Greninja: Training with the Master
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Info
Kanji ゲッコウガは:マスターとトレーニング
Air date March 1, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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Nagisa's First Day The Hunt for Kaibutsu

Greninja: Training with the Master is the 2nd chapter of season 1, and 2nd of the overall series.


The ninja frog, Greninja, joins class 3-E.


The days continued onward in their usual way, and Nagisa tried to go with the motions. But, regardless of whatever scenario, trying to go through with an Alien that can move at Mach 20 as their regular school teacher do you say...odd. There was no other way to put it, to Nagisa. Only two days had gone by, and Nagisa still couldn't get used to it. One upside: he was slightly starting to get used to Luffy, and gotten to know some of the others among the class, so, it's a start.

It was gym time again, everyone outside and ready to go. Nagisa was still in an annoyed mood: not able to get himself back in the main school like he hoped for, as everyone around him was warming up for their exercise for the day. Nagisa didn't really budge from his spot, still thinking, as Luffy nudged Nagisa's shoulder.

"You seen teach anywhere? You'd think a guy at Mach 20 would never be late," Luffy said, doing some stretches before gym could begin. That was a tough question: where was Korosensei anyway? He could literally be anywhere by now. Nagisa continued to look around, seeing the other students around, but no Korosensei was present.

"Where is he? I'm gonna look for him, be right back," Nagisa said, walking off to look for Korosensei.

"You do that," Luffy replied, continuing his stretches as Nagisa Shiota walked off. The students continued talking, and getting prepared for the class to begin.



Nagisa's wandering around lead him into the nearby woods. The trees were showing the early autumn feel, the leaves beginning to show their orange, yellow and red colouration as Nagisa continued looking around for Korosensei. He knew that the teacher (if you'd even call him that) wasn't in the main campus, but that was about it.

'Korosensei! come on, it's time for gym class, where'd you go?!" Nagisa called again. Nothing. He continued walking around for a while, keeping his own mind on task to finding him. As he was though, his wandering kept him blind to the trees...something was roaming around up there, keeping an eye on him. Nagisa was completely oblivious to the figure for a while, until it suddenly moved, making noise in the branches, catching Nagisa's attention. Course, he didn't see anything.

"Korosensei, that you?!" Nagisa asked. No response. The boy turned and continued walking, looking around for Korosensei in the forest...another rustle in the trees.

"Stop it, you're supposed to -"

Before Nagisa could continue, he was face to face with a blade! Inches away from his face. Almost instinctively, Nagisa grabbed the arm that held the blade, his grip powerful and firm, as he looked eye to eye with his attacker. This sudden attacker appeared to be...a frog? Not like any normal frog he'd seen; standing at just over 4 feet tall, purely blue, a pink scarf over its mouth. It's head had 2 odd shaped fixtures on it, like fins of sorts. It looked at Nagisa dead in the eyes, a look of both calmness and discipline.

"Rather quick on your reflexes. Though you have to work a little on perspective," it advised, it's voice masculine, as the blade suddenly disappeared in it's webbed hand. Nagisa wasn't sure how to react upon seeing the odd-freak frog. First an alien teacher, now a human amphibian?...

"Uh...what?...what are...?"

"Greninja. I'm Greninja...and you?"

"...Nagisa...Nagisa Shiota..." Should he keep talking to this thing? Nagisa wasn't too sure what to do, this large 'thing' just standing there. Even fully upright, Nagisa still beat it in height, but by only a little bit, Nagisa about a foot taller than Greninja. Greninja gave a groan to the kid in front of him.

"Quick to tell the truth, aren't you? I'm looking for the Yunibāsaru Junior High School. You happen to know where it might be?" Greninja asked.

"...H-Hai. Right over there. Not far," Nagisa stated, pointing a thumb behind him, still a bit fazed from the 'attack' earlier. Considering it was hard enough to get used to an alien octopus, meeting a humanoid ninja blue frog was a bit harder to handle. Greninja looked at Nagisa with a strong sense of judgement, him wanting to be sure if he was lying or not. After a good twenty seconds, he gave a nod, and suddenly bolted off, gone in a flash!


Back at the old campus, the class was still waiting around for Korosensei (and now Nagisa) to return so gym could get started. The stretches were over and done, each kid waiting to begin the day's gym session. Each kid seemed rather bored, and didn't want to just stand around. At least the day wasn't all bad, skies clear with a few scattered clouds here and there, and just a slight autumn breeze to keep them cool and collective. Suddenly, as the students were just considering going back inside, Korosensei popped up from nowhere, dressed up like a football coach (striped shirt, cap and whistle).

"Morning class! Sorry for being late, caught up in a game of volleyball in Sydney, loss track of time," Korosensei stated, none of the class really caring too much about that.

"That's your excuse?" Luffy asked, as Korosensei got out his whistle, holding it to his mouth.

"Now then, everyone, get in line and we can begin, shall we? Run around the yard, 3 2 1 go!"

Korosensei opened his mouth, and was just about to blow his whistle so they could begin, when suddenly a blur quickly knocked the whistle out of his tentacle fingers, the whistle flying off about 20 feet before the whistle bounced off the ground, landing in the grass. Korosensei looked around for a second until he saw who was responsible for the sudden whack of the whistle, as they all saw that same ninja frog from the forest earlier, in a stance like it had just thrown something at it's target. Course, the class was quite left out of the blue (Korosensei included), upon seeing Greninja nearby.

"What the hell?" asked one student.

"What is that thing?" asked another.

Greninja stood upright again, eyes locked right onto Korosensei, as it started walking over, to the kid's confusion. Greninja stopped about a foot away from Korosensei, who towered over him.

"Korosensei," Greninja stated.

"Greninja," replied Korosensei. The classmates started to back up a little bit, except for a curious few, when Greninja turned to face them. Greninja examined each student with equal perception, judging each student on their appearance, and eventually glanced over to the campus.

"So this is that Yunibāsaru Junior High School. Smaller than I thought it would be. (turns to the class) Who's the advisor?" Greninja asked. None of them spoke, but one of them, completely quiet and shy, pointed over back to Korosensei again. Greninja gave a rough sigh; he was hoping no for that, but, apparently Korosensei had planned ahead in that regard. But, he might as well roll with it, he wasn't there to judge on what worked and what didn't. Korosensei put his little hat on his chest, acting 'slightly' formal.

"What bring you to our humble abode, how may I -" Korosensei was quickly cut off, another blade suddenly in his face! However, his Mach 20 speed quickly disposed of the blade...and wrapped it up in pink wrapping paper, red bow included in the matter of a second, balancing it in his odd tentacle. Greninja gave a huff from the sudden grab n' wrap.

"ah ah AH, no violence in school."

"You've grown faster since last time I saw you," stated Greninja, taking his 'wrapped gift' back from Korosensei's 2-fingered hands.

"What was that for?!" one of the kids gasped, getting Greninja's attention again.

"Just testing reflexes. Rather quick I'd say," Greninja stated, unfazed by the students spooked reaction. In the crowd, Luffy turned away.

"You use a blade to test that? What kind of reflex check are you doing?" he asked. The frog suddenly using his blue blade to whack Luffy's hat off his head! Luffy looked up, and tried to get it, but Greninja made a 360 spin, his webbed foot knocking Luffy off his feet, and onto the ground. the free hat landed back on Luffy's head as he looked back up at Greninja, who now towered over him.

"Seeing how well you are in the field. You can use some work, I'll grant you that," Greninja informed, making Luffy rather angry as he got back up on his feet. The frog turned to the others among the group, which still kept their distance. but the ninja frog didn't attack them that time, more interested in those more curious than spooked (I.E those who didn't back away). He turned to another student, not as afraid of him. He looked like a normal student, but, appeared to have orange hair, slightly spiked up, and a headband as well. His cheeks both had some odd 3 markings on them, kinda like scratches or cat whiskers drawn on his face. Instead, he seemed more interested than confused.

"You're fast," he said.

"I have to be. Your turn," Greninja stated, charging at him. Unlike Luffy though, this other student dodged Greninja's charge with ease, and the attempts on kicks were dodged well too. Eventually, Greninja stopped, back on his webbed feet, and looked up to the student.

"That's impressive. State your name," Greninja insisted.

"Name's Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki," he said, undeterred by the frog's assault. In fact, he appeared to enjoy it, which intrigued Greninja a bit. He turned back to Luffy.

"Perhaps you can learn a bit from Naruto, tadpole," Greninja said, making Luffy even more annoyed.

"Looking to get beat, frog?" Luffy asked, annoyed. It was around that point when Nagisa had got his way back, only now realizing Korosensei was back, and Greninja as well. Nagisa got back to the crowd as Greninja continued talking.

"Not necessarily, but if that is what you had in mind. Although, your technique is impeccable," Greninja stated. Luffy could feel his head hurt from the big words being spoken to him. However, still angry, Luffy tried to give Greninja a full on square punch...only to miss, and get kicked in the back, being knocked down again.

"You have much to learn," Greninja stated, only now Korosensei walking over to him, catching his attention.

"You seemed oddly quiet."

"Just enjoying the show," Korosensei chimed, turning to the other students.

"Everyone, this here's Greninja, a bit skimpy, but, good when you get to know him," Korosensei introduced, not exactly taking his arrival so seriously. If anything, it was more nonchalant than much else. Most of the kids still didn't seem to take kindly towards Greninja, especially after beating up one of their on right in front of them like that. Greninja wasn't really enjoying it much either, seeing Korosensei not picturing him as any threat or taking him seriously. After looking back at the crowd again, Greninja noticed Nagisa back in the crowd again, and walked over to him.

"Nagisa. Seems you didn't give me much detail on your campus," Greninja stated, catching the others attention rather quickly.

"You told him about this?" Luffy groaned, getting back up again.

"Well, he did had a knife to my head, so -"

"Nagisa Shiota," Greninja repeated, getting the boy's attention again, "Can you explain to me how this is your campus?"

"Oh! well, this isn't exactly the actual high school. Hehe," Nagisa confessed, rubbing the back of his head, making Greninja rather confused.

"It's not?..."

"No. It's not. It's over that way...pass the mountains there."

Nagisa pointed a finger pass the nearby mountain range, the frog ninja still slightly confused as he turned to said mountains...not seeing any school. Greninja kept looking, and still didn't see any school around aside from the run down campus nearby. He looked back to Nagisa, arms crossed.

"So...this campus is apart of the school, although a mile away?"

"Eh...Yeah," Nagisa admitted, shrugging. Greninja looked around to the other students for a second, but then walked towards Korosensei again. Greninja glared to the alien for a bit, but knew not to attack. He wasn't informed to do so. The yellow alien just looked down at the ninja frog with that same smile he'd always worn.

"I advise you, Korosensei, DO NOT harm a living soul here. Am I clear on that?" Greninja asked, blade close to his head. Korosensei just swatted it away again (rather lazily) and just looked to the frog.

"Oh Greninja, I wasn't planning on doing so. Just doing my job as a teacher here at the campus as all," Korosensei implied, though to Greninja it wasn't too convincing. None-the-less, he withdrawn his blade, and turned away. But as he was walking off, Luffy wanted a bit more revenge on the frog for the beat-down. So, he readied his fist, and was just about to clock Greninja in the back, but the frog's webbed foot suddenly shifted up, blocking the fist. Greninja did a quick 360 spin, flipping Luffy over his head, into the dirt.

"Nice try, Tadpole," Greninja commented. And with that, he rushed off in a puff of smoke.

"HEY, I ain't done yet! God-damn!" Luffy yelled, though finding out too late that he was yelling to thin air. His involvement with Greninja was FAR from over.


Time went on in it's normal way, Lunchtime rolling back around. Nagisa - again - managed to get to the main building to meet up with Twilight in her endeavours. This had become a regular thing for Nagisa to do since returning to school, since he and Twilight no longer shared the same building, but, at least the walk there was a calming one (to say the least), and gave Nagisa sometime to clear his head from the craziness back at the campus. Boy, did he have news for Twilight about Greninja. Despite the change, Nagisa continued onward when...

"Nagisa! Nagisa!"

The blue haired boy stopped moving when he looked ahead, seeing none other than Twilight running right towards him, arm flaring in the air to get his attention. This was indeed something new; for the past couple days, Twilight didn't bother coming to him, more rather the other way around. Twilight stopped in front of him, a bit winded from her run.

"Twilight? What are you doing here?" Nagisa asked. Twilight bent over, breathing heavily for a minute.

"Nagisa, great to see you! Listen, I need your help."

"With what?"

"Since I saw Korosensei last week, so many questions were left in my head. I want to see how he works. Can you help me study Korosensei?" Twilight asked. Nagisa wondered about Twilight's little mission: Studying Korosensei. On one hand, it wouldn't really be right to try to watch a teacher in this way... But Korosensei isn't no ordinary teacher: he ain't human, and can move ten times faster than the fastest jet. It couldn't help to at least try to see what makes Korosensei tick. So, Nagisa nodded...

"Let's do it."

Among the forest nearby the old campus, Korosensei was resting by himself within the forest, futon laid out for him to lay down, a nice little sweet ice cream from Iceland, and some extra chocolate from Switzerland. He looked so calm in his spot, just looking off into space, taking the occasional lick at his ice cream. As he was though, Nagisa and Twilight were keeping an eye on the odd alien, Twilight holding a small note pad in her hands as she looked intently at Korosensei.

"He's not doing anything, just sitting there," Twilight quietly noted to Nagisa, whom also kept a sharp eye on him. Korosensei seemed oblivious to his watchers, more focused on his yummy treat than much else. However, when one of his tentacles reached to his side for another chocolate, he saw they were all gone.

"rats. Oh well, time to grab some more," Korosensei thought. with Twilight and Nagisa watching, Korosensei got up and, in a literal second, bolted off and popped back with a bag of chocolate, just like that! Twilight was in static upon seeing Korosensei's impressive speed, and quickly jotted it down in her notes...and as soon as she looked back up, Korosensei was gone...

"What the - where'd he go?" Nagisa wondered, looking around frantically alongside Twilight...then a shadow loomed behind them. Twilight and Nagisa screeched, hugging each other in fear as Korosensei suddenly popped up behind them. Korosensei gave a chuckle as the two let go of each other.

"On a little study, are we?" Korosensei asked.

"Uh... No?" Nagisa stated, terrible lie. With a little chuckle, Korosensei dashed off, leaving them in a cloud of dust. So much for a straightforward study on the alien.

"Darn it!"

"Sorry, Twilight," Nagisa said, hand on her shoulder.

"*sigh* it's okay, it isn't you're fault, Nagisa," Twilight replied, though annoyed she barely got much answers other than "fast as light" written in her notes for study. As Nagisa and Twilight were about to go, Nagisa suddenly got an odd feeling...

They weren't alone.

No sooner afterwards, suddenly something leaped out of one of the many trees, landing in front of them both, blade in hand! Instead of grabbing the hand, Nagisa quickly made a high-kick, sending the blade flying into the branches out of fear...another look revealed Greninja again. Nagisa was surprised seeing him again, but Twilight was completely clueless...

"Nagisa," Greninja said, arms crossed.

"Is that gonna become a regular thing with you?" Nagisa asked, still startled a bit.

"If you're not prepared," Greninja stated, as he glanced over to Twilight, still not sure how to figure out what was in front of her, eye twitching. Both Nagisa and Greninja turned to her, as Nagisa tried to explain.

"Uh, Twilight? Greninja. Greninja, Twilight," Nagisa introduced. That didn't change any mood...

"W-what?...w-what are you?..." Twilight shuttered, a shivering finger aimed right at the frog. Greninja cleared his throat.

"Well madam Twilight, I'm afraid that isn't exactly information I'm supposed to share with everyone I come across."

"You seemed calm with class 3-E."

"A valid exception to the the rule. Besides, Korosensei's doesn't care about secrecy," Greninja explained. The frog then turned away from them, and started walking away. Then something came to mind that made him stop 5 feet away.

"And, by the way you two. One thing I can share: there are others out there that will show up."

"Others?" They both asked.

"Correct. That's why I'm here: to keep them in check."

With that, before they can continue their questions, Greninja leaped into the trees, leaving them alone again in the wood...


Lunchtime had ended, Nagisa and Twilight splitting up again. Since that encounter with Greninja, questions were left in their mind: what was he? What did he mean by "others"? Where'd he come from? Why did he keep it a secret? Nagisa in the old campus, and Twilight in the main school had those questions and others in their heads as their day continued on. Twilight, however, had more questions with Korosensei too, mostly on how he worked, and what he is.

During her class, Twilight Sparkle kept to her own work given to her, but felt distracted somewhat from her questions in her mind. Not enough to be noticed by the majority of the class, but only just enough so she felt rough on getting focused on her work. It was a good thing no one in the room was curious with her, otherwise she would have A LOT of explaining to do.

", what did I come back to?" Twilight thought, thinking over on what Greninja told her sometime earlier, about the 'others' that could be out there. Soon as she was done with her work, she took a glance outside the classroom window, seeing the nearby mountain range where Class 3-E was.

"Be careful over there, Nagisa," Twilight thought once more. As she kept looking to the mountains, suddenly she felt someone tap her shoulder, catching her off guard. She turned around and saw one of her classmates, desk right next to hers. She had on a grey school uniform, rather average except for her lime green hair, her hair in unique ponytails, resembling cat ears.

"You okay?" She asked. Twilight regained herself after a bit.

"Oh, Akari. Yeah, I'm fine," Twilight retorted, looking down to her paper, and moving onto the next one on her desk. Akari rested back in her seat.

"Are you sure?" Akari asked again, tilting her head in confusion.

"Yeah...I'm sure..."

Back at the old campus, Nagisa was also thinking over what Greninja had told him, about the 'others' that's supposedly gonna come around. Lucky for him, it was a study hour, so zoning out into daydreams wasn't taken for grand-it. In class however, Greninja was keeping post by the door, leaning on the wall, examining the classroom and the students in it. The students just ignored him over all, Greninja himself not doing much aside from just standing there. During the whole time though, one student had his eye on Greninja: Naruto. Since the first meeting, Naruto had been wondering about the frog, and how much he was in being a ninja.

It made him curious.

While Greninja glanced to Korosensei at his desk, when Naruto passed over a small note for the frog, folded up in a square. Looking to Naruto, Greninja went and picked up the note, unraveled it, and read it over. Quick read over it and, in Kanji, it said:


Naruto, acting like he was looking at something else, awaiting a response from Greninja. The frog out a hand to his chin, thinking the implications of the request: on one webbed hand, he still had a job to handle and all, but on the other hand, there could be a good outcome to this. But can his technique be passed down to a human? After all, his way of skill isn't exactly expandable to any species per say...but maybe...

"Come outside, Naruto-San," Greninja insisted, stepping out as Naruto, smiling, joined him quickly. Only ones to catch him walking out was Luffy, Nagisa, and a few other curious eyes...

No sooner after the acceptation, Greninja and Naruto were both outside in the field, Naruto on one end, Greninja at the centre, about 20 feet away from each other. While Greninja was just standing in a soldier stance (completely upright), Naruto was in a battle stance, ready for any move Greninja would pull...but Greninja didn't move.

"Well?! Aren't you gonna come at me or not?!" Naruto asked.

"Tip one: (raises a webbed index finger) Never assume the most likely outcome," Greninja stated, unmoving from his spot. Wanting to begin, Naruto quickly bolted for him, Greninja quickly dodging his attempts with ease. Naruto tried about 5 more times to kick and punch him, but it wasn't much use. As he tried to make a hit, Greninja continued talking.

"Tip two: Don't immediately make the attack, dodge your opponent until they tire."

Naruto, in the zone of attacking, didn't really listen as he continued the fight outside, the curious watching from the window. Curious as well, Korosensei observed the battle as well, but outside the school rather than by the window like everyone else.

"What the hell's he doing?" Luffy asked, to no one in particular. Naruto kept trying to flatten Greninja with his own brand of 'ninja' technique, but wasn't able to, eventually starting to tire. Greninja quickly noticed, and knocked Naruto right off his feet, making him slam in the dirt. It wasn't until Greninja was finished that he noticed his 'audience' nearby, Korosensei going as far as to get a chair, popcorn, and some glasses to watch the show (much to Greninja's dismay). Naruto got himself back up as Nagisa got out to help him, stopped by Greninja himself.

"Don't freat, the kid asked for some pointers," Greninja said, as Naruto got the dust off his uniform.

"Naruto?" Nagisa asked.

"What? Can't I help it if I want to spruce up on my skills a bit?" Naruto asked. Before Nagisa could say anything else, Korosensei suddenly popped up by them, the popcorn still with him.

"What a wonderful show of skill, Naruto, a fine ninja, you are! Some jitsu tricks and you'll blossom in no time!" Korosensei complimented, fluffing Naruto's hair. Greninja looked confused at Korosensei's behavior to Naruto for a bit, being praised by Korosensei almost seemed foreign in his eyes... Well, regardless of the issue, at least Korosensei wasn't harming anyone -yet-.

"Thank you, Korosensei," Naruto said.

"No need. Now come on class, time for our next subject," Korosensei said, heading on inside. Greninja looked to Naruto as he followed their teacher inside, thinking a little bit on the group. He didn't say anything, as he simply nodded and walked in with them...


Later that night, miles away, among the many mountain highways of Ou, two motorcyclists were zooming on the empty highway. At first, the trip in of itself was uneventful, if not boring. Both men continued on with their drive until one of them glanced to his rear-view mirror. He could've swore that he saw something in it, but it was gone rather fast so he couldn't pinpoint...that's when he saw it running alongside him! The thing appeared to be 12 feet long, quadrabedl, and running about as fast as he was riding. The creature lunged right at him.

No one heard the screams that night...

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