Mel profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1'4"
Weight 35 lbs
Race Retriever
Personal Description
Affiliation Ohu Army
Friends Weed, GB, Smith, Ken, Kagetora, Nagisa, Ren, Ohu Army, The Chosen, Kimba, Phanpy, Korosensei
Foes Greninja, Bisharp

Mel is a young, friendly golden retriever and member of the Ohu Army, until he joined with Weed to aid The Chosen.


Mel is a rather loyal friend among the pack, and will try his best to be useful towards his friends. He is a typical good dog, and will try his best to fight for those he cares about, though sometimes he'll run in blindly to do so, often getting himself injured a lot more than he needed to me.



Mel was born as a stray dog, wandering alone among the world until he was found by Weed and GB.

Mel traveled with them off to the Ou mountains, agreeing to help them fight against Kaibutsu. The retriever remained as moral support throughout the whole thing, though, while Kaibutsu was taken cared of by Jerome's squad.

After Kaibutsu was taken care of, he was sent off with the others off to Shige, in order to confront Kyoshiro Shirogane. Upon arriving in Shige, Mel stayed with GB and Weed while Ken and Kagetora went off to hunt, until he was found by Rick's platoon. He was brought to the main pack, where he was confronted by Kyoshiro. While there, he had to stay aside as Weed fought Kyoshiro. When Weed was knocked out, Mel retreated with the others back to Gaijou. Sometime later, Mel found Weed outside, and after Weed explained his issue with Nagisa, agreed to leave Gaijou alongside Weed. Mel also agreed to tell the others what they were doing as GB and Weed left.

When they arrived in Tokyo, Mel followed Weed as best he could through the busy city until they found the location where Nagisa was, Mel taking a break for a while. Before he could meet him, they were found by Kyoshiro again. Unlike before, Mel tried a number of times to stop Kyoshiro, only ending up failing until Kyoshiro finally decided to leave upon seeing Korosensei.

Mel had to stay around for a while longer due to the fight, and as such remained by Weed's side as he recovered. However, before Mel could go, they were found by the Pawniard, and Mel was soon pinned down. When Bisharp showed up, Mel broke free and tried to fight him, only getting knocked out after just one hit.

Season 2Edit

After recovering, and staying around for a while, Mel decided to join the others in leaving to Kenya. Upon arrival, Mel joined up with Weed and GB in exploring the Serengeti, where he met Kimba, Dodie, Sahara, and others. During the invasion by the Destroyers from the Desert, Mel tried to fight them off alongside Weed, only to get brutally beat as a result. He was brought to a hot spring outside of the Jungle, where he was found by Korosensei. He trained for a bit by Korosensei, alongside Weed and Kimba, and made a rematch with the Destroyers, that time defeating them.

After that, he aided in both the rescue of Karma Akabane and Hinata Hyūga when they got captured by Samson, and in the fight against Narcissus.

Upon their return to Japan, Mel left with GB, and Weed, to head back home to Fugato Pass. During their travels, Mel was introduced to Sasuke once the group came across him again, and allowed him, along with Teru, to join them in their return to Fugato Pass. Once they did return, Mel helped Weed and GB in explaining their adventures to the rest of the Ohu Soldiers, yet he stayed at Gaijou as Weed looked for Kyoshiro afterwards. Later on that night, Mel went on top of Gaijou with GB and Smith to wait for Weed, and as such, witnessed the destruction of the moon.