Misao: Academy's Ghost
Season 1, Episode 5
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Kanji みさお:アカデミーのゴースト
Air date April 27, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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The Battle of Kaibutsu Welcome To Our School

Misao: Academy's Ghost is the 5th chapter of season 1, and 5th of the overall series.


A haunting had been made known at the high school, and it's up to Nagisa and his school friends to solve it.


Sometime had past on by, and things had, thankfully, settled on down. For Nagisa, that was a very good thing. From his excursion with Kaibutsu back in the Oū mountains, sometime to get back in the swing of things was indeed a must for him. Speaking of Kaibutsu, the reports had oddly calmed down upon the sightings, and especially attacks. Thank god! That didn't exactly mean he was completely Scott free, as he had to explain the situation to Karma about Korosensei, and help relax Twilight after returning home. He had been back for just a week, and by that point, it'd been rather calming from what he had delt with from the 4 days gone. As for his class, he'd found out, had missed him and were wondering about what happened.

The class 3-E bell had rung for the final hour of the day, and everyone ready to head home. As Nagisa was going out though, Luffy and Naruto had caught up with him by the front door -Naruto faster than Luffy-.

"Hey, Nagisa!" Luffy started.

"Oh, hi guys," Nagisa said, smiling.

"Hey Nagisa, I got something cool to show you, wanna see?" Naruto asked.

"Huh? Sure, what is it?" Nagisa asked, genially curious. Since the last time he saw Naruto was him training with Greninja in some ninjutsu, he was interested in what he had in store for them. With a grin, Naruto went ahead so both can see, and got both hands in a particular, sky-aimed position. Then he spoke out the words.


In a puff of smoke, the ninjutsu was casted, and both Luffy and Nagisa had some trouble seeing at the end, maybe that was a good thing. The exact ninjutsu had, basically, turned Naruto from a boy into a sexy girl, completely naked, only the clouds blocked the view of the 'womanly parts'. Nagisa immediately covered his eyes, trying to not look.

"Damnit Naruto, Why?!" Nagisa yelled, blushing red as Naruto turned back. It was the first time both Luffy and Naruto saw him snap like that, yet it made some sense considering what Naruto had just done.

"Pretty neat eh? Now I got free passage to the girls locker room," Naruto said, sounding overly proud of himself.

"After all that training, and you have a jitsu for a pervert?"

"I can't have my own fun? Come on admit it, that's awesome! It can be useful too you know," Naruto said with a wink. Trying to remove any perverted thoughts in his head, Nagisa calmed down and readied to head off.

"Yeah sure. I have to go now, I'm supposed to meet Twilight later on tonight. See ya," Nagisa said, turning to go. He had told them both a little bit about Twilight before, so any introduction to her was not needed here. Before he could go though, a particular figure suddenly got in his way, though not pulling out a blade at him for once; Greninja. It'd been a while since Nagisa had spoken, or even saw Greninja since he left with Karma. His speed and surprises were still as cunning as ever.

"Hey Greninja, nice to see you again," Nagisa said.

"Likewise. Nagisa, I do have a message for you from your friend, Twilight. She said she can't join you this evening, insisting on staying after at the main building," Greninja explained, in his usual arm-crossed stance.

"Really, when did she tell you?"

"She came by an hour ago down the trail when I found her. She's probably back at the main building by now," Greninja concluded. Nagisa thought for a second on that, as Greninja went away again. So much for that night's study session.


As time ticked onward, the main building of Yunibāsaru Junior High school began to become more and more quiet, the various students of the building heading off home. Among them though, Twilight had stuck behind to catch up on her work, not having too much time to do so lately. In the school library, Twilight settled down with some various books alongside her, and was looking through one of them for her history project. The only other person with her was Akari, which she had partnered up with, and whom agreed to stay with her after hours.

"Let's see. The Clan that originated from the Nara period was..." Twilight wondered, looking through one of the many books next to her. Akari was looking over her friend's shoulder as well, trying to figure it out too. After a little bit, Akari pointed to the answer on the page Twilight was reading.

"There it is, the Iga clan!" Akari said with a smile. Twilight quickly found it and wrote it down.

"Good work, Akari, thanks," Twilight congratulated, as Akari simply smiled back. She was happy to help her friend out.

It seemed that time had gone a little quicker than they'd like - next thing they knew, it was late in the day, 6:00 to be exact. The setting sun left strong beams of light into the many of the windows of the school, as Twilight and Akari both walked alone towards the exit to head home. Twilight took the liberty to check out some books too for some extra study, so that also took some time from their day too.

"Thanks again for helping me out, Akari," Twilight said while walking alongside her.

"It's no problem, happy to help. you think we got enough information?" Akari asked.

"Maybe. I'm sure we'll have enough information about the clans for tomorrow with what we have. Too bad the day went rather quickly," Twilight sighed, looking outside through the many school windows.

'Don't worry, I'm sure we'll have enough time," Akari assured her, as the two continued walking. For Twilight, it was nice to make a new friend after being gone for 7 years from her home city, though was sad that Nagisa couldn't be around when they're at school any more. Ever since he left for that whole hunting trip with Karma Akabane, Twilight gotten a bit more worried over her old friend, and what could happen to him. It didn't help that there was more of 'them' out there, as Greninja had stated weeks ago, which had put her slightly on lookout. But, as her thoughts were continuing to process...

  • BZZT*

It happened: the lights suddenly had gone out. The only light came from the sunlight outside, but it still was enough to notice and startle them both. It even gave a more dramatic effect, the shadows much more prominent than before, as Twilight and Akari stopped dead in their tracks.

"What happened?" Akari asked, staying close to Twilight.

"Don't worry, maybe a fuse blew somewhere. Come on, let's go home," Twilight assured, though was unsure herself how a fuse would suddenly just go out in a junior high school - of all places -. Akari and Twilight continued walked, Akari kinda lagging behind a bit as they continued. Twilight kept walking down the halls alongside her friend, only hearing the sounds of their footsteps on the floor... Then Akari made a scared whimper behind her, quick and high-pitched, just enough to catch Twilight's ears as she kept walking.

"Akari it's fine, you don't need to be scared...Akari...?"

Twilight turned around from the lack of response, only to find her friend missing. No trace. No clue. Not even a sound of extra footsteps signifying her leaving. Standing in the sunlight, Twilight looked around, but could see no sign of where Akari had gone to...Twilight was alone...

"Akari, where'd you go?" Twilight called.


...not from her friend anyway...

(-The Steward Of Gondor parody-)

Leave them behind

The sudden sound of that melody struck Twilight fast, as she spun around back behind her. The voice sounded like a girl, rather sweet might she add, but it wasn't from Akari. In fact it didn't sound familiar at all. Curious, Twilight started to follow the musical singing.

The life ahead

"Hello?!" Twilight called again, starting to move fast down the halls, trying to find out who else was in there with her. She went down a hall until it split in two at the end, and waited for a bit.

There are many paths to trend

Twilight heard it to her left, and actually saw a small silhouette of someone, but quickly disappeared. Twilight ran down the hall in order to find out who the figure was, but when she reached the end, found that no one was there. She waited for a bit, unsure of where to go.

Through the dark

Twilight followed again, but slowed down when she noticed a prominent shadow of the figure among the window sun rays, as to not provoke or startle whoever was there.

To heaven of light

Twilight peaked around the corner, to make sure she wasn't spotted, when she saw that there was indeed someone right by the window. However, the figure, within the light, was too hard to make out due to the dark shadow caste behind it. She could make out the hair, which oddly resembled her own in length and smooth dexterity.

Until the souls are all aligned

Twilight could tell the voice was strongly feminine, and rather young, so it was a girl standing there. As quietly as she could, she slowly and carefully walked into view, not saying a word.

death and dark

heaven and shade

Twilight remained perfectly still, listening to the lovely, yet sorrowful melody...

All shall fade

All shall...

Suddenly, the figure spun around, almost unreal, right at Twilight...then everything went black...



The day closed for a while, as Nagisa was chilling back at his apartment, looking through the channels. At that point, his homework was over and done, and his studies were all over with. It was rough just staying alone like this: nothing going on...

As he was going through the channels, he stopped on a news bulletin, again with a Kaibutsu report...yet different.

"Good evening, Tokyo, and this is your nation news at eight."

The male reporter straightened his papers quickly as a picture of a canine appeared in the right corner of the screen. The picture showed what seemed to be a dog-like creature, inside a cage. At first, Nagisa thought it was Kaibutsu again, but the cage, and those within the shot, made the dog too small to be Kaibutsu. In fact, the creature didn't appear too monstrous, but the video provides was slightly blurred, and slightly choppy as the man continued.

"A scientific breakthrough, or a potential threat? After countless efforts on a project lasting since November 22 2014, scientist Shou Tucker had successfully created the first living hybrid, named Alexander."

The screen changed to an interviewer right by Shou Tucker and the hybrid sitting between them, looking like a depressed donkey looking directly at the camera.

"It is a monumental breakthrough in science to have a living example of hybridization. Thanks to Alexander here, the scientific possibilities had opened up tremendously," Shou said, rubbing Alexander's head like it was his pet. The hybrid didn't react too much other then a small lick to his fingers. The very sight of the thing got Nagisa thinking hard.

"Another hybrid?... Like Kaibutsu?" He thought aloud...before these thoughts could continue, suddenly something appeared by his window, making him jump the second he saw it.

"There you are, Nagisa," he said, his webbed hand opening the window.

"Greninja! What are you doing, I thought your staying at Class 3-E," Nagisa said, getting up. Greninja stepped in again.

"No time to talk, Nagisa, I'm sensing a disturbance back at the school," Greninja explained.

"Why'd you barge in my house then, can't you handle it?"

"This is important. I'll meet with you there, and may I pray tell, your friend, Twilight, I sense is in grave danger!"

Nagisa jumped up to his feet upon that news: his friend? In grave danger?!...oh no...

"Twilight...We have to save her!" Nagisa said, getting up and running out. Greninja had a sense that would be enough to get Nagisa moving off to the issue at hand. Before Greninja could go himself, the TV caught his attention again, showing Alexander once more.

"Daddy. I. Love daddy," it said, it's voice sounded dry and horse.

"Good boy," Shou said. Greninja stared intently at the creature on the screen for a minute or two...something wasn't right... And it wasn't because of the hybrid...


Since Greninja's warning, Nagisa had been running non-stop to reach the main building from his apartment, the blue-haired boy unsure of what he was going into. However, the fact that Twilight could be in grave danger made it unable to be simply ignored, especially because it was an old friend Nagisa was trying to reach. After the crazy run, Nagisa went for the front doors of the main building, but as he was heading there, he saw 2 familiar people right by the door too; Luffy and Naruto. Although both were in different clothes (Luffy in blue shorts and a red top, while Naruto in a orange ninja full body suit), Nagisa knew who they were right away. Why were they there? It was rather quickly when Luffy saw him.

"Nagisa!" Luffy called, as Nagisa stopped in front of them both.

"Luffy? Naruto? Why are you guys here, did Greninja tell you too?" Nagisa asked, catching his breath for a little bit.

"Yeah, Greninja insisted we'd come here. Something about a presence here at the school," Naruto said.

"Hey, where is that frog anyway?" Luffy asked, scratching his hair. Nagisa looked back, not seeing the ninja frog just yet.

"He'll be around soon," Nagisa answered, though was a bit confused himself on where Greninja was, just being told he was coming and all that stuff. the three looked into the building, seeing how dark it actually was just inside the main doors. However, the longer they waited, the more at risk those inside would be in... On that note, Nagisa Shiota went and tried the doors, not getting them open as easily.

"Locked. Damnit, now what?" Nagisa asked, turning to the others. Before anyone could answer though, they all heard a sort of unlocking noise from the door, both doors swinging open! Nagisa was knocked over, landing near Naruto, as Luffy looked into the darkened main room, looking a bit spooky in the moonlight. As the three looked in, they all could see a faint, black figure standing inside...

"Hello?" Naruto asked. No response.

"Eh, okay, weird bitch inside, I'm staying out here," Luffy made known, taking a step back. However, the figure inside then started walking inward, away from them. As she was, Nagisa noticed something inside as she walked on...She wanted them in...

"Wait...Is that...?"

Nagisa started to head in, much to Naruto and Luffy's surprise, but just as the 3 got in, the doors slammed shut behind them, hard. Luffy jumped in fear, yet Naruto, hand to forehead, found this predicament WAY to predictable.

"Really? The door locking, seriously?!" Naruto groaned. Naruto immediately aimed an angered finger at Nagisa.

"Why'd you go in, you dumbass?! Now we're stuck in here!"

"Hey, sorry, I didn't know, honest!" Nagisa pleaded, trying to calm things down.

"Oh yeah, sure! "Hey, there's an odd figure inside the school, Let's follow her and see what happens"!"

Before their argument, or blame, could go any further, they were stopped when they all heard a calm, quiet humming melody that seemed to fill the air around them.

"Who's that?" Naruto asked.

"Not sure...Maybe it's the presence that Greninja was talking about. Come on," Nagisa insisted, starting to walk. However, Naruto stayed still as Luffy joined.

"Hey, Naruto, you coming or what?" Luffy asked.

"It's bad enough we're stuck in here, I don't think it's the best idea to just wander around!" Naruto snapped, crossing arms and standing perfectly still.

"Okay, if you want to stay right there, where we just saw that thing, fine," Nagisa said, starting to walk again...It didn't take much else to convince Naruto to change his mind, joining them right away.

"Can't you guys at least wait for Greninja?"

"No time now, the doors are locked anyway so how's he gonna get in?" Luffy reminded. Naruto looked back at the door. Sure he'd been training for a while, but, he wasn't prepared for this sudden hunt down in the main school so late at night. But, what could he do anyway, the doors were locked and Greninja wanted them there anyway, so, whats the point on arguing on about it?


Everything around them seemed very quiet, no light on within the school. Only light they had was the light from the windows, and even that was a guess upon where the moonlight shined in. Almost seemed like the only ones inside were Luffy, Nagisa and Naruto, but the sight of the figure made that a bit unsure. Among them all though, Nagisa alone had the most reason to keep looking around, while Luffy was getting rather bored of the walking. The tired kid gave a loud yawn.

"UGH, why are we here again?" Luffy groaned.

"Greninja told us, remember?"

"About what? All he said was there's some freaky stuff here. As much as I like the adventure of it, can't it wait when I'm not sleeping?" Luffy complained, another yawn escaping his mouth as they walked. Naruto kinda felt the same, though wasn't complaining too much about it. Naruto and Nagisa kept looking around for any odd signs of trouble, or anyone else within the building. The group eventually walked by a darkened hallway, not able to see what was at the end of it clearly. Just before they all passed, Luffy in sight of it, something suddenly appeared from the shadows, and landed right on him, gripping him arm! Luffy screamed like crazy, Naruto and Nagisa turning back in shock to the sudden scream as Luffy was flaring around.

"AH! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!" Luffy screeched, trying to get whatever was on his arm to let go, which had a tight grip. Among the two, Nagisa found out what it was first.

"Luffy stop, that's Akari, she's not dangerous!" Nagisa yelled, making Luffy stop and look to her. The school attire and green hair made it obvious it was Akari. However, Akari didn't look completely fine, rather weak even. Her breathing was heavy, and her support was fully on Luffy.

"You okay? what happened?" Naruto asked, trying to help her up right. However, Akari looked either too weak or too scared, burying her face in Naruto's chest as if trying to hide herself. Naruto didn't expect that, blushing up.

"Don't worry, Akari, you're safe now. Now tell us -"

"We're not safe! She's here, she's coming for us!" Akari yelled in fear, almost hysterical.

"She, who's she?"

Before anyone could reply, an odd form of hum filled the air, a tune that seemed to come from everywhere. Whatever it was, Akari didn't enjoy it, and got even more scared from it. Nagisa kept chill a little bit, but Naruto wasn't ready for this. If anything, he was about as scared as Akari.

"Don't answer that," Naruto shuttered. Nagisa, much to their fear, started to pinpoint the sound and went towards the end of the hall.

"Nagisa, no! Don't go! She already got Twilight, and nearly got me! I don't want to loose you!" Akari begged, letting go of Luffy to grip Nagisa by the waist.

"Akari, I'll be okay, I promise. I came back from Kaibutsu, didn't I? I'll come back from this," Nagisa assured, trying to calm her down, or at least let him go. It wasn't really working though: Akari wouldn't let him go, and Luffy and Naruto weren't all thrilled either with the idea. However, Nagisa did make Akari let go, and began listening to the hum...when it stopped...

"Huh? Where's the -"

Nagisa was suddenly grabbed from behind, a pair of woman arms gripping his leg, making him stop.

"Nagisa, I'll be okay, honestly. I wouldn't lie to you," Nagisa said...

"...T-that's not m-me..." Akari shuttered. That made Nagisa tense up, as he slowly looked down to his leg. Nagisa's eyes shot open wide, the sight of two, disembodied arms gripping his leg! Freaked out, Nagisa did the sensible option: yanking them off and throwing them down the hall, away from him. He hadn't walked away for a minute and already creepy stuff's happening to him.

"What the hell?"

"Okay, screw this, I'm out!" Naruto decided, starting to go for the exit. Before anyone could stop him, Naruto was already gone from sight, leaving Akari, Nagisa and Luffy alone. Soon after Naruto ran the corner though, they all suddenly heard Naruto scream! When the 3 ran over to investigate...nothing...well, nothing except his headband, just laying on the ground. The moonlight revealed no struggle, or any evidence to say where Naruto went.

"Naruto!" Nagisa gasped, looking directly at the headband. Luffy picked it up, looking around a bit.

"Oh man, not this! First Twilight, now Naruto!"

"Luffy, calm down, we'll find them. Now come on," Nagisa instructed, starting to walk ahead. Unsure of where else to go -nor thinking splitting up was a good idea, Luffy and Akari followed close to him.


Nagisa kept the lead through the high school's empty halls, Luffy and Akari not leaving his side in case something else would come around to freak them out. The night seemed to last forever, as they kept going around the high school until they've ended up opening the door to the school's library. Since it was pretty big, and the library didn't had windows, the much darker appearance made it a bit more difficult.

"Twilight, Naruto, you in here?!" Nagisa called. His voice echoed around the many shelves of books for a bit before Nagisa walked in. Luffy and Akari just stayed at the doorway as Nagisa investigated deeper.

"Damn crazy kid," Luffy thought aloud, watching him go in. Nagisa kept going around for a bit more, only hearing his own footsteps on the floor and his own breath as he kept his eyes and ears open. Since it was so dark though, it was hard to exactly judge where he was going, Nagisa keeping a hand on the shelves to the left of him.

"Anyone here?" Nagisa called again, stopping for a second. Suddenly, Nagisa heard something move in the darkness next to him, getting up. At first, Nagisa was startled, yet after a good look, Nagisa's smile appeared on his face.



It was indeed Twilight that he found there, as Luffy and Akari went over to see. Twilight looked like she was startled, but overall fine. Twilight got up and hugged her friend, grateful that someone familiar was here.

"Are you alright, Twilight? What happened?" Nagisa asked.

"I'm not too sure, this other girl showed up and everything just began to go off course. I've been in here until you showed up," Twilight explained, keeping herself calm despite everything. After hearing that, Luffy was left kind of confused: didn't Akari say this girl already got Twilight earlier?

"Girl? Wait, who are you talking about?"

"I don't know who she was. She looked a lot like me, same clothes, same hair, though a bit duller I think. But either way, she had been roaming around all night, singing some song or poem or something," Twilight explained. Nagisa took in each detail as Akari decided to stay by Twilight instead of Luffy for a while. Nagisa tried to picture this girl, along with that melody mentioned, as if both connected together somehow...then that melody started up again, more prominent this time.

Leave them behind...

The Life ahead...

"...that voice...wait here," Nagisa suddenly said, the urge to go out. Luffy grabbed him this time, trying to hold him back.

"You're not leaving us here!" Luffy snapped, trying to keep him from just running after that voice. However, something else was driving Nagisa by that point, as he suddenly broke free, and ran out.

And there are many paths to trend...

"Get back here!!" Luffy screeched, running after him angrily. Soon it ended up in a chase between Nagisa and the others. Nagisa's mind was strictly focused on the voice, while Akari, Twilight and Luffy were trying to keep up with him. The voice was leading Nagisa down the halls rather quickly, him focused on the voice more so than the others.

Through the dark...

To heaven of light...

Nagisa charged through hall after hall until he skidded to a stop when seeing someone standing by the midnight window in the moonlight, the figure was a bit easier to see. She was just like what Twilight described: dull violet hair, similar high school uniform. Her skin was pretty pale for a person, and barely casting a shadow on the floor, if at all.

Until the souls are all aligned...

"...It's you..."

Even if Nagisa just whispered it, it was enough to catch her attention, her singing stopped right then and there. She turned around to face Nagisa, as Luffy, Twilight and Akari caught up with him. The girl just stared at them for a bit at first, and began to walk over, Akari shielding behind Twilight who started to back away.

"...Nagisa...It's you..."

"Hai...It is me..." Nagisa replied, forgetting the others were there still. The girl looked directly in his eyes, her own saddened, and tired.

"Help me...Please..."

"Hai. I promise, I promise..."

The girl smiled warmly to him, despite her spooky, undead look on her face. She just nodded and, with a cloud outside blocking the light for just a moment, disappeared in the dark...such a quiet moment after that, Nagisa putting 2 and 2 together...

"HEY!! A little reason would be good right now!!" Luffy suddenly yelled, Nagisa falling on the ground from the sudden scream factor. Indeed, not only did Nagisa had some explaining to do, but boy can Luffy ruin a dramatic moment when he wanted to. Twilight and Akari were a bit surprised and curious too, though Akari was still scared witless over her. Nagisa got to his feet and calmed himself.

"I guess I should explain, huh?"

"Yea, no shit," Luffy answered, arms crossed.

"Who was she, Nagisa?" Akari asked.

Nagisa sighed...

"...That's Misao, a former high school student. You see, she and I used to go to the same classes together during sophomore year, though we hadn't spoken very much before. Only knew each other enough to remember our names, but, she disappeared about a few months ago. She just stopped coming since..."

Nagisa had trouble believing it himself, but after seeing Misao in her condition, the haunting melody, the disembodied arms and the conditions of his friends, it's just too hard not to believe. As for Twilight, Akari and Luffy, each friend had kinda reacted in their own way to this sudden information dump about Nagisa and Misao, though the overall reaction was surprise, though Luffy was mostly confused, Twilight quiet and Akari just slightly less scared than earlier. Despite that, there's still the fact that Naruto was missing, and they still had to figure out what happened to him, and now their commitment had moved onto Misao -one responsible when it came to assumptions-.

"So...we're helping Misao now?" Akari finally peeped out.

Nagisa nodded.

"Goddamnit, why?" Luffy asked.

"Well we have to do something...I got an idea."


"This was what you came up with?" Luffy asked, bored out of wit. Nagisa's idea, to help Misao at least, was trying to find out what happened to her. After being gone for months with no indication meant something must've happened. The roaming around had lead them to the school's computer lab: a large room with computers on each desk as expected. Even if the lights were cut off from earlier, that didn't mean that everything was simply shut down, as the computers were still fully functional -either from pure luck or pure convenience-. So far, Nagisa had got on the school website, but not much luck on the situation.

"Luffy, this won't be long, I promise. You keep guard at the door," Nagisa reminded, as Luffy just looked down the hall again, bored out of his mind. Twilight and Akari stuck by Nagisa as he looked around the page, finding no clue. He tried searching the name "Misao" within the search engine, but oddly found nothing...

"Nothing? How, she was a student here!" Nagisa puzzled over the idea though the answer to how come was simply information was removed. Why it was so was still a puzzle needing solving. Back with Luffy, his post by the door was still uneventful, nothing really going on for the moment. Luffy just stood there, and gave a long yawn at one point. As he did, suddenly some sort of cold rush bolted by, and Luffy suddenly ended up with a disk in his mouth. Annoying, yet at least something happened since coming face to face with Misao. Spitting the disk out, Luffy looked over it. It appeared like a computer disk, with a sticky note simply saying "play me". No more, no less.

"Hey guys, think I got something," Luffy said, turning around and showing the disk to them. Curious, Nagisa took the disk, read the same message, and proceeded to put it in the computer...

...the computer suddenly switched black, and switched to a new screen almost immediately.

"What happened?" Akari shuttered out.

"I dunno," replied Twilight.

The screen had changed from the black screen into that of the back of some sort of building, style of an anime RPG of sorts. It had 4 sprites: 3 male student figure surrounding a female figure right next to the building. The girl looked a lot like Misao for a pixelated model. At first, all it showed was the males beating her up severely, pixilated blood showing how severe it was. For just pixels and models, it was a pretty graphic beating... Next scene only showed the same Misao sprite, laying on her side, in a bloody pool...


The screen simply turned black again, the sprite of Misao on the left of the screen, still looking bloody on her face. On the right suddenly appeared more sprites, only these sprites were of them! A Nagisa sprite, a Twilight sprite, a Akari sprite and a Luffy sprite. Each model on screen suddenly held a different body part: Nagisa held a pair of arms, the background flashing where they found them earlier. Luffy and Akari held a leg, which both flashed outside in the back, and Twilight held a head, which the background flashed the girl's bathroom. In their presence, a halo and a pair of wings appeared on the Misao model...then it just stopped. The video -if one could call it that- just ended there...

"...the hell?..." Luffy said, mouth agape.

"...So that's what happened to Misao..." Twilight concluded. Nagisa was the only one who actually knew Misao, and he was hit hardest... He didn't do anything to save her from her fate... But still, there's one way to help her.

"Now what do we do?" Akari asked, as Nagisa got back up.

"We do what it showed, that's what. It showed us doing what?"

"Uh...hold up body parts?"

"And who's do you think they belong to?"


"Exactly. Misao's dead, and her soul won't pass on until her body's brought together. Everyone go around and try to find the parts. It could be the only chance we have to set things right," Nagisa instructed. As disgusting as that sounded, there wasn't a protest that time, as they went off to look around...

It took only a little bit, but, the entire group had become successful. With a run about where they used to be, Nagisa had located the arms where he had thrown them. In the back -though it did take some rummaging through the bushes- Luffy and Akari had found some disembodied legs hidden among the brush. They were a bit fresh for being gone for months of being in the open, but, there was already a ton of creepy stuff already so they weren't gonna question one thing over another. Hidden among the bathroom, Twilight had to really struggle in locating the skull of Misao. Being in the girls bathroom to find this thing, it wasn't the easiest -nor the cleanest- thing to find. Even so, the parts were brought back together, each person bringing each part together. However, far as instruction afterwards, they got nothing. All they did was gather the parts together, and waited for something to happen.

"...So now what? We got the parts," Luffy reminded.

"It should be enough," replied Nagisa. Honestly though, Nagisa was unsure what else to really do, as all four awaited for...well, whatever should happen next. Eventually, Nagisa looked around.

"Misao! We got your parts together! Where are you?!" Nagisa yelled, waiting for something to happen.



Three long minutes ticked by, and no sign of the ghost. Just them and a bunch of parts together on the floor...

Then she appeared...

Coming out from the shadows, Misao had returned in front of them all, seeing the parts laid out on the floor. At first, Misao didn't really do anything except for staring at them and "herself" on the floor. The ghost gave a small smile towards them, mostly to Nagisa in particular.

"My soul is together...thank you..." Misao said. Just outside, the sun was starting to rise up, the Rays venturing into the room. The sunbeams went right through Misao, as she turned to the window, beginning to disappear in the light...then she was gone, just like that. Her body together, her soul was free to move on... However...

"THATS IT?! That's all we had to do?!" Luffy yelled, annoyed how it ended so quickly. Luffy got back up afterwards, annoyed as hell about the abrupt ending to their little ghost adventure, and began to walk back out.

"Luffy wait a minute," Nagisa protested.

"Nope, I've had enough with this stupid ghost hunt, I'm going home and going back to bed," Luffy concluded, rubbing his eye as he got to the door. Just as he was about to leave, suddenly they all heard the sound of a one man applause. The clap was the only audible thing, as another figure appeared from the doorway.

"Congratulations, tadpoles," He said, walking into view. Course, the surprise was pretty much evident and they already knew who the heck it was: Greninja! Among all the surprises, this one was probably the most annoying of one - to Luffy anyway -.

"How long we're you there for?"

"The whole time. I have to say, I'm impressed how you tadpoles took the situation. Especially you, Nagisa. Quite a level-headed soul, you are," Greninja complimented. Nagisa just sighed, yet smiled: it was the first time since meeting that Greninja had complimented him on anything.

"Why the hell didn't you do anything?! We could've been killed, you dumbass frog!" Luffy snapped. However, Greninja wasn't too deterred with Luffy's complaints, as he walked over to the other three. Among them all though, only Akari was left kinda speechless upon seeing this human-sized ninja frog randomly show up, not ever meeting Greninja before.

"W-who are you?" Akari asked, from behind Twilight. Greninja just sighed once more, and looked directly at her.

"I am Greninja. Don't be alarmed, I'm not here to hurt you."

"Not here to help us either," Groaned Luffy. Once again, Greninja wasn't really deterred. In fact, he could understand Luffy's anger: being ditched behind to handle an angry spirit, although promising to help at all would make anyone upset.

"I can see how you might be a little upset for my absence, Luffy-san. A test like this shouldn't always be left alone."

Now everyone was stopped cold...

"Test?...What test?" Twilight asked.

"To see if the students of 3-E are ready. See, while Misao wasn't exactly the main threat, she was summoned into a much more active state because of it. This test was to see how well you all can handle in such situations and, from what I saw, many of you handle it rather well. However, some of you still need some work when it comes to bravery."

"Wait, thats right! What about Naruto, he's still missing!" Twilight realized. However, Greninja sighed, and turned away.

"No he's not. In fact, you're in the right room if you're looking for him."

"What?...then, where is he?"

Greninja didn't answer them just yet. Instead, Greninja had suddenly disappeared, rushing off. It just took under twenty seconds, but, Greninja did suddenly come back, only with Naruto suddenly in one of his webbed hands. Naruto didn't look very happy to be dragged out, and even a little bit embarrassed.

"Naruto! You're okay? What happened?" Nagisa asked, as Greninja dropped Naruto.

"He hid off in the janitor's closet upon seeing Misao. You need to work on that," Greninja advised, as Naruto got back up to his feet. Twilight presented him with the headband, and Naruto quickly put it back on.

"Now then, you are free to head back. I do believe you've had a rough night."

"Yeah, no shit," Luffy groaned, starting to head out. However, Greninja grabbed him.

"I mean, back to class. It's morning, and I don't recall it as a free day," Greninja instructed...



Sometime later, Greninja had gotten the students back to Class 3-E, despite complaints, and the class was able to get started again. It almost seemed like the main building, and the small one for 3-E, was a bit unaware of what happened last night. For those that did know, were left rather tired, but unscaved overall. Opening the door to the classroom, Korosensei was ready for the day to begin, books in tentacle and everything.

"Good morning, class! Hope you're all ready for -"

Korosensei was kinda cut short once seeing some students practically passed out on their desks. Luffy, Naruto and even Nagisa were too tired to stay awake. Sure, Luffy and Naruto wasn't too surprising, but Nagisa was a bit new for the octopus. Korosensei's face turned into a blank stare, pure white, as he just got to his desk and took note of it.

Human study log # 6

Some humans are unable to stay awake on some days.

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