Cthulhu Dark Rest
Vital statistics
Those Involved Malamar, Akari, Itona Horibe, hundreds of unknown humans, Shokoshu
Reason Hybridizing the Human race
Outcome only 2 survived the rest, others found deceased.

The Cthulhu Dark Rest was a ancient project that occurred many years ago, during the medieval times of the Human race, while Arceus and Giratina were still bounded to earth.


The original intent of the Project, conducted by a younger Malamar and his father, was to colonize Earth. Since the Shokoshu was unable to adapt to earth's condition, the project had begun in order for the alien race to adapt to Earth's conditions, thus replacing the occupying race with their own.

Process & ProceduresEdit

The way the project was done was that the alien race would gather up as many humans as they could, often about 50 at a time so the humans would 'repopulate under normal conditions' as Malamar had put it. The humans were taken back to the Hibernation Grounds, where the various humans were then proceed to be hybridized. The exact process of hybridization depends upon the gender, and condition of what humans were brought, and were done in various ways. The alien would not, under any circumstances, bring back a child under 5 years of age, claiming the process would cause instant death of done. The injection itself was often put in the human body through the subject's neck, the gene flowing faster and effects more quickly.

There were specific guidelines that those working the Dark Rest must be followed. The guidelines are as instructed:

  • If a female human are to be found pregnant, the gene must be drank, the gene fusing within the newborn child inside the mother. inject regularly to the mother afterwards.
  • If said human was brought in with any sort of illness, the said human must be cured of the illness before injection, so the gene would work properly. The process of illness depends on the type of illness the human had obtained:
    • If human illness is minor, simple medication is acquired before injection.
    • If human illness is major, then the human must be sanitized and isolated until the disease is properly cured before procedures could continue.
    • If human illness is unable to be cured, the human must be disposed of immediately.
  • If any twins/triplets/quadruplets were to be discovered, the process must be done almost simultaneously with each individual.
  • Any human with an already existing gene defects, or medical conditions un-related to illnesses (weak heart palpitations, Albinism, Autism, Merle, etc.) are to be released from the project, but must have their minds erased of any memory of the project before release.
  • Any human not put in hibernation within 72 hours after the gene injected must be disposed of immediately.
  • Multiple injections on one individual of the gene is strictly prohibited.

After the injection was complete, the humans were to be put in a state of suspended animation, which was caused by a special antifreeze liquid, also injected into them soon afterwards, and put inside alien pods until the transformation had completed itself.


The project itself began during the medieval times, when man still believed in ancient legends, myths, and curses. The Shokoshu had arrived to earth to colonize. The humans shown to be adaptive to the varied climates, unlike the visitors, so in order for them to survive, the race started to inject their genes into the human beings, thus having apart of them alive on earth. Malamar's father was the one who started the project in the first place, handling procedures in a suitable manor, eventually taking Malamar under his wing to continue the project. Malamar began to continue the project after his father's untimely death, due to a subject with multiple injections of the gene. Soon after, Malamar forbade multiple injections to occur.

However, as the production went, it caught the attention of Arceus, and with the combined help of Giratina, had managed to drive out the Shokoshu, and stop the project. However, this resulted in hundreds of hybridized, suspended humans left in the Hibernation grounds without the Shokoshu to keep track. This resulted in hundreds of deaths among those left inside as time went into present day. The only surviving hybrids from the project were Akari Yukimura, and Itona Horibe, who were medicated back to normal health once discovered.


  • In the name, 'Cthulhu' refers to the existing legend of the monster under the same name, which Malamar resembled. 'Dark Rest' refers to the act of putting humans in suspended animation as the transformation occurred.