Kyoshiro Shirogane
Kyoshiro profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1'2"
Weight 30 pds
Race Kishu
Personal Description
Affiliation Kyoshiro's pack (leader)
Status Alive
Foes Weed (temp.)

Kyoshiro Shirogane is a deadly canine from Shige. He does believe in justice, but takes to it in a violent manor.


Kyoshiro is often shown to be very aggressive and No sense of sympathy towards intruders. However, he actually has a strong sense of justice, but takes to it in a violent manor rather than a sympathetic manor. If taken the time to befriend, Kyoshiro can prove to be a very powerful ally.


Kyoshiro was born with a dog pack, ruled by his abusive father, and constantly gets beaten up because of him. It's due to this which resulted in all of his scars. Eventually, he decided to take revenge on his father by turning all the younger pack members against him, thus killing him. He felt that all adults are horrible due to his own suffering, and left to create his own pack.

Season 1Edit

When his pack grew large enough, he began attacking the local packs around the area, one of which managing to tell the Ohu army. Kyoshiro was soon confronted by Kagetora and Ken, quickly trapping them with his pack members. Meanwhile, he tells Rick to get whoever else was around as he delt with Kagetora and Ken. Kyoshiro appears later on, soon after GB, Mel and Weed were taken back to his pack. He goes over to Weed, not believing Weed's claim to be Ohu's leader. Their claim on Korosensei and their involvement with Kaibutsu didn't help either. In the end, Kyoshiro challenges Weed in a duel, whoever wins follows a set of requests. Kyoshiro's wining deal was for Ohu to leave him alone, and him to gain Gaijou for himself, apart of traditional results. During the fight, Kyoshiro was getting the upper hand, and actually defeated Weed, but was stopped soon after by the ohu army. Despite getting upset that his deal was a bust, he let Weed go for the moment, deciding to follow him.

He followed Weed for the next couple of days until Weed was at Class 3-E, where Kyoshiro demanded a rematch for the fail before. His main reason behind that he thought Weed had ditched him out of the deal, the only main way a deal can be sealed with him was to kill the opponent. A big fight ensured, catching the attention of Class 3-E, until Weed proformed the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga on him, giving him a new scar on his face. Kyoshiro was about to kill everyone until Korosensei showed up. His appearance made Kyoshiro believe the claim told to him about the Kaibutsu event told to him, and he ran away.

Season 2Edit

After that, Kyoshiro then brought himself and his pack over to Fugato Pass, where he was confronted by the Ohu Army. Despite this, he refused to leave until he finished his fight with Weed once and for all. When Kyoshiro finally found Weed, he didn't hesitate, and fought him. In the end, however, Kyoshiro lost fair and square, yet was kept alive despite his confusion. After the fight though, he was one of those who witnessed the destruction of the moon.