Giratina profile
Physical Description
Gender genderless (presumed male)
Height 14'09"
Weight 1653.5 lbs
Race Pokémon (ghost/dragon type)
Personal Description
Affiliation Demon Clan (leader)
Abilities Dark Magic


Friends Bisharp, Spider, Narcissus
Foes Arceus, Malamar

Giratina is a large demonic, draconic being, and the main antagonist for the series


Giratina is very sadistic in his wording, often using words to bring foes into a sense of dismay, or to bend those to his will. He's rather violent to his subordinates, and will not hesitate to double cross anyone who tries to screw him over. He has a rather deep hatred to those that live in the light, having being banished to the Distortion World. Despite his demonic status, he still holds some moral values, and refuses to take many cheap tricks when it comes to fighting his enemies directly.


Giratina was once a guardian for the world, working alongside Arceus for a long time. With his help, he and Arceus stopped Malamar with his experiments of the Cthulhu Dark Rest, Giratina mostly fighting off the alien invaders. However, he also went after those hybrids released before the attack, and killed them as well, something Arceus did not support in. Eventually he went too far, and Arceus was forced to banish him away. This angered Giratina, feeling betrayed, and soon worked against Arceus, even battling Arceus in The Duel of Yin and Yang, him being the opposition. The fight however ended with him banished to the Distortion world, and him being trapped in since.

Despite this, he's still able to project a physical form of himself into the real world, due to the weakened state of Arceus, yet only works out of sunlight. He used this to keep an eye on Korosensei, and eventually confronted him with the same method. During this, Korosensei gave him his notes, Giratina finding it rather useless. When Korosensei told him about Ren, and the damage she'd done to him, Giratina ripped off Korosensei's injured tentacle, and ordered him to go and keep an eye on them, and to report back anything 'important'.

Season 1Edit

Sometime later, Giratina appears back in the forest near Class 3-E to check up again on Korosensei. However, he was still unimpressed with the results, and insists that if Korosensei doesn't do better, he would kill him and replace him with someone else. Before he could do anything to him, Karma Akabane appeared, making Giratina try to kill him, only failing to. When asked what he was up to, Giratina says that he'd much rather watch him suffer. However, Ren Hōsen blocked his attacked, and was soon confronted by Naruto, Luffy, and Nagisa. Giratina points out 'three of them were already together' and then leaves.

Season 2Edit

Giratina kept an eye on the group as they left off to Kenya, and as he was, he managed to figure out how Korosensei was helping the enemy. When he saw Spider killed, he went over to check in on Korosensei. He gave Korosensei a deadly warning that he'll be punished if he continues to aid The Chosen, stabbing him with his spiked wings to further prove the point. Afterwards, he went over into Kimba's jungle, and planted Narcissus in the jungle to create more chaos. Once he found out about Korosensei directly killing Narcissus though, he confronted Korosensei once again. He kept Korosensei alive though, and tells him that it was their last meeting as allies.


Dark MagicEdit

Giratina is a mastery of the Dark Arts, being turned demonic himself since being in the Distortion World. The Dark Magic allowed him to do various assortments of acts, which include changing appearance, using dark magic weaponry, and turning into shadow. The magic itself has no exact limits, only so by sunlight.

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