Destroyer's Revolt
Season 2, Episode 6
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Kanji デストロイヤーの反乱
Air date February 17, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Destroyer's Revolt is the 6th chapter of season 2, and 18th in the overall series.


The group gets into gear, the claws come out, it's time for some training for Weed, Kimba, and friends, curtesy of their alien friend. Will it be enough to defeat the Destroyers?


The morning sun creeped over the horizon, yet the animals weren't doing much better. Since the destroyers showed up, all of their food was diminishing very quickly, and any animal retorting against them didn't get any doubt benefit. Pauli in his flight had even more trouble. Even if an hour away (to Korosensei at least), exactly where was he supposed to go had escaped him, and he lost track of where to go. At the spring, Weed, Mel, and Kimba were recovering from yesterday's beat down from Butcher Boy, Chiller, and Nero. However, no one was around at the time, so the three had a moment to themselves.

"You feeling ok, Kimba?" Weed asked at a point. Kimba turned to him.

"I'm feeling better, but I don't care. I just hope the jungle's still standing when we're done here," Kimba pondered.

"I know what you mean. I'm sorry I couldn't beat them."

"It's not your fault, Weed, really. Though, you didn't have to join in on the fight. After all, it's not your jungle you're fighting for."

"And watch you get killed? No way, that's against what I believe in! I think there's a special word for that ... What is it? Um ..."

"That's an alignment."

The new voice caught all three off guard, as another figure came out from the entrance. While Kimba was completely off guard for who it was, at least Weed and Mel recognized who it was. The figure, in the end, was Korosensei! He'd been with them through the night, but chose now to show himself.

"Whoa, who are you?" Kimba asked.

"The name's Korosensei, my friend. And a little birdie told me that you three need some help with some newcomers?" Korosensei stated. The three sulked a bit: had that kind of information gone around that much? They've only been gone for a night, but the Destroyers could've told them in the meantime. Either way, Kimba looked up to him, climbing out of the spring. All Kimba did was nod, as Korosensei chuckled again.

"Well then, cub, you're in luck! By the looks of it, you three had gone thrown around a bit. So, let's start off with how your opponent fights: it's always good to study your enemy," Korosensei explained.

"True, but what can we do? We already tried and failed," Mel admitted, feeling guilty on it.

"A fine fact indeed. Failure is a wise teacher: if you do lose in a struggle, you can reflect on it, learn from your mistakes, and come back stronger than ever. That's the true way to win amongst any situation, be it a fight, a trip, or just an average daily routine: learn and complete. If you win in every battle you face against, then you won't have a reason to learn. So, that's what I'm gonna do."

"Make us struggle?" Weed asked. Korosensei laughed.

"No no, make you strong. And there's no better way to start than -" Korosensei suddenly disappeared, and popped back in his gym outfit, whistle and everything. "- with some good old fashion training!"

"How'd he do that?" Kimba whispered to Weed.

"I'm still confused myself, something about Mach-20," replied Weed. Korosensei's face turned striped green before saying anything.

"I'll make fighters out of you yet."


Meanwhile, Pauli Parrot was still flying around like a bat out of hell, trying to find these students that Korosensei informed him about. It didn't help that he didn't see any house, nor knew who the students were. All and all, he had nothing to go on.

"An hour my beak, this is taking forever," thought Pauli. His wings were getting tired, and mind a bit hazy, but he continued as best he could. His eyes scanned the ground for a while more until, eventually, he did see a house below him, out in the open.

"This must be it," Pauli thought.

At the house in question, the students were just waking up from last night. It was a bit troublesome to some of them that Weed, GB, and Mel were gone as long as they were. Yet, they were unaware of what was going on. Nagisa got himself out of bed first, getting his clothes and towel for a morning shower. He was one of those who was a bit concern over the dogs and their whereabouts, as he walked down the hall.

"Where did those three go? Sure, they went to see the sunset, but they should be back by now," Nagisa thought. He went off into the bathroom, and started up the shower. "And Korosensei, too. It's not too weird to see him gone for a while, but he promised to be back after his predictions from Zecora. Wonder where he is?"

Soon, he was striped down to his underwear, but before he could finish it, suddenly a knock came from the door.


"In a minute, Ren, I have to freshen up."

"Freshen what?"

"You know, clean up."

Ren tried to open the door.

"The door's locked."

"Course it's locked, I don't want anyone in here while I'm cleaning up," Nagisa retorted. All Ren needed to do was push on the door for the lock to break, and swing open. Nagisa had a towel over his privates, but he still didn't want Ren in.

"R-Ren! What was that for?"

"I can help you clean up."

"Not anymore, j-just turn around for a second," Nagisa groaned. He can't take a shower with the door broken now. Ren did as she was told, as Nagisa quickly got his clothes on before anyone else would show up and see...

After that little moment, Ren stepped outside with Nagisa, about to relax in the morning air when they both saw Pauli hovering in the air above them. The parrot didn't expect any humans as students, how's he gonna tell them?! Pauli landed in front of Ren and Nagisa, trying to think how he was gonna do this, pacing a little bit trying to think. Soon, realizing he was on soft ground, he quickly flew near the house and grabbed a stick. Nagisa and Ren watched as Pauli began drawing something out in the dirt.

"What's he doing?" Nagisa thought, as Pauli began drawing out an image in the dirt. Soon, Pauli drew out the animals in trouble, including the dogs. Ren, oddly enough, recognized the issue a bit quicker than Nagisa did.

"Our friends?"

Pauli nodded quickly before continuing, erasing the image in the dirt, and quickly drawing out another image: with the three fighting Nero. This time, Nagisa caught onto the idea quicker.

"Wait ... They're in trouble!" Nagisa gasped. Pauli nodded quickly, starting to fly again.

"Lead the way," Ren said. With no waiting, Pauli quickly began flying off, with Nagisa and Ren following close behind.


Meanwhile, back at the spring, the training was already started. Weed, Mel, and Kimba were working their best on a different sort of strategy that Korosensei was eagerly keeping track of who did what. For the three, the training was more focused on agility instead of pure power (not that power wasn't included). On top of one of the rocky cliffs, Kimba stood up there waiting for the word.

"Alright, Kimba, you ready?"

"Ready!" Kimba replied. Upon looking down, he saw the branch sticking out from another rockface nearby - his target. So, Kimba got himself ready, and suddenly jumped off of the cliff! However, rather than striking the branch with his front claws, he spun around, and struck it with his back legs. While hitting the branch, his target was the leaf on it rather than the actual branch itself, as he fell into the spring again.

"Good, good, you're getting close, young lion!" Korosensei encouraged, as Kimba climbed out, shaking off the water.

"You sure this will be enough to beat the Destroyers?"

"I'm positive. While they are strong, one must find their own way in battle rather than mimic what one's opponent does. I guarantee, after we're done, you all will be strong. Strong in the real way," Korosensei assured, gently petting Kimba's head.

"Alright, my turn," Weed said, climbing up the same slope Kimba did to reach the same face. Korosensei watched as Weed got there, and attempted the same tactic, missing by inches, before landing in the spring below. The alien knew what he was doing, as Weed got out of the spring, determined himself, much like Kimba and Mel were. Korosensei can see their fighting spirit growing in his eyes ...

And he was proud of that.

('Strong in the real way' parody)

None of you have to fail before them, aside from in a literal sense.

Mel soon climbed up there next, ready to go again, as Korosensei sang the tune.

Even if they have power that great, falls with a bigger expense.

Mel jumped off, and hit the branch, but landed on the ground instead of the spring, as Weed raced up for another try at it, Kimba following close behind.

While it is true that they're out from control, they are immodest.

Weed started again, hitting the branch again, and landing just as the line finished, right on his feet that time so he can get back to it quickly.

I'm telling you for well-being, thanks for enrolment.

Kimba and Weed went together that time, doing much better, as they both clipped a number of leaves off the branch without touching the branch! Excellent improvement.

I can teach you how to be strong ... In the real way

And I know that you can be strong ... In the real way

All three of them were both very determined, despite their injuries, something Korosensei was hoping to see within them. He was seeing more than power growing within them ... He saw warriors beginning to shine.

And I want to inspire you,

I want to play teacher, and when you learn,

It lights the fire in you

The training continued on throughout the day, different exercises, improvement growing from Kimba, Weed, and Mel more and more as time went by, much to Korosensei's glee. As time went, the three grew faster, better than they were at the start with their special training. Course, while this was going on, Ren and Nagisa were still being lead by Pauli for a long ways, Ren keeping good pace, helping Nagisa behind her. They all knew, both sides, that danger was going to come in the future, and while one side was unsure how dangerous, the other were feeling more and more confident, though didn't let their confidence blind them from what was important. Everything was going very good for everyone. Whenever they get back, those destroyers were in for a big surprise.

I can teach you how to be strong ... In the real way

And I know that you can be strong ... In the real way

And I want to inspire you,

I want to play teacher, and when you learn,

It lights the fire in you

Weed, Mel, and Kimba all tried the branch trick one more, as the sun was starting to set over the horizon. This time, a new result came through for each one of them.

I want to inspire you,

Kimba got it perfectly, one leaf off the branch ...

I want to play teacher, and when you learn,

Followed by Weed, and Mel ... Perfect scores for all of them.

It lights the fire in you


As time went on by, Pauli had gotten Nagisa and Ren off into the jungle, Pauli finally getting them to the main area where he last saw Weed, Mel, and GB. He still had a bit to fly, but, he was getting a bit tired, and Nagisa was getting a bit beat himself. Ren however was fine herself, not much change as she still gripped Nagisa's arm. Pauli rested within the tree for just a little bit.

"Where are they?" Ren asked, looking around the area. Ren could get the scent of Weed, Mel, and GB evident in the ground, even after one day in between. However, there wasn't a response form the parrot. Pauli tried to remember where Kimba had ended up, or at least what Korosensei told him. The crazy mad flight didn't help all too much on where the heck they were. However as they waited there ...

"Damn, what happened here?"

Before they could reply, Pauli parrot glanced back into the jungle as he waited ... Only to find there was something coming towards them from the jungle! At first, Pauli wasn't sure who it was, but, the giant in the middle of the group made it a little too obvious who it was. In a panic, Pauli flew out of the tree, trying to get the others to see. However, Nagisa and Ren began to see the oncoming group heading towards them. Seemed the Destroyers of the Desert had arrived. Pauli could only fly back into the trees.

"Eh? More intruders in our jungle? Nero, clobber them!" Butcher Boy demanded. These three don't care if the intruders were humans or not apparently. The large elephant wasted no time, and started to move forward to face the humans, giving a low groan. Nagisa backed up, but Ren stood her ground to the giant. Nero raced forward with all his strength, but in just a simple movement, Ren got both hands forward and stopped the elephant on the spot! It was a complete shock to Butcher Boy and Chiller, the two left mouth agape. Nero tried to move her with force, but Ren was as firm as firm could get, and didn't budge. Her response; gripping his trunk tight with both hands. The pain was excruciating, and Nero began to flail her around in the air. Ren may be strong, but she was still smaller than Nero, which gave the elephant the advantage in the first place. Most of the hitting was actually Nero slamming Ren into the dirt for a good five minutes. Finally, after what felt like forever, the powerhouse women began to loose her grip, and ended up thrown off right at a nearby tree! the hit made Pauli fall out of his tree, landing right on Ren's head in a daze. Soon though, Chiller and Butcher Boy were right over them, eyeing the parrot.

"Don't mind if I do," Chiller said, licking his teeth. Pauli freaked out, but Chiller already got his wing under his clawed paws! Just before he could deliver the fatal bite, something in the wind stopped him. A quick sniff delivered a different scent to both Chiller and Butcher Boy. Chiller took a minute, turning away from the jungle and towards the desert ...

The winds from the desert began to blow again, just enough for them to notice, as something began to appear along the light of the setting sun. It was almost a mirror of how the Destroyers first showed up. It did take a little bit, but eventually they were just able to recognize who was coming their way.

Weed. Mel. Kimba.

"Weed! Mel!" Nagisa gasped. However, the Destroyers weren't that pleased to see them again.

"Haven't learned your lesson, huh?" Chiller mocked, stepping towards them as their first opponent. Since there's three on three, each one of the trio had their own opponent decided. In this case, Kimba stepped forward to challenge Chiller. He'd failed once before with him, and he wasn't going to fall again for him. Almost right away, Chiller went off like a bullet, and charged directly for Kimba. The white lion did the same to Chiller, but just before the wildcat can do any damage, Kimba made a high jump over him. Chiller skidded to a stop, turning himself around, but Kimba was already running at him. Chiller regained his speed again, and Kimba responded with a new technique; he made a small hop, spun around, and his tail whacked him right in the eyes! Hurting and running at full speed, Chiller ran blindly forward until he ran head first right into the nearby jungle, a large tree stopping him and knocking him out!

One down, two to go.

Nero, with Butcher Boy on top of him, went over next. Seeing this, Ren got up and readied to go, but then someone else stopped her with a hand to her shoulder. Or rather, a tentacle to her shoulder.


"Just watch," He advised.

Nearby, Nero and Butcher Boy were heading right for them, and the one-on-one turned into two-on-three. Weed and Mel bolted to the sides as Nero passed them both in a charge.

"Over there, Nero!" Butcher Boy yelled, pointing to Weed first. Nero swung his large trunk his way like a giant bat, but Weed just missed the swing, and jumped right at him, spinning in mid air. It wasn't the same ferocity as with Kyoshiro, but it was still effective once Weed got his face. All four of his paws got him directly on the forehead, like if Nero was smacked by a large boulder. It was just enough to make Nero back away, Butcher Boy starting to loose balance on the elephant's back. Mel went over next, running with all his strength to them. Butcher Boy ended up falling to the side, and was just low enough for Mel to grab the baboon by the tail. Mel yanked the baboon off of the elephant, the giant beast regaining his senses. All Mel needed to do was throw the annoying baboon into the dirt to knock him out. Looking down, Nero saw Chiller and Butcher Boy down for the count, surprisingly quick, and his opponents still up for the fight. He wasn't sure what they did, or how long, but he was for sure that they were tough as nails, even more so than himself. Three on one, and the elephant didn't like those odds.

Plus, there was something else, especially from Weed, that the old bull was sensing that make it clear he was no ordinary dog ...

So, with a rough groan, Nero went over, scooped up his knocked out companions, turned around, and began walking away.

The fight over. And the returning team won...


And as before with Zecora's visit, it didn't go unnoticed from the psychic ball of the demonic Giratina.

"So, Korosensei's aiding them now, huh? ... You better watch yourself, alien."