello. Now, Greninja -"

"Before we start anything, I need you to answer something for me; how did you manage to contact Arceus? I known him for many years, and contact at this point is nothing short of difficult, if not impossible," Greninja got in, cutting off Nagisa. Nagisa really didn't know how he got Arceus to contact him, nor did he know truly on what Arceus was about.

"Let's see ... It's hard to say. He just showed up in one of my dreams, and that was it," Nagisa admitted. Greninja remained calm and collective.

"I see. One good thing coming from this is that Arceus is gaining energy."

"But, Greninja? Who even is Arceus? I don't remember you saying anything about him," Nagisa pointed out. Greninja then sat down by the clear water's edge, his back to Nagisa. Without Greninja saying a word, Nagisa moved over, and sat down next to him with his legs crossed. Greninja looked down to the water in front of them before continuing.

"I've told you that Giratina's our Satan before, right? Arceus is our angel - my leader, and the original user of all the Multitype's powers and abilities. He tried hard to keep this world safe from harm, along with his friends, including myself, but then -" Greninja suddenly paused when that memory came back in his head. Nagisa waited for a bit, but Greninja decided to skip it.

"- ... Well, that's not important anymore. What's important now is that the Chosen get together," Greninja concluded. Bringing up the past wont help them now.

"That's what I wanted to talk you about; How do they work? Who else has them? How would we know when we find them?" Nagisa's questions were a bit more urgent than they needed to be, but with how many demons he met so far, he needed to get the upper hand, and the layout on these abilities fast. Before he could keep asking more, Greninja got his webbed finger up to his mouth to get him to be quiet for a moment.

"Easy, Nagisa. Now, as for the Multitypes in question; there's truly no proper way to figure out their diversity apart from their main theme. Mizu's water-based, Kasai's fire-based, Tatakai's power-based, and so on. As for who else out there obtained them, well ... As I mentioned before, I really don't know just yet."

"But you can sense the Multitypes in us, can't you? Isn't there a way you can sense where the next user is, and we can go get them? Sorry, but as you said before, we have to be ready for Giratina," Nagisa insisted. Greninja nodded.

"I'm glad you understand, Nagisa. Unfortunately, my sense on who has what, isn't as strong as it used to be. I'm able to point out you, but I can't sense the Multitype from a country away. You're lucky you have five of the eight Multitypes with you already."

Nagisa looked down to the water in the pond.

"Right ... Greninja?"

Greninja turned back to face him, as Nagisa tried to think over what he should say next, or how to say it for that matter.

"... My Multitype's water, right?"

"Mizu is the water type of the Multitypes, yes. Why?"

"... Greninja, I ... I need to know how this works. Do you think you ... well, can teach me?"

Greninja was taken aback by this request, but it wasn't the first time somebody asked him for some pointers before. The difference here was that while one was strictly for ninjutsu, this one was for the Multitype ability itself. Nagisa knew only one other person who could manipulate water, and he was sitting right next to him. However, Greninja turned away again.

"You're going at it wrong; the Multitypes don't activate just from training alone. It's something that must be summoned by the user themselves when there in the right moment. In their element, if you will. Your friend Karma was in a good place to unlock his, being in Africa and all."

"But, what about that power surge? Is that me unlocking it, or no?"

"That all depends on how it happened. Tell me; did you remember fully on what happened when this power surge occurred, or did someone had to tell you what happened?"

"... Actually, Arceus told me. He said I'm the first to fully conjure up my abilities, even if unconsciously, so -"

"Stop there," Greninja cut in, silencing Nagisa for a second so he could continue.

"I'm afraid I can't do anything to help you until you're aware of how to conjure your abilities. It's an interesting plus, to be sure, but if you don't know how to conjure Mizu, then me training you won't help much in that regard," Greninja explained. He looked over to Nagisa, who felt saddened on hearing the news. The sight of that got Greninja to sigh again.

"I can say this though; if you can figure out where the best place would be, where you feel more in your respected element, then your on the right path to truly unlocking it," Greninja explained. Nagisa found this information very useful, not just to him, but the others as well. It would explain how easily Karma Akabane got his in just a weeks time; Africa was a hot and dry place, and would fit the Kasai fire ability pretty well. What about Mizu though? where would that be? ...

After some quick thought, Nagisa suddenly got his answer sitting right in front of him.

"How about here?" Nagisa decided, standing up.


"Yeah, here. If Mizu is about water, then doesn't training over by a body of water make better use of it?"

Greninja got up, and glanced over to the water hole. It was clear, cool, and perhaps Nagisa had a point there. Greninja took a bit before looking back to him. Eventually though, Greninja gave a nod.

"Now, you're on the right path. Now you and your friends just have to think about the where's best for them."

Nagisa nodded, and understood the circumstances. All the Multitypes couldn't activate in the same place after all, and Nagisa figured being here would be a good start mainly for his own. Before their conversation could go any further though, they suddenly heard a odd squawk of a hurt bird close by, getting them both to turn their heads.

"Who's there?" Greninja called, water blades at the ready. Emerging from the foliage of the nearby forest, then came out Weed with a caught bird in his mouth. It'd been a while since he last hunted, so, it was good to work on that for the day anyway. Just so happened to be in the same forest, as all. Weed didn't really hear what they were talking about though.

"Oh, it's just you Weed."

"Greninja, Nagisa? What're you two doing out here? Isn't it school time back at the building for you?" Weed questioned, dropping the bird for a second.

"I'm on lunch break, and I needed to talk with Greninja for a bit. What're you doing out here?"

"Oh. Well, maybe it's good you're out here anyway," Weed said. Like some of the others, he'd been thinking a bit since he got back from their trip, but not for the same reasons. Weed sat down, as Greninja and Nagisa looking over to him, waiting to hear what he had to say.

"Look. I had fun being with you, Nagisa, but ... *sigh* I have to get going soon."

"Excuse me?" Nagisa questioned.

"I went out all this way to figure out what happened between me and you, and now that I understand, I don't really have another reason to stay. I know I have this Multitype thing, or whatever it is, but -"

"Weed, you can't leave now. You're a Chosen, and holder of the Multitype, and we need them altogether," Greninja firmly stated.

"But, Greninja, I still have Gaijou to protect back at Fugato Pass. I told them I'd be back, and a month's been long enough. I'm sorry, but, I have to go."

As Weed and Greninja discussed it, Nagisa thought over what Weed had said. Nagisa may not know too much about exactly how the Ohu Army worked, or how deep Weed's involvement with it actually was, but, it sounded very important for Weed to do.

"You can't, not yet. Until Giratina's taken down, you need to stay with the others."

"But who knows what'll happen to Gaijou while I'm gone? The Ohu Army, They need me there!"

"But, Weed -"

"Greninja, wait," Nagisa suddenly said. Greninja stopped himself, and turned over to Nagisa. Nagisa had made his own decision on the matter, and while Greninja seemed more bent on keeping them together, whatever was going on back at Gaijou needed Weed back at some point. It wasn't fair to keep him around if there wasn't any personal reasons to. After all, during his vacation, he was split from the others a few times, and nothing overall bad happened (bad to the point of total destruction, anyway).

"It sounds like the Ohu Army is very important to him. Perhaps ... Well, maybe it's best to let him go."

"What? Nagisa, didn't you just say you wanted this done as soon as possible?"

"I said I wanted to understand the Multitype Greninja, I can't force everyone to do stay here to make that happen. Besides, can't he just come back if he's needed with us? He can be at Gaijou, and still be a Chosen, right?"

Greninja was about to protest, but, Nagisa had a point. Weed managed to track down Nagisa from Fugato Pass to Tokyo without much extra help on their part, and at a decent timeframe, no less (for a dog running anyway).

"... I suppose so. I'll let him, but, I'm still not sure about this," Greninja sighed. Weed knew he had to go, even if it wasn't what Greninja wanted exactly.

"Thank you. both of you. I'm glad you understand. I'll tell Mel and GB the news, and be on our way in an hour or less. It's been a lot of fun hanging with you, Nagisa."

"Same to you. You're always welcome to come back, anytime you'd like," Nagisa assured the blue dog. Weed nodded, and soon went off with his bird, to tell the other dogs about the decision. Greninja only gave a sigh on that regard.


Meanwhile, back at the main building, the situation over the little elephant in the premise was still something Gakuho was trying to handle at his own way. Far as sprucing up went, Gakuho didn't need very much of it as other teachers or students would, and as for the elephant, he kept the critter right in his office, and out of sight. Information about this going around would cause some trouble for him and the school altogether. As for the elephant himself, he was locked up in a small, reinforced cage - too strong for the elephant to break. He'd go for some basic cage, but after seeing the broken door, Gakuho knew he was dealing with a much stronger creature than any normal animal would. For how small it was, the strength it had should've been for a animal five times bigger at the most. The elephant wasn't enjoying it anymore than Gakuho was, a lot less at that. All he wanted was to find his pals, and he ended up locked up for it. His head-butting, trunk, or even his rolling attack didn't do as much as he wanted, and as such, he was stuck.

Throughout the day since his capture, all the elephant could do was sit and wait until the end of the day to figure out what's gonna happen to him. Gakuho did a good job at keeping the elephant quiet, keeping the secret tucked away in his mind - and in the principal's closet - as he worked on what to do for the second term as of were. Any time someone would come in who didn't know about this (A.K.A. everybody), he'd just hide the elephant away until they leave, and then bring back out the cage afterwards (isolating him too long would make him more noisy for someone to be with). At one point, the principal began to hear a knock at the door. The elephant tried to stop him again from moving the cage, but Gakuho kept him quiet as he moved him out of sight in the closet. It was the tenth time he did so, and at this point the elephant just sat there quietly, looking around the dark room, the only main light from the cracks in the door. The elephant could hear voices, but, he couldn't understand them very well.

The elephant, laid down quietly in the cage, his trunk poking out of one of the holes in the cage itself. He was hungry, he was lonely, and once more, he was scared on what Gakuho was going to do to him. He gave a small sigh, and could only sit there and wait for something to happen ...

"Hello there," a dark voice echoed. The sound made the elephant jump, and he immediately tried to look around as best as the cage would let him. He couldn't exactly see the source of the voice, but suddenly he heard the sound of claws grip the cage, and a head lowered down, upside down, and looking in to meet the elephant's eyes. The eyes were red, and looked as distrusting as Gakuho's own eyes. The elephant, scared, moved backwards to the back of the cage.

"Don't be afraid. I know you don't want to be in here," the voice said, sly yet smooth in tone. The elephant still wasn't sure, but curiously moved forward a little. From the position of the head, and sound of the claws above, it seemed that this visitor was standing on his own cage. When looking up through the holes, he could see the visitor was fairly big, with its back arched, and legs curved to the edges of the cage. The front of the cage had its head looking at him upside down, while the back of the cage showed its tail hanging down to the floor.

"I suppose you're wondering what I am. Right?" he asked. The elephant could only nod in response. The tail gently began to work its way into the cage, the tip slipping inside easily, and poked the elephant's head. The small elephant felt spooked at first, but then the tail stroked his head gently, and the strokes were surprisingly soothing, the fear beginning to be replaced by content.

"I'm an angel. No reason to be worried," he said, his voice soothing, yet slightly ominous. The elephant didn't seem to notice anything wrong, rubbing against the tail like it was another trunk of a larger elephant. The tail even had the same grey color as a trunk would have. After a little bit, the tail gently moved away, and out of the cage. The elephant looked a little sad after that, but the "angel" suspected such.

"I'll help you free," he said, as his head raised up, and a claw gently moved over to the cage lock. The lock itself wasn't any simple pull lock like other animal cages, but instead a lock with a key. However, all it took was a simple move of the claw to break it off, and the door slid open. After that, he finished with "Be quick now. You're friends are waiting for you."

The naïve elephant didn't need anymore encouragement, and went out of the cage right away. However, the door was locked from the outside - an extra precaution by Gakuho most likely. However, the visitor already had a solution to that little problem. He couldn't go outside, with the chance of bring seen, so instead, his tail came around again, and spun open a little portal! The elephant walked towards the portal, and peered to the other side of it. On the other side of the portal, the elephant could see the back courtyard of the high school, with a chain link fence, and a path leading off to the mountains. He took his small foot out, and stepped on the ground outside, finding it was indeed true. So, looking back to the "angel", he quickly hopped outside, and bolted immediately off to the trail.

As for the so-called "Angel" ... All he did, was disappear in the dark ...


Back at Class 3-E, during the tail end of the lunch period, Weed, GB, and Mel, were all ready to head off on their way. They had a long way to go, and if they want to get there soon, they shouldn't waste anymore time. Some of the others came out to see them off, Nagisa and Ren especially. The three dogs were out in the yard, looking to the school and back to the other humans.

"So, this is it then," Mel said.

"It was quite a ride with you guys this month, huh?" added GB.

"Hie. Hope we see you again soon, guys. Have fun back at Ohu," Nagisa said.

"Hey, Ren? You sure you want to stay?" Mel asked. He might as well ask before they go, since they figured out she was from the same place anyway. Ren though shook her head.

"I want to go back. But, my task stays here ... Say hi to Smith for me," Ren replied quietly. Weed nodded, sealing his promise with her. After that, he turned to GB and Mel.

"Alright you two. Let's go," Weed announced. The two nodded, and began going off towards the forest. As they went, Weed took a moment to look back to Nagisa, who was giving a small wave goodbye. If given the chance, Weed will come back to see him, but for now, he needed to head back to his own home. With a nod of his head, Weed turned back, and ran off out of sight alongside GB and Mel. Nagisa smiled, hoping in his mind to see them again in the future. With his connection though, his hopes were high on that. Greninja, who watched them go from the building roof, still felt unsure of this choice, but he didn't bother to stop them as they left. When they've gone, Greninja hopped down to the group.

"Well, there they go. You sure about this, now?"

"It'll be okay, Greninja, really. He has his own home to take care of, you know," Karma replied. Greninja just sighed. The others began to go in, but before Greninja could do the same, he began to catch something in his ears. Footsteps.

"Who's that?" he thought. He leaped up onto the roof, and looked off to where the main building pathway is, where the sound was coming from. He didn't see anything out of the ordinary at first, but as he focused a bit more, hopping to the other side of the building, he started to see something beginning to run down the trail towards him. Looking closer, Greninja then saw the small elephant, which didn't stop running since leaving the main building. Greninja began to think a little on the matter, and decided to confront him. In one hop, the ninja frog ended up landing in front of the elephant, who skidded to a stop in shock. Rather than stick around though, the elephant tried to bolt aside to the building, but Greninja kept blocking his way.

"Hold on a minute," Greninja insisted, but the elephant was too spooked to understand. He wanted to get to the others, and he wanted to get there now. The elephant finally slipped in between Greninja's legs, and raced off to the other side of the building. Greninja rushed over the roof, and got to the other side first, again blocking the path.

"What's going on out there, we're trying to study up," Korosensei suddenly said, peeking out from the classroom door. The second the elephant saw him, he immediately grew happy to see him, giving a loud elephant trumpet before rushing for him. Korosensei caught the elephant in his arms as the little elephant cuddled against his chest, though Korosensei was more surprised than Greninja was on seeing him ...

Short time later, the elephant was in Korosensei's office, sitting on the Teacher's desk. Of course, those who'd been to Africa and knew who it was quickly were involved, and came in to see the little guy. The main big question was how'd it get here, since they left it back in Kenya before they left earlier.

"Where'd you find this thing?" Greninja asked.

"We saw him back in Kenya, but, how did he manage to get here? Could've sworn we left him behind," Naruto replied. Greninja looked over the little elephant for a bit.

"Cool elephant, isn't he? Are elephants normally this small?"

"He's not an elephant. Well, not exactly anyway," Greninja quickly concluded. That answer got the others confused.

"Then ... What is he?" Nagisa asked.

"He appears to be a Pokémon. A Phanpy to be exact."

"A Pokémon?" Luffy questioned.

"They're a group of creatures with special abilities, and appearances not known in other animal groups. That would include Phanpy, and myself respectively."

"So you two are related then?" Karma commented.

"Not exactly; We Pokémon are very diverse in many forms, abilities, and adaptations. Looks like you found an African Pokémon, yet he decided to come back to you," Greninja concluded, followed by a cute trumpet from Phanpy. Guess that was Phanpy's way of agreeing with him.

"So, what do we do with him?" Luffy asked.

"Well, since he seems to have a liking to Korosensei, perhaps it's best to put up for him. Korosensei?"

Their answer came from Korosensei snuggling Phanpy. Phanpy was just too cute for him to resist any longer.

Guess that means they got a new class pet.