Kaibutsu profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 10'0"
Weight 1,000 pds
Race Dog (cross-bred - experimented -)
Personal Description
Abilities Enhanced speed, strength and vitality
Friends Korosensei, Nina Tucker
Foes Humans

Kaibutsu is a giant, experimented canine escapee that was once a guard dog before being brought in. It managed to get out soon after the transformation was complete, and had been on the run for years, attacking any human he came across.


Kaibutsu, in the eyes of humans, is extremely cruel, monstrous, and has no sense of sympathy for anyone. However, Kaibutsu only hated humans because of all the torture he'd gone through thanks to their experiments, and doesn't torture anyone anymore than needed to be. Even if merciless, he does understand how dangerous humans can be, and knows to avoid any humans with a sort of weaponry (guns especially). His only sympathies, if any, had gone out to Jerome, but that had begun to deplete, thanks to his time as a mutation instead of a dog.


Throughout most of his life, Kaibutsu, or P4 as he was called in the facility, had been tested and experimented on for many years, being injected with various assortments of animal gene, and even human genes. The experiments took their toll on Kaibutsu, and eventually he finally got the strength and courage to escape the science facility, despite having to attack the fellow dogs, Jerome included.

Finding OhuEdit

After killing the scientists and escaping, he'd gone into hiding, living in the wild and trying to survive without discovery of any human in the Ou mountains. Even so, Kaibutsu's hatred towards humans had drove him to attacking innocent humans whoever entered his territory, thus earning the dubbed name Kaibutsu, which he decided to consider his official name rather than P4.

As the attacks continued, Kaibutsu's danger towards humans were spreading around for a while, so Kaibutsu had to resort to going to the Ohu Army, knowing humans never venture there. However, Kaibutsu was confronted, and attacked by the army in question, throwing the mutant into a frenzy, almost killing the entire platoon completely, as he fled to the main base for shelter.

Later on that night, Kaibutsu found Weed and North inside Gaijou, and at first tried to hide away, all the while, he saw a ghostly figure resembling Jerome, which he tried to stop. After, he was found by Ren Hōsen, and battled her until he saw Karma and Nagisa. Kaibutsu took a run for it, grabbing Nagisa as a shield as he ran out. He was soon attacked by Smith, and shot in the shoulder by Karma. Afterwards, he fought the attackers outside for a while longer, confronting Jerome on his decision to fight alongside humans. Medalists being told his duty as a dog to their master, Kaibutsu refused to believe it, and attacked the humans again until Korosensei appeared, and stopped. However, he was let go, only promised to stop attacking humans, before he escaped.

Starting his own packEdit

After his conflict with Korosensei, he wandered around for a while longer, eventually coming across Nina Tucker as a hybrid. He wanted to run at first, but his curiosity helped him discovor Nina's father and her horrid ordeal. Angered, Kaibutsu confronted her father, Shou Tucker, telling him he doesn't diserve anything he gotten for torturing his own flesh and blood, despite Shou not understanding him. He ended his life quickly by crushing his skull. He tells Nina that he's no longer her father, and takes her away to be free again.


Enhanced SkillsEdit

Thanks to all the experiments done on him, Kaibutsu had developed a higher sense of speed, strength and vitality. He is able to run fast enough to keep up with a motorbike, and having enough power to survive a head on collision with a car, as if it was nothing.