Jerome profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2'8"
Weight 80 pds
Race German Shepherd
Personal Description
Affiliation Ohu Army
Friends Karma, Nagisa Wheeler, Rocca, Robert, North

Jerome is a Determined, serious and observant dog, and was tasked to hunt down Kaibutsu soon after his escape.


Jerome has a strong sense when it comes to completing any goals given to him, and will follow them without hesitation. He is also rather observant to his surroundings, often noticing things that many others don't take to mind very much. although serious and determined, there's a sense of him being brainwashed slightly due to his time in the facility. He believes that a dog will have to deal with whatever it's owner done to it, the duty all dogs have.


Jerome was once apart of the same science facility where Kaibutsu was being experimented on, the exact dog in charge of guarding his particular cell. During the time, he was the only one who showed some sort of sympathy towards Kaibutsu, and often spoken to him while alone to catch him up on events outside. When Kaibutsu tried to escape though, his devotion to humans had made him attack him, trying to get him to stop. But when that didn't work, and Kaibutsu escaped, he and his subordinates were tasked to hunt down Kaibutsu, despite Jerome's interactions with him before.

For the years to follow, Jerome had kept to his mission towards hunting down Kaibutsu, loosing many of his pack members along the way, until one day he came across Karma and Nagisa, whom thought he and the others were just strays. Jerome decided to stay with Karma for the time being, sensing it could help him get a better chance to find and kill Kaibutsu.

One day, Karma tasked him to get a message to Nagisa at his latest school, and Jerome managed to find him in Class 3-E. He was undeterred when Korosensei confronted him, and even knocked him over to pass by and deliver the message to Nagisa personally. When Nagisa refused to go right away, Jerome began to try to lure them away by stealing Luffy's hat, and Naruto's headband, only to have that fail thanks to Korosensei. He only managed to convince Nagisa to go when he told Greninja (the only one who could understand him at the time), about how important it was for Kaibutsu to be stopped, and such got Nagisa dismissed and to follow him back to the pack and Karma, back at the main school.

When they arrived in the Ou mountains, Jerome and his comrades were sent off to find Kaibutsu, Jerome taking the lead. Remaining unsuccessful as day turned to night, Jerome soon came across Ohu Army Soldiers. At first, he didn't want anything to do with them, but after Smith confronted him, he then explained the issue with Kaibutsu to them, and goes off, only to have them follow. He decided to test them to see if they're worth it, and after seeing them succeed, he agreed to let them come along.