Destroyer's Indication
Season 2, Episode 5
Episode Info
Kanji デストロイヤーの表示
Air date September 3, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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Destroyer's Indication is the 5th chapter in season 2, and 17th in the overall series.


While revisiting their new lion friend, Weed, GB, and Mel end up caught up in the arrival of Africa's greatest danger: The Destroyers from the Desert!


Back at their vacation home, everyone else was basically doing their own thing since leaving Zecora's hut. Only one that wasn't there was Korosensei, who insisted that he stay and have more fortunes told to him. Many of the kids were doing their own thing: Karma was chilling on the couch, checking out his angel piece he kept since finding it in Tokyo, while Nagisa and Hinata were reading some borrowed books. Luffy and Naruto were outside playing fetch with Mel and Weed, as GB and Ren looked on. Since Korosensei didn't entirely plan for anything else for the day, the group was a bit bored with little to nothing to do. At one point, Weed just caught the ball, and gave it back to Naruto.

"Ok, ready," Weed said, ready to go.

"Alright you two, eyes to the sky," Naruto replied eagerly, throwing the ball again as high as he could. Weed and Mel both started to rush after the ball again, scrambling to catch the target. In the end though, Weed grabbed it again.

"Good catch!" Naruto called, as Weed triumphantly trotted back to the two. As he did though, Ren then came over to them.

"Can I try?" She asked, her hand extended for the ball. Luffy didn't hesitate, not thinking it through, and gave the ball to Ren. Weed and Mel were a little bit unsure about her doing it, taking to thought of Ren's strength. Ren rallied it up, and with one quick throw, the ball went flying off like a bullet (more literally than metaphorically).

"Oh shit," Weed gasped, as the two immediately began running off after it. Luffy and Naruto had their mouths wide open, and eyes bulged out upon the sight of Ren's throw. Ren didn't mean to throw it so far, though her expression remained unchanged ...


The ball remained in the sky for a good minute, at a speed matching that of a cannon ball, until it finally hit ground, far away from the home. It gave a far bounce from the force, Weed and Mel still running after it fast. However, after a third bounce, suddenly the fourth hit was followed by a loud squawk! Weed and Mel went through the savannah grass, and found where their ball ended up ... Or rather, ended up on.

"Weed, Mel?"

Suddenly, the two immediately recognized the voice, and figure: Kimba! Accompanied by a few others, including Dodie and a old mandrill, Kimba was passing through the area when the ball crashed in. Mel quickly found it, though with a green parrot under it, and a bit dazed from the hit.

"Kimba! We're sorry, we are just getting our ball," Weed explained, as Mel went and grabbed the ball. However, the parrot under it was not happy with getting beamed by a random ball.

"Why you clumsy mutt, what's the idea hitting me, eh?!" It snapped, catching Mel off guard a bit as the bird got all in his face. Mel spat out the ball before speaking.

"Sorry, Pauli, didn't mean to bean ya," Mel said, trying to back up to give the angry bird more room. Suddenly, the bird looked surprised rather than angry, along with Kimba and Dodie.

"How'd you know his name?" Dodie asked.

"Wait, that's his legit name?" Weed asked, as Pauli landed on Kimba.

"That's right - Pauli Parrot," Pauli introduced. Weed and Mel just glanced to each other. The mandrill then went forward, looking over Weed and Mel a little bit.

"Kimba, you know these two?"

"Oh, right. Weed, Mel, this is Dan'l. He's the advisor of the jungle. Uncle Dan'l, this is Weed and Mel," Kimba introduced. Weed and Mel didn't exactly recognize the mandrill from the first time they arrived in the jungle, as Dan'l just stayed by. He could see that these dogs weren't like any normal animal ...

"Uh ... Ok then, what're you guys doing?" Mel asked.

"Oh, we're going to watch the sunset together. Dan'l was showing us this amazing viewing spot, right uncle Dan'l?" Dodie explained, the old mandrill nodding.

"Ah yes, best view this side of Africa. No other view like it, I tell you," Dan'l said. Weed and Mel were a bit interested in that idea: nothing else to do, anyway. Besides, what harm was it to see some sunset to end the day?

"Can we come?" They both asked. Dan'l wondered for a bit, but the answer came around rather quickly.

"Well, I don't see why not," Dan'l said. Weed and Mel were a bit happy to hear that, but before they could continue, suddenly they remembered the others back at the house. If they just left, then they'll start to wonder where they ended up.

"I'll join you in a bit, I have to tell my friends where we're going," Weed insisted.

"Well, don't be long," Kimba said. Weed nodded, and started back to the others, while the rest headed out.


As time ticked on for a while longer, the group of animals continued off towards the drier area of the kingdom. Upon arrival, Pauli, Kimba, Dodie, Dan'l and Mel were given a fantastic view of the setting sun. There wasn't any tree, bush, or even a stem of grass to block it. Only thing was just the sun and sand of the desert front. Before their arrival, Weed managed to catch up to them, so he didn't miss out on the sight himself, though GB ended up coming along too. It was a fabulous sight indeed.

"Wow, you're right, this is a great view," Weed commented. The others were in awe, but Dan'l was a bit tired from the running himself. As Weed and Mel looked out onto the expanse of the sunset, Mel suddenly started to notice something far off that looked a bit different from normal. In the evening sun's gaze, it almost appeared that the sun seemed to split in two! Even if they weren't in Japan, this wasn't normal. But, before the retriever could say anything to the others, that split grew out, and suddenly blasted over them all in a quick blast of sand! Everyone barely covered as the sand rushed over them for a full minute before it subsided, sand all over them. While they tried to get the sand off of them, Dan'l looked back out to the evening sun in worry.

"The hell was that?" GB coughed, shaking some of the sand from his head.

"I don't know," Kimba replied, getting some sand off his ears. Dan'l kept his focus more on what was ahead of them, rather than the animals around him. This was a sign to Dan'l. Soon, the other animals notice Dan'l's lack of response, and fixation on the setting sun.

"Uncle Dan'l, what's wrong?" Kimba asked.

"The Destroyers of the Desert, that's what. Legend says that if the devil wind passes through the face of the evening sun, they'll come back!" Dan'l explained, not breaking his gaze. The destroyers was a name that GB, Mel, and Weed had some memory of: hearing it while Zecora explained it. But, was it real? ...

They were about to find out. Out in front of them, they all could see something moving towards them, as Zecora's legend repeated in Weed's mind ...

The Destroyers of the Desert is a legend as old as the land itself. Beings of destruction, able to wipe out a land of life within days; The legend goes that in the face of the evening sun, the devil winds will rise, sweeping away everything in its wake, in preparation for their arrival...

The figures were closing the gap between them and Kimba's group, taking better shape. One of them was towering over the other two, as they walked closer.

This will be a sign for all to see: for when the devil winds die, look into the face of the evening sun. And there you shall see them: the destroyers of the Desert...

Soon, they were close enough to distinguish one from the other. One of them looking like a baboon, about as big as Kimba, though with white fur and a red face. Another looked like some sort of large wildcat, spotted with a set of fur barbs hanging from his face. In between them though was a gigantic elephant, rugged and fur dangling from his ears. The others simply stared at the three newcomers, unsure of what exactly to do.

"Can it really be them?" Kimba wondered, beginning to walk forward to them. The baboon was the first to go forward to the white lion, not really happy on seeing him.

"Hey, cub, you got something to say?" He asked, pretty smugly.

"Nothing special, though I might as well introduce myself. I'm Kimba, Prince of the jungle," Kimba introduced. None of them were at all impressed with Kimba's status.

"Prince eh? Chiller, show him how you make Prince pie!" The baboon snapped, the wildcat gladly went right over into the playing field, licking his teeth. Chiller got himself ready, the others a bit worried on the sidelines. Kimba wasn't sure what Chiller was gonna do, but before he could do anything, Chiller charged forward, his crazed growls filling the air as he quickly made the first strike! Kimba tried to regain himself, but Chiller moved too fast, and bolted past Kimba a few more times, slicing him up!

"Kimba!" Weed gasped, rushing in to help. Mel raced in too, leaving GB stunned to see them both charge into a fight that wasn't their own. Chiller saw them running in, and dodged them both.

"Wanna take over for a while, Butcher Boy?" Chiller asked, turning to the baboon as Kimba tried to get back up. Butcher Boy rushed at the lion, and whacked him good and hard, keeping the lion down. Weed tried running to Kimba's aid, but Chiller grabbed him by the tail, and chucked him at Mel, sending them both tumbling in the dirt. Everyone else along the sidelines were worried sick over them. In worry, GB quickly got an answer while glancing at Pauli.

"Pauli, hurry and find help, they're not gonna last long this way," GB insisted. The parrot didn't need to be told twice before flying away to find some help. GB knew Weed was a good fighter, but, he didn't want to take any chances (especially with an elephant standing there!) speaking of elephant, he saw Pauli fly away, but he didn't really say or do anything about it. However, he was getting bored with the fight itself.

"You're not welcome in our jungle!" Kimba yelled.

"Get used to us, pussycat, cuz we're here to stay," Chiller retorted. Weed and Mel were about to charge again, but the elephant got in their way. Chiller and Butcher Boy moved aside as the elephant did his work: he quickly grabbed Kimba by the tail, batted Mel with said lion to launch him into a tree, and slammed Kimba into Weed! The assault was quick, but did its job as all three were too weak to fight anymore. Mel was the only one who managed to get himself back up, as Dodie, Dan'l and GB watched in horror. As the trio destroyers moved pass, Butcher Boy started talking again.

"Smile as the great Nero passes. Smile!"

None of them smiled, even if Dodie and GB were scared of the three. Nero and Chiller simply ignored them, as Butcher Boy joined them later on. Help wasn't gonna come, even if Pauli did find someone. After they disappeared in the jungle, they quickly rushed over to their aid. GB and Dan'l went over to Weed and Kimba, while Dodie went to Mel and helped him balance.

"Damn, this isn't good. Hey, Dan'l right? Know where they can heal?" GB asked. Dan'l nodded.

"Yes, but we have to go fast," Dan'l said. GB quickly grabbed Kimba, and put him on his back while Dan'l took Weed. Dodie came over with Mel hobbling over.

"Dodie, take Mel, we gotta go," Dan'l insisted. Mel didn't argue, as Dodie helped the retriever on her back. With everyone good, they all quickly ran off on their way. It was all they could do, they had to deal with the Destroyers of the Desert later.


Meanwhile, Pauli was still flying around like crazy, still thinking that Kimba needed help. The parrot flew threw the forest like mad, trying to get some help from someone. Anyone!

"Oh, come on, come on, isn't there anyone in this jungle to talk to?" Pauli thought, flying around the many trees. While he was flying through the trees, suddenly the freaked parrot flew into something hard. The bird took a second or so before shaking off the hit and looking at what he flew into. However, upon looking, it did not appear like any tree he'd seen. After all, trees aren't yellow, or in a school uniform ...

"Can I help you?" He asked, holding Pauli by the tail feathers. Pauli was still a bit freaked about this thing being alive when he asked.

"W-What are you?" Pauli managed to squawk out.

"Korosensei, my feathered friend. And you are?"

"Pauli... Wait, waitwaitwait, right, I need help!"

"What's the matter, some snake snatch your eggs?"

"No, no, no, it's my friends, they're getting their hides torn up by these three newcomers, come on," Pauli said, trying to pull Korosensei by the arm, only for the alien to yank it away.

"Hold on there little fella."

"I can't hold on, they're getting pummeled back there!"

"And who's they?"

"I don't have time for questions - please I need help!" Pauli said. Korosensei nodded and put the noisy parrot into his school uniform. If he's gonna help, then he wasn't gonna keep himself in suspicions about this parrot's friends.

"Just point off to where they are."

"Uh ... At the edge of the jungle, you'll see a desert?"

Before Pauli could even remotely react, Korosensei already bolted off! In just two seconds, the alien and the parrot ended up back at the fight scene, Pauli a bit dazed from the sudden dash, falling out of Korosensei's shirt and onto the ground.

"This is the spot?"

"Yeah, you got it."

Korosensei looked around the area, though didn't see anyone around. Pauli was freaked when he found everyone gone. Kimba, Dodie, Dan'l, Weed, GB, Mel, Butcher Boy, Nero, Chiller, all gone! Korosensei seemed to take a sniff or two in the air, though could see some of the blood spilt on the sand from the aforementioned fight.

"Hm ... This fight indeed happened: the clear scent of many animals are here: lion, antelope, and mandrill from the jungle, and elephant, baboon and wildcat from the desert. Also, the scent of -" Korosensei suddenly grew worried. "English setter, Akita, and Golden Retriever." Pauli flew up around the area in a panic.

"Oh no oh no, where'd they go?! They were here, I swear! Oh, what happened to them?"

"Don't threat, they left off to the east, my guess a half an hour ago."

"How do you know?!"

"Basic navigation and scent tracking," Korosensei bluntly stated. Pauli wasn't sure if questioning it would be the best idea or not. Korosensei moved off a little bit to where the others rushed off to. Pauli flew off, and landed on Korosensei's shoulder.

"What are you gonna do?" Pauli asked. Korosensei thought for a little bit, then getting an idea.

"Say, Pauli? I'm gonna go check on your animal pals, but, I need a favor from you. About a mile or so from here, my students are spending some vacation time, and those three dogs are their friends. I need you to fly back there, and tell them what's going on. Tell them Korosensei sent ya."

"... And where are they?"

"Just a mile away, off in that direction." Korosensei pointed to where the vacation home was. "Fly straight that way, no turning, stop at the first house you see," Pauli still wasn't too sure about the idea, but in the end, he began flying off in the direction given to him. Korosensei then looked back out to the desert, and the direction the others had gone. In one fine leap, his Mach-20 speed gone to work, and soon the alien was gone in the blink of an eye.

Back in the jungle, many of the animals were unaware of the event that occurred back at the jungle edge. As they rested by the main area of the jungle, the Destroyers soon went right in. As they did, Butcher Boy was on Nero's back, Nero was tossing and catching a large rock, as if ready to throw it at the slightest provocation, and Chiller followed behind. Soon as they came in, Butcher Boy jumped down from Nero, and went right to the eatery.

"Alright, chumps, get us all the food you have! Nero brought a big appetite with him!" Butcher Boy demanded, quickly snatching away a bowl of grass from a warthog, and giving it to Nero.

"Hey! That was mine!"

"Says who, pork chop?" Butcher Boy snapped, his tail hitting the pig's face before going back to the others.

"What makes you think you're in charge? When Kimba finds out -"

"Kimba's not helpin nobody. Tell them, Chiller!"

Chiller menacingly licked his chops.

"You're prince tangled with us in the clearing, and came out second base! Won't be surprised if he doesn't walk again."

"You beat Kimba?!" One of the animals gasped. That news got most of the animals to change their mind right away: the leader of the jungle was defeated?! Some of them started to run, trying to find Kimba, but Chiller wasn't having any of it, rushing in the way.

"Don't try any funny stuff, now get us food or you'll end up like your prince," Chiller threatened. The animals didn't need to be told twice, especially after Chiller swiped his claws at them a few times to get them moving. Looked like there were some new leaders to the jungle ...


As for Kimba, he wasn't doing very well. Nighttime had already came around by the time Dan'l had guided everyone else to the destination: a secluded hot spring. One at a time, Weed, Mel, and Kimba were all put in the healing waters. When Kimba was put in, he began to struggle, but Dan'l managed to make Kimba stay in there.

"Now you three stay in there, you hear? These waters will heal your wounds," Dan'l explained. After telling them, Dan'l, GB, and Dodie began walking away. Even if they should, they knew that the three are in a good place to heal. Weed, Mel, and Kimba watched as their friends walked away. Dodie looked back once more before going off on her way. Kimba rested on the side of the spring, feeling his cuts sting a bit from the water. Weed and Mel too felt the stinging, but all three felt it ease away after a bit. Still, Kimba felt terrible that he lost to the Destroyers, and just slumped as Mel went over to his side.

"Don't worry Kimba, it'll be alright."

Kimba didn't reply.

Back with the others, GB, Dodie, and Dan'l were heading back to the jungle, not sure of where else to go. As they went under the moonlight, Dodie turned to Dan'l.

"Uncle Dan'l? You think they can defeat those guys once they healed?" Dodie asked. All Dan'l did was shake his head slightly. GB turned back to the springs. He'll be sure to go back later, but, why did they jump into such a fight that wasn't their own? They shouldn't be involved with such a fight, they just shouldn't! ...

Then ... Why did he feel so bad? ...