Familiar Faces
Season 3, Episode 2
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Kanji 見慣れた顔
Air date August 11, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Korosensei: Teacher and Target Living Perfection; the arrival of Sakamoto

Familiar Faces is the 2nd chapter of season 3, and 26th in the overall series.


Talk about surprises; after months being stuck in 3-E, Nagisa Shiota was allowed up a few grades, and back into the main building!


It'd been a busy week for class 3-E, a lot more than what others would know. Ever since Karasuma showed up, and this assassination thing had started, tensions were running high between the regular school day, and the attempts on Korosensei's life. At this point, Korosensei pretty much had grown used to being shot at and/or nearly sliced up. Even if at first the attacks were scary, and the reason behind was even more so, Korosensei felt in his heart that he had to continue his work, and give these students his best. It really was quite a drastic change, even for the alien teacher himself, but the real thing that had changed about was actually the training Karasuma decided to put on the students. Karasuma tried many times throughout the first three days to get at Korosensei, and finish him off, but it wasn't working out too well. It took some convincing from Korosensei himself to at least give it a try, and soon, Karasuma had the students in practice in assassination. Not exactly the best subject to teach, but considering the demon count over the last few months, perhaps there was some hidden benefit for everyone involved in the training that could help them out in the future ...

The training itself took place during lunch - the only main time aside from the occasional study hour to do so. Many of the students though found this kind of adjustment uncomfortable, if not aggravating. After all, it was lunch time, which left them with not much time to eat thanks to Karasuma's training (Luffy and Ren being prime examples of those aggravated). As for success, the training was blossoming in some faster than expected; Karma was basically showing off his own skills in slashing his blade around the training field, impressing Karasuma a number of times. Ren, being a warrior at heart herself, and Naruto, who had gone through some training with Greninja already, also showed some impressive skill. The other students though were, if slowly, starting to get there, so it'll be a while yet. Of course, this sort of activity was being watched on occasion by Giratina's orb ...

One day, just before training could start, Nagisa had finally managed to slip away from training with Karasuma for a bit, and went over back to the main building to meet with Twilight again - something he was neglecting thanks to the distractions back at 3-E. The two were at their usual spot amongst the lunch tables, and the two old friends were going over what had been going on at both parts of the school. Nagisa knew that talking about this assassination business was confidential, but he can trust Twilight to be quiet about it if needed to be.

"Has Karasuma-san been too rough on you?" Twilight asked at one point. Nagisa took a bite from his bento box before answering.

"Well, a little. He seemed more focused on training than studying," Nagisa replied, which was true as far as he knew. Twilight had been a bit worried for Nagisa when it came to this assassination stuff ever since being first told, mainly for Nagisa's own safety.

"Uh, Nagisa? ... You sure this whole 'assassination' thing, isn't too much for you? I don't want anything bad happening to you over there," Twilight said, concern.

"I promise Twilight, I'll be alright. Nothing bad happened yet," Nagisa assured his friend. That had been Nagisa's main response, and while Twilight knew he kept telling her that - heck, he could just be telling himself that - it was still troubling to suddenly be taught such a dangerous art of killing. Or for that matter, killing in general.

"Well, don't be afraid to tell me if anything does go wrong, okay?" Twilight asked. Nagisa simply nodded, and went back to eating his lunch. Twilight still wasn't too sure, but, she kept her trust to him to be fair. Nagisa hadn't lied to her yet, after all. As they kept eating, they saw other students go along their day all the while. However, one of these students started to move over to them both. The two didn't notice anything exactly until he moved right past them ...

And dropped something down in front of Nagisa.

"huh?" The object was small, rectangular, and inside a white envelope. It didn't seem exactly odd looking, just a regular white envelope. It had Nagisa's initials written on it, so, it was for him no doubt. The note got Twilight's attention as well, as Nagisa picked it up and looked it over.

"What's that?" Twilight asked.

"Not sure," Nagisa replied, opening it up. Inside the letter was a few papers, one handwritten and on an extra note, the others typed out on a computer by the looks of it. Nagisa and Twilight looked at the handwritten note first.

"Start tomorrow. You're welcome ..." Nagisa read.

That was all it said; no more, no less, no signature attached to it, no prompting. Nothing. Just "You're welcome." and nothing more than that. Nagisa and Twilight glanced to eachother, and then looked over the typed out document. This one was actually a list; different subject, different times, assigned seats to the student given to, typed out like a school schedule. It was a bit strange to see another one of these just after his first term for this year. Usually classes aren't given out again at least until after halfway through the year, as with many school usually all depending, so why'd he get this?

"It's a school schedule."

"But I already got one of these, why'd I -"

Upon further examination, Nagisa immediately stopped himself, and looked at the details at the top of the page. When Nagisa first arrived, he was sent over to Class 3-E, and no words to Gakuho could change it no matter what he said. Looking at this though, something was different for three parts of it; the name, the class level, and the date.

Nagisa Shiota. Class 3-C. 2015.

"Wait ... This is for me! For this year!"

"What? Let me see!" Twilight said, looking at it. Indeed, in the type out schedule, Nagisa's name, proper class level, and the same year when Nagisa started school at 3-E, was written out in black and white right in front of them. Nagisa couldn't believe what he was seeing. Nagisa just stared at the paper for a moment or two, and soon a smile appeared on his face. This meant one of two things; either his first schedule was mislabeled by mistake when given to him, or Gakuho flat out lied to him just to send him out. Considering Gakuho's behavior, that wasn't too far off ...

"Looks like I'm staying here after all," Nagisa said with a big smile. Even if he had been doing fairly well in 3-E so far, he never truly wanted to stick around there for too long. He of course didn't tell anyone else this, but he'd rather be at the main building. Who'd of thought he'd get his wish at the end of it all?

"What classes did you get?" Twilight asked. Nagisa straightened the paper and looked over the classes with Twilight. Nagisa's schedule was pretty basic, with the main learning courses and all that (math, science, language arts, and so on). The order of the classes though started to make it even more surprising. Twilight wanted to make sure of this sort of thing, and thought over her own schedule.

"I don't believe it. Nagisa, I think you'll be with me through most of these classes."

"Seriously?" Nagisa asked, surprised.

"Hie; my schedule matches yours up to the last hour. This is great!"

"I know it is!" Nagisa replied, going as far as to hug Twilight. Starting tomorrow, things are going to play out different for Nagisa ...


Nagisa took some time during his stay around the 3-E class, not exactly revealing anything to any of the students or to Korosensei, or Karasuma. He honestly was a bit excited to get his life back on track, and back to normal for a while. Nagisa was happy, and some of them could tell that already once he came back from the main school. Nagisa made sure to keep the schedule he got out of sight. If they were going to figure out, he preferred it to at least on their own terms rather than his own. He was happy, but, he wasn't going to rub it in their faces because of it. During the next few hours, he found out (along with the rest of the class) that Karasuma accepted Ritsu back in the class once he found out about her, not seeing her as too much trouble in his own attempts. Korosensei assured Ritsu that things will be fine between Korosensei and everyone else, in spite of the tons of weapons regained later on.

Nagisa got himself alone again once the day was done, but instead of heading straight home, he instead went off to the forest. Throughout the past week, Nagisa had went under his own training over at Greninja's pond, which turned out was where both he and Phanpy had been staying at since it was far enough away from the government officials. Phanpy was happy to see Nagisa, and Greninja looked over to him.

"Nagisa. nice to see you again."

"Same to you," Nagisa said. Over in a nearby tree, there were a pair of blue swimming trunks, which Nagisa left there to have Nagisa in a better outfit for trying to unlock his Mizu multitype. Nagisa grabbed the trunks, and hid off in a cravece in the rocks, out of sight of the other two as he changed. Phanpy wanted to see him, but Greninja kept Phanpy back until Nagisa was finished.

"Are those officials still there?" Greninja asked at one point, as Nagisa sat down at one of the rocks by the pool.

"They are. They won't leave until Korosensei's dead," Nagisa sighed. He told Greninja about what happened, and what was going on, yet Greninja, as satisfying as it would be to attack Korosensei for doing this, wasn't able to go without being seen by the government officials - something he won't risk.

"That so. Damn, these officials. Why did Korosensei had to get them involved?" Greninja groaned, his webbed hand over his face.

"They were to get involved either way, wouldn't they? I mean, the moon was destroyed."

"I know," Greninja sighed, "But this only proves that these abilities have to be tapped into as soon as possible."

Nagisa simply nodded to Greninja.


The next day, Nagisa was especially excited. He gone through his daily routine back at home, and went off to school alongside Ren again. Ren was a bit confused with seeing Nagisa so much in glee, but she was the only other person who knew what happened aside from Twilight, so, she went with it. Once he got to school though, Ren had to go off to 3-E without him, Nagisa assuring her that he'll meet with her again once school was done. After splitting from her, Nagisa looked to the school, with a smile and a deep breath.

"Well, here I go," Nagisa said with a grin, and soon he went right off inside.

It'd been a while since he went through this school as a student of the main building, though it wasn't anything entirely new. Aside from a few faces, it was something he'd went through over his last two years here. Some faces were new, some he recognized a little well, yet the main face he was looking for was right in his first class. He kept the schedule with him as of were, just to be sure he was going the right way - he was a bit rusty on where classes were - and soon was at his first class right on time. Sure enough, there was Twilight at the second row, forth line from the door, and right next to the window. Thanks to the note, Nagisa followed the instructions, and found his seat right behind Twilight, next to the windows as well.

"Morning, Nagisa. Ready for the day?" Twilight asked smiling. Nagisa nodded, and got out some of his supplies, which he had made brand new really.

"More than ready. I'm glad to be back in the main building," Nagisa replied, patiently waiting for the class to begin. It took a few minutes before the other students showed up, and got in their assigned seats. Nagisa couldn't wait to get rolling, his hands together, and a content grin. The clean place surely was better compared to the wooden interior of 3-E, to be sure. After the teacher came in, everyone in their seats, and after the bell, class began.

"Good morning everyone. Now before we begin, we have a returning student here with us, Nagisa Shiota. Say hello," the teacher said, looking and referring to Nagisa. Nagisa, while not wanting so much attention so quickly, was kind of expecting as such. After all, far as new students go, it was mandatory to at least introduce yourself to the class. So, Nagisa got up, showing himself to everyone. A number of the students recognized Nagisa from 3-E, and didn't think he'd show up two grades up to 3-C level.

"Hello everyone. Great to be here," Nagisa said, cheerful this time around. Those who knew Nagisa didn't expect him to be so cheerful, but considering he was at the bottom of the heap for a while, even if just a few months, they figured he was just happy to be back.


"Is Nagisa here?"

Unfortunately, back at 3-E, Korosensei wasn't informed about this, and when he found Nagisa missing, he was left completely in the dark about it. The seat where Nagisa would be was empty, and many of the students, at first, figured it as nothing more than just him being sick, or absent or something. Ren decided to answer for everyone, mainly because she was the only one knowing about what's going on. After a bit, Ren raised her hand, and Korosensei called to her.

"Yes, Ren?" Korosensei asked.

"He won't be joining us for a long while," Ren replied, monotone as usual.

"Excuse me?"

"He got transferred to the main building yesterday," Ren revealed.

The immediate reaction from most of the students was a sense of surprise, and even a little bit of jealousy. Main reason; a student from 3-E was just jumped up to 3-C with little to no reason for it. Was Gakuho picking favorites now? Korosensei wished he was informed about this, but, what was he supposed to do against the principal, and his boss? Korosensei already ticked off Giratina, he didn't want Gakuho angry with him as well.

"Well then, thank you for informing me," Korosensei simply stated. Ren nodded, and sat back down. Karma Akabane especially wondered why Nagisa was just randomly picked this way. Sure, Nagisa was a nicer kid, and smart too, but he knew damn well that the principal wouldn't just bring the kid back from rock bottom so abruptly. When he gets the chance, he'll have to check it out himself ...


Throughout the morning, both sides of Yunibasaru went along their hours and schedules. Nagisa was going through the classes fairly well, though his appearance was causing quite a fuss amongst the other students who knew him before. The main debate was why Nagisa was even around the main building when the first few months were spent in the End class? A few even asked him time to time, only to be shown Nagisa's legit schedule he received the day before. The schedule Nagisa had didn't seem to be faked much of anyway, and had everything needed for the schedules given to the others, so, debate was dropped for those who'd seen it. As for Nagisa himself, it felt nice to get back to basics when it came to the work he was doing. No assassination attempts, no government troubles, just life as a regular high scholar. At least as regular as he could get - there's still the whole Multitype thing he had to work out, but at least his normal life was put in a better track.

The first morning hours went along smoothly, and Nagisa kept up with everything and everyone in each class, Twilight aiding him here and there on a few things before summer vacation just in case it was brought up. Some of the students Nagisa knew beforehand, like Akari for instance, found him in the 3-C class instead of 3-E, found this transfer surprising, yet nice to see for him. Again, he was at 3-E - the lowest point in the school, and he was pulled out of it thanks to a change in schedule. Eventually, Nagisa and Twilight met up on their way to their next class, just after lunch, and were walking off to their next class.

"Sure are enjoying yourself, aren't you," Twilight said. Nagisa calmly put his hands behind his head in a content sigh.

"Hie. After going through all the freaky stuff before, it's nice to return to being normal," Nagisa admitted. Twilight nodded a bit, but then she had another question.

"Say, Nagisa? I'm going to be studying at the library after school. Do you want to join me?" Twilight asked. Nagisa felt very happy.

"Of course I can," Nagisa replied. Surely, a nice get-together for both of them. It'd been too long since Nagisa had a decent study up with Twilight, and now's a good time as any ...


However, as the two went off on their way to their next class, they seemed to have a sort of spying figure further away. Nagisa and Twilight didn't notice anything, or anyone, out of the ordinary, and no one else seemed to notice either. As per expected of him, miles off in an unknown realm, Giratina had seen this event occur again though his orb. The fact that Nagisa Shiota had suddenly been transferred from 3-E to 3-C was quite a surprise, and actually had Giratina a little bit intrigued about it. One of the demons he was with, who also seen the event, turned over to Giratina.

This demon in particular was a dog-like demon, with a pair of silver curved horns, a arrow-pointed tail, and silver spine plates down its back. On his chest, he had a sort of skull symbol - his way of showing his loyalty towards Giratina most likely. His muzzle and underbelly were a shade of orange, while the rest of him remained a blackish color, almost like coal. Just above each paw was a cuff, also silver like his back plates. Compared to the ten foot tall Giratina, the demon wasn't very big, only about the size of a typical Doberman canine.

"Well, this is interesting; Nagisa's been moved to the main building now," Giratina noted, deep in thought. The demon sitting next to him turned up to see him.

"Well, shit. So much for my introduction," the dog demon grumbled.

"No, no, I'll still let you go," Giratina assured, starting to move away. Unsure, the demon rushed over in front of Giratina, skidding a little on his paws.

"You kidding me?! He's at the main building now, remember? We can't get them all at once now that he's there!" The demon growled. Giratina wasn't fazed by this fact though.

"That may be. However, one; he isolated himself away from the other members of the chosen group. While before he had easy access to three, now it's only one. Two; the fact he's at a more populated and public building means that Arceus's allies won't be able to enter without exposing themselves, there by opening the door for many opportunities for us. And three; it keeps him from learning how to fight properly from Karasuma and his damn government. He's weak, alone, and we have all the chances we could ever ask for," Giratina explained, casually walking pass the feral demon. Seemed this demon never planned for this, and found this sort of view point surprisingly accurate. Only Giratina can point out that many disadvantages to one simple transfer. Still, the demon turned back to Giratina again.

"You know how much of a smartass you are, right?" The demon joked. Giratina gave a low chuckle. Then, with a raise of one of his wings, a medium sized portal soon appeared close by.

"Oh sweet. So, where's this one going?"

"You're going to the High school for a bit, 3-E. Since Korosensei's no longer here, you can take his place as a spy for a while," Giratina ordered. The demonic dog, licked his muzzle.

"Permission to kill?"

"Of course," Giratina chuckled. The dog demon laughed, readying his fangs, and happily leaped right through the portal. Giratina looked back to the orb as he closed the portal behind the dog demon. The orb showed Nagisa and Twilight already at their next class, going along their day. In a low sigh, Giratina rubbed his claw gently on the side of the orb.

"I think it's about time for another visit ..."


As the day continued onward, the school day finally came up to an end, and everyone started to head off back home. For Nagisa and Twilight, who had just exited the school, it was instead a trip to the library. The two hadn't left yet, and still just exited the school grounds.

"Okay, Twilight, ready to go?" Nagisa asked. Twilight nodded, but just before they could go off ...

"So, you're up a grade now."

Nagisa froze, and turned around. Upon seeing him, turned out Karma Akabane had found him, with Luffy right behind him almost as if like backup. Nagisa shivered.

"Oh! Uh, hi guys."

"Why didn't you say you were knocked up a grade?" Luffy blurted out, quite angry all the same. Nagisa played with his fingers, a bit embarrassed.

"Well, I didn't want to rub it in ..."

"What?!" Luffy snapped. Karma raised his hand over Luffy's mouth to quiet him.

"And how'd you manage to do that?" Karma asked. Nagisa had been asked that question over ten times today, so, he knew what to do. He pulled out the schedule from his belongings, and showed it to Luffy and Karma. Luffy seemed convinced, but Karma took it and looked it over carefully.

"Guess my schedule was screwed up the first few months, so -"

"And you actually bought this?"

That made them both stop. Karma obviously wasn't as easily fooled by this paper, and the fact it was simply "screwed up" didn't seem to be enough to convince Karma either.

"... Excuse me?"

"Nagisa, do you really think this is the real deal? Gakuho gives out these shitless papers, and he makes to mistakes on these."

"I thought of that. I guess ... there's a first time?"

It didn't take much for Karma to figure it out for him; Nagisa didn't like 3-E, and found a way out of it. Karma just looked at him for a bit, much like a disappointed parent or something. Nagisa didn't want to come off as rude to anyone, and at this point, he had to be careful this time around ...

Oddly, Karma smiled.

"Alright, Nagisa, you have you're fun. Just don't forget about us little people, k?" He said, tossing the paper back to him. Nagisa knew Karma, and he knew something was on his mind, but if he was willing to just let him go like this, then Nagisa might as well at least give it a chance. Luffy was confused too, and walked with Karma.

"What the hell was that?" Luffy asked.

"He'll come around," replied Karma. and that was his only response, as he walked away. Nagisa sensed that something wasn't correct with this, as Karma was known to mess around with someone's head on more than one occasion before. Nagisa thought it over, and just decided to go with Twilight to the library. He was in 3-C, he had a better education, he can be normal a lot longer this time around, and he's away from Karasuma and all that crazy assassination stuff. Even if killing Korosensei seemed to be something he supported, his promise to not go too far kept him back, and kept him happy with being in 3-C over 3-E.

This is his life now.

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