Frog's Secret: The Multitype's Revelation
Season 1, Episode 10
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Kanji カエルの秘密:マルチタイプの黙示録
Air date July 11, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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Crazy Fourth Son Teacher's Pet

Frog's Secret: The Multitype's Revelation is the 10th chapter of season 1, and 10th in the overall series.


Having enough waiting, the students finally confront Greninja on his information. What they got was a lot to take in...


Time continued on as it would do for Class 3-E, though only three days total. Though Ren was good enough to come back, ever since that little run-in with Giratina, those who witnessed it had been feeling rather edgy. For starters, Korosensei was working for this demon, the beast apparently knew of some crazy involvement they had, and Greninja was refusing to talk about any of it. Saying that it'll kill them if they knew didn't help much either. The other students among the class could tell of some difference in behavior but no matter what they asked, they weren't all eager to talk about it. Nagisa was still wondering a bit more deeply on the matter as well; Greninja keeping quiet about a supposed satanic dragon. Clearly the frog knew something was up, and Nagisa wanted to know what that was, especially if it seemingly involved them somehow. After all, Giratina had said 'three of there were already together'. Exactly who, he had no clue, but, it's worth thinking about. Greninja hadn't felt easy either. The fact that the kids had seen Giratina at all made him feel a bit rough. He stopped training lessons with Naruto for a while because of it, not wanting to deal with the students for a while until he can figure things out...

One day, study hour came to the class. Everyone inside were taking a bit to relax and review each other, as Korosensei took the time to go over some work throughout the past month. Greninja, however, remained away from the class. The students had noticed the frog's lack of approach, but, Karma finally had enough of this avoiding guessing game. So, without much permission, the redhead went right out of the class. Nagisa watched him go, but didn't exactly say anything. Though, curiosity on where he was going was something that got to him.

"Korosensei, can I get a drink?" Nagisa asked.

"Oh sure thing," Korosensei said. Nagisa got up, Ren following him as per usual. They both went out, soon finding Karma nearby. Karma knew they would come, but instead of leaving them out, he went ahead and signaled them to follow. The three continued going about, looking for Greninja. It did take a while to look around, but eventually the three move on to outside. In the middle of the field, they all saw Greninja down on four legs, in a position like any normal frog would be. They even heard a bullfrog croak time and time again as they approached. Greninja had his eyes closed, in deep concentrated trance.

"Greninja, we need to talk...Greninja?..."

Greninja didn't respond. Karma tried to wake him up with some pats to the face, snapping of fingers, but nothing seemed to wake up the frog in anyway. Karma began to think, and got an idea hatched in his mind...

Greninja remained motionless for quite sometime, a croak occasionally coming out, until his eyes finally started to open. Upon opening though, his eyes saw a demonic looking Karma, smile matching Korosensei with a death glare in his eyes. The normally calm Greninja suddenly panic and jumped to his feet, nearly kicking Karma's head off! A few seconds was all it took for Greninja to realize who was there, as Karma laughed at him.

"Karma! Why you little -"

"Greninja," Ren interrupted. The ninja frog turned, seeing her and Nagisa as well. Nagisa, Ren and Karma didn't say anything at first, Greninja not fully getting the idea just yet.

"Giratina. What does he have to do with us?" Ren asked.

"This again? Look, it's too dangerous to share that kind of information, understand?"

"No we don't. You already told me about the threats, why can't you tell us about what involvement we have?"

"Nagisa, safety and secrets are two different meanings. I told you that out of safety, none of you are -"

"Ready? Oh I think we are ready for some damn info, frog," Karma interrupted.

"You don't understand!"

Then Nagisa stepped forward, anger shown on his face.

"Greninja, we've fought against a twelve foot long mutant dog, I helped in sending Misao's soul free from the school!"

"Wait, when was this?" Karma asked.

"Clearly we can handle what you have for us! We're ready, Greninja, just tell us and we will stop bothering you." Greninja took a bit to think about it. Nagisa, Karma and Ren did handle the tasks put on them no normal human could handle so easily. From the mutant to the spirit, it did seem Greninja had no true reason to hide this information in particular anymore. His own study on the kids in particular made that even more of a fact ... After a bit, Greninja aimed a webbed finger to the forest.

"There's a water hole about a mile that way. Meet me there after school, make sure no one follows you."

With that information, Greninja turned and ran into the general direction, going out of sight after a few seconds. Karma, Nagisa and Ren looked to each other, getting the general idea. There weren't that many hours left for that day, so, the information will come around by the time it was done ... One thing they didn't count on; peering Luffy catching the location name from the peering door ...


The few hours that they had to wait was a bit longer than they'd wanted it to, but eventually they did manage to get through it with some effort. The trio had to wait until everyone else had left the class, Korosensei included, before they began to move off down the forest where Greninja had instructed. The frog wasn't around so memory was required to guide them off into the brush. As the group started to go, Luffy and Naruto both peered around the corner to watch Karma, Ren, and Nagisa walk off into the forest. Naruto was told sometime after Luffy saw the three talk to Greninja earlier, and the duo wanted to know what's up.

"You sure they're going that way?"

"Of course, I wouldn't lie bout this. Just come on before -" before Luffy and Naruto could continue, suddenly the two heard someone suddenly come their way. The two turned around and saw a particular duo of women standing there; Twilight and Akari.

"What are you two -"

Luffy covered her mouth, Naruto checking to see if anyone had heard Twilight. Luckily a small glance was all it was, no one truly notice.

"Girls, zip it, we're doing some spying here."

"What for?"

"Those bitches are doing some fancy visit with Greninja, and we're gonna find out what the hell it is," Luffy explained, starting to move off as the three began going through the forest. Twilight and Akari, curious as they were, actually decided to follow them. Nagisa, Karma, and Ren on a secret meeting? That's something they had to figure out. Although rough on choice, they might as well try to see.

A bit ahead, Karma, Nagisa and Ren each continue off in the direction given to them, the forest trail shaded by the many green trees. Exactly what Greninja had in mind for them was something they all were wondering as they walked on, unaware that Twilight, Luffy, Naruto, and Akari were following them from a safe distance. Eventually, the three had finally found their destination that Greninja promised; a medium-sized, fairly deep freshwater mountain pond, waters crystal clear with smooth rocks on the bottom. In the center of the pool, Greninja was calmly resting on top of the water, his webbed feet keeping him afloat as he looked to the three.

"Glad you could make it," Greninja said. As he said that, the four spies had gotten close enough to hear, but still out of sight from those involved so they were still safe for the moment.

"Like wise. Now, Greninja, care to explain," Nagisa said firmly. Greninja got out of the water first, his body shining in the sunlight due to the water on his skin.

"Very well... Before I do, you all need to make a promise with me. Everything I'm about to tell you three is completely controversial, it doesn't leave this area under any circumstances, is that clear to all of you?" Greninja stated. The three nodded, though Karma was a bit sketchy. Still, Greninja stood upright, arms crossed. He still wasn't sure if this was such a good idea, but, he might as well try.

"...Look. Giratina is the reason I'm here. The reason Korosensei had become your teacher, the reason your lives had started becoming more dynamic... You've heard of hell. Well, Giratina is our Satan, powerful enough to destroy the world at any time. My leader sent me here to protect as some of you know, but, another mission was also put to me..."

"...AND that has to do with" Karma asked smugly.

"You see, many years ago, a particular power was suddenly lost, and spread towards those that match the power the most. The power is called the Multitype... You three, hold just a part of that Multitype. The Kasai, power of heat. The Miza, power of water. The Furaito, power of ultimate strength. Those three are divided amongst each of you, I can sense it within each one of you. And Giratina's men can too, and will do anything to get rid of you..." Well, that explained quite a bit. It wasn't too hard for them to pick out who had what: Karma was Kasai, Nagisa was Mizu, and Ren was Furaito. To Nagisa, at least it explained the odd water dream he had sometime back. That also explained Ren and her unnatural strength.

"Why do they want us dead?"

"Mostly because of Giratina. The Multitype was what managed to defeat him, and banish him away. And now that the pieces are returning, he'll try any means to destroy you." That information was taken with some surprise. Most of the surprise was actually from those not even involved, still hiding in the bushes. Their friends, on a death sentence by this hellish beast?!

"Why couldn't you tell us before if we were ALREADY involved?" Nagisa asked.

"If I told just anyone it, then they'll spread it, and hysteria will grow - something Giratina will use for his advantage! Now pay attention, three of you are together, but there's many others out there that hold the Multitype in them."

"Hold on bitch, you're going a bit fast aren't you?"

"Karma, Giratina got out five years before we predicted he would, course we have to keep up to speed!"

The three were left blank-faced on that remark. Greninja just rolled his eyes upon the reaction.

"My apologies. But look, you three are what we need to handle the demon once and for all. However, there's more of the Multitype all over Japan, and then some. We need them all together for the future of earth. If Giratina wins, the world will fall, am I clear?"

All the information was a bit hard to take in. So, Karma, Nagisa and Ren were three of many, that made up a Multitype, and they had to face against a satanic dragon otherwise the apocalypse will come. It was a stretch, but, the freaky stuff that was happening lately (Korosensei, Greninja, Kaibutsu, Misao, and Giratina) was beginning to make a bit more sense in that kind of regard. Luffy, Naruto, Akari and Twilight even more shocked on the information to say the most. Their friends, involved in some hellish mission like that. And by the sound of it, they couldn't walk out of it either.

"What are we supposed to do?"

"First thing is for each of you to use the Multitype you've been gifted with. Apparently one of you has already done that," Greninja stated, attention directing to Ren. Her being the one for muscle, that explained a lot.

"So what, is this gonna end up in a race for survival, for a year long journey or what?"

"Huh? Oh, no no, you continue your daily occupations for the time being. I'm still not sure who the others are currently, but, I'll notify you when I figure it out. Just be on your guard, understand?"

The three nodded. Soon as they agreed, Greninja got out of the water, and moved passed them, looking towards the forest. Suddenly, Greninja made a water ninja star, and blasted it into the brush. Upon the impact, it forced out Twilight and Luffy, both having to jump to avoid getting hit. Their sudden reveal was as surprising to the others as it was to who got caught.

"You knew, did you?" Twilight stated.

"Yes I did. Naruto, Akari, you can stop hiding now!" Greninja said, getting the other two out as well. So much for spying and leaving.

"How's you know we were there?!"

"I can see your hat a mile away, tadpole ... Aside from that, another one is present with us," Greninja said, a hand extended to Twilight.

"The Seishin-Tekina, power of magic!" Greninja announced. Twilight was caught off guard from the sudden surprise. Twilight was apart of this too?

"Excuse me? Magic?"

"Indeed dear. A fine power in my opinion. But that matter's not important. What is important is that you should be on your guard: the fight could come at any time," Greninja warned. Nagisa gave the answer before anyone else could say.

"Hai, Greninja."

"Good. Now, you handle what you need to, I got my own matters," Greninja stated, before running off again, leaving them alone with the info they got. While the information was a lot to take in, but they did ask what Greninja knew, and they got it.


As the day turned into night, back at Gaijou, the dogs had returned to Gaijou after their run in with Kyoshiro Shirogane sometime ago. The Ohu army was a bit rough on what had happened back there, but in the end, they were glad that there were no causalities while they were there. Weed was still outside Gaijou, watching the clouds. He still didn't get any answers about Nagisa Shiota, and the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to figure it out. While laying down outside, GB and Mel went on outside to see him.

"Hey, Weed, you alright?" GB asked.

"That Kyoshiro didn't beat you too much, did he?" Mel added.

"I'm fine guys, but, I've been thinking ... Had you guys wondered about those humans that visited Gaijou?"

"When Kaibutsu was here? What about them?"

"Well...There's something different with them, I can't put my paw on it, but, there's something about them..." GB and Mel both thought for a bit. The time they came across a mutated monster AND a yellow alien, and the normal humans is what he was thinking about? As for Weed, that connection kept his mind occupied; the appearance, the behavior, even the name was stuck to him far more than it normally should ... Weed had enough, being split off for over a month, and he had enough of beating around the bush. Weed got up.

"I'm going."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm going to find him."

GB and Mel were pretty surprised on hearing that come out of him.

"What? Weed, what for, you're needed here!"

"I know, I know, but It's been over a month, I'm tired of just sitting here wondering why when I can just go out and find out myself. Don't know how long I'll be gone, but, I'm not going to just sit here anymore," Weed explained. And he was true to his words; if there's something he and this boy shared, he had to figure it out. And if not, the curiosity of this random Korosensei was enough to get his mind trying to make connections with it and Nagisa. Mel and GB still weren't entirely sure either about the subject, glancing to each other. When Weed looked back at them, Mel and Gb actually had to discuss it privately, backs to him while whispering for a while. Eventually, the two turned to him.

"Weed, if you're really going, then we'd like to come to," Mel announced.

"You two? Hold on, I just wanna figure this out -"

"And so do we. Weed, when you see a blue and red-haired boy, and a giant octopus alien around here, of course you'd want some answers. Besides, there's an Ohu veteran along with trained soldiers here, what's the worst that could happen if we're gone for a week or two?" GB said. Weed realized he had a point, both on the answers and who was still there even if he left. After the consideration, Weed nodded in agreement.

"Alright then, but before we go, someone's got to tell the others."

"I can handle that. You and GB go on ahead, I'll catch up later," Mel offered. After that, Weed and GB both began on their way, as Mel went inside to tell the other soldiers the news.