Korosensei: Teacher and Target
Season 3, Episode 1
Episode Info
Kanji コロ先生:先生とターゲット
Air date July 8, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Return of the Blue Familiar Faces

Korosensei: Teacher and Target is the 1st chapter of season 3, and the 25rd in the overall series.


With second term started up, classes are in session, and Class 3-E has begun. But with the Moon's destruction, how much will actually change for Nagisa and his friends?


It hadn't been even one full day since the horrifying event had unfolded; the event of the moon's destruction. For those who saw it, it was something none of them could forget. The big problem now was what to do about it. Nagisa Shiota had that question going through his head as he was walking along his path to his high school. Nagisa faced a number of demons already; from the Nightmare Narcissus, to the demon group lead by Bisharp. With so many threats though, none of them were as large, or as sudden as this. If the whole world didn't see what happened on the night of the event, then any other night would easily show the world. For Nagisa, this was just beyond anything he could ever imagine happening. This was something he can't just fight to get back - this was otherworldly and earth-affecting. Nagisa wasn't the only one thinking about the incident though; everyone of his other friends were giving it some thought, but the conclusion was all the same concept; this wasn't something they could just fix. How could they fix a blown up moon? Nagisa and Ren both continued walking on from Nagisa's apartment, and to the high school. Ren had gotten her outfit changed from her usual battle attire, to the typical school uniform (what would fit). At least this way she looked more the part of a high school student. Nagisa didn't do much talking with Ren as they continued walking, which didn't bother Ren all that much.

"Was all that really a dream? It felt so real. Our moon ..." Nagisa's thoughts turned to images, as he could still remember the explosion on the night in question. How could he forget that kind of image? It could be a dream, but it felt so powerful, so real, so horrifying ...

"Morning, Nagisa."

Nagisa stopped, and soon realized where he was. Before he realized it, he was at the front of the school. Just in front of him, was Twilight. Twilight was going over her mind more than most over this incident last night. How could she not; it was something that could change the world forever as far as she was concern.

"Morning, Twilight."

"Hi ... Uh, Nagisa? I know this may be an ... An odd question but ..."

"Is it about last night?" Nagisa cut in. Twilight looked to him in surprise.

"You saw it?" She gasped.

"Yeah, Ren too. Honestly, I don't know what to do. I mean, a destroyed moon ... I just don't know," Nagisa explained. Aside from Ren, the two weren't heard by anyone else as they were talking alone. Twilight didn't seem to look any better about the situation, as they both went over inside the high school building. Ren didn't want to think too deeply on the situation at hand, but she knew she couldn't ignore it either. Either way, Ren stuck with Nagisa on their walk through the school. Eventually though, Twilight, Ren, and Nagisa got to the back of the school, and to the path towards class 3-E. On the way, the two kept talking over what to do, but coming up with nothing.

"This is going to be harder than I thought."

"Yeah I know. Look, we'll talk more at lunch, I have to get going," Nagisa replied. However, before Nagisa and Twilight could even get the chance to split, Ren suddenly got their attention with a question.

"What is that odd bird?" Ren asked. Odd bird? Nagisa and Twilight both looked over in the same direction as Ren was trying to make heads or tails of what she had seen. As for what it was to begin with, at first it was hard to make out since it was pretty far away, but after a minute or two, the shape flying in the sky turned out to be a helicopter. The copter looked a bit dark in color, and heading off away from the main building to the mountains. It didn't seem to be anything different, but the helicopter (although hard to tell) started to descend down pass the mountains. Strange spot for a normal helicopter landing. There was only one other place where it could be landing ...

"I have to go. I'll see you later, Twilight," Nagisa said, starting to run down the path to Class 3-E. Twilight could only wave goodbye as she watched him and Ren go off.


By the time Nagisa and Ren made it to Class 3-E, something seemed a bit off with the place. For Ren, she didn't sense any activity from any of their supernatural friends; not Phanpy, not Greninja, no Korosensei either. Strange that they didn't get any greetings from either one of them. What they did see though upon arrival, was a helicopter sitting in the yard. It wasn't just any helicopter though; the Japanese initials on the side of it signifies that it, believe it or not, belonged to the Japanese government! It may be a shock, but considering how much other freaky things had happened around the 3-E building, Nagisa admittedly assumed it was going to happen sooner or later. Even so, what were they going to do to him and the rest of the class? One odd detail was that he didn't see anyone else around the copter. Taking his options into consideration, Nagisa sighed and moved over to the main entrance inside. His hand rested on the door for a second, but then he turned to Ren.

"Ren, listen, can you do me a favor and just keep quiet?"

"I promise," Ren nodded. Nagisa sighed once more, and began to slide open the door. Seeing a government owned chopper sitting in their yard was more than an indication that a high official could be visiting. Either that or Korosensei went out for a joyride in the thing. If Korosensei did, then it was a shock the swat team wasn't around either. With a sigh, Nagisa opened the door to start the day off right.

However, it wasn't going to give him a chance.

Nagisa and Ren both went on inside, but what they seen didn't seem to be anything normal. Yes, many of the kids were there, appearing to have just arrived a few minutes before. However, Korosensei wasn't anywhere to be seen. Instead, someone entirely new was standing at the front of the classroom. He had the similar uniform for a teacher, yet he had black hair, and his eyes gave off a serious stare right to them both. To Ren, it reminded her too well to a humanized version of Jerome, and Nagisa seemed to get the same idea looking at the man. Korosensei never made clear of any new teachers joining them in their class. Nearby in the back, he saw two other government agents, one by a slideshow camera. One more thing; Ritsu wasn't around either ...

"You two apart of 3-E?" He asked sternly.

"Uh ... Yeah?" Nagisa replied, still unsure of who this was. The man nodded.

"Good. Take your seats, and I'll start the matter at hand," he said. Nagisa complied, and sat down in his seat quietly. The man kept an eye on them both for a little longer before he addressed the class itself. Nagisa could sense a strong, important aura coming from him as he began the discussion.

"Alright. Before I start; how many of you had seen the situation last night for yourselves?" He began. It took a little bit before he got his answer, starting with Nagisa first. He answered by raising his hand, and Ren mimicked the gesture, for she seen it too. After a bout a minute, about five others had seen it themselves, including Karma Akabane, and Naruto. Everyone else remained oblivious, so, the man still needed to explain it to them. With a snap of his fingers, one of the agents working with him turned off the lights, and the other turned on the slideshow, the first picture quite a shocking (and detailed) picture of the destroyed moon.

"Good, good. Now then. For those who weren't aware of it; last night, I'm afraid our moon had suffered a fatal hit, as you can see," he informed, pointing to the picture. Nagisa was surprised that they got such a good shot so soon. Almost right out of the gate, there was some worry or shock for those who didn't see it first hand.

"Shit! That happened?!" Gasped one student.

"How'd the moon get blown up?!" Gasped another student.

"Who's crazy enough to do that?!" Asked yet another student.

"It is a shocker. And we also got our culprit in your myst."

He gave a nod to the agents, who got up the next slide, only to show ...

"Korosensei?!" They all gasped. Well, all except for Karma, that is. But yes, the picture was of Korosensei, who was shown flying on the night in question towards the moon on a zoom lens. Even with the image slightly blurry, it was still Korosensei all the same.

"He himself had admitted his crimes to my staff, yet refused to accept his execution -"

Suddenly, the lights were suddenly turned on again, thanks to Karma standing by the door. A bold move in front of government officials.

"Fancy slideshow, chief. Not gonna lie; got a good shot of that moon. Now, I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and assume you need us for some reason?"

While he wasn't expecting his boldness, the man kept his cool.

"Our resources were inefficient against him. Call it what you will, but, he insists to work out the rest of this classes stay. So after some discussion, we've come to our conclusion that since you students are who he'll be teaching, then you'll be the ones to handle his death."

... His death ... For many of the students, that seemed to be too big of a role to fit in. So to sum up; the government's asking a bunch of kids to kill their teacher because their target's teaching them. Not the best ideas ever heard, but it was the most convenient for the man giving the message. However, far as they knew, how can they exactly deny the government? ...


As the day ticked on, Korosensei was still gone for a while. Eventually though, after a few hours, Korosensei started to appear from the forest. Rather than bolting off back to his class (thinking Ritsu was still teaching for him), he took his time walking over to the 3-E building. Even if the next term started, Korosensei took some time to enjoy himself, and his newfound freedom away from Giratina. Korosensei himself was happy to finally do his own thing, despite being on worse terms with the demonic Pokemon dragon. He happily walked along through the yard, enjoying some ice cream as he went along.

"Ah, now this is delicious!" Korosensei beamed, loving his sugary treat. However, as Korosensei continued walking along, he hummed a happy tune to himself, and got over to the door. He was in quite a good mood, and he hoped the rest of the day would be just as splendid. However, just before he could fully open the door, something from inside quickly hit his nostrils. His highly sensitive smell just picked up the smell of one thing out of the ordinary.

"Wait ... Iron? Let's see; iron from inside the classroom, a helicopter casually sitting outside in the yard ..."

You didn't think he didn't notice that did you?

Korosensei took some thinking over, and took a very small peek inside. However, oddly enough, he didn't seem to notice anyone inside. In fact, the lights were still dimmed out a little bit, and it was hard to figure out where anyone was at first glance, but the strong scent of iron still hung in the air as he ventured in.

"Uh ... Hello? Anyone in here? Ritsu? Nagisa, Karma?"

No reply. Strange.

Korosensei moved over to his desk like he always did, giving a stretch, when the door leading out suddenly slammed shut! And soon after that ...

  • BAM*

guns suddenly rang out from the classroom, all aimed at Korosensei! The alien only had seconds to duck and hide as he heard the guns shoot like crazy! Talk about a surprise, and one Korosensei wasn't prepared for. While hiding behind his desk, a small tentacle stretched out on the floor as long as he could muster, and flicked on the light. He quickly retracted the tentacle before anyone saw it, and it was then Korosensei saw the amount of bullet scratches made on the poor chalkboard. Korosensei turned blue in fear, as he gathered the nerve to peek beyond the desk to see what was going on.

"W-What in the world is - WHAA?!"

Then he saw his own students. His. Own. Students. All with some form of weapon in hand. They all had guns, in this case either rifles or shotguns, but they still had them no doubt! The man in charge was standing at front, his own handgun smoking from the firing. Korosensei couldn't believe what he was seeing. After regaining his senses, he jumped up.

"What's the meaning of this racket?! No guns in -" An extra ten shots just narrowly missed his head. "- school ..."

"Don't try us, you monster!" A student yelled.

"You blew up our moon!" Another added.

"We trusted you. We trusted you, and this is how you thank us?" Nagisa said.

Oddly, Korosensei seemed dumbfounded by the news, and he could tell these kids weren't playing around.

"Uh ... C-Can we talk about this?"

His main response was the sound of all their guns being loaded, and taking aim. Korosensei's face turned pale white, blank in emotion.

"That's a no."

Suddenly the silence turned to the sounds of constant gunfire, Korosensei dodging every single bullet shot with Mach 20 speed. In panic, the alien did the only thing any sensible creature would do in a situation like this; get outta dodge! In a desperate burst of speed, he literally smashed a hole in the wall, running off in a panic before anyone could get him. The man in charge jumped to the hole, and made a few more shots (each one missing), before Korosensei disappeared in the forest ...

"Damnit. You two, after him!" The man ordered, as the agents moved off after him...


"Well, Giratina, what'd I tell you? Your mind trick Worked like a charm, didn't it?"

In his realm, Giratina watched the event unfold from his orb, with a few other demons joining him this time around. Giratina turned to the demon speaking to him, his wing sparkling slightly.

"You know, I hate doing this."

"Why? It's so easy to do, and gets them off your own back while blasting Korosensei to bits."

"Keep in mind," Giratina explained, "That I didn't put them in a full trance; it was only enough to have them agree to Karasuma. I didn't have them altered anymore than that ... Though I have to admit, seeing Korosensei panic like that was fun to watch."

"Aha, see? There's fun in a trick or two!"

"It has its slight advantages. Now be on standby; you'll be able to leave soon."


Meanwhile, off in the forest, Korosensei was having his own problems. The agents continued searching the forest for a good five minutes, but no matter where they went, and no matter where they looked, Korosensei seemed to had vanished completely. In truth, the alien was still in the forest, but he had managed to retreat up a very tall tree, much like a cat would. His tentacles were all in knots, trying to stay up in the tree.

"W-What the hell happened? I leave to Pompeii for just one day, and suddenly everybody wants to kill me."

Korosensei's mind was cut short once he heard a loud crack on the tree! Suddenly the alien was hanging from the tree on a broken branch, and it quickly snapped seconds after! The alien plummeted from the tree, landing hard on the ground below him! Luckily for him, the agents had already left the forest so no one heard him. The alien stood up after that, tentacle to head. He started to do his thinking paces.

"Okay, let's see. You don't wanna get blasted, but you can't leave your kids. This man shows up and now they all can't listen to me - they won't listen! Come on, Koro, think."

"There he is!"

So much for that. Korosensei turned and saw that the agents had found him! Korosensei quickly bolted off as the guns fired at him again. It took just a few short second, but Korosensei had raced from the forest, back to the school. This time, he was in the school's storage shed, where they mainly keep the sporting equipment and such. Korosensei himself poker his head out of a box of baseball mittens, one on his head.

"These agents aren't helping much. They'll keep blasting my head if this keeps up! And if those students only listen to them -"

Then a thought struck Korosensei - a eureka moment if you will.

"I got it!" Korosensei beamed. Just as he got it though, the doors to the shed swung open. Korosensei shrunk into the box, and out of sight. Turned out it was Karma, leading two other students inside.

"Sure you saw him fly in here?" One of them asked.

"Where else would a bitch hide? At the ready you two," Karma said, aiming his pistol at the first box in the room, one hand only. Korosensei made one tiny peek from the box only to see Karma with his gun drawn! The second he shot, the box blasted open, Korosensei exploding out of the box and rushing outside ...

Where everyone else in the class was waiting. Oh joy.

Korosensei was stuck in a dance of death, trying to dodge the bullets blasted at him. The shots the kids were making though weren't too good - most of them doing this for the first time - and the bullets were mostly hitting either the dirt, the school, or whatever else. Karma and the man responsible were one of the better shots amongst the group, their bullets just grazing Korosensei's skin. Eventually though ...

"HOLD IT!" Korosensei yelled, finally losing patience. In just two literal seconds, Korosensei bolted around and collected all the weaponry. If he was going to talk to these people, at least have them withdrawn of killing tools. He kept the tons of weapons away from the others.

"For god sake kids! Obviously whatever's going on isn't going to drop anytime soon, so how about we make this interesting?" Korosensei began.

"You destroyed the moon - where do you get off?!" One of the kids yelled.

"Hey, hey! Listen everyone; we still have a long time to go yet, so I'd appreciate some good ol' cooperation. I'll play your game of kill the teacher, ONLY if you all promise me to work hard this semester. Yeah, this might be troubling to work with, but school's still a requirement no matter the case. I promise you all if this isn't dropped by the end of your school life, then you're all free to execute me if you all wish to. In the meantime, let's try to work on both your skills in mind and skill in weaponry. Is it a deal?"

Odd to hear a target making a deal on his own life in this way. Korosensei had to adapt to this situation in the best way possible, and if this sort of trouble wasn't going to just go away, then Korosensei had no other choice but to work it in his own schedule. After all, if the 3-E class is to get involved in such big matters, then he needed to have their minds sharp like the blades some were holding. As for the man, he seemed to stall slightly, but still kept his rifle aimed right for Korosensei's head.

"No catch? Alien?" He said.

"No catch. I still have my promise to not harm any student here, and I'm willing to keep that, no matter what," the alien replied. He took a moment to look to the other students in question. Maybe he was going into this a little too fast for them ...

"... *sighs* fine. But any tricks, and I'm not holding back."

"Oh, where have I heard that before?" Korosensei joked, remembering Greninja's own warning a month after starting his own job as a 3-E teacher. Korosensei knew how to handle this type of character, for sure.

"By the by, got a name, friend?"

While he drew the line at the word "friend", he ended up complying.

"Tadaomi Karasuma."


The teacher then turned to the rest of his students.

"Come on everybody, there's still a lot of time, and lots of lessons to teach. Come on everybody, and as for these -" Korosensei made a huge swing, and all the weapons were thrown out of sight "- can be thrown off to the moon. I'll supply the weapons that'll work more your speed, and won't hurt the rest of ya when you try blasting me, okay?"

Korosensei, calmer at this point, and with the plan in tact, happily went off back in the classroom. It was quite a jump from running for his life, to just accepting it. Like he really was going to do that; he just needed time to think it through before figuring out what's what. Now he did, and now he's got it figured out. Nagisa watched him go on in, needing to think himself on what just happened ...


"He did that?" Twilight asked.

Sometime later, after things had calmed down, Nagisa was back over to the main building with Twilight for their lunch get together - something they didn't do in a while.

"Yeah, he did. I don't know really, it all just happened so fast," Nagisa admitted. Who'd think that the government would have him try to kill his teacher in under an hour of arrival? Twilight was more concern over the whole 'killing teacher' thing, and the fact Nagisa Shiota actually agreed to do so.

"But, Nagisa, are you sure this *quickly hushed* assassin thing *normal tone* is a good idea?"

"I don't know what other choice I have. This is the government I'm stuck dealing with ..."

"You sure you'll be okay after all this?"

Nagisa was quiet at first, but then turned to her and smiled.

"I promise."


Far away, observing still, Giratina made a low demonic laugh ...

"We'll see about that..."

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