Living Perfection; the arrival of Sakamoto
Season 3, Episode 3
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Kanji 完璧リビング。坂本の到着
Air date August 14, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Familiar Faces On the Rise

Living Perfection; the arrival of Sakamoto is the 3rd chapter of season 3, and the 27th in the overall series.


Transfer model student, Sakamoto, arrives to Yunibasaru.


Days came and went, and life had been plenty calm for the most part. As far as demonic activity went, it had been awfully quiet as of late. For some who actually knew what was up, this shift of calming demeanor was worth their trouble. To others, it was less of a bless, and more of a suspicious warning. They didn't face all of Giratina's demons at once, and it was hard to really say what was in store for them next. For Nagisa, the idea of calming peace from Giratina's troops wasn't even thought of in his head. He'd been going back and forth between one spot in the main building, and back to the 3-E building. Honestly, his training to unlock his Mizu, and training with Karasuma, added by the struggle to keep his 3-C status at school was, to put it simply, overwhelming. He wanted to get control of his Multitype, yet he couldn't talk his way out of Karasuma's assassination tactics, so he was stuck doing that no matter who said what. Twilight found this concerning, as she thought being at 3-C with her was enough to stop this assassin stuff for Nagisa, but apparently it wasn't enough. Speaking of the assassinations, Korosensei had grown accustom to having his life on the line every day. The guns and knives at class 3-E he even customized to actually doing harm to him for the thrill of it. These new knives and bullets felt like regular rubber to the students so they wouldn't hurt each other in their attempts, which both Korosensei and Karasuma saw improvement for many of those involved, Nagisa included. If that was good for their sense of morality or not was apparently out of the question for both sides of the party. As for the main building, news of Nagisa's return to 3-C spread around very quickly, and it wasn't very long until it reached the principal's ears. Gakuho swore that he had Nagisa Shiota sent over to the 3-E building months before this, and having Nagisa suddenly transferred like this without his exact approval was something he had to look into. As if he didn't have enough things to get his head around already, including the disappearance of his little elephant...

This point, Nagisa Shiota, Twilight, and Ren met up on their way to school and decided to go along together. It was a nice day, with cooler weather starting to come around to Tokyo. Even if just the middle of September, fall comes quick. While Nagisa and Twilight both felt the cold, Ren seemed oblivious to it - being in the wild for years contributed to that.

"So, Nagisa, you caught up with everything now?" Twilight asked at one point.

"I'm sure of it now. Took a bit, but I think I got it down pact," Nagisa replied.

"What about you Ren? Has things gone well for you?" Twilight then asked, turning to her.

"It's getting more familiar," Ren replied blankly.


"The training."

"Oh yeah. Uh, speaking of which, Korosensei said you've been ... Well, improving?" Twilight asked. Korosensei took the time to tell her the news after a while, and Twilight wanted to hear it for herself from her friends.

"Better combat, quicker strikes. Korosensei gave us these," Ren said, pulling out the fake blade from her pocket. The blade was rubbery, bendable, and a greenish color throughout the whole thing. Twilight took it and looked it over, feeling it's smooth surface a little.

"Well, at least you won't hurt eachother with this," Twilight sighed.

"Hie. Korosensei thought of that too, so he made these for us to use instead. They actually hurt him."

That's when the three stopped for a moment, Twilight a little surprised and confused.

"Wait. This can hurt him? Why did he let you use these then?" Twilight asked. All the two gave her was just a shrug. Sometimes it was hard to say what the alien wanted to do, but they got the motive to kill him anyway, and if this does hurt him, it's a start anyway. Twilight didn't want to continue on that subject, so she just continued walking with them both.

By this point, the trio had gotten over to the school, right on time as it would usually be. Twilight and Nagisa both walked alongside eachother on their way to their first class. Nagisa's mind was kinda lost in thought on things, and as this was going on, he wasn't paying much attention on what's going on around him. There was so much he was stuck with, and he didn't know how much more this could do for him, or how much it's taking out of him...

His mind was cut short though, when they both suddenly heard a collaboration of screams! From where they were though, it didn't sound like anything good. Glancing to eachother, Nagisa and Twilight rushed off to class (where the screaming came from in the first place). Upon arrival, two saw a group of students at the door, varying from 3-D upwards.

"What's going on? Everything okay?" Twilight asked.

"You won't believe who's here, Twilight! Come here, look," one of the students encouraged.

"Who can make this much fuss so fast?" Nagisa wondered. Twilight and Nagisa looked into their classroom. At first, it seemed normal enough, but it was the person over by the chalkboard that was getting the crowd's attention. He was another high school student, with clean black hair, and a pair of glasses. His outfit was the typical school uniform, all clean and well prepared. However, there was just something about him that made him different despite the many regular looks to him. At this point, he was wiping the chalkboard clean with some chalkboard erasers, one for each hand, but each move had a sort of deep charm. Dazzling, dexterous, and most of all ...


The student finished his erasing with a surprisingly cool pose, the erasers held high as chalkboard dust circles him for a short while, non touching him. He placed the erasers on the front desk, and adjusted his glasses, the girls in the crowd fangirling over him. The similar screams came out again, though this time they knew it was just praise over this newcomer. He looked to the crowd, calm, collective, and quite unconcern. The very sight of his eyes made Twilight blush by his beauty.

"W-wow," Twilight got out, her face red as an apple. Even Nagisa blushed slightly, for he was surprised on the boy's appearance too (as if looking like a girl wasn't enough for him, reactions came out too with this guy).

"Morning everyone," he simply said, as he started walking out of the classroom. The same boy looked to Nagisa one more time, both sides just locking eyes.

"Who ... Who are you?"

"Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto," the boy replied, before he walked to his class. Nagisa was speechless, and the chalkboard had never looked cleaner either. It wasn't until after he heard the name did the identity click on who Sakamoto was exactly, but before he could say anything, one of the girls (pink haired to be exact), still fangirling, got a hold of Nagisa and shook him in excitement.

"This is so incredible! The model student is in our building! This is a dream come true!!"

"Y-yeah, g-great," Nagisa said after being shook up. He was dazed a bit, but he was released afterwards, caught by Twilight. Twilight was still blushing a bit, but she was smart enough to get back to her senses. So, Sakamoto the model student was in their school now? Who'd of thought? Even so though, Nagisa and Twilight figured that it would affect their day all that much. Sakamoto had the brains of a top student, so, 3-A might be the main spot.


"So, Sakamoto's in my class?" Gakushu questioned. This news was much faster spread than Nagisa's transfer, and once it got to Gakushu's ears that Sakamoto will be joining them in 3-A, it was something he'll have to investigate himself. He was just one of a group of 3-A students, the elite students known as the big five, him being the leader. This sort of information got to them quickly, and the five discussed on what to do.

"So, guys? What do you say about putting him in his place?" Gakushu decided. He may be a 3-A, but they were top of the class, and since he was new, it would be best in their eyes to show him who's top dogs in this school.

Their first plan in action started off soon after the bell rang, and everyone in their seats. Gakushu figured out where Sakamoto was going to sit, and by the time he came around, the Big Five handled his seat. Or rather, lack there of.

"Morning everyone. I'm happy to announce that the one and only Sakamoto will be joining us this year," the teacher said happily. Sakamoto was happily obliged, and went over to his seat, only to find that his desk was missing. Not a good showing.

"Here, Sakamoto, you can sit with me," one of the girls said.

"No, sit with me," another girl replied. The fangirling wasn't part of the plan, but seeing him in this dilemma was still a seeming victory for Gakushu. There was just one thing he didn't count on though ...

"That's alright," Sakamoto simply replied. Then, instead of choosing any spare seats, or wasting time with finding his old one, he went over to the window.

Yes, the window!

Sakamoto adjusted himself perfectly, and casually sat down longways right on the window sill. A effect of fall sunshine, and stray leaves going by just outside added to the cool charm Sakamoto was clearly embodying at this point.

"You can start with the lesson," Sakamoto replied afterwards. Gakushu didn't expect that result, but he felt willing to go the distance throughout the day. It was just the first period after all ...


When lunch time came around, Nagisa went off from the main building, back to 3-E. It'd basically been a mirror effect from the first few months of his junior year; with him being at 3-E, and going to the main building for lunch. His lunch had to be quick though, as training began quite fast. As Karasuma and Korosensei watched on the sidelines, the other students of 3-E were busy with one-on-one duels with their rubber knives. Each student was teamed up, and basically pitted with duels to see who gets who first - first to get their blade at the heart of neck wins. Call it a disturbing game, but, it was something Karasuma insisted on. This match had Nagisa faced off with Karma. He was a pretty good opponent (not to mention a hard one). Even with blades aimed for their throats, the two still had their decent conversation.

"So, Nagisa, how's it been at 3-C? heard there's been a newcomer today?" Karma asked, as he nearly got his blade at Nagisa's throat. Nagisa swat it away with his own blade before answering.

"There is; Sakamoto himself," Nagisa answered, stabbing back.

"Sakamoto, eh? Didn't think he'd be bothered with our school given his track record."

"Me neither. Been making quite the talk of the school since he showed up," Nagisa noted, as he tried for the throat, but with no luck. The two took a quick break after that, as Nagisa continued.

"Well here's to hoping Giratina doesn't put him under his wing."

"Be real; why would he even bother with that?" Karma scoffed.

"Why'd he bother with helping you unlock Kasai?" Nagisa pointed out. Karma couldn't forget that, and find it an ironic case of good luck. He secretly checked his fire Multitype by rubbing his fingers to make a tiny flame, just enough so Nagisa could see, but no one else more. Everyone else was too busy with their training game anyway.

"Eh, gotta point there," Karma said.

Meanwhile, further off by the 3-E building, Korosensei and Karasuma watched them all in their practice. Korosensei had gotten himself a latte, not feeling exactly threatened by the act going on. Even if these students are trying to kill him, Korosensei didn't think they can pull it off.

"What a lovely display of skill, eh Karasuma?" Korosensei happily noted, taking a sip from his latte.

"Don't get too comfortable, alien," Karasuma replied sternly. He didn't know why Korosensei was being so supportive of this idea. To him, the alien seemed to have a huge death wish. Karasuma took a moment to check his watch, seeing lunch time was almost over.

"That's enough for now everyone!" Karasuma called, everyone amongst the class stopping almost immediately. Nagisa wiped off some sweat from his forehead, as he gave back the fake knife to Karasuma.

"Here you go, sir. Have a good day," Nagisa said, giving a respective bow before going off again. 3-E watched him go off from there. Karasuma had been watching him for quite some time, and he came to a unique conclusion that he was blossoming a bit faster than anticipated. Sure, someone like Karma or Naruto would make sense, but, Nagisa? Such a nice kid having such a skill so easily was something Karasuma needed to take note of ...

Soon after training with Karasuma, it was off back to the main building. It was a relaxing walk, as always, though it was a little tiring after his training. For the time being though, it didn't matter much for Nagisa Shiota. It was a longer walk from Greninja and his pool to the main building anyway. Nagisa gave a sigh, as he looked up into the trees. As he was, some of the crows up in the trees started to fly off in a fuss. Nagisa stopped himself once he saw that, and he began to look around the forested areas off the path ...

Something was moving towards him.

"Here we go again," Nagisa sighed. He had a good enough break, but now it was time to get back to it, he supposed. Looking off, he saw the bushes rustling, and the sound of small, yet fast footsteps. Soon, something ended up showing itself. Nagisa then saw a Pawniard suddenly appeared. Soon, about five more followed, and circled him. Nagisa may have trained a bit, but he was still unarmed, and these living blades had weaponry all over them. Rather than wait around this time, their boss Bisharp almost immediately showed himself.

"Been a while, Nagisa," Bisharp said.

"Bisharp," Nagisa replied. If he had anything else to say, he didn't had much time to say so, as the Pawniard quickly rushed in and pinned him to a nearby tree. Two Pawniard placed themselves on the opposite side of the tree, their blade arms digging Nagisa's clothes in the tree, as if he was handcuffed to it. Bisharp then moved right over to him, sharp arms ready to slice him. Nagisa could tell there wasn't anything worth waiting for on his death, and he wasn't having any of it.

He used the Pawniard pinning him to the tree as support, Nagisa leaped up, got his legs forward, and gave Bisharp a good kangaroo kick right to the stomach. Just enough to knock him back, but not enough damage for any real harm. Bisharp picked himself up fast, as Nagisa tried to get loose. Bisharp though charged right for him, arms at front, and killer instincts at the ready. Nagisa's training began to take hold, and he moved his head to the right just enough to dodge the arm by inches! The impact was strong enough for one of the Pawniard to accidentally dislodge itself, giving Nagisa enough time to get himself free. Bisharp tried again, but his slice missed him, and Nagisa got his distance between Bisharp and himself soon afterwards. Bisharp quickly charged in at him, and before Nagisa could shake himself off, was pinned to the ground.

"Good night," Bisharp hissed, raising both arms high in the air, his sharp feet keeping Nagisa down. Nagisa tried his best to get him off, as Bisharp readied himself...

"My goodness."

Bisharp stopped inches from slicing off Nagisa's head. Bisharp and his Pawniard turned to the source. Standing there, leaning casually against a tree, was another high school student. He had a book in hand, a satchel in the other, and despite seeing Bisharp standing there, he wasn't deterred in the slightest.

"I don't appreciate such behavior to my fellow students."

"Sakamoto," Nagisa gasped.

"Witness. Slaughter him!" Bisharp demanded. Bisharp kept Nagisa down by standing on him. The Pawniard rushed in towards Sakamoto, blades at the ready, but before they could, Sakamoto was gone! Not in the sense of teleporting, but, he moved quickly enough. The Pawniard looked everywhere for him, but couldn't find him anywhere. Sakamoto showed up again farther away from the Pawniard, by another tree. All the Pawniard rushed for him again, but rather than disappear, Sakamoto simply took a sidestep. The Pawniard sliced up the tree behind him, and were just about to charge in again, when they all heard a notable creak ...

Next thing they knew, the tree collapsed on all the Pawniard! Sakamoto didn't want to do that sort of thing, but circumstances sometimes call for it. He had his back turned away, as he adjusted his glasses accordingly. Bisharp couldn't believe it, to the point where he stepped off Nagisa to confront Sakamoto.

"Who do you think you are, bastard?" Bisharp growled.

"Pardon me for my rudeness. I'm Sakamoto," he answered politely. Bisharp couldn't care less though for behavior, as he got his blades ready. Nagisa got up, his uniform torn up by Bisharp's claws, but he was still shocked Sakamoto was helping him out. Sakamoto then got in his satchel, and pulled out a set of long, silk ribbons ...

"You wouldn't mind if I practice here, would you?" Sakamoto asked.

"Don't take me lightly, human," Bisharp said. Sakamoto actually started his practice, his ribbons flying and moving around in such a fabulous way. Nagisa wasn't sure what Sakamoto was going to do, or why he was doing this in front of a demon. But Sakamoto showed no doubt in his mind on this idea. He was completely confident ...

Bisharp rushed for him fast, ready to tear him apart, but with every attempt, Sakamoto moved out of the way of each attempt with surprising speed and grace, apparently apart of his routine. Bisharp tried through every angle, every opening, every chance, but Sakamoto didn't give him the time of day during his practice. The usually collective Bisharp began to get more and more annoyed. During one lunge, Sakamoto dodged again with a simple bow, the ribbons adding some extra flair.

"How's this human doing so well? There must be a weak point," Bisharp thought, spinning around upon landing. Bisharp rushed for him one more time, but this was one lunge too many; Sakamoto did a stylish ribbon spin, but as Bisharp rushed by, one of the ribbons ended up over his eyes! By the time Sakamoto pulled it away, Bisharp's face had an arrangement with another tree, slamming into it hard. That few seconds of blindness gave Bisharp no time to react, and his head slammed through the bark. He could only thank god that the Pawniard didn't see this. Sakamoto finished his practice with a dazzling spin. The styling ribbons, combined with the shine of the sun, gave Sakamoto a amazing final pose right in front of the speechless Nagisa.

"That ... T-That's amazing. How did he do that?" Nagisa thought, at a loss of words. Yeah, he seen some crazy things, but this was different from not only having his life saved, but this amazing talent came from nowhere, and arrived on a whim. As for Sakamoto, he then presented the book to him.

"Here you are. I found it back at your last class while cleaning. Thought you wanted it back," Sakamoto said, giving Nagisa his book. Nagisa took it, but he was surprised how calm he was in the face of something like this. He fought a demon, and went on like nothing even happened, nor did he seem worried over how much of a risk he just took. Nagisa got up to his feet, but there was still the matter of his tear in his uniform. Bisharp's claws made two large tears in his uniform, and he can't get back with this. Lucky for him, Sakamoto already had a solution; reaching in his satchel, he pulled out a threading needle.

"Secret technique ..."

All of a sudden, Sakamoto pulled the shirt off of Nagisa, the shirt up in the air. Nagisa didn't know exactly what happened next, or what Sakamoto exactly did, but suddenly Sakamoto got the needle to work. With extreme speed and accuracy, Sakamoto sewed up the tears in Nagisa's suit in no time at all.

"... Sewing machine," Sakamoto finished. His secret technique worked like a charm, and he gave Nagisa back his shirt, good as new! Nagisa couldn't believe what he just seen ...

"Let's head back. Classes are gonna start up soon," Sakamoto advised, starting to go again. Nagisa got his shirt back on, watching him go.

"God damn. That was incredible ... I wonder of Arceus knows him," Nagisa wondered, and he too started to go off back.

Nagisa and Sakamoto were far out of sight when Bisharp came about, and tore his head out of the tree. His head ached, and pride dented, and he didn't know where the other two had gone. He felt hurt, but even more embarrassed.

"Getting my ass beaten by a human. What a joke. Hope Giratina doesn't hear about this," Bisharp groaned, looking to his Pawniard, still stuck under the tree. Bisharp got them out easily by pushing the tree off of them, and he and his Pawniard rushed off out of sight ...


In his office, Gakuho continued with his own work back in his office. For the principal, things had been going fairly well, though information going around had become a bit troubling for his system. Gakuho was continuing to go over his paperwork, he looked over the monitors. On it, he could see Nagisa just returning to the main building. He didn't do anything just yet about it, but seeing him continuously going about the school's main classes when he was supposed to be at 3-E, was starting to get troubling.

"Nagisa. He's stepping out of line ... No matter. I'll put him in his place," Gakuho thought, seeing him go off camera. Soon after he did though, there was a knock at his door. He got no indication of any guests aside from Sakamoto, and even then they weren't allowed to visit him.

"Who's there?" Gakuho asked. Rather than answer, whoever was at the door calmly opened the door, and invited himself in. The man looked about the same age, wearing a proper teacher's uniform all in grey. His hair was pitch black, and his eyes were a dark grey. Gakuho didn't recognize him as apart of his staff at all.

"Good afternoon, mr. Asano. A pleasant day, isn't it?" He said.

"Who might you be? I don't recall any visitors," Gakuho said, looking over his papers. The man moved the papers aside so to keep Gakuho's attention.

"I'd like to ask about your job?" He asked. Gakuho began to get suspicious over him.

"So, you want to work here? In what position did you had in mind?"

"Substitute Teacher will do nicely. An open job, and I can fit in for any class," he noted. Gakuho still wasn't so sure about that, and had his doubts.

"Any class, you say? You have to be the best to fit in my staff. I don't take weaklings," Gakuho said, a smirk creeping on his face. The man didn't seem too worried though, and actually gave a slight giggle, pulling something out of his sleeve.

"Then here's something that can help you; personal track record," he said, giving it to Gakuho. Looking it over, Gakuho saw plenty of positive things said about this man, from how good he was to the students to how much he helped improve those he teaches. Gakuho found this impressive overall. Even if this was positive, Gakuho still wanted to test him.

"Is this your first time working as a substitute?"

"Worked around from Canterlot High, to Hokkaido university. Even got a few college side-jobs here and there," he said. Gakuho watched him intently during his talk, and the man didn't seem to be lying to him. Gakuho can catch a lie easily if someone screws up or gets worried. This man wasn't worried at all. Gakuho stood up and walked around his desk, looking him eye to eye.

"You know ... You are surprisingly confident you'll even get the position."

"I'm really hoping to join the best in Tokyo, sir. I did good at many other schools, but none of them come close to such a proper establishment like yours."

Gakuho could tell a mile away he was just buttering him up. Even so, his track record proved promising enough. Gakuho moved over to his side, close to his ears for whispers.

"You do understand that I follow an ant system here, don't you? If I do hire you, will you keep it that way? 3-A at the top. 3-E at the bottom. That's how it's always been, and how it always will be. Think you can do that?" Gakuho explained. Gakuho made sure his sly and persuasive tone got to the man strong and clear. Gakuho was also hoping this man would break down in case he was lying to him, but he was surprisingly eager, and gave a grin.

"I'll be sure to keep it as it is. Why ruin perfection?" He said with a wink. Gakuho was admittedly impressed, but didn't show it. He did however, turned to face him fully.

"Well ... You can start tomorrow. Mean time, one of our more experienced teachers will show you around," Gakuho concluded. The man happily bowed to Gakuho.

"Much obliged sir."

After that was decided, the man turned and walked out. Gakuho watched him go, though he still had his suspicions over him. He'll keep an eye on him on his first day ...

And the man will keep his eye on Gakuho.

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