GB profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2'0"
Weight 57 pds
Race English Setter
Personal Description
Affiliation Ohu Army
Status Alive
Friends Sasuke, Weed, Smith, Mel, Nagisa
Foes Kaibutsu, Hougen

GB is an English Setter, and a scout to the Ohu Army.


Gb is shown to be rather supportive towards his friends, but not the bravest in all terms. At first, GB is often shown as being rather cowardly in the face of danger, and often tries to get out of it as best he could. Despite his cowardly nature, Gb will still keep with his close friends, through and through.


GB was once a city dog, alongside his friend, Sasuke. One day, GB strayed outside of the city, and was nearly killed by a bear when Weed saved him. Since Weed saved his life, GB decided to stay with him and help him to the best of his ability, his way of saying thanks. Eventually, that got him hooked into Weed's mission to Ohu.

Season 1Edit

When the group arrived to Ohu, GB was suddenly attacked by Rocca during the night, GB trying to pled with him to let him go, saying they're trying to help them. While the group traveled with Jerome's squad, GB tried to keep common sense amongst the group, but didn't prove too effective during the whole Kaibutsu event.

Weeks after the event, GB went with Weed to find out the issue with Kyoshiro Shirogane. When they got to his territory, GB stayed behind as Ken and Kagetora went hunting. While they waiting, GB tried to comfort Weed for the hunter's length of time until Rick's platoon surrounded them. GB was scared, trying not to cause any trouble as they went to Kyoshiro. When they got there, GB tried to help Weed in explaining what had happened back at Gaijou. GB tried to convince them, explaining to Kyoshiro the description of Korosensei, though that didn't help. He stayed along the side as Weed and Kyoshiro's duel occurred. When the fight was over, GB went with the others right back to Ohu.

When they did, GB and Mel found Weed outside Gaijou again. While talking to Weed, GB decided to go with him to find Nagisa, equally curious about Korosensei, and their involvement. Upon the decision, GB left Gaijou.

When they arrived at Tokyo, GB tried to keep up with Weed as they went to the Yunibāsaru Junior High School, nearly getting run over twice as they did. When they got to Class 3-E, GB demanded a break, and waited a bit while Weed went to the building. He too end up joining Weed, but was found by Kyoshiro again. Unlike before, GB tried to stop Kyoshiro multiple times, but failed each time. When the fight was over, GB had to stay around while Weed healed from his fight, going out to hunt for Weed on numerous occasions. Before they could go, GB was caught by the Pawniard, and GB tried to avoid fighting, but was pinned down until they retreated later on.

Season 2Edit

Sometime later, GB joined up with the exiting students off to their month-long trip over to Kenya. Upon arrival, GB enjoyed his stay for a while, but when he was found by Dodie and the hunting Sahara pack, GB tried to give Dodie over to them. After a bit though, GB did try to help Dodie out, and became successful. Later on, when the Destroyers from the Desert came to the jungle, GB thought it wasn't needed to get involved. However, after seeing Weed and Mel beaten up, GB helped the others bring them to a hot spring outside the jungle. GB reappeared during the battle between the Destroyers, and Kimba, Weed, and Mel.

During his stay, GB mainly stayed with Weed and Mel, aiding them during the Narcissus incident by tracking down the demonic flower, and also tracking down Samson's herd.

Once they returned to Japan, GB left with Weed and Mel to return to Fugato Pass. During their travels home, GB came across his old friend Sasuke, and Teru, who after a conversation, allows to join their group. When they finally returned to Gaijou, and after telling the dogs of their adventures, GB stayed at Gaijou as Weed searched for Kyoshiro Shirogane. Later that night, he, Mel, and Smith saw the moon's destruction from the top of Gaijou.