Fire in the Soul
Season 2, Episode 10
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Kanji ソウルでの火災
Air date July 24, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Fire in the Soul is the 10th chapter of season 2, and the 22nd in the overall series.


From one member to another, it's time for Karma Akabane to start training.


The calm morning sun got into Nagisa's room, with the blue-haired boy just managing to wake up. His dream was quite one to remember. It was surprising he remembered it in the first place since dreams usually are forgetful anyway. Still, Nagisa sat up, stretching from a good night's rest. He still couldn't grasp too well on what happened to him yesterday with Samson, or what he did to them, but if Arceus was telling the truth, then he could get an idea of it. Nagisa got out of bed, though he wasn't hearing very much going on.

"What a night. I better get Karma, Ren, and Weed up," Nagisa told himself. Before he could go though, he soon spotted some paper on the desk. He doubted his previous letter even got to Korosensei anyway, and it'd been a while too on Twilight's letters. So before he went off to do that, he sat down and started writing his next letter to Japan. It took him a bit longer to do, since he just woke up and it took him sometime to get his words down, but eventually he got it down-pact.

Dear Twilight;

Sorry for the later reply, but things just happened that made me lose track of time. Things had been going well for me here in Kenya, and we're all having a good time. I admit, there were some setbacks here and there, but they didn't damper the experience for us. Still, it won't be much longer; Korosensei told us we'll be back home just a day before school starts up again, so if everything goes well, we should be able to catch up again. Or at least, help me catch up. See you back home soon.

Nagisa Shiota

After that was all said and done, Nagisa folded the letter neatly on the desk, and left it sitting there. He'll get Korosensei on that later, but for that moment, he needed to tell the others a bit on what's going on. He got himself bathed and properly dressed, as per usual, and then started looking around for the rest. The others were kinda worn out from last night and their fight over Narcissus, but when Nagisa got to them, they were willing to get up and listen (most of them anyway). Nagisa was glad to get Weed, Ren, and Karma up though, as they were the main people who needed to be told anyway. Nagisa got them all to the main room, and explained to them what happened in his dream with Arceus, and what he told him about their powers and the Multitype.

"You sure got quite an earful, did ya?" Karma said after hearing everything.

"It's a lot to take in. But if even half of what Arceus said is true, then it would be best to get how our powers work and fast," Nagisa cleared up. They seemed ready to do just that, but how to begin is the real question.

"Got any idea where we should start?" Weed asked.

"Beats me," Nagisa shrugged. Without too much information on how to activate these powers, it was hard to go on. Karma though, after thinking a bit on Nagisa's dream story, got up to his feet, stretching his arms. He knew where this was going, and he knew it was a little too long where they should've began back in Japan.

"Alright, while you three figure it out, I'm gonna go out for the day. Can't find out about hellfire sitting here," Karma said, beginning to head out the door.

"Where're you going?" Ren asked sternly.

"See if I go to hell, or burn the jungle down first. See ya," Karma said. With that questionable response, Karma walked out. The others were left kinda blank-faced, and at a loss of words...

"Should we watch him?" Weed asked.

"Yeah, we should," Nagisa replied.


Meanwhile, one of the rooms was quiet, as a looming shadow moved slowly and silently through the cracks in the walls. It was well shaded, and the window was covered, so this gave the green light for Giratina to visit. He saw what happened to Narcissus, and who was responsible for her death, so he went right out to confront the guilty party. He looked less angry, and more disappointed as he merged from the shadows into the room.

"Korosensei, I'd like to have a -"

Korosensei stopped talking when he saw Korosensei. The alien, a bit freaked out still over what Giratina would do, went all out on holy protection; some crosses hung up behind him, a holy book by his head, and his whole body drenched in a bathtub of holy water, candles lit up around him. While the candles were a nice touch, they weren't exactly a holy response, and Giratina was simply annoyed.

"What're you doing?"

"Oh, hi Giratina! I thought on what you said, and how're you gonna get me now?" Korosensei mocked, feeling more than confident in his little plan. Giratina was confused, and a bit bemused. He didn't say anything just yet, but to prove how stupid it was, he grabbed a cross and started eating it, not hurt at all.

"I'm a demonic Pokemon, remember? This shit doesn't work on me," Giratina said dryly, as he finished up the cross. Korosensei's stoke of genius went away as quickly as it came, as Giratina loomed over him, his spikes aimed directly at him. Korosensei turned blue with cold sweat, shrinking into the water.

"I gave you a warning, Korosensei. About you lifting a tentacle to help those chosen students. And in spite of that, I find you killing Narcissus just hours after I planted her. I gave you a way out, and you refused to take it."

Korosensei was beyond help, and gulped in worry, as Giratina continued. Giratina raised up the spikes on his wings, Korosensei curling up into a ball. Giratina gave Korosensei his signature death stare; eyes wide and pupils shrunk, as the wings lurched forward fast! Korosensei closed his eyes, waiting for the spikes to skewer through his head. However, the spikes stopped inches from his head, points just centimeters away from making any contact. Korosensei opened his eyes to see Giratina staring him down, the alien unable to move an inch without a spike stabbing his face. Korosensei was stuck staring at Giratina's horrifying gaze.

"Consider this our last meeting. As allies. Until we meet again."

Giratina removed his wings, and moved back into the shadows, disappearing. Korosensei may had broken the ice with Giratina, but at least Korosensei was with allies that won't kill him if he screws up ...


Further away from the vacation house, Karma had walked along out to the Savannah to get his own training started. He still remembered very well on which Multitype belonged to him, and if his really involved fire, then being in the hot Serengeti in Africa was a good start. Karma kept going along until he found a clear area, far off from where the others were. The area had short grass, the taller grass making a arena about the size of their Class 3-E campus. A perfect spot to start. Karma had switched his outfit for the situation; a white sleeveless top with a pair of grey shorts.

"Nice. Let's see now; I got fire to work with, so ..."

Karma looked over to the sun, hand shading his eyes. Even if it was in the morning, he still felt the heat of the sun coat his skin.

"Okay then. Going to be a hot day - a good start," Karma told himself. He took a deep breath, focusing on the heat of the sun, and started his practice. Karma didn't exactly know where to begin with training in particular, but he started off with some basic physical training. His training mainly consisted of various kicks and punches, a mix of boxing and karate tossed in for good measure. This kept up for a good hour, the heat rising from both training, and the African sun beating down on him. Even if the training might not get his power to activate, it gave him some extra practice on his strength and fighting, so, it still benefited him one way or another. Karma kept this up for about an hour, before the African heat began to give him a headache. He wanted to keep going, but the heat was getting overwhelming for him. It wasn't anything like back in Japan - not as hot or as intense. Karma sat down in the dry grass, sweating from head to toe, but feeling pretty accomplished all the same. As he was sitting there, he glanced up high in the sky above him. The sun's heat was strong, and not a cloud in sight. Karma felt good about this start. After a bit though, he started to hear something coming over.


"Sup, Kimba?"

Sure enough, Kimba came out to see what he was up to. He was heading off to the watering hole when he found Karma practicing. Kimba stopped nearby.

"What're you doing?"

"Just practicing. How bout you; did your group made it okay after that Narcissus screwed you over?" Karma asked, as Kimba sat down.

"Luckily yeah, thanks for asking. Your elephant friend is doing much better now, but I think he's missing you."

"After seeing the jungle like that, I won't be surprised," Karma said. Kimba then seemingly remembered something.

"Hey, Karma? You've been with these demons and stuff for a while, right? Is this something you and your friends fight with all the time?" Kimba asked. Karma took a moment to think it over before he answered.

"Let's see now. There's Korosensei, the demon spider, Narcissus, a buffalo with religion issues, that demon dragon Giratina. And that's just being here in Africa, so I'm sure we'll get more coming by so we can kick their asses back to hell," Karma explained. Kimba thought it over for a little bit, though he knew what he referred to with Samson.

"So it was you guys who defeated Samson," Kimba concluded.

"You heard about that?"

"Hie. Samson arrived in my Jungle a few months before I met you guys, and had caused my friends a lot of trouble. I was hoping Samson wasn't handled as roughly, but I guess you handled him for me," Kimba explained. Guess Samson had caused more trouble than it was worth. Then Kimba wanted to ask something else.

"Speaking of which; I also heard something about your friend 'controlling the river'?"

"Oh that. See, me, Nagisa, and a few others have this special gift called "Multitype". Nagisa's got water, which can apparently control rivers as you put it, and I got fire. That's why I'm out here anyway - trying to get my power to work," Karma said, getting up again, and about to start. While it may seem odd to make out, after coming across a demon spider and a demon flower, Kimba believed in every word. However, trying to work with fire in the Serengeti did make him a little nervous.

"Eh, Karma?"

"What now?"

"Do you mind trying this somewhere else? If this ability's the same as Nagisa, then I don't want a wildfire started here. I can show you a better spot, if you'd like," Kimba said. Karma considered, though setting the Savannah on fire would at least be interesting to test out his flames, and if they do work.

"I'd prefer to stay close to home; I'm not walking all day to get there," Karma stated. Kimba sighed, and got up to his paws.

"It's not too far away, really. Come on, I'll show ya," Kimba said, beginning to move away. Karma didn't feel ready to just travel off again, but he just shrugged, and went off after him.

It took another ten minutes, but Kimba was true to his word, and the area he brought Karma too was a fair spot. It was wide open, and - although in the jungle - was far enough from the plants. It was slightly flattened, and plenty rocky, but as far as a training arena goes, it was good enough for Karma.

"Here we are. It's a bit rocky though. That bother you at all?"

"Not at all."


So, things got busy for Karma over the next five days. With his new training spot established, he had gone back and forth with vacation and training. Lucky for him, the area Kimba brought out for him wasn't too far away from the vacation home, so walking wasn't much different from getting from Class 3-E, to the main building back in Japan. As far as training went, Karma was doing decent. His physical training was doing great, but he'd yet to conjure up any fire. On the fifth day, he was just finishing up his next bit of training. It was getting late, deep into the evening, and Karma still hadn't gone anywhere with his fire abilities.

"Damnit. Nothing," Karma sighed. He was hit, tired, and was getting impatient with the whole thing. He knew he had to get his act together, and at the very least, get his powers to work. Before Karma could just leave though, he suddenly felt an odd chill creep on him.

Something was nearby.

Looking around, Karma tried to figure out what was moving around him, but he couldn't seem to catch it, whatever it was. Karma could sense this threat wasn't anything normal, and he was more than ready this time around ...

"Karma Akabane."

Karma turned around, and right in his face, the demonic draconic head of Giratina stared right at him. Karma wasn't normally jumpy, but it was enough to make him back up at least. Giratina had the whole area to move around, having enough shade from the sun to do so. Karma calmed himself before confronting him.

"Giratina. About time I saw your face again."

"Likewise. I'm sure you're aware of how much your group's done," Giratina said, staring Karma down. Unlike Korosensei though, Karma was more used to it by this point.

"Yeah; kicked your sorry asses left and right," Karma said, actually more amused than anything. Giratina found his behavior amusing as well, a low chuckle coming out of his mouth as he started to circle him.

"And we know you're aware of the situation you've put yourself in? You're all alone. Your friends are all back at that vacation house, waiting for you to come home. It's just you, and me."

"Interesting odds," Karma said, though as Giratina loomed into position, Karma began to see the real situation he was in. This was a demon lord he was talking to, after all ...

"Indeed. You wanted to tap into your Multitype, right? Let's see if it can save you."

Then it started.

Giratina made the first move on Karma, too fast and too sudden for Karma to even brace for, with his wing whacking Karma off his feet. Karma immediately got up, but every time he tried to get back up, Giratina would knock him down again with force to match a freight train. Karma couldn't get a grip, getting bruised up and bloody from Giratina's spikes.

"Come on, show me your flames," Giratina growled, hitting Karma again, knocking him to the ground.

"How the hell am I supposed to do -"

Giratina stomped on Karma's back with his middle left foot, claws digging into his shoulders. The claws stung him, and they were hundred times more powerful than Karma had planned for.

"You were always a smart human, Karma Akabane. You better figure it out if you want me to stop," Giratina hissed. Giratina then grabbed him with his teeth, tossing him over his head, and onto the rocky earth below. At least Karma could get to his hands and knees as Giratina walked over to him, wings spread. Karma was hurt. Karma was angry. And Giratina knew it.

"What is wrong with you?" Karma choked.

"I'm a demon lord, and I'm calculative, so that's two things," Giratina joked, raising his spiked wing for another hit. Karma caught this one just in time, and rolled aside before Giratina got him. At this point, Karma had enough playing around, and tried fighting Giratina head on.

"You wanna play? Let's play," Karma decided, his smile devilish, as he charged at Giratina. His first attack hit Giratina square in the chest, a roundhouse kick. The hit was strong, but Giratina didn't even budge.

"Don't even feel it."


Karma tried a few more kicks and punches, but Giratina looked bored more than anything. He bowed down, and grabbed him by the head.

"Here's how it's done."

With that response, Giratina tossed Karma up into the air with ease. As he came down, Giratina spun around, and hit Karma with his tail, sending Karma hurling into a tree. Karma landed on his stomach again, and he looked down to the ground. He saw his own blood dripping down onto the ground under him, and some staining the tree he hit. Karma knew Giratina was coming for him, sizing him up for another hit. If he killed him now, it will be easier in the long run. Karma breathed deeply and heavily, his breath pushing the grass under him...

"I can't believe this shit. The second time I even see Giratina, and I'm going to die ... Damnit. DAMNIT!" Karma thought. Karma's anger was building; he didn't want to go out being tossed around like a rag doll. As he stayed there, looking down at the ground, he began to notice something with the grass ...

It was starting to singe ...


Karma began to see smoke coming out of his mouth as he was breathing, the heat burning the grass slightly. If smoke was coming out, then that only meant one thing ...

"Where's that power, Karma? I'm waiting," Giratina said. Karma turned back to him, and smirked slightly.

He got it.

Giratina raised his spiked wing for another hit on Karma's life. Before Giratina could think of anything else, Karma jumped up, turned around, and the power of his Multitype finally came through. Karma's smoke breath turned to fiery embers in his punch, and the flames blasted right in Giratina's face! The Pokemon had got his wings to block the blast, feeling the fire on him, as Karma got upright. Karma was a bruised and bloody, but he smiled in accomplishment on what he did. To make sure, Karma looked to his hand, and had managed to focus his heat into a literal flame in the palm of his hand. He felt proud of himself with this.

"You are a fast learner. Aren't you?" Giratina said, his wings making one flap before the flames disappeared. Karma, now feeling more confident, was ready to continue the fight. However, instead of continuing the fight, the demonic dragon smiled to him, before disappearing in the shadows.

Karma took a moment to look down at his flame, still burning strong in the palm of his hand. For a first time, Karma felt he did a pretty good job, as he used that same light to guide his way back home in the jungle.

"The others are gonna love this."