Season 3, Episode 12
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Kanji 影が薄く
Air date October 13, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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The Moment of Truth Gaijou; Invasion of the Hellhounds

Eclipsed is the 12th chapter of season 3, and the 36rd in the overall series.


'The conclusion to the battle in the Eclipse


Now inside the Main Building of Yunibasaru, Houndoom was leagues ahead from Gaara and Jerome, and he can handle himself within the room. The window he gotten himself into was empty for the moment, so no immediate alarm for that as of yet. Strange how much had happened within just an hour of time, and Houndoom was making express time with his goal. With his pack out of the way, seemingly finishing their job, Houndoom now just had to see Giratina and figure out what next. He wasn't in the correct room though, so he had to make tracks.

"Alright, Giratina, I'm back! Where are ya?" Houndoom called out, awaiting for Giratina to come on over to him. It took a minute or two, but eventually he heard the door open up, and the very man in question went on inside, happy to see him.

"Excellent, Houndoom. Did you handle Korosensei?" Giratina asked. Houndoom licked his muzzle.

"Done and done, sir. That coward got himself stuck in his absolute defense now. Should be out of the way until tomorrow," Houndoom informed. Giratina smirked.

"I knew I could count on you. I assumed you had a fight with the others as well from the blood?" Giratina assumed, seeing the blood seeping from Houndoom's cuts. Houndoom shrugged it off as a simple injury.

"They're stubborn bastards, I'll tell you that much. Think they're still trying to look for me in here too. So, what now?" Houndoom asked, awaiting for Giratina's command. Giratina thought it over for a little bit, checking his watch for the time. He already got his part of the plan set up, and once more, Gakuho was probably sent off to emergency service at the nearest hospital by this point so he was out of the picture. It will take some time before the others would come around as well, so Giratina then came over to his own conclusion.

"Why don't you decide?"

Houndoom looked surprised.

"Excuse me?"

"You did a ton for me, and you didn't alter or failed any plans like Bisharp had. So why don't you decide what you want to do?" Giratina offered. Houndoom couldn't believe his ears. For those following Giratina, this was a VERY rare thing to hear, even for the closest of comrades. Houndoom took a quick moment to think it over before getting a sky, toothy smile.

"Thank you, Giratina. See you in when I get there."

And with that, Houndoom turned, checked outside once more, and soon jumped back out, and disappeared in the forest. Giratina couldn't help but give a closed-mouth chuckle, mainly for Houndoom not revealing what he came up with. Besides, Giratina could handle it from here anyway. Giratina went off outside of the room soon afterwards, just in time to hear:


Giratina smirked. Looks like someone found out what happened to their dad.

Just outside, things were taking a rough turn with those involved. With a crowd watching from both outside, and out the front windows, it looked like a crime scene going on. Out in front, after people saw Gakuho, an ambulance was quickly called in. Gakuho was still alive when they finally came around, but he wasn't going to be for much longer at the state he was in. Giratina took a step outside, looking down from the window just a floor up, watching Gakuho being lifted by a stretcher, and moved into the Ambulance. He could see quite a number of people, one which being Gakushu closest to him. He also noted that Twilight was actually farther away. Twilight looked simply shocked on seeing Gakuho being taken away, and Giratina wondered on her for a short while.

"Well, about time he left," Giratine thought. He took another extra look at his watch.

"And with half an hour to spare."


While the danger was going on over at the high school, one duo hadn't become aware of the situation just yet. In fact, the two were casually on their way back to the main school, with one of them not caring who thought what about the scar on his face. Throughout the last few days since leaving the hospital, Nagisa and Weed had been handling each day with a more open mind. Nagisa especially had become confident enough to at least walk around freely without much worry. Thanks to Arceus talking to him, and Weed informing him about Korosensei, all that's left to do was head back to school and get back to his life. Weed was happy things were going along so much better from before, and to see Nagisa using his Multitype made things go better in his favor, and all of their favors. Speaking of which, Nagisa had been sprucing up on it to the point of a naturalist, much like how easily he got into Assassination and how that worked. One thing Weed can say for him, he was a fast learner.

"Won't they be surprised to see how much better you gotten with this Multitype of yours," Weed commented. Nagisa looked down to Weed with a satisfied smile, going as far as to swirl a tiny bit of water in his finger to make a ring - very easy.

"I can't wait. First Karma has his, now me. We should start with yours next. with the luck we're having, you'll probably get yours by next week," Nagisa replied. Weed chuckled, though that didn't seem like a bad idea all things considered. He never took a crack at getting his own to start up, so trying to get his to work should be their next step. Hearing with their "luck" was a bit of a stretch though.

"Let's not get too cocky about this. But yeah, I should at least try to start on mine ... Whatever it is," Weed decided, thinking a little bit more on the last part. He had a Multitype, but what it was still was for debate. Before they could even remotely think on what else to do ...

"Nagisa! Nagisa!"

Twilight! After seeing Gakuho, she couldn't waste any time trying to get to him, even ditching the school to do so. By the looks of it, she hadn't stopped running since leaving, and she finally stopped when she got to Nagisa Shiota. She was winded, sweating, and looking urgent.

"Twilight? What's the matter?" Nagisa asked. Twilight would NOT run off from school unless it was something very important, that was a fact. Twilight needed a minute to recuperate before she could answer him.

"Nagisa, it's the school, something going wrong with it! Gakuho was just taken to the hospital this morning!"

"Gakuho? The principal Gakuho?" Nagisa asked, shocked.


One other thing he knew; Gakuho Asano would never end up in that king of injury on purpose. And considering this was the principal of all people, and with how much trouble there was to begin with, with these demons and assassins, the answer was quick to come down to. It was soon, but Nagisa and Weed weren't about to go away from this situation.

"Well what're we waiting for? Come on!"


Time continued ticking away, and Giratina felt pretty victorious over the situation. So far, so good; Korosensei in his defense, Gakuho at the hospital, the Chosen scattered about the place. All and all, pretty good for him. The human Giratina went out of the school, and found a good seat on top of the roof, giving him a good view of the sky above him. Houndoom left as well, along with Bisharp, so it was just him he had to worry about. He took another glance at his own watch, and a smile grew on his face.

"Few more minutes," Giratina said to himself. Won't be for much longer ...

"And what do we have here?"

Giratina turned around, and found that he wasn't the only one up on the roof. Standing meters away, stood the first person suspecting him to be responsible: Sakamoto. Giratina hadn't met him himself, but he got enough of an idea from given info on who this kid is.

"Ah. Sakamoto, I assume. You that model student everybody's talking about. Thought you'd be at 3-E."

"And you're the one who threw Gakuho out the window."

"Lucky guess." Yeah, Giratina wasn't gonna hide it - it didn't matter anyway at this point, and he was completely confident in his plan.

"Your plan isn't going to work, we're both aware of that," Sakamoto said. Giratina himself turned around to face Sakamoto.

"You're a smart one. I'm sure you're aware then on WHO you're dealing with, and the situation? You're alone up here, everyone else going along their lives down below, and those who actually give a shit scattered everywhere. I think you might have a disadvantage, model student." As true as that may be, Sakamoto wasn't too deterred, though that was come to expect. Giratina was still waiting on the eclipse at this point. Sakamoto adjusted his glasses.

"My goodness. You shouldn't get too cocky about your plans, Giratina. They might backfire in the unlikeliest way."

"Like you know anything about failure, kid. Regardless, I think you might wanna reconsider your strategy here; you're all alone, you have no special abilities, and once more ..." Giratina looked up to the sky. "You're too little too late."

... Then the sky began to dim.

Everyone in Tokyo Japan, focusing on it or not, was at the epicenter of a phenomenal moment. In the sky, slowly, the moon was starting to block the sun, the shadow casting down on the entire country. What's interesting here, was that the moon was supposedly blown up months ago. But here, the moon was completely full! ...

The moon was standing after all.

Sakamoto focused his attention on Giratina, who waited patiently until the shadows completely covered the sun. He only had a short opportunity to do anything, so he might as well take it while it's here. Any longer, and it'll be a waste of time. There, right in front of Sakamoto, Giratina began to shift and alter his body to his true form! The clothes tore away, spikes and wings sprouting, spine outstretched, and his skin darkening. In just twenty seconds, Giratina was back in full force! Sakamoto was only mildly surprised, but only now did he know what he was truly dealing with. With the sun blocked by the moon, Giratina was safe from the sun, if only for a while.

"AH~. Much better."

"So this is the real you?"

"Hie. Let's dance."

With a mighty roar, Giratina charged right for Sakamoto, wings launching him forward in one beat. Sakamoto was in for a fight, but he dodged Giratina with grace and dexterity, almost like a dance. Guess he took the term too literal. Giratina found it humorous at first, but the more times he missed, the more annoying it was getting. First try: Sakamoto spun to the side. Second try: the human did a ballerina leap. Third: a knee slide.

"I didn't mean a literal dance, you dumbass," groaned Giratina.

"It's fun," replied Sakamoto. Giratina wanted to finish him off, but he was on limited time at the moment, looking to the eclipse going on. More time he messed around with him, less time he had with the rest.

"Nice try, but I got other places to be," Giratina said, ready to fly off. Sakamoto anticipated another charge at him. The huge Pokemon dragon readied to take flight, wings spread, but as he flew over Sakamoto, he had another surprise waiting for him.


Giratina jolted back, feeling a few blades slam into his thick neck. He landed back on the roof, getting the knives out of his skin, as another opponent rushed up and landed on the roof himself. Giratina needed a minute before seeing who it was.

"Gaara. See you're still alive."

"Shut it. You double-crossed me!"

"Me double-cross you? Who just tried to kill who?"

Gaara answered by running right for him. Giratina, no longer limited by his other body, made his counter move and jumped above Gaara. Now the dragon had Gaara and Sakamoto to deal with. Not the best thing ever, but something Giratina wasn't having much trouble with. The demon dragon stayed hovering with his wings, looking down to them both. One good aim, and it should be a quick kill.


Scratch that. The demonic dragon turned around, and saw that he had more company. Down on ground level, Karma, Ren, Naruto, Karasuma, Jerome, and now Greninja, had all arrived together. It didn't take long until they saw Giratina up there, the dragon tall and proud. Gaara saw a moment to strike, and launched two blades at Giratina again. He knew better than to run off the roof after him. The demonic dragon landed down on ground level, black ash spreading around him.

"How dare you return?" Ren asked firmly.

"Return? I never really left, you know. Did you miss me?"

"It was getting boring around here aside from your assassins," Karma commented. Giratina gave a low chuckle.

"Then this should be interesting. Course it has been an interesting autumn hasn't it? Either way, you have two choices."

"Don't try your mind games," Greninja demanded, running to him with lightning speed. All Giratina did was seat him away like a fly.

"This is what happens when you hide all season," Giratina said. Then the dragon looked back to the others, clearing his throat. He sensed Gaara and Sakamoto were on the roof watching him, so he went on.

"Now, as for those choices?"

"Go on, bastard, we're waiting," Ren encouraged angrily.

"Try this; I've planted a little surprise inside the school. Once ten minutes passes, your school will be nothing but a crater."

Crater? He wasn't serious was he?

"You planted a bomb?!" Naruto gasped.

"I call it a demon detonator, but whichever. Anyway, you chosen bastards can spend your time fighting me if you don't care for the main building and all the innocent lives that hang by a thread. So; fight me and kill hundreds in that explosion. Or run in there, and waste your time with the detonator. I'll leave it up to you." Giratina even went as far as to present the door for anyone to enter and start searching. However, this problem wasn't as hard to figure out, especially since there's people in there already, and multiple people on the ground. Our of the many people, Karasuma and Jerome were the ones who raced in to disarm the place. Sakamoto went off to aid them, but Gaara didn't move. Now there was Karma, Naruto, Gaara, Ren, and Greninja to deal with. Giratina waited a little bit longer for anyone else, but they were ready to fight him.

"So be it," Giratina said, his tail slamming the doors shut. Their one chance to get in and help was dashed. This also dashed anyone's hope to escape the building just as well, which by now there's quite a number of people watching from the Windows. The others had tried their best in keeping this a secret, but Giratina had completely ruined it just by showing himself. The rules of secrecy no longer mattered with this sighting.

"Die, scum," Ren stated, before charging. Giratina opened his wings, and charged in as well. Their fight with Giratina came earlier than expected.


Inside, Jerome and Karasuma were running around, trying to locate where this explosive was planted. Jerome wasn't taught the smell of explosives, and Karasuma wasn't there when Giratina planted it. In fact, the only one who knew for sure where was now off to the hospital, so they were on their own. Students now trapped in this giant death building were trying their best to escape, but any door and window was magically sealed shut, so it was a worthless effort. Jerome and Karasuma didn't take long to catch this.

"Damnit. That clever bastard's sealed the whole place down," Karasuma thought. There was nothing for it; either disarm the bomb inside, or die trying. The two kept running around, hall to hall, room to room, trying to figure it out. So far, it was just having no luck. And with the placed sealed tight, each second was a second away from blasting them all off. Jerome was moving faster than Karasuma, so able to cover more ground in his run. No one cared about a dog running around inside the building - they got bigger problems to worry about.

"Goddamnit Giratina, where would he hide that bomb in this place?" Jerome wondered. Suddenly, his answer came with a strange smell that quickly struck his nose, making him skid to a stop. This smell was rather odd for anything normal, and Jerome followed it to one of the doors, this one leading into a boiler room. How typical. The dog got his mouth gripping the knob, and worked with it just enough to get the door open. It wasn't easy, but he got it opened, and the dog wasted no time in racing inside. The room was dark, and the odd smell flooded Jerome's nostrils. He looked around until he saw the main boiler, which had a time bomb attached to it! This was what Giratina really meant. Jerome jumped out of the room, and soon caught sight of Karasuma not too far away. One loud bark got him focused on Jerome, and he quickly got sight of what Jerome had found.

"Oh god," Karasuma thought. Jerome and Karasuma both went straight up to the bomb, and tried to immediately pull it off. However, this bomb was not going to be that easy to handle. The dragon took his sweet time to seal it to the wall so they couldn't pull it off so easily. The time on it, adding to the panic, read off as just five minutes and counting! This didn't help them in how to stop it though, and the two kept trying to get it to turn off. Jerome hadn't the foggiest idea on how to disarm a bomb in his life, so it was up to Karasuma. The man did manage to open the hatch to the bomb, seeing tons of winding wires crisscrossing eachother.

"Damnit. I wouldn't figure this out in time," Karasuma thought, but considering his risks, he had to at least try. The idea was that he had to get the right wire to turn off the bomb. Or so they say. Jerome kept an eye out for any extra traps in this place as Karasuma kept fiddling with the wires, but it was so wrapped up, it was too hard to figure out - in five minutes anyway. He was lucky to get one wire snapping, and even then it did nothing to stop the ticking time bomb. The two kept trying their best, but soon Jerome caught sight of someone coming down into the room with them.

"My goodness. Having trouble Karasuma?"

"Sakamoto, stay back; this could go off any minute," Karasuma warned. However, Sakamoto was pretty calm in this stressful situation, and casually walked over to the bomb. The student clearly saw the wires and how complicated Giratina had made it, but Sakamoto had an idea after looking it over.

"Mind stepping aside?" Sakamoto asked. Karasuma didn't at first, but he could see a deep confidence in him somehow. Karasuma didn't had much luck on it himself, so he decided to let the model student have a look. Sakamoto looked it over like it was a piece of art or something. Soon, as Jerome and Karasuma watched, Sakamoto gently took one small piece of wire in between his fingers, feeling it for just a little bit. Hearing the ticking made the other two on edge but Sakamoto was completely fine. Eventually, the kid got a grip on just one, measly looking wire. Not one that Karasuma had tried yet. However, instead of just yanking it out, Sakamoto started to twist it around the other wires. As if the mess wasn't bad enough.

"The hell are you doing?!" Jerome wondered, knowing well he can't talk to these two. Before Karasuma could say anything, Sakamoto suddenly made one mighty pull on the wire. It didn't pull out but ...

The ticking stopped?

Jerome checked the timer on the bomb, and sure enough it was off. How the hell did he do that? Still, Sakamoto kept calm, and casually gestured the other two out of the room. No point in staying in there anymore.


Outside, things are going badly for the remaining group members. Karma, Ren, Naruto, and Greninja even, weren't standing a chance against Giratina. Gaara still kept his distance, trying to figure out how to proceed. The dragon was beating them up, tossing them around, and all in record time during the eclipse. Still, he had to be more weary about that. Being caught out in the sun would signify that his plan was over, and he had to make some progress before long. He wasn't completely unharmed either; Ren did get some good punches, and Karma got some good singes as well. Even Naruto, someone who wasn't even on his target list, was getting at least one blade in him once in a while. The others weren't completely unharmed themselves, with Giratina's attacks taking their toll on them.

"Stubborn bastards, aren't you?" Giratina commented, wiping some blood off with his wing.

"Look who's talking," Karma noted.

"Why won't you just die?!" Naruto yelled.

"Likewise," replied Giratina, flying at them again. The group was getting tired though, and with Giratina still having lots of energy, it was inevitable; Giratina rushed forward, wings open, and rammed them all to the ground. Only Ren was still on her feet, while the rest ended up laying in a weak daze.

"Course you're still up Ren."

"Giratina. I will not fall for scum like you. True warriors fight til their final breath," Ren breathed out. Giratina began walking over to Karma. He was still up, but his body was too battered up for him to do much.

"Something from those mutts in Fugato Pass I presume?" Giratina noted, picking up Karma in his spiked wing. Ren was tired, but still willing to fight.

"Be lucky I'm not killing you today. After all. I only need one dead to secure my own future," Giratina mocked. That was actually more truth than Ren expected. If Giratina killed one of the Chosen, then the others won't be at full power. Bad enough they're not all together, but if one is dead, it was done ...

Gaara saw his chance.

All of a sudden, Gaara jumped right off the roof, straight for Giratina! The dragon wanted to finish Karma off, and wasn't paying much attention to what was going on, and suddenly had a blade stabbed right in his left eye! A deadly move, and one that Gaara was hoping for with his last knife. Giratina roared, dropping Karma onto the ground. Gaara tried to stay on, twisting and driving his blood-stained blade into him until he was sure it stayed in there.

"You cheap! Get off of me!" Giratina screeched, swatting Gaara off with his wing, tossing Gaara into a tree. The boy knew it was a cheap trick, but it was less damage on himself than a head on approach. Giratina now had one eye to deal with, much to his annoyance. Giratina charged up a dark orb for his next attack, but even with one blind eye, he was aware of his surroundings very well, hearing Ren charge at his blind side. One swift turn of the head, and the orb slammed into Ren head. A fully healed Ren ended up sore after one of these, and now a injured Ren was finally knocked down to the floor.

"Ren," Karma groaned. The kid looked around the place, weak and bleeding himself from Giratina. He saw Naruto, Greninja, and now Ren defeated. Gaara was injured as well, but he looked more ready to fight, and Giratina knew it.

"So, enough playing games. Sun's coming up soon. I've yet to have any meals," Giratina said, licking his teeth. Was he seriously going to eat them?! Looking them over, he moved over to Karma first, his shadow looming over him, even with the sun covered. The dragon leaned down closer. Karma had to do something, before getting eaten! In pure desperation, he saw his chance, and suddenly turned around. In a scream of pure rage, a blast of fire suddenly scorched Giratina's face! The dragon screamed and jumped back, shaking off the flames as if dust was just splattered on his face. It was a purely desperate move, and Giratina was losing patience and time!

"I think I'm done playing games," hissed Giratina. Ren and Greninja tried to get themselves up, and Gaara looked ready to charge. Karma was given some time to try to get up, but Giratina had enough playing around ...

"DIE!" Giratina was about to jump ...

But something held him down. Giratina slammed down in the ground, but clearly nothing was on him.

"What the?" The demon dragon looked down at his feet, and found another surprise; his foot was trapped in an aqua ring! Looking further back, he saw the culprit. And it wasn't Greninja.

"Nagisa!" The team said. Nagisa stood strong, focusing on the ring to hold Giratina down.

"Look who decided to join us at last," Giratina said, his tail breaking his bind with ease. Twilight and Weed went right over to the others, as Nagisa dealt with the dragon.

"Sorry I was so long ..." Nagisa simply replied, staring up into Giratina's face. Giratina saw the scar as clear as day.

"Enjoy your scar?" Giratina marked. He could easily kill Nagisa, and the result would be the same. The others, last time they saw him, thought that he ended up traumatized by the scar.

"... Oh, this old thing? It's okay really."

Okay? He was okay with it?

"Okay? Odd for you to say," Giratina growled, moving forward to Nagisa, who had his eyes shut. The others were hearing him, and were getting a little confused too.

"What's he doing?" Ren asked, only to be shushed by Twilight. She and Weed had got the idea out together, and were just praying that it was going to work on the demon dragon.

"Well when I realized I'm stuck with it, I might as well not worry over it."

"Worry over this then," Giratina replied. Suddenly a dark orb charged up in front of Nagisa. The others got troubled, but Nagisa stayed firm in front of him. Gaara had enough himself, and began running towards Giratina, only for Weed to suddenly pin him down! The noise got Giratina's attention for just a brief moment, and Nagisa found his chance. He got the water blade out, and readied to stab the dragon, only to have his wing block him.

"Honestly Nagisa. You're starting to become a little too predictable with your approach," Giratina said. Nagisa didn't reply actually, and retracted his blade. When Giratina took the time to look back to Nagisa, he noticed one thing ...

Nagisa was smiling.

"And what're you smirking at?" Giratina asked.

"... Feeling warm, Giratina?"

Too late; Giratina wasted too much time! The shadows from the eclipse began to fade away, and the sun began to regain itself! Giratina looked up, but the sun shined right on him!

"AAAHHH!!" Giratina screeched. He was cut, and singed, but the sun was doing more damage than ever to him, and with him at full size and caught in the open, there was nowhere to hide. His skin stung him hundred fold, even smoking and burning in the sun's rays. The others watched him, just waiting for him to drop, but he was still standing. He frantically looked for some sort of shadow, but the time of day gave him nothing to work with. There's nothing for it. The dragon looked over to the blue kid, his eyes getting hazy.

"You clever bastard."

With that final remark, Giratina charged away, running past the others. He made a portal before him, and made a nosedive in before he could die from exposure. It was over and done ...


"I'M SO SORRY! This eclipse was supposed to be a good thing for everyone, and Giratina ruined everything with his damn plans! I'm so sorry!"

Korosensei was basically crying up a storm when they all came back to 3-E to check on him. Sakamoto had made it clear that the school was safe, and he was handling that as the rest went back. He was alright, along with the others, but this bad news on the eclipse was something he did not want for their sake.

"It's not your fault, Korosensei," Nagisa replied.

"Still, Giratina had survived regardless. He'll be back at some point," Greninja said, personally wishing that this act would've finished him off. They were so close, and it didn't work.

"Hey, we got his weakness down pact, that's got to be worth something," Naruto said.

"Besides, he didn't kill anybody, so we're all good. Now we got a break from demon draco for a while," Karma added. Greninja still wasn't convinced really, but at least they were safe. The frog took a glance out the window, and then noticed Gaara still outside. Gaara had helped them with Giratina earlier, but he still seemed a bit distant. It didn't take long until the others saw him too ...


Gaara, who was leaning on the school outside wall, turned and saw Nagisa, Karma, and Greninja come out.

"What's going on now?" Gaara asked.

"You feeling any better, Gaara? You look a bit beat up," Nagisa asked.

"You actually bother to care about me, even after I gave you that scar?" Gaara questioned, straightening up and on his feet. Nagisa felt his scar, and sighed.

"Gaara, look. You don't have to like me, but I can't have you go yet until we know you're okay."

"It's not about who likes who, it's about common sense. What kind of idiot takes care of someone who tried to kill him?"

Nagisa was taken aback by that question, as Gaara started to walk away from them. He stayed around long enough, not having a reason to stay anymore. Nagisa though got in the way.

"Gaara, wait a minute, at least wait until you get better. At least then you'll be alright when you go. That, and ... I wanted to thank you for what you did," Nagisa encouraged, extending his hand even. Gaara groaned, and instead walked past him.

"Don't act for my sake. If you had the choice, you'd let me die back there. You're just playing along with your God friend, and I'm not falling for any games you're trying to play."

"This is not a game; Giratina wanting all of us dead, including you. We need all the help we can get," Greninja said. That only upset Gaara a little more.

"Only took one of you to nearly fry the bastard just a minute ago. Until I'm given my own reason to bother with you, best you stay away."

Before they could say anything else, Gaara went away, walking out of sight. It'll be harder to get Gaara to change his mind than they thought. Greninja thought that it'll be enough, but not even that did much for Gaara ...

This was gonna be tricky ...


That night, the reward for the victory finally showed high up in the sky. Miles away, still in his cave, Arceus was resting inside, and began to sense something had changed. The entity gently got up, and began to walk out to the edge of the cliff to look up at the night sky again. The nights had been pretty dark since he kept seeing the poor moon in its crescent, thanks to Giratina. When he was outside though, the god looked up, only to find that the full moon was back! Arceus gave a sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness. The Earth is alright for now," Arceus said to himself in great relief. He was grateful that Giratina wouldn't dare to go that far after all, but seeing that his illusions could have THAT kind of an affect was still troubling. Arceus was growing in power as well, sure, but at what rate was his adversary growing? Honestly, it was hard to tell, but if Giratina could make an illusion like that, then he surely had grown in some way.

"... Nagisa. Karma. Ren. Twilight. Weed ... Be safe ..."