Kimba, and the Silver Fang
Season 2, Episode 3
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Kanji キンバ、および銀の牙
Air date August 14, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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Summer Safari What the Future Holds

The next day came over quickly for the class in question. Nagisa, Karma, Ren, Luffy, Naruto, and Hinata had settled in their vacation home by the time Weed, GB, and Mel had found them (which took longer than anticipated honestly). On the bright side, at least there wasn't any trouble once everyone got back together. When the savannah sun rose, Korosensei went on outside the door, taking in the morning air. The alien had on a safari guide uniform on, tan jacket and sun hat included. He also had his human get-up, just in case.

"Alrighty, amigos, let's be off!" Korosensei called, happily going off ahead as some of the early bird students (Nagisa, Ren, and Hinata), went out too. The others weren't completely ready just yet, and we're still getting themselves ready.

"Where are we going?" Nagisa asked.

"Going into the wild my friend! Today, we're heading out on our very own safari trip! See nature at its most pure, it's gonna be awesome!" Korosensei beamed, getting rather giddy on the idea. Sure, he read about the animals in Africa, but, didn't see any himself just yet, so the situation was a new experience for everybody.

"What about Weed and his friends?" Ren asked after a bit.

"Oh right." Suddenly, Korosensei gave a good whistle, though far too high pitched for humans to hear. Seconds later, Weed, GB, and Mel bolted out, looking freaked out, eyes wide and hair on end.

"Who the hell did that, nearly blew off my ears!" GB screeched, ticked off. The group turned to them, including Hinata (a bit odd to the dogs).

"Good morning, canine compadres! Wanna join us on our safari trip?" Korosensei asked. The dogs needed a second to get their ears back before answering.

"Safari trip?"

"Sure, a good drive through the savannah, you in?"

"Drive? Hold on, I don't remember you getting any -" suddenly, Korosensei disappeared, and popped back with a full sized tour jeep (that he paid to use for the day). "- Car..."


Meanwhile, some area away, Kimba continue going through the savannah alongside Dodie that morning. The two were a bit interested in the dogs in question. Eventually, the two were back on the savannah where Dodie had found them, but, no signs of them were found anywhere. However, even if they were gone, the scent still lingered from yesterday. While most of it was Sahara's pack, the smell of Weed, GB, and Mel, were evident.

"I could've swore they were here," Dodie said, looking around. However, Kimba had already got where they went.

"Hold on, Dodie. Maybe...I think I got it!" Kimba concluded, starting to move again with Dodie close behind him. Kimba kept to the scent like radar, until he came to a stop on one of the larger hills in the savannah. When Dodie caught up, they both could see a good view of the Serengeti. They saw a herd of zebra, some gazelle, usual stuff. But, what wasn't usual was the large tour car going through. It wasn't exactly common to see such an object within the savannah, and Kimba and Dodie went right off towards the car.

The car in question was driven by Korosensei, happily going through the savannah as to not startle the animals around the area. All the passengers on board were looking around at all the African animals going around the place. In the back, the kids and dogs were having a relaxing time. Eventually, Korosensei stopped upon the herd of Zebra, giving the others sometime to look and observe. As the dogs were looking though, the huge mix of black and white was actually starting to get them a bit dizzy.

"You ok?" Ren asked after a bit. GB, Weed, and Mel tried not looking at the horses.

"I dunno who painted those horses but, damnit, let's go," GB groaned, both paws covering his lead. Mel took the moment to look on the other side of the car, trying to get himself together. As he did, he then saw something coming towards them. In the grass, a familiar gazelle started to bound over to the car. The presence caught their attention, as GB and Weed looked over to see her stop nearby, smile on her face.

"Hi guys!"

"Dodie? Fancy seeing you again, what's up?" Mel said, more curious than pleasant. Dodie was still happy to see them, regardless of that.

"Good to see you. Hey, I want you guys to meet someone."

"Huh? Who?" Weed asked, some of the kids starting to watch and listen.

"His name is Kimba, he's not too far from here. Wanna come?"

That seemed a bit forward: they saved her once, and suddenly someone else wanted to meet them after just one day of such. It wasn't that big of a deal, really it wasn't. Still, the other kids were a bit confused on the sudden appearance by the gazelle to begin with, not to mention how happy it was to see the dogs. However, Nagisa tapped Korosensei's shoulder after a bit.

"You catch all that?" Nagisa asked.

"Indeed I did. Weed, you and your friends are free to go off for a while, just promise to not cause any trouble, ok?" Korosensei said. The three dogs looked to each other before, one at a time, they got out of the car. GB was the most unsure on the idea, but went out anyway as the students watched. Dodie was glad that they could come, and began leading them through the grass. Before he went, Weed turned back to the car.

"We'll be back soon, okay?"

"Alright, see ya," Nagisa and Hinata replied. Weed then went off after a bit, leave the car with a bit of confusion. Nagisa and Hinata turned around and noticed the confused expression on everyone's face. Even Ren looked a little surprised. Before the awkwardness could continue, Nagisa remembered the pills Korosensei gave him, and showed it to the others in the truck.

"Oh right, Korosensei gave me these pills yesterday."

"What's that gotta do with the bi lingual crap?" Luffy asked. Korosensei chuckled again, turning around from his seat.

"A little something I whipped up; one swallow, and you can understand your dog friends with no trouble at all!"

"So... If we have one, we can understand animals?"

"Well not all animals, I restricted it a bit to larger animals. Wouldn't wanna know what flies think, do you?"

"That include things like horses, or gazelle and such?"

"Depends on the individual. If it's smart enough to be understood, there you go. Haven't worked out all the tweaks yet, but, hey it worked on Nagisa and Hinata, right? Should work for you," Korosensei explained. Bit vague to say the least, but hey, it's something to use anyway.

Meanwhile, not too far away, GB, Weed, and Mel were still following Dodie until the three got into another clearing. Once they did, they immediately saw Kimba standing there, smiling to them. The three didn't expect to see a cat rather than another gazelle, especially one with white fur. His eyes were blue instead of red, so, albinism was out of the question.

"So you are the three Dodie told me about?" Kimba asked, mostly looking at Weed.

"Guess so. And you are Kimba, right?" Weed asked.

"That's right," Kimba replied. The lion looked them over, though was a bit curious over the dog in front of him, tilting his head a bit.

"Well, I wanted to say thanks for saving Dodie. But, what exactly are you? Not being mean, but, I don't think I've seen a dog like you before." In particular, Kimba referred to Weed (mainly due to the dog having a blue tint in his fur).

"Oh, well, I'm an Akita Inu, Tora-ge. I was born like this," Weed implied, "What about you? You a pedigree cat or what?"

"A pedi-what? No, no, I'm not a house cat, I'm a lion. White lion," Kimba replied. That got the group a little bit more confused, as GB began walking around, looking Kimba over.

"Really? I've heard of lions before, yet they're usually gold or tan, copper at most."

"I'm sure, I would lie about my race."

"Guess you're right. Say, is that whole "King-of-the-Jungle" things with Lions true?" Mel asked. He might as well ask Kimba that, him being a lion and all.

"Well, I'm the next ruler here so, I suppose," Kimba figured, scratching behind his ear. GB turned back to the moving car, which started to circle around the savannah on its tour. The group was quite far away, checking out near the water's edge. GB knew they had to go back soon or they'll end up left behind. Soon, the setter nudged Weed.

"Uh, hey, I think our ride's gonna leave us soon," GB informed, aiming a paw to the car.

"Come on, GB, we just got here, planning to go already?"

"I'm not gonna get left behind again, remembered what happened yesterday with Sahara? Wanna risk going through that again?" GB protested.

"You can go back if you want, I still wanna explore," Mel insisted. GB suddenly felt a little conflicted. On one paw, he won't get into more wildlife trouble, and on the other, he'll be sure that Weed and Mel were safe without freaking out. GB turned back to the car while he was thinking of his options. Should he let them, or no?

"...Well... If you guys really -" GB suddenly stopped cold when he noticed, Weed, Mel, Kimba, and Dodie already gone, about twenty feet ahead. "HEY, YOU BITCHES, WAIT UP!"

GB knew they'll be gone for a while, but, he couldn't leave Weed and Mel alone. While he ran after them, other eyes kept an eye on them from the nearby herd. It turned to face the car as well, with an equally serious expression.


Sometime later, GB, Weed, and Mel followed Dodie and Kimba into the jungle. It sure felt different towards the three dogs; most of the plants and sounds pretty foreign compared to Japanese forests. Along with that, the forests were FAR larger than back home. Dodie and Kimba kept going on ahead until the white lion stopped briefly, turning to the trio and smiling. After that, Kimba moved through a bush, and allowed everyone through. Upon going in, the three dogs were greeted with a pleasant/strange scenario. As GB, Mel, and Weed walked in behind Kimba, they saw what seemed to be a larger tree, but they also saw that it had a couple of trunk tables around on a wooden deck, two floors too. It also seemed to be rush hour, because a lot of animals were there as well, all of which varied from Zebras, Warthogs, Gazelle, even some Giraffes, Hippos, and so on. Smaller animals like rabbits and birds, and other carnivores like cheetahs, leopards, and other matters of the like. Some animals were eating together, others cleaned up, as the dog trio followed Kimba to a table.

"Ok, say up front, I did not expect this," Mel commented, looking around at everyone. Kimba sat down at a table while the three went to join him.

"It's a new addition to the jungle. I try to make life here easier to live for everyone," Kimba replied. After looking around a bit more, GB spoke next.

"So you let other animals in here? But, you eat meat don't you?"

"A typical lion would do that, but I find life a bit more valuable than that. I try to make life fair and peaceful for all creatures here, regardless of what they are, to make a true kingdom for all to live happily," Kimba explained. Weed was the most fascinated by Kimba's goal, and results of it. So many animals, predator and prey, living together without a fuss from anyone there.

"That's incredible, Kimba. Sure isn't like this back home," Weed replied with a smile.

"That reminds me; where are you three from? Sahara said you weren't from around here," Dodie asked, sitting down next to Mel.

"Oh, well we're kinda far away, in Japan," Mel said.

"Where's that?" Dodie asked.

"Japan? Well compared to here, I'd say ... Other side of the world, give or take. Kinda hard to tell really," GB shrugged. Honestly, it was hard to tell when flying at Mach 20 speed where they were going, or how far it was actually. Dodie and Kimba were a bit surprised, but impressed with how far the three had gone. However, before they could continue on that, Weed remembered Sahara on the conversation.

"Hey Kimba, what's with you and Sahara anyway? While we met he said something about 'Kimba getting to everyone' or something like that," Weed explained. Kimba just sighed.

"Well, he's one of the animals that doesn't agree with my policy. His excuse was that it'll make the carnivores starve, including his pack," Kimba explained.

"Well, you can't blame him too much then, he's got plenty of dogs in his pack to look after, and dogs aren't exactly one for fruits and veggies like Dodie here," Weed said, referring to the gazelle in question.

"That's true, but we have plenty of food for him and his pack here. Sahara just doesn't really think predator and prey should live together I guess," Kimba replied, as a worker animal went over and put down a plate of bread for them to snack on. For one thing: how animals made the bread was a bit surprising, but, everything seemed rather different anyway so it wouldn't be too weird apparently.

"But you said he thinks that he'll starve," GB pointed out.

"Well it's the same thing really."

"Guess so."

As they continued talking, off in the shadows, something was watching them again. Course, none of them seemed to notice as they talked a bit more. It almost seemed like it was stalking them at first, but, eventually it walked away ...


Later on that night, the group had finished everything up on their schedule for the day. Most of the group had chilled out, and settled in bed, except for Nagisa himself. With a light on in his assigned room, he put out a piece of paper, and started to write something out.

Dear Twilight:

Just yesterday, our group had arrived in Kenya, Africa, and are having a good time. It's a bit hotter than I'm used to, but, there's so many other animals and things here too, it's hard to notice. Speaking of which, Korosensei gave us these pills that got us to understand Weed and his friends. Personally, I think Ren's a bit peeved that she can't translate for us. I'm mailing one of the pills to you in the letter so you can check it out yourself. Hope to hear from you soon.

Nagisa Shiota

After the letter was done, Nagisa folded it up neatly, and started seeing the only person who can deliver the letter in that night: Korosensei. Who else can go from Kenya to Tokyo in one night? After walking around for a bit, he did eventually find Korosensei outside, chilling out with a latte in his grip. Korosensei turned to him as Nagisa walked out.

"Hey, Nagisa, why up so late?"

"Just writing a little something. You wouldn't mind dropping this in Twilight's mailbox, would you?" Nagisa asked, giving him the letter. Korosensei chuckled as he got up, and took the letter from Nagisa.

"Sure thing. Be back in an hour, so, don't lock the door K?" Korosensei said with a wink. Soon enough, the alien leaped up in the air, and rocketed off on his way. Nagisa smiled while watching, knowing that his letter will go through for sure.