Season 2, Episode 9
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Kanji やつれました
Air date July 17, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Samson: Living Hell with Horns Fire in the Soul

Hunted is the 9th chapter of season 2, and the 21st in the overall series.


With Nagisa resting from his multitype power surge, the group now have another, surprising guest to deal with.


It was midnight. And at their vacation home, the group had come back safe and sound (more or less). Nagisa was still knocked out by the time they got back, and Karma got his exhausted friend right off to bed. It was the least he can do for having his butt saved from a buffalo cult group. After getting him in, Nagisa looked like he was asleep the whole night. At first though, Karma stuck around, thinking on what happened earlier. The image of Nagisa Shiota shooting out of the river, creating a waterspout, and washing an entire herd away, was all edged in Karma's mind as he looked at his sleeping friend. He looked so peaceful laying in his bed, his breath quiet, and his blue hair slightly damp.

"God damn, Nagisa. Wonder what we're gonna tell ya when you wake up? Greninja should be pleased for sure when we get back, Twilight too. You lucky bitch," Karma said, though all of that came to deaf ears, as no response came out of Nagisa. With a smirk, Karma walked out of the room, and went off to bed. It was a long day, and some rest should do them all good. Quietly shutting the door, Nagisa was left alone in his room ...

Still fast asleep ...

Still unaware of what happened ...


"Nagisa ... Nagisa ..."

Groaning, Nagisa began to stir slightly. Soon, the kid began to slightly wake up. He felt tired, and couldn't grasp what had happened to him. All he could remember was Samson tossing him into the river, and everything was a blur from there. When Nagisa fully came around, it was clear that he wasn't just left in the river, or at their vacation home either. Instead, looking around, he found himself in a misty landscape, water all around him, and reaching just past the arches of his feet. As far a visual can go, he only saw about twenty feet ahead of him, but that was as far the mist will allow him to see visually. As for the voice, Nagisa tried to figure out where the voice was even coming from, yet that search didn't last too long.

Walking silently out of the mist, emerged a tall entity. It was a four legged creature, legs ending in tips, with a beautiful display of white fur over grey skin. A yellow ring curved around its midsection as well. It didn't look like it had a mouth, having two red eyes that looked down at Nagisa. Nagisa himself felt unsure, but he could've swore he saw this thing somewhere before. The being walked on top of the water, barely making a ripple or disturbance in the water under each foot.

"Hello. Nice to see eachother face to face, Nagisa," it said. Even if Nagisa heard it clear, the voice sounding like a male, it didn't seem to speak directly to him in any normal sense - more like telepathy than most.

"W-wait. Who are you? How'd you know my name?" Nagisa asked.

"I am Arceus. And once more, I've been watching you and your friends for a while now. I'm sure my friend, Greninja, had told you about your Mizu Multitype power by now?" Arceus asked. Nagisa could only nod to the creature.

"Very good. My apologies for not contacting you sooner - I've grown weak over the years. Only now do I have enough energy to at least project myself to you ..."

Then a thought hit Nagisa.

"With Giratina?" Nagisa accused. Arceus felt hurt, but he could understand his assumption over what he'd gone through so far.

"Not currently. But, I think it's time you, and me, have our discussion about that."

"Discussion?" Nagisa asked. Arceus nodded.

"I know this may seem sudden, yet meeting you here is the only way Giratina won't hear us. As you are the first to fully conjure your abilities, even if unconsciously, I believe it most appropriate for you to understand who your up against with Giratina," Arceus began. So he knew about Samson, and what's going on with him? Nagisa just nodded, and allowed Arceus to continue. Arceus, using both his front feet, moved the water until it resembled Giratina.

"Giratina is a powerful, and clever adversary - sinned, and angered to humanity. He'll do anything to wipe out you and those with these abilities - for The Chosen are the only ones able to defeat him currently. That is, when they unlock their Multitype to its full potential," Arceus explained, marking down a number of kanji symbols for the multitypes in question. Nagisa looked each over.

"Is this all of them?" Nagisa asked.

"Indeed. I have to admit though, you're off lucky in finding them - you already know most of the Chosen by now; Fire, Air, Magic, Strength, and Water as yourself. Each one is unique in their own way, but only together can they be enough to defeat Giratina. Otherwise the world will fall ..." That last part made Nagisa shudder a bit. So to put it simply, they had to beat Giratina or the world will crumble. Nagisa felt scared, but, he took in account of these Multitypes Arceus was talking about. There was still a fighting chance.

"Which ones are missing?" Nagisa asked. Arceus stood next to him, pointing to three more.

"They are what's left. I can't say in particular on who are the donors of these, yet with the right mind, I believe you'll be fine in finding them. Earth, Lightning, and Undead are all that remain."

Then Arceus turned to face Nagisa, the two looking eye to eye.

"Nagisa Shiota. You mustn't fall for any of Giratina's plans. Like I said, he'll try anything to finish you off, along with your friends. He's getting stronger in forces, and in his own strength. You must be ready."

Nagisa needed a moment to take this in. Never before in his life had such a responsibility was trusted to him. Most of the time he was ignored really, but now with such matters on the line, how could he say no?

"... I promise."

"Very Good. Sleep now peacefully - my blessing will keep you safe for the night. And once you return to Japan, The Chosen shall begin. I wish good fortune to you, and all that fight alongside you."

And with that, Arceus faded away into the mist. Nagisa knew what had to be done, and he needed everyone ready for it.


Early night, and all was quiet out on the Savannah. The animals going along the nighttime hours were basically doing their own thing. With what happened so far, it was nice for things to go back to normal.

And just as well, normal dangers for prey and predator ...

Under the cover of darkness, only the light of the moon showing the natural drama, a hunt was taking place. Rushing through the night with their senses to guide them, Sahara and what remained of his pack were off after their target. The encounter with the demonic spider had dwindled Sahara's pack down to just four members, himself included. This meant that catching prey wasn't as easy as before, and it became critical to catch this one. The animal may be small, but it was still good enough for the wild dogs. The commotion of the hunt was heard through barks of the dogs, and wails of the prey. Sahara homed in as the other dogs spread out to cut off escape routes, but their prey in question found an extra option. Running full speed, it just managed to get into a thorny, African shrub, just before Sahara could deliver a bite to it. A disappointment to be sure, but Sahara dealt with this before.

"K, gang, stand by. It'll have to come out sooner or later," Sahara instructed. The dogs agreed, and settled down nearby as Sahara himself stayed close to the shrub. He could still hear it moving around inside, even its breathing was heard easily. Sahara had a scared meal in there, and any false move could make it bolt away with an escape.

"Come on, you tyke. Come to uncle Sahara," Sahara said, licking his muzzle. Soon, checking the position of the other dogs, Sahara dove in after it. The thorns stung, but Sahara wasn't worried about that. As for the animal inside, it quickly panicked. With a loud yelp, the animal bolted out, ramming Sahara aside with surprising strength. Oddly, the creature spun around like crazy, similar to a tire on a car, forcing any dog to clear the way. Once it realized they were behind, it got back to running again. Sahara needed a minute to regain himself before continuing after it. The small animal continued running through the grass, the dogs homing in closed and closer. As it ran, it began to spot something farther off, just ahead of it over the next hill.

A lone house.

Not its first choice of options, but what other one was there? With the dogs closing in, it decided to go for broke, and made a beeline right to the house. The dogs skidded to a stop once they noticed where it was running off to. By the time they got there, the small animal rushed right to the door. The animal quickly realized it wasn't going to do it good, so it found an open window. Worried that the dogs will come after it, the creature just managed to pull itself off the ground, and through the window. Sahara knew better than to rush into a human home.

"Damnit. Oh well. Come on guys, let's go," Sahara decided. He didn't want to put any more of his pack at risk ...

The animal found itself in a very quiet, and dark house. For any wild animal, it wasn't a familiar place to be in. On the bright side, at least it didn't had any dogs chasing its tail. With the place calmer, it began to walk around in curiosity to where it ended up. Not much light got in the house apart from the windows, so it didn't had much light to help it see. It crept quietly around the house, it's movement not enough to wake anyone just yet. It sniffed in the air for a little bit before it got the scent of food. The curious animal moved over to the kitchen, its nose guiding it the whole way. Soon, it began to sniff out a particularly delicious smell from the kitchen cabinet. However, it was high up off the floor, so getting them won't be easy. The animal struggled up on the counter, just managing to haul itself up onto it. It reached up as much as it could to the cabinet door. However, as it was, it began to bump some stuff around on the countertop, making a bit of noise. However, the second it finally got a grip, a glass from the counter got knocked off, and shattered on the floor. The crashed echoed all over the house, and it was just enough to wake up Naruto with a startle.

"What was that?" Naruto questioned, hearing the animal move around. Naruto got up from his bed as he heard something else fall, getting a bit tense. Burglars perhaps? Another crash in the kitchen got Naruto's nerves up, and he began to slowly investigate. He quietly made his way from his room, down to the kitchen. When he peaked on inside, he couldn't make out anything in particular inside. The animal didn't seem to notice Naruto just yet, but once it heard one small creak on the floor it was all ears. Naruto kept himself behind his corner, and out of sight, but he heard some more racket from in the kitchen, sounding frantic ... Then silence ...

"What's up with you, Naruto?"

Well, silence until Korosensei showed up. It wasn't just Naruto up for the moment.

"Hold it, Korosensei - there's something in there," Naruto warned. However, Korosensei went in and turned on the lights to see. Turned out, he saw nothing of the sort anywhere (apart from broken glass, of course). Korosensei cleaned up the glass quick as a flash, before turning back to Naruto.

"Don't worry your head, nothing's in here. But hey, since we're both up, how about a snack?" Korosensei offered, already going through some sweets. Naruto waited a minute, but just shrugged and joined in. He liked sweets, and he might as well take this chance.

"Oh, you're going to love this, Naruto; fine delicacy I picked up while going around -" he opened the cabinet, only to have something move a bag of sugar to him. "Thank you. Anyway, it's a delicious choco -"

Korosensei suddenly stopped, his face turning white and blank. The flour dropped out of his tentacle as she swung open the cabinet door. When he did though, nothing was there. All the animal did though was move down a door, and found what it was looking for. Korosensei made sure nothing was wrong, and checked the other cabinets one by one. Eventually, on the final cabinet, the animal suddenly tumbled out, freaking Korosensei out. The two saw that the thing had a bag of cookies stuck on its head, and once it pulled it off, Korosensei and Naruto got a good look. The animal was kinda small - about the size of a dog - but it had the body of a elephant. It had a small trunk, long ears, and four stubby legs with one white toe on each. It had grayish-blue skin, an orange plate on the bridge of its nose, and two small bands on each ear. It also looked slightly comical with the size of its head huge compared to its body. If anything, it looked like a baby to put it simply. Naruto and Korosensei just stared for a moment or two.

"... Eh ... Okay then ..." Naruto said bluntly.

Soon, it didn't take long for the others to wake up and see what the problem was. Karma, Ren, and the dogs came over to see, the only ones not present being Luffy and Nagisa. The small elephant was a bit worried on Weed and his friends, have being chased by dogs in the first place. It just sat on the counter, looking in a curios expression.

"Well, where'd this thing come from?" Mel asked.

"Beats me; must've snuck in," Korosensei concluded, oddly excited more than usual.

"And what's with you?" Karma asked.

"Don't you see?! We got a dwarf elephant here! So many scientists thought they were extinct, and now, to them I say; HA! Just imagine -"

"Eh, they're still extinct buddy. Besides, they're found in the Mediterranean islands, not Kenya. Isolation on islands, you know," Karma cleared up. That really ruined the mood for Korosensei, as he slumped over.

"Can't an alien dream?" Sighed Korosensei. The little elephant, starting to relax a bit, began to look around the room. It got off of the counter, and only then did it see Korosensei's tentacle feet.

"What now?" Ren asked.

"Don't know. Anyone know how to take care of this thing?" Naruto questioned. Before anyone could answer, a yelp escaped Korosensei's mouth, as the little elephant began touching his feet with its trunk. Korosensei scooted away, but the elephant got a grip on one of them, wrapping its trunk around it. At first, it looked simply cute to watch.

Then it pulled back.

Turned out, it was stronger than it looked, enough to have Korosensei fall onto his back. Embarrassing, yet it was still adorable (not to mention funny to watch).

"Might I suggest putting it back in the wild?" Korosensei suggested. It was probably best anyway.

"But does this thing even belong here? Never seen any elephant like this before," Naruto wondered, rubbing the back of his head. It was a reasonable question, yet they didn't have much time to keep it here. If it doesn't, then it won't last very long. After some thinking, Weed got an idea.

"I think I got it!"


"We can't wait until tomorrow?"

"Just keep tracking GB, you're doing fine."

It took a while for the elephant to go with them, but Weed's plan assured the little guy that it'll be safe from the predators. However, "little" was just perspective - it was just taller than Weed and Mel by a few inches. The plan in question was involving taking a long walk from their house, over towards the jungle. GB, being the tracker, took the lead, as Mel and Weed walked alongside the elephant like two security guards. It was ironic to the elephant; the same creatures that were just hunting it, now protecting it. It felt safe with these dogs. Still, the dogs weren't going to keep it around, which was unfortunate. GB kept his nose to the ground, sniffing at the ground for the scent of their own target. As they went off ahead, they began to head into denser and denser jungle.

"The scent's getting stronger," GB said, moving into a trot. Soon, they began to see where the scent was coming from. Just up ahead was a large den, made up of thorny vines. GB gave a stronger sniff.

"Yep, he's just inside," GB announced. Weed went up first, and looked inside.

"Hello? Kimba? You in there?" Weed called. Pretty soon, a slightly tired Kimba came out to see them. It was pretty late, and he was just about to turn in when they showed up. The elephant stayed behind GB and Mel nearby when Kimba came out.

"Oh, it's you three again. What's the matter?" Kimba asked.

"Well, I think one of your animals tried to sneak in our house - we're just bringing him here for a home," Mel joked showing Kimba the elephant behind them. However, once Kimba saw it, he looked a bit puzzled. The elephant shyly stayed behind the dogs, and Kimba couldn't seem to get much closer no matter what he did. He tried to walk around, but the elephant kept at least one of the dogs between him and the white lion.

"I've never seen an elephant that small before."

"Wait, but isn't he apart of your jungle?" Weed asked in confusion.

"Well, no. But if he needs a home, I can make one for him here, no problem," Kimba replied with a smile. That made the dogs feel better, yet the elephant still didn't think so at first.

"Come on now, Kimba's a friendly lion. He won't hurt you," Weed encouraged. The elephant looked to Kimba for a moment or two, starting to wonder if they were right about him. He slowly moved out from behind GB, sniffing a little bit towards Kimba. GB, Mel, and Weed moved aside to let the elephant go at his own pace. Kimba smiled to the elephant, trying not to look threatening to the newcomer. Eventually though, the elephant started to relax, happily hugging Kimba with his trunk. That was enough to seal the deal for the canines.

"Thanks for taking him in, Kimba. See you later," Mel said, as he, GB, and Weed began to head back. The elephant watched the three leave, staying put.


"Take care now."

"Have a good time in Kimba's jungle."

These messages were nice, and the elephant gave a happy little toot from his trunk. As they continued to go, Mel turned to Weed.

"Well, that's that then. Good thing Kimba was happy to help."

"Yeah. Now let's go home; we all could use a rest."

And with that said, the three dogs began to head back home, their little task accomplished. The elephant stayed with Kimba as the two watched them take their leave.

Unfortunately for them, Giratina hadn't missed a single step in their endeavor. Watching from his seeing orb, he saw what happened, and felt ready for another assault on the group.

"Let's see if we can damage his trust." Giratina said with a smirk.


Midnight. The moon high above the skies of the African jungle. Predator and prey starting to fully settle down for the morning light ahead. Many animals all over, from mice to giraffes, all settled down for a nightly rest. In Kimba's den, Kimba and the new elephant friend both were fast asleep. Kimba gave the elephant one place to sleep for the night with him, and the elephant happily took his offer. He felt as safe with him as he was with Weed and company. Both were dreaming sweet dreams, as with every animal in the jungle ...

Alas, such peace could never last for long.

As the night continued onward, something began to move amongst the jungle floor. Gently digging at the ground, another nightly creature was giving the jungle a extra visitor. A hole was dug into the African dirt, and the visitor simply placed a few seeds into it - the trigger for a creature to appear. With a sinister grin, he took a few steps back. The seeds planted in the dirt were no ordinary seeds, and this was evident for what had happened next ...

They grew.

They grew fast.

Vines and pedals sprout the ground in no less than minutes after planted. The growth of the plant was even faster than that, as the visitor watched with interest. In no time at all, there was a gigantic flower bloomed in the ground; a flower with a devilish secret. After that was all done, the figure moved out in the open once the plant had finished blooming. This was Giratina. And the plant was his demon.

"Narcissus. If you please."

The female plant demon then made a growth out of the bud, which lengthened and morphed into a women's lips. A impish laugh rang out from the demon's mouth, as the sweet smell of perfume quickly started filling the air, spreading all over, and carried by the midnight winds. Narcissus and her laughter echoed throughout the jungle like the very wind carrying her demonic scent. Giratina disappeared in a dark void, able to watch the drama from his orb back at his lair. To Giratina and Narcissus, this was going to be fun.

The first target; Kimba himself. The plant was first planted off near his den, and the perfume had no trouble seeping in past the vines and thorns. While Kimba didn't wake up, the elephant and his ears were just enough to wake him. No better time either; as the strange and ominous scent began to cover the entire den. The elephant didn't think much of it though, and was dosing off again. As for Kimba, the threat was beyond his knowledge, and he was still dreaming. However, the scent was starting to take its toll on the lion's mind. The elephant too started feeling funny from the smell. Kimba began to stir uncomfortably, murmuring in his sleep. These murmurs began to shift to growls, his teeth starting to bare. And then ...


That lion roar woke up the elephant in a jump. Kimba was on his paws, claws out at the ready, and eyes staring at ... Well, at something. Kimba's eyes looked on high alert, and dilated as well. The scent was giving Kimba his worst of nightmares, so bad he was up and lost in his own nightmare. The elephant, wide awake, didn't know what Kimba was looking at if anything. Kimba suddenly charged blindly at his unseen attacker, launching himself through the roof of his den, ripping through the opening. The elephant ran outside to see if Kimba was okay, but it was clear something was wrong. Kimba kept snarling and roaring, attacking and running randomly in all sorts of directions.

"NO! NO! GET AWAY!" Kimba screamed, to no one in particular. The elephant was startled witless by the demand, making him back up. The elephant trumpeted a fear call when Kimba charged at him! Luckily the elephant rolled out of the way as Kimba raced past. In his mind, everything around Kimba was a demon out to get him; shadows on the ground, the trees, the bushes. Thanks to the scent he inhaled, everything has a demonic presence to them, and Kimba couldn't bare to stay for any of it. Kimba ran and ran out to the open plains, where even the crescent moon itself turned into the blades of a reaper's scythe!

"What are you, you devil?!" Kimba demanded, still running and dodging what he thought were real attacks on his life by the illusions plaguing his mind. Kimba looked around frantically until he saw the elephant running away.

"I'll drive you out of my jungle, you monster!"

The elephant began to run as well, though he wasn't effected by the nightmares. However, seeing the roaring and snarling white feline after his tail was terrifying to say the least. Kimba's roars rang in the elephant's ears, as they both reached the Savannah. Then he saw the true devastation of Narcissus's blooming scent.

Out on the plains, this smell had affected all of the animals, sending them all in blind panic and rage; antelopes, gazelles, rhinos, elephants, buffaloes, wild dogs, even the birds and rats were at eachother's throats! It was like every species turned rabid in one night, and was out for blood. The small elephant couldn't stay here even if it wanted to. However, seeing this distracted the animal long enough for Kimba to lunge at it, landing on its back. Lucky for the elephant, this didn't last long; Bucky and Pauli (also affected) charged at Kimba, Bucky knocking Kimba off his back.

"Alright, who's next?!" Kimba demanded.

"I'll take you on fiend!" Yelled Pauli.

"Demon!" Added Bucky. Kimba rushed at them, giving the elephant time to charge away. Panting, and with all four feet getting worn out, there was one place he could go to avoid the battle Royale. However, running for help turned to running for his life again when Dodie found him, who was also affected by the gas. Dodie began running after him, the fast gazelle much faster than the elephant. He needed an escape route, and fast! What was going on with everyone?! The elephant ran off mad as fast as he could, relying on memory to escape the rabid gazelle. Soon, Dodie was on top of him, beating him with her hooves. In a panic, he aimed his trunk as her, and let loose a thundering, LOUD trumpeting roar. Dodie stumbled back, and gave the elephant enough time to run. It wasn't enough to break her hex though, but it was Kimba who charged at him again.

The elephant was running right back to the vacation home.

Once the elephants got it in his sights, he ran right for it. It stopped Sahara and his pack, so hecould do the same to stop Kimba. However, Kimba kept coming, and was dead set. Kimba roared once more, good and loud.

If that didn't wake anyone, the crash through the door did.

This time everyone woke up in a jump, as the elephant ran every which way to avoid Kimba inside, trumpeting like mad. Kimba was blindly running after him, not caring where he was. The first to get out to investigate was Korosensei.

"Alright burglar, I'm armed!" Korosensei yelled, holding a bat in his tentacle. The elephant raced past him, but Kimba was still in attack mode.

"DEMON!" Kimba yelled, lunging with claws and teeth bared. In such tight corners, Korosensei ducked fast, Kimba Landing on the wall, and rushing off. The others started to come out, only to see the elephant run off down the hall, Kimba right on his tail. Many of them couldn't do anything, or even comprehend at first. The elephant ran off towards the only room available and in the path.

Nagisa's room.

The elephant rushed in, and tried to close the door, but Kimba barged in. The elephant ducked, and Kimba landed on the bed. In his dazed state, his eyes turned to Nagisa next, who was still sleeping somehow ...

"You fiend!" Kimba growled, right over Nagisa with snarling teeth. The others rushed in at this point to see what was going on. Kimba remained standing there, but something seemed ... Different. Kimba's breath started to slow down, his eyes slowly starting to return to normal, as Arceus's blessing began protecting Nagisa from the evil that was controlling Kimba.

"H-huh? What? What happened - how'd I get here?" Kimba wondered, starting to come back around. When he saw Nagisa, he quickly jumped off of him. Somehow, someway, Nagisa still remained asleep, even if the racket was enough to wake Luffy up ...

"Alright, pussycat, what's the problem this time?" Karma asked.


After a little bit, Kimba explained the best he could over what happened. Even if it was dreaming in his mind, it felt so real, and him ending up here made that even more real. For Kimba, he remembered falling asleep, dreaming, smelling some funny stuff, and only then falling into nightmares and going berserk trying to fight these demons and fiends off. He never realized he was chasing the elephant until he was told so by the others.

"Sounds like our friend Giratina's playing games again," Karma concluded. With the demon spider, cult leader buffalo, and now this, it was too obvious at this point.

"Who's Giratina?" Kimba asked, having not heard of him yet.

"He's a demonic dragon that's been causing trouble for us," said Weed, remembering his other minions trying to attack them before.

"And now we have another one. Well, we all know what happens now."


"We go and screw his day, that's what," Karma answered. Plain and simple, and something they had to do anyway. Korosensei felt worried on hearing this decision, still remembering Giratina's warning. He freaked out enough when they went after the buffalo, but not a demon plant? It was really pulling at his heartstrings at this point.

"You'll help?"

"Of course we'll help; I'm not letting your jungle become the next battle zone overnight. We'll all help," Weed replied. Ren, Mel, Karma, Naruto and Ren all agreed, but Korosensei just felt worried, and tried to stay unnoticed in the background. Unfortunately for him, Karma caught him.


The alien shuddered a bit before turning to him.

"How bout you come along for this one, huh? You've been quiet lately."

"N-No!" He replied, strangely quick. The others turned to him, which made the situation even more unbearable. Korosensei had to think of something. Kimba looked up to him though.

"Please, Korosensei? You helped clear the webs in my jungle before."

"Well ... Yes, but I just needed a blanket that's all, I-I didn't do it to really help you," Korosensei lied. Kimba felt hurt on hearing that, and Korosensei hoped it would be enough. Karma though knew a fib when he heard one, and stepped forward to him anyway.

"I got this," Karma assured him. Then the kid faced Korosensei.

"Come on, Korosensei, I'm sure you don't wanna freak out anymore than you had been, eh?"

Korosensei tried to think on what to say. If he just blabbered on about what Giratina said, then he's dog meat.

"B-But who's going to watch Nagisa? He's still asleep ya know, and if something finds him -"

"Hinata's gonna watch him for us. And I'm sure our little elephant here doesn't wanna charge back in, don't ya."

The elephant responded with a frantic shake of the head. He dealt with the crazy fight already, and he didn't want to go back out again. Korosensei tried to think of something else, but Karma wasn't going to let him.

"See? Nagisa's got some good protection. And since you worked with Giratina, I bet you know damn well what we have to deal with."

"N-No I don't! Just because I worked with the guy, doesn't mean I know what Narcissus is up to!"

Got him.

"You know it by name then."

Korosensei had no other options now. His face turned blue, as a cold sweat dropped off his head. Korosensei knew what demon it was from the scent alone, but in his panicked state he wasn't thinking straight. Karma had him, and now he knew that Korosensei was simply hiding for Giratina's sake. Korosensei had his arms wrapped around his mouth, feeling like he made a deadly mistake.

"I'm dead. So very, very dead." Korosensei thought in panic.

"Okay, let's get going. Come on Koro, you too," Karma said, already starting out the door. Just being called "Koro" reminded Korosensei who he was supposed to follow, and who he probably pissed off by now.


They didn't had much time to really think it over, but with Hinata and the elephant back watching Nagisa, everyone else went right off on their way. Kimba took the lead in returning to the jungle, Korosensei following in the back of the line. He didn't had much other option or excuse, so he had to go. However, by the time they got back there, the strong scent from Narcissus loomed everywhere, thick as smog, and red as blood. The dogs, seconds after they smelt the scent, immediately stopped, trying to get the smell gone.

"God damn, what the hell is that?!" Mel asked, paw over his nose.

"Smells like cheap perfume," GB commented, waving a paw over his nose. Korosensei quickly got his tentacle fingers over his nostrils.

"Is that this Narcissus thing?" Luffy asked, plugging his own nose.

"Yep. That Narcissus. Oh god, she's all the rage this year," Korosensei groaned.

"Alright cool. Hey, GB, try tracking down Narcissus, will ya?"

"How am I supposed to track anything when all I smell is the perfume department?" GB groaned.

"Simple; stronger the smell, closer we get. And your a tracker, so, it should be a synch for you," Karma said. GB groaned, but he had a point.

"Oh ... Okay, here it goes," GB sighed. The English Setter got to work, and got his nose to the ground. All he could smell was the horrid smell of Narcissus, but GB took the lead either way. Weed didn't want GB to suffer alone, so he helped his pal out in tracking. Korosensei felt worried more than most; if they do find Narcissus, what's he going to do? Just stand aside and watch them fight a high-level demon head on?! They had Ren, Kimba, and three Ohu dogs, so they had that going for them, but still ...

"Koro, you're falling behind," Karma called back. Korosensei snapped back to reality, and caught up with the others. Weed and GB both stayed ahead, the rough smell getting stronger and stronger as they continued on through. It was giving the others a headache, but they knew they were getting closer because of the stronger smell. The smell was strong, but the effects only were active on those asleep, so they were fine for that part. After what felt like forever ...

There she was.


The plant, to their discomfort, had grown a lot larger since its initial planting; now as wide as a silo. Huge thick vines stretched around the area, wrapping around trees and uprooting the earth. The thick scent of the demoness loomed all around, and the group was soon detected by her. The female mouth morphed again, and she gave off her signature laugh, her vines moving in to attack. No waiting, no plan, just murder.

"Let's dance, Diablo," Karma said.

Narcissus struck first with her vines, about five of them dead aiming at them. Of course, everyone jumped and scattered away, though Korosensei bolted off out of sight in some bushes, but the rest stayed out for the fight. The first to try and attack was Mel, already getting a bite on one of the many vines. A second vine whacked the retriever off easily, but it was quick cut down by Ren's blade. Out of all the fighters, Ren had the least amount of trouble given her powerful strength. Each branch she grabbed she torn off easily, but even with that, it was getting overwhelming. Weed, GB, Mel, and Kimba were doing well in their fight, cutting tooth and claw on the vines, but eventually they - despite their efforts - were getting overwhelmed. Seemed each time a vine was cut, another would pop out of the ground. Korosensei was becoming more and more panicked in watching them do this. However, Narcissus got her vines wrapped around, and subdued all her attackers! They all were wrapped in her vines, and they weren't getting out alone. Korosensei watched from his bushes, not sure which side of the coin to take anymore.

"No, no, no! Oh god, oh god, what do I do?" Korosensei thought. He needed to figure this out; either watch them die, or have Giratina kill him? He was getting extremely scared, and completely torn; teaching these kids over those months had gotten a connection between him and his students. Narcissus moved seen over to her awaiting mouth, ready to dispose of them the simplest way she knew how. Korosensei struggled more and more with his decisions, hearing them struggle ...

He had enough.


Korosensei rose out of the plant cover, his bellow catching their attention. Korosensei's body darkened a bit, and his face was simply not the same. His eyes looked cyan blue, and were diamond shaped on his face, with his smile good on satan himself. His head was dead black, veins pumping around his head in deep hate.


Narcissus shot out tons of vines at Korosensei as he approached her, but Korosensei's tentacles had slready picked up sharpened bits of tree bark, and sliced through each vine with Mach-20 speed, and his friends were freed in a matter of seconds. Narcissus tried to fight back, but the demonic Korosensei had enough, and didn't give her the chance. Korosensei no longer cared about Giratina; he wasn't going to live knowing he let his friends die in front of him. Korosensei got to her base, and began slicing up her center, Narcissus laughing at him for his attempts. Her laughs started to turn to cries when Korosensei burrowed in her, and tore her up from the inside out. Her screams were ear-shattering, enough to wake up the entire jungle of their battle mode sleep. There wasn't any blood or guts to speak of, but seeing Narcissus turned to shreds of grass was a bit of a sight to see. Korosensei spun like a blender, making a battle cry, before Narcissus was shredded down to near specs of plant life. The demoness was no more.

Korosensei just stood there, still looking demonic and trying to calm down, as the scent faded away, and the shreds floated down like snow all around him.

"God. Damn," Luffy said, mouth agape.

"You took the words right out of my mouth," added GB. Karma though applauded Korosensei, walking over towards him. While seeing a demon turned to ribbons was fun to watch, that wasn't the only reason Karma was applauding.

"Congratulations; you've officially proven yourself a member of our team," Karma praised. This marked Korosensei's betrayal towards Giratina once and for all, and Karma no longer needed any suspicions that Koro was going to stab their backs (like he had any anyway). Korosensei needed a minute before he was relaxed enough to realize what he just did, and what Karma Akabane had said ...

Soon, Korosensei got them all in a wide hug.

"You're all okay! Thanks so much!" Korosensei beamed.

"We should be thanking you," Kimba said. The hug was a nice thing to receive.

"So, looks like that problem's over. *yawn* but time to head in. Bout time we had a good night sleep," Karma decided.

"Good idea. I'll help clean up tomorrow if that's okay, Kimba," Korosensei said, much happier this time.

"Sounds good. Thanks for helping the jungle. Again," Kimba said with a smile. Korosensei chuckled, and felt simply good with himself.

His conscious was clear. And his path had changed.