Demon Clan
Demon Clan
Vital statistics
Founder Giratina
Time Created
Purpose Defeat the Angel Fleet

Destroy Arceus & The Chosen

Current Former
Giratina, Pawniard, Bisharp, Spider, Narcissus Korosensei

The Demon Clan is an organization of demonic/unholy entities that resides in the Distortion World. Once apart of Skyworld until Giratina, the founder, was banished by Arceus.


The Demon Clan is built in a way of military status: the leader, controlling a few generals who have a number of workers that go under their own command. The positions following under the Demon Clan can vary depending on what the leader would want. While exact orders often vary, those following under the leader mustn't disobey, and are strictly under order.


The Demon Clan itself didn't officially begin until after The Duel of Yin and Yang, not too long after Giratina had been banished. Feeling betrayal and hatred for Arceus, Giratina began to gather various Demons and Devils to first form the Demon Clan, ruled by Giratina himself.

The first attacks on the real world began with Giratina sending Bisharp after the Yunibāsaru Junior High School, after The Chosen. For the first months to follow many of the attacks weren't too catastrophic, and mainly were just a few demons at a time, released by Giratina onto the real world.