Gaara: The Sand Assassin
Season 3, Episode 6
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Kanji 我愛羅:砂アサシン
Air date August 24, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Gaara: The Sand Assassin is the 6th chapter of season 3, and the 30th in the overall series.


A new assassin of the desert sands arrives to Tokyo on his latest hunt ...


The next morning, things were basically going along as normal will give them. It was honestly quite a bumpy road as things started to kick up with the training. The more days pass, the more risk the world was getting to be from not just Giratina, but Korosensei too apparently. Things were really going off in a rough direction. And speaking of Korosensei, the alien had returned to 3-E after a while, and had come back to his students and his classes. Sure, seeing Karasuma still there was a pain, but he took it all in his stride. Since Nagisa was at 3-C now, that also meant Weed would see less of him, and having to stay over at 3-E and out of the way from the main building. This also meant a lonely walk back along the forest path. For Weed - having to go days from Gaijou to Tokyo alone - it wasn't too different for him from what he'd been doing. Despite these changes, some things clearly haven't changed; the Chosen were still together in a way, a number of members still had to be found, and Nagisa still kept his training with Greninja ...

Even with this, a challenger was approaching ...

He was farther away for the time being, but he was moving at a fast rate, straight towards Tokyo. He wasn't going on the ground though, finding it faster racing through the branches rather than going on the ground. He ran along from branch to branch, until he began to reach the very edge of the forest. Being just at the last tree before the city, the early morning sun shines down to reveal the challenger. He didn't look much older than any high school student at the time, junior student perhaps, but he didn't look like a kid with any normal life; he had green eyes, but with deep, black tanuki-like rings around both, along with no pupils or eyebrows. His hair was red like Karma, but his was messy, duller, and darker. On his forehead over his left eye, there was a blood red kanji symbol tattoo engraved on it, which in Japanese read out "Love". For the person it was on, and how he appeared, that was almost ironic to see. His clothes were dull brown, and seemed a bit feudal Japan style rather than anything modern clothes today. He wore a pair of sandals on his feet, which was also odd for the cooling Japan weather. That didn't seem to worry him though, as he jumped out of the tree, and overlooked the land before him. Tall skyscrapers and the distant sounds of cars was the sure signs of a busy city, and Tokyo was just where he was looking for.

He was Gaara. And he was on the hunt.

"Let's go."

Gaara's search for his targets started off with flying colors; after about twenty minutes, he went from tough ground, to the rooftops of the city buildings on his runaround. These buildings, although flat and spaced apart pretty well, were nothing for Gaara in his leaps and bounds to find the right location. Of course, being in such a huge city didn't seem to really help in that regard, but what did help was the bird eye view Gaara got from the city roofs. As for the residents, no one seemed to notice him, and even if someone did, it was only a lucky glance at best. To Gaara, it didn't matter either way - like he'd care about that. Even in broad daylight, he was a blur, and kept himself in the shadows on his roaming. Eventually, he took a moment to stop, and scan the surroundings. He was on a rooftop right next to a intersection; good spot to get his directions. There were signs around saying which direction to the roads, but Gaara didn't seem much help from that. However, there was one thing he did know; the place was a high school, and a high school meant students, and there had to be one around somewhere. There were plenty of people though, so that was kinda tricky, and he was started to get more impatient as time went on. Eventually though, he finally caught sight of a group of teenagers walking down the street. Yunibasaru students? Gaara kept a sharp eye on where the group was going off to, trying to be sure on that. At first it was kinda hard to catch on what they were talking about, but Gaara was not a quitter, and honed in on their conversation. He got on the same roof right next to the group to get a better hearing.

"You studied for today's test?" One of them asked.

"Yeah; studied my ass off all night for this baby," replied another.

"Speaking of babe, had any of you heard the news?" One asked the group.

"What news?"

"That pink haired girl's gonna be back to Yunibasaru soon. You know, that phat-booty chick with the cotton candy hair?" He said, his hands moving to show her curves.

"Oh, her! Yeah, you don't get ass like that anymore," another said with a smirk.

"No kidding. I still can't believe that sexy dunce's is gonna be in our school soon."

"You sure it's her? I heard that Isuzu girl's coming back," one of them pointed out, a bit confused.

"Yeah, her too. They're both coming back, though I can't believe that dunce got into our school."

"She probably flirted with the staff to get that spot," one joked, the others laughing.

That was all Gaara needed to hear, and ignored the rest of their conversation. While he was annoyed by the pervert talk about the two girls, the fact he found Yunibasaru students was all he needed to get to the spot. All he had to do was follow them, and that's it. He could figure it out once he gets there, but for now, it was a game of follow the leader. Gaara didn't care about this pink girl they were talking about, or that Isuzu character anyway.

For the next few minutes, the group of students had gotten to Yunibasaru, unwittingly leading Gaara to the right place. Many of the other students were already going into the main building, so, all Gaara needed now was see who splits from the crowd. Much like a predator signaling out prey from a herd of animals, Gaara got to a good position, and watched over every single student in their walk. Most of them were going into the main building, but eventually he did catch one student splitting up from the group, and walking off on her own. She looked rather old for a high school student but, Gaara had her in sight anyway.

"By Ren, see you later."

"Goodbye, Nagisa."

After that exchange, Ren began going off around the building, Gaara silently following suet. He managed to hear her name, so that was a good start. Was she that new student those kids were talking about? Probably not; her hair was pink but not cotton candy, and her ass wasn't as impressive as they brought it out to be (not that he was a pervert to see that, but something he noted).

the following went back to the treetops, as Ren went through the forest trail towards 3-E, as she had always been doing. For Ren, this would normally be a boring walk from point A to point B, but this time she felt a little different. She heard a very slight rustle in the trees, but it was frequent and in a pattern. It sounded very distant too, but not too far away with each step she took. Every five feet, she heard that rustle ...

"Morning Ren."

After a bit, Ren turned ahead, and saw Weed coming over to her. Weed couldn't just walk in with Nagisa, so he had to take the forest route to join up with Ren. 3-E was the only main spot he could stick to without too much trouble (at least with someone who can keep him out of shooting range).

"Hi. Doing better?" Ren asked.

"Karasuma stopped trying to shoot me, so yeah," Weed replied. For Gaara though, all he heard was barking, and he could care less for it.

"Dumbass," he thought. Gaara looked off on the trail, seeing that it didn't seem to split up in any direction. So, with this trail, why should he wait around with these two? So, making sure to keep quiet, he raced off and followed the trail, leaving Ren and Weed far behind ...


Korosensei happily went through the hallways with a smile on his face. He had his lessons all set, and his nerves at the ready to see his students. He'd been gone for a little bit, but this smart alien was ready. Pretty soon, he happily went right through the door, humming a little bit, as he picked up his chalk for the chalkboard. The room was dimly lit, and more or less quiet until ...


Suddenly, the room was filled with gunshots, as all the students took dead aim and shot right at Korosensei. Korosensei knew this was coming for him, and began to do what he does best; multitasking. While he gracefully dodged every single Koro beed, he not only did attendance, but wrote on the board that morning's task. The extra shooting kept up for another three minutes until the students ran out of beeds to use. Disappointing, and also quite a waste of good ammo. The only one who was applauding was Ritsu, probably the only one who wasn't willing to kill Korosensei.

"Thank you, I'm here all week," Korosensei said with a bow.

Show off.

"Good morning, class. Great to see you all -" Korosensei suddenly stopped himself once he saw a familiar Shepard sitting right by the back door. Jerome had stuck around since coming across Karasuma, and seeing the German Shepard again caught Korosensei off guard. Korosensei kept some distance between himself and Jerome, as Karasuma went over to Jerome.

"W-wait. H-he - what?!"

"Haven't seen a dog before, Korosensei?"

"Karma when did you get the dog back?!" Korosensei yelled. Karasuma wasn't sure what he meant by that, but Karma casually answered.

"You mean Jerome? Turned out, he's Karasuma's dog. He just stuck with me to get to that Kaibutsu," Karma said casually. Korosensei took a moment to look at the two, comparing them both...

"... Okay, I can see it."

Yeah, Korosensei quickly shrugged it off. Of course, surprises were a common thing for this alien teacher, so learning about Jerome being Karasuma's dog wasn't a big shocker for him. So, Korosensei began to go on with the lesson, everyone going along and taking their seats. Just outside, the whole area at first seemed a bit quiet and calm. On the rooftop of the building in question, seemed 3-E had another guest.

Gaara had arrived.

Gaara got himself up onto the roof, each step as quiet as he could get, and he got himself just above the door. Each move was quiet, highly calculated, and not a single thing inside noticed anything. Gaara hadn't seen anyone outside, but he heard the gunfire on his way over, so he got the right spot. He reached in his pocket, and then pulled out a assassin blade, looking in the reflection. The blade reflected to show his killer eyes staring back at him. Gaara brought the blade out a bit, and turned it ever so slightly so the reflection showed the inside of 3-E. He could see every student, and every weapon inside ...

If any person steps outside that door ... He'll be waiting.


Jerome began to look off outside, a odd light accidentally hitting his eyes. One look in that direction, and he soon saw the blade! It was barely able to be seen aside from the shine, but Jerome still saw it. Jerome looked to the others, and then started to walk to the door. Korosensei was busy with his lessons, but Karasoma watched Jerome quietly. Jerome sat down, and looked to the door. The lesson stopped when they heard scratching from Jerome, his front paws scraping the wooden door.

"Think the dog wants out," one of the students said.

"Don't worry, I got it," Karma said getting up. Jerome waited at the door, the blade going up. Gaara was ready. Karma casually opened the door, but once he did, Jerome didn't move.

"Step aside," Jerome simply ordered. The Shepard pushed Karma away a little bit, and he readied to run. He knew a weapon when he saw one, and he also knew an attacker. Korosensei will have to come later. Jerome backed up a bit more until he felt his tail touch the front desk. It wasn't much distance by any means, but it should be good enough for a good burst. He readied his muscles and nerves, for he knew the second he steps outside, he'll be targeted. This odd behavior got the others to watch, despite Korosensei trying to get them to pay attention to the lesson.

Jerome started to run.

The German Shepard raced out as fast as his four legs could get him, Gaara ready to throw. The very second Jerome got out that door, Gaara threw the blade down to the ground right above him! Jerome swung his body around, getting his back legs out of the way just seconds before the blade could sink into his back! The blade did scrape him, but the wound was minor, and the blade stuck up from the ground. It was impossible to ignore the attack, and Jerome quickly saw Gaara, now standing on the roof. So, he screwed up his first throw - he still had plenty more blades to use.

"Damnit," Gaara growled. Jerome barked, good and loud, to get the others outside for those who didn't understand him. Gaara was caught, but he wasn't done; he took a good jump off the roof, spun in mid air, and launched a good twelve knives right at the school! Everyone inside ducked for cover as the windows shattered, and blades flew in, stabbing the walls! Ritsu was avoided of any shots, thank god. Now it was impossible to ignore. Karasuma was the first to go out and see Gaara in the yard, throwing knives at the ready. Karasuma gathered himself, as Jerome stood firm, facing him.

"Who's the show off?" Karma asked, looking outside the window. Gaara focused on Karma for the moment once he heard him.

"Who are you? What are you doing?" Karasuma demanded. Gaara locked eyes with his, raising his knives at him. Gaara could tell Karasuma meant business, but a target's a target.

"Who knows?"

Gaara started his assault with a wave of blade, about five at one time, aimed at Jerome and Karasuma. The two rushed to the side; Karasuma left and Jerome right, as the blades landed on the walls. Our of the two, Jerome ran first, and charged at Gaara as fast as he could. Gaara wasn't tasked to fight any animals, so, he raced away from Jerome, and to the 3-E class! Karma could tell they were in for quite a tussle.

"Hey gang; get to the main building. Whoever wants to fight can stick around," Karma said, rushing out into the battlefield. Since there was so many blades scattered, Karma just grabbed one on the ground to fight Gaara. Many students ran, but a few did stay around to help Karma out, Korosensei included (though he was still in a state of shock from the sudden out-of-nowhere attack to do anything at first). Since Gaara was running at top speed already, he was right in Karma's face, both combatants trying to slice eachother with their knives. Gaara had a lot more experience with the blade weaponry though, so Karma was trying to keep up a little bit. Karma kept trying and trying, but Gaara seemed one step ahead, pushing Karma in a corner. Karasuma quickly got to him, and got Gaara in a headlock before it could go any further.

"Drop the knife! Drop it!" Karasuma demanded. Karma jumped aside as Gaara kicked, Karasuma's arms gripping around his neck.

"You're pathetic," Gaara choked, kicking at Karasuma's knees. Gaara was not going to be denied. Karasuma tried to hold him, but Gaara got his feet on the walls, and pushed back with enough force to knock them both over. Gaara finally slipped out, grabbed a blade, and aimed for the head! The blade sank into the ground, right at the man's throat, as the two locked eyes. Karasuma could tell Gaara had a killer instinct in his eyes, yet the boy was knocked off by Jerome, a strong head butt doing the trick. Gaara got to his feet, only to see Jerome growling at him.

"You damn mutt!" Gaara yelled, running at him. Jerome braced himself, and ran at him as well. However, rather than lunge at him, Jerome slid on the ground, and whacked at Gaara's feet, knocking him over. Gaara didn't had time to get himself free, as Jerome rushed around and sank his teeth into his throat! It wasn't enough to kill Gaara, but enough to draw blood. Gaara knew Jerome can kill him at any moment with those jaws, and he was waiting on the word.

"Okay. Who are you?" Karasuma asked again.

"I don't consult with my targets," Gaara growled, only getting Jerome to bite down harder on his throat.

"So you're an assassin then? You did pretty good, I'm not gonna lie," Karma asked, interested in this newcomer a bit. Gaara struggled to get up, Jerome trying to keep him down all the while. Gaara didn't respond to that, but looked over and started to see Korosensei peeking out from the door. The alien was a bit freaked on this guy, but now that he was pinned down, it seemed safe to walk out for a better look. Gaara wasn't willing to answer to any of these guys.

"Get off!" Gaara choked. His hand dug in the dirt, and Jerome suddenly got a face full of sand! The sand stung his eyes, and Jerome stepped back, releasing Gaara. For just sand, it was surprisingly accurate and effective. Gaara jumped up, and shoved Karma aside to get at Korosensei! Korosensei tolerated, and even enjoyed the attempts by his own students, but Gaara was completely by surprise! Korosensei bolted back in the classroom, Gaara rushing in with some knives at the ready. Korosensei, even with Mach-20 speed, didn't have much room to maneuver, as Gaara made it rain blades! Korosensei dodged them easily, but had to stay to keep Ritsu from breaking! Korosensei quickly caught about ten knives, which otherwise would smashed Ritsu's screen. This distraction though got Gaara to finally grab Korosensei (amazing in of itself), swing him outside, and pinning him down. Gaara was right on top of him, killer stare in the face, and blade in hand. Korosensei's face turned blue in fear.

"H-HELP!" Korosensei screamed, though Gaara was unfazed. Just before Gaara could sink his blade into his head, something suddenly rushed in and slammed hard into him, pinning him to the wall immediately.

Ren Hosen.

"Morning," she simply said. Gaara tried to escape, but with his blade knocked out of hand, it wasn't doing good. That, and her strength was VERY powerful, too strong for Gaara to simply shake himself out of. As for Korosensei, his moment of terror may be over, but with this new assassin suddenly showing up literally from nowhere, and attacking his students ...

Before, Korosensei was having fun with it all, but this. This was taking it too far ...


Jerome turned away for a moment, only to see Weed catch up. The blue dog didn't stop until he skidded to a stop in front of Jerome. Both he and Ren had managed to hear the commotion earlier, and made it back as fast as they could.

"Jerome, what's going on here?" Weed asked.

"We have another killer here, Weed. Look," Jerome replied. Weed turned to Ren, who was holding Gaara down. Everyone else was ready just in case Gaara got himself free again, as Korosensei got up.

"Let go of me!" Gaara demanded.

"Who are you?" Ren firmly stated. Now, Gaara had been asked that question a number of times, but this time Ren was too strong to get free of. At least with Karasuma and Jerome they were weaker than her, but Ren had enough muscle in her arms to keep him firmly still no matter how much he tried. Gaara kept landing a few kicks on her, but she didn't budge.

"You son of a bitch. You think I'm going to talk, you dumber than you look," Gaara growled. Ren's expression didn't change in the slightest, and she wasn't letting him off so easily this time around. For Gaara, she was much stronger than he gave her credit for, as her hand gripped his blood covered throat. Her grip was stronger than Jerome's bite, and any stronger will crush his throat. Ren made sure to keep her muscle from killing him that quickly, feeling the cool blood touch her hand.

"You're the dumb one," Ren simply replied. Gaara glared at Ren, but then he got an idea; His eyes rolled back in his head, and his body went limp, hanging there by Ren's own grip. Ren began to look a bit embarrassed for her strength, as everyone else looked to her. Karma, Karasuma, and Korosensei went over to see Gaara, seeing him lifeless in her grip.

"... Oops," Ren said, face red. She didn't mean to go that far with him.

"R-Ren?!" Korosensei gasped, covering his mouth. Ren released him, as Gaara fell onto the ground ... Only to have him spring up and onto the roof. Up there, he was out of reach, and worse, he saw the other students run. However, his torn throat meant he had to work on healing himself first. After all, his own survival came first in his own list of protocols. He held his throat to keep the blood from spilling any more than it already did, glanced to the others, and rushed off out of sight ...


A short while afterwards, class was put on hold for poor Korosensei, as he waited in his office in dismay. He needed a bit of time away from the onslaughts. The only other person with him was Ritsu, looking to Korosensei in worry, as the alien rested his head down on the desk top.

"This is going too far," Korosensei said finally.


"This assassination business. It was fine with just 3-E, sure, but if random killers are gonna show up on our doorstep, then I can't keep up with it!" Korosensei said in a defeated voice. Ritsu didn't want Korosensei sad.

"Don't be so sad, Korosensei, you can do this better than anyone."

"Not me, Ritsu. Course I can handle them; I'm Korosensei! But my students weren't as well. If only there was a way to drop this up. I swear, I didn't blow up that moon ..." As Korosensei just laid there, Ritsu began to think, and going through her memory banks for something that might help. Being an AI had its advantages, and eventually Ritsu finally had remembered something that would especially make Korosensei happy. A bell showed up on her screen, ringing like crazy to get Korosensei's attention. Ritsu popped back up on screen, with a newspaper in hand this time.

"Korosensei! I just remembered; click on this!" Ritsu said, showing the paper. Korosensei complied, and tapped the screen. The newspaper than covered the screen, and showed a conspiracy website, the blown up moon being top of the list. Korosensei didn't feel much better.

"How does this help?"

"Click on the picture," Ritsu insisted, a chibi version of herself pointing to the main picture. Korosensei still wasn't sure what she was getting to, but clicked it anyway. After a little bit, the main article popped up. There was the main picture of the crescent moon, as expected, along with the information regarding how crazy it is. Honestly, Korosensei felt less happy with this moon explosion nonsense. Ritsu, however, started to enhance, and zoon in on the picture of the exploded moon. Once Ritsu got the picture large enough, Korosensei examined the image, and began to notice something with the moon. The photo of the moon was HD, and it didn't seem manipulated to show anything different. However, looking closely, there was something about the huge gap that made the whole situation surprising. The picture showed stars as well (only about five), but there was one thing that seemed off. One star, just one star, was in the spot that would normally be covered by the moon if not there. Looking there though ...

It looked to be cut in half. One half in the sky, the other stuck behind the exploded half of the moon. Which means ...

"The moon isn't blown up!" Korosensei gasped. He immediately felt better, as Ritsu smiled.

"I knew you'll love it," Ritsu said happily. However, the happiness was short-lived, and Korosensei slumped.

"Wait. There's no way they'll believe it if they just saw the picture ..."

"Not a problem. Here, look," Ritsu said, changing screens to an almanac; one particular event highlighted by Ritsu.

"Look, there's going to be a solar eclipse just a few months from now. There's no way they won't notice the moon full by then. Isn't that great; we just gotta get them to see the solar eclipse, and you're name will be cleared!" Ritsu explained. She was just as excited as anybody would be over this. Not just for seeing a solar eclipse in general, but for the fact that it'll be the best thing to clear Korosensei's name ever. Korosensei took a moment to think on this, and he began to loosen up. With a huge sigh of relief, he sat down and relaxed in his office seat. That was the best news he heard since this whole fiasco started.

"Have I told you how happy I am you're not trying to kill me?" Korosensei asked.

"Why would I kill my creator?" Ritsu answered with a smile.


Meanwhile, over in the forest, Gaara had separated himself from everyone else for the time being, trying to bandage up the wounds on his neck. He lost a number of his throwing knives, and was extremely close to getting his head torn off, getting some bands around his throat to stop the bleeding. The blood could be seen, even with the cloth on, but it didn't bled anymore than that. Gaara needed to wait it out before he can run back out again.

"God damnit. Bested by a dog," groaned Gaara. Good thing no one was around to hear him. However, in the shade of the trees, it did give Gaara some time to think on his opponents though.

"There's something off about that dog though. He wasn't ordered to do anything - like he knew what he was doing from the start ..."

Gaara knew the difference between a wild animal, and a human attacker; while an animal would just attack out of instinct, a human would attack out of personal reasons. When Jerome attacked and pinned him though, the dog didn't seemed to be following any instinct, or he would kill him right away. A free hand felt the sore neck, covered by the scarf-like cloth. The assassin rested in the treetops, keeping himself out of sight from anyone else for the moment, until ...

"Hello up there."

Gaara looked down, and soon noticed that someone was just underneath him. Gaara thought he was out of sight from everyone, but apparently not.

"Who the hell are you?"

"The guy who got you into this mess. Phone call last night," he replied. The man was undeterred by Gaara's injury, and rested his back onto the same tree.

"So that was you."


Gaara still stayed in his tree, but the man below him then got something from his pocket, and held it up to Gaara. It didn't seem to be anything special - just a lined paper letter. Gaara, unamused, got the paper and opened it up, showing a picture of the targets he had in mind, along with their names; Karma, Ren, Twilight, Weed, and Nagisa. Gaara was just told to target 3-E, and no one in particular.

"What's this?"

"Just a list of your targets. Yes, I said just 3-E, but after seeing your little accident earlier -" suddenly he was cut off when Gaara stabbed the tree, inches from his head! A quick, and deadly move. As Gaara looked down at him though, he took a deep, and long look at his eyes. Gaara didn't fancy this man just showing up out of nowhere, and also knowing about his first assault even though he wasn't there. After eye-checking him, Gaara got down from his tree, and began walking away from him. He was injured, but he didn't want to be bugged while he was healing.

"I'm healing first," Gaara simply said coldly, before rushing off into the trees again.

"How rude."


With the pictures and description he had, Gaara basically had everything needed to continue his task. It took him until sunset to heal up his bite wounds, and to get his neck to stop bleeding - good news. However, this also got him a lot of time lost - bad news. Still, even with the time lost, he still can make it up with at least one target soon. Looking at those in the picture, he decided to start with one particular blue "trap", and work on the others as he'll go along. Still, it was a risky try. If a dog from 3-E could nearly kill him, what was this group capable of? Karma was a demon in human's clothing, and Ren was a powerhouse beyond anyone normal. What surprises wait him for the others? He was about to find out.

At one point, Gaara began going along the rooftops again, trying to locate the targets given to him. Being in such a big city, it wasn't easy, but he had identification this time around so he wasn't completely blind to what he was looking for. And with his injury healed, there wasn't anything to slow him down. Gaara continued off on his own way for a good while until he reached a similar intersection. It was a bit more crowded this time around, so signifying people wasn't really easy. If he had one extra thing going for him though, it's the fact one of his targets was a dog at all. So if he can find a blue Akita dog, then he will be close to finding the rest. Perched on a rooftop, Gaara began scoping and scanning the crowd under him. There was quite a number of people, and therefore witnesses, so even if he does find who he was looking for, he can't just charge in just yet. His job as an assassin demands stealth, and rushing into a crowd was the complete opposite of it ...

"What're we gonna do, Nagisa?"

Got him; he quickly turned, and locked his deadly gaze onto the source of the noise. The source came from Twilight, who was talking to Nagisa. Since Gaara had Nagisa as a first shot, he tried there first and kept his gaze down at them. If he can get this right, he'll kill two birds with one stone (more literal). As for the other two, the warning about Gaara got to them right away thanks to Weed, and that had gotten them both on some form of an alert, as they went off. Gaara didn't even bother himself listening to their conversation, regardless of it was about him or not, and he had to keep quiet and follow until they were away from the big crowds, or when one of them gets in their home - whichever comes first. He kept up his quiet pursuit for another twenty minutes until he began to see an opening. Twilight and Nagisa began to isolate themselves from the big crowds as they moved off towards Nagisa's home. Gaara looked ahead to see a dead end alleyway.

"Now or never."

Gaara quickly rushed ahead silently, and got into the alley. It was quiet, dark, and out of the way - perfect spot for a kill. Gaara quickly got himself over to the edge of the alley, keeping his shadows out of sight, as his blade began to reflect the two. He learned already before, and kept the blade from reflecting any light to expose himself. He could see Twilight and Nagisa talking, not noticing anything as they walked closer, so he kept himself in the shadows, and waited ...

There was no turning back now ...

The second one of them stepped into sight, Gaara took action almost immediately; he exploded out of the alley, grabbed the first person there, and threw his target down the alley! When looking, the first person grabbed was Twilight, and she along with Nagisa, were taken completely by surprise.

"Twilight!" Nagisa gasped. He tried to reach her, but Gaara spun around, grabbed him by the collar, and threw him at Twilight! Twilight caught Nagisa to cushion his impact, as they both hit the wall, landing on the ground. Now Gaara stood in between them, and their way out. And Gaara wasn't planning on letting them run away from him, as he pulled out his two blades from his pockets. As far as blades went, he was running low, and had to get more later, but for now he only had five left. He only needed two though - one per person.

"Hold still," Gaara said coldly, as he began walking over to them. Nagisa and Twilight were still trying to figure out what was going on, but by the time they did, Nagisa began to move. Gaara quickly stopped him though by tossing a knife at him, which the blue-haired boy dodged just in time. Gaara got out his other blade.

"I said stay still."

"W-What do you want?" Twilight asked. Gaara aimed one of his blades towards them, and the other moving across his throat. That was honestly enough of an indication as to what Gaara was going to do to them. And also from what they were seeing, it also gave them an assumption on who he was working for. Nagisa looked right into his eyes, and Gaara looked down into his for a bit. To Nagisa, he could see that Gaara's intent was to kill him and Twilight, and nothing else. Nagisa wanted to ask why, but there wasn't much time for it, as he turned to the blade in the wall ...

"Stay behind me," Nagisa suddenly said to Twilight, as he got up. Gaara grew angry, and readied his own blades, as Nagisa pulled out the one from the wall, and aimed it towards him. Gaara didn't seem too concern though.

"You don't have a chance. Nagisa," Gaara warned. However, Nagisa just kept his eyes locked to him, holding his blade to him. In comparing though, he soon realized that he was right; Gaara was faster, quicker, and had a lot more practice than him by what he was told earlier. For Gaara, while his move was bold, it wouldn't matter much for him in the end. Nagisa casted his eyes, lowering his head and blade ...

"He's right. I don't have a chance. But if I don't do anything, he'll kill both of us ... Wait ..." Nagisa's thought began to remember something from his assassination training. In circumstances such as this, exactly technique, or strength didn't matter too much ...

... He had to just kill him ...

... Just kill him ...

When Nagisa raised his head, his look completely changed. Before he was shocked, and scared of Gaara, but when Gaara looked to him then, he shown a calm, and soothing smile, eyes looking to him in a almost comforting, yet ominous feeling. Twilight and Gaara didn't know what Nagisa was doing, as he began to casually walk towards him. What took Gaara off guard was just how calm and collective Nagisa suddenly became, and how casual he was in moving in. No hesitation, not even a shiver - just a simple walk. Nagisa didn't stop himself until he actually, ever so gently, bumped into him. Gaara could kill him now, but, he wasn't sure what he was trying to do, or what was going to happen. Twilight was more worried than most, to see him just walking up to their supposed killer this way...

"... Wha ... What?"

What happened next went too fast to comprehend; Nagisa quickly turned to a killer glare, and his blade swung straight for Gaara's face! Nagisa knew, no matter who, any person will get scared when their life's threatened, and Gaara was no different. Gaara valued his own life, and seeing this sudden strike forced him to bent back, with the blade inches from slicing his face off! Nagisa's free hand grabbed him by the side, and anchored him down to the ground as he fell back, Nagisa on top of him! For Gaara, this wasn't an act of any regular person, or any normal assassin for that matter - he should know. This attack was fully calculated, and Gaara never saw Nagisa break for a moment. The whole assault was done with a calm mind, and without hesitation on Nagisa's part. That was the part that caught Gaara off guard the most. This wasn't a human attacking him ...

This was a viper's strike!

Next thing they knew, Nagisa was holding him down, his free hand over Gaara's eyes, while his blade lined up with his throat, cloth removed in the fall. Gaara was simply frozen, and even Twilight looked a bit scared. Where'd this sudden shift come from? Nagisa still promised her, but this was still a bit over-doing it. And even after that, Nagisa still had his smile and calm expression.

"Looks like I win," Nagisa simply stated. Gaara eventually got back to his senses, and quickly got himself free, whacking the blade out of Nagisa's hand before he could slice his throat open. Rather than attack though, Gaara got up, and tried to gather his nerves on what the hell just happened. He was breathing heavily, in a sweat, and he didn't move his eyes away from Nagisa, as he got up. Nagisa started to feel that same feeling he had when he drove off those bullies. That same, satisfying feeling he had gained returned to him the minute he got his blade at Gaara's throat. What was it? Whatever it was, it made Nagisa feel more in control - more in charge of the situation.

"You. You goddamn viper," Gaara panted. He wasn't going to stick around for anymore strikes by this killer in disguise, so, he quickly raced off, leaped onto another roof, and disappeared from sight. It wasn't worth his life, and he won't underestimate him next time they do meet, whenever that time would be. For now, he had to rethink his own strategy on him ...

"Nagisa ..."

Nagisa came back to his senses once he heard Twilight's voice. After regaining himself, Nagisa tossed the knife away, and tried to relax himself over what just happened, hand to head. Twilight was very concern at this point.

"What happened there?"

"... I ... I don't know. Are you okay?" Nagisa asked.

"I'll be alright. But what about you? ..." Twilight asked. But Nagisa couldn't give her a straight answer. He could still hear himself. Still hearing his promise to her that he'll stay the same as he always had. But now ... Now he wasn't so sure if he can ...

"... I'm sorry, Twilight ..."

Twilight gave Nagisa a motherly hug, Nagisa staying quiet for a minute. He didn't want to lose his innocence this way, but it happened anyway. And right in front of Twilight, no less. Twilight kept the hug going for a good five seconds before letting go of him.

"Come on. Let's get you home," Twilight decided. Nagisa could only sigh, and nod, as the two started to walk silently home. Strangely, this incident reminded Nagisa of something else. Something far more horrifying. Something Giratina had told him ...

Your days of innocence are numbered. Nagisa Shiota.

... And they were ...

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