Nagisa's First Day
Season 1, Episode 1
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Kanji 渚の最初の日
Air date 2/9/2015
Written by Gingalover
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N/A Greninja: Training with the Master

Nagisa's First Day is the 1st chapter of season 1, and 1st of the overall series.


Nagisa awakens to his first day of his 3rd year of school, discovering some unique changes from his previous year...


The sun beamed on down onto the great city of Tokyo, the great Capitol of Japan. Even if early in the morning, around about 6:50, the city was already as active as ever, people and cars on the move from place to place. It was rare for Tokyo to not be up and about, when all was said and done. Even with all the activity, there's some that were still asleep (somehow). One of those examples, still asleep in bed soundly, was a kid by the name of Nagisa Shiota, still having his eyes closed in his bed. The sun has penetrated his room, but didn't reach his eyes just yet. However, soon as it did, the emotionless body began to stir, eventually Nagisa's eyes opening up. He sat up in his bed, stretching his arms out to get his body up along with his mind. He looked to his clock by his bed, at first, feeling relaxed and tired...until he realized what time it was, anyway.

"Uh oh, I'm gonna be late," Nagisa thought, getting out of bed.

His morning after that went by rather quickly, getting many of his morning stuff done in record time: getting his hair done, lunch ready, dressed up, and ready to go. No sooner after that, he ended up running off out of his apartment building, starting to rush down the sidewalk. The streets, rough for Nagisa, had a fair good amount of people, so Nagisa had to maneuver through the crowds as he charged through. He especially needed this: being Nagisa's first day of the school year, and he didn't want to be late for it. Last thing he needed was being late on the first day. The kid continued to run through the crowd as fast as he could, trying to avoid running into anyone. Eventually he got to a red light crossing, and had to wait. Being in a hurry, he ran in place for a bit until the light changed green, him making like a rocket and took off down the sidewalk. He didn't bother to stop his little marathon run until he could catch eyesight of his high school just ahead. And not a minute late either, as he finally stopped at the entrance to catch his breath.

When it came to the actual look of the high school, it basically had the same look any modern Japanese academy would look, the main courtyard in front leading to the main doors. Nagisa was glad to finally get to the school, all things considered, as he watched other students walk about the place. Compared to the rest, he felt a bit petty (it didn't help that his body, along with his blue hair, made him look too much like a girl either). So, he began to walk towards the main entrance, taking in the students around him.

"Huh. There's a lot of newcomers this year," Nagisa thought, seeing many faces he didn't recognize from the 2 years beforehand, as he continued to walk through to the he was, someone just ahead at the door immediately caught his eye.

Ahead of him, he noticed a young, light tanned girl, about a year older than him, and taller than him as well. She had on a similar girl school uniform, consisting of a black skirt and a sort of violet coat, one to fit more of a formal professor than a student. Her 2 -button shirt showed her black tie around her collar. Her hair laid down her back, covering her tailbone, it was so long. While most of her hair was a dark violet shade, she had one strand of purple, and one strand of hot pink hair that followed down. She had a headpiece, with a light purple star on the right side of it. Her purple eyes were looking right at Nagisa, a gentle smile on her face. Nagisa easily recognized that face, and was very happy, rushing over to her.

"Twilight!" Nagisa said with glee, close to hugging her, he was so happy to see her. But, he kept his composure, and stopped himself before going overboard. Twilight gave Nagisa a cute giggle.

"Nagisa, it's great to see you again," Twilight said.

"You too. How long has it been? 5 years, was it?"

"Last I counted it was 7 years, but yeah, it's been a long time since we last seen each other," Twilight reminded, her index finger pointed up at the idea, as if pointing it out.

"Yeah, but, I thought you moved, didn't you?"

"For a while, but, mom and dad decided to move back." Nagisa and Twilight had been rather close friends from a very young age, and time taken away since Twilight had moved, their friendship had died down quite a bit. But, Nagisa was deeply grateful that Twilight had moved back, being one of few he can fully share his feelings with. After sharing another smile, Twilight began to play with her hair.

"So, was there anything I missed important?" Twilight asked. Nagisa took a minute to think, hand to chin in thought.

"Hm well, aside for plenty of newcomers today, there's not much from what I know...I did miss you though," Nagisa felt a bit embarrassed on that last part, but it was true, he did miss her since she moved away. Twilight playfully fluffed his bright blue hair, like Nagisa was her little brother.

"I missed you too, Nagisa," Twilight simply said. Just then, the school bell had sounded off; class starting up.

"Uh oh, sorry Nagisa, we'll talk at lunch, see ya!" With that, Twilight quickly turned around and hurried on into the school. Nagisa was hoping there was more time to talk to her.



"Oh man."

It took him sometime after talking to the principal, but, turned out, Nagisa wasn't gonna be in his regular class. He was stuck with 3-E, or what many students call, the end class. The Academy was split up in various levels of teaching: A being the highest level, and E being the lowest level (which Nagisa was now stuck in). Seemed like a common trend for Japanese schooling. To add more insult to injury, the 3 -E class wasn't even apart of the school! Just yards away, Nagisa found a wooden house that was supposed to be 3 - E class. Talk about a class split. On the bright side, at least it was well maintained. Nagisa stood in front of the main entrance of the building, a bit reluctant to go in. He gave a look around, and just sighed.

"Well, here it goes," he thought, his hand reaching for the door. His fingers gripped the handle and, after a slight pause, slid it open...immediately, he got his taste of the 3 - E class, just from who was there.

Each member in the classroom was different in their own way, but none of them had the similar outlook Nagisa had. They all were chatting with each other inside the average classroom, which didn't look too different from the classes back at the main building. Only main difference the room was brown, not light grey. Apparently, none of the other students seemed to notice him yet, so, Nagisa silently walked over to one of the desks in the front row, sitting right at the middle. His eyes examined the various students around class, seeing how different each one look. For a while, no one bugged him much, or spoke to him for that matter...until a kid tapped him on the shoulder. Nagisa turned to his right, and saw one of the students leaning in, holding himself with an arm on his table.

"Hey, sup?" He said. Nagisa took in each detail of the person next to him. The kid in front of him had shirt, scruffy black hair, the head covered by a large straw hat, the rim on the base laced in red. His smile was widened up, stretching across his face. While he still wore his usual school uniform, the straw hat split him apart from everyone else by a mile. Nagisa wasn't expecting anyone to notice him so soon.

"Uh, hi?"

"Didn't see you before. What's your name, girl?"

Nagisa glared at him; one problem with looking like a girl is that newcomers mistake you for a girl...something Nagisa had to deal with time and time again. A grown escaped his lips, as he turned to him.

"Nagisa Shiota. And, I'm a boy," Nagisa cleared up. That kind of answer made the kid quickly jump back in shock. A bit of an over-reaction, yes, but the point was across which was good...unfortunately, that got some more attention from the other kids in class. Oh great. Nagisa slumped in his desk, hoping the attention will go away soon. Luckily for him, the attention didn't last very long...

"And you are?" Nagisa asked, not looking at him.

"Luffy, Monkey D. Luffy!" He introduced, not seemingly caring for what just happened.

"Geesh, he can change his mind quick," Nagisa thought. But, before they could continue, suddenly the students heard the classroom door open. Almost instinctively, the kids got to their respected assigned seats, not knowing who'd arrived yet. Nagisa just sat there patiently, looking out the door awaiting for his teacher, and...well, if he wasn't out of place before, he surely was now.

What he would expect was just a regular teacher, out of it and lack of care like he would expect. Thing is though: his expectations were all but gone when he saw who (or what) his new teacher was. He looked rather tall, tall enough to bend down to get through the door. He had a basic teacher's uniform, which looked more like robes, hat small and flat on his bald head. He had very tiny, bead like eyes, with an odd-looking smile on his face. His head looked more like a ball, and his arms look like tentacles, with odd 2-fingered suckers at the ends of them. As he walked, Nagisa noted his multiple, tiny tentacles letting him move to the front of the class, by his desk. Nagisa couldn't tell at the moment (fixated on their teacher) but the students around him were a bit less surprised upon seeing it. One of its tentacles grabbed a piece of chalk, the other waving to the class.

"Good morning, students. My name is Korosensei, and I'll be your teacher for this new school year," he introduced, writing his name in Japanese Kanji on the chalkboard behind him. Odd thing, Korosensei's mouth never moved as he spoke. Nagisa himself wasn't sure how to react to this teacher; had Class 3-E always delt with such a teacher? Course not, the thing ain't even human! But, to be sure, he nudged Luffy (whom sat in the desk to the right of him).

"You delt with this before?" Nagisa whispered.

"You kidding? Since when does a class get a damn octopus for a teacher?" Luffy quietly replied with the same amount of confusion. Literally seconds after, Nagisa and Luffy were met with rulers slapped on their desks, getting their attention.

"Hey, pay attention you two," Korosensei insisted, moving the rulers back on the teacher's desk, and continuing to write out what they have to do. Nagisa didn't want to upset the teacher, human or not, so he kept quiet for the rest of the time. After a quick attendance check, the assignment for first period: Math recap. Mainly to see if the students remember what they learned last year. Korosensei sat down at the front desk, his happy expression unchanged (unable to change), as the students kept up on their work. Korosensei studied up on each student with oddly deep concentration and judgement. Among what he can gather: the students were mainly working it out, thought most were slow. The exception was Nagisa, who kept to his work with good speed and perception. Korosensei was impressed: considering the rest were much slower in over all comparison. Korosensei kept that in mind as the hour closed up, moving on to the next period.

"Okay class, gym time. I'll take your work and I'll meet you all out there," Korosensei said, getting up. But, before anyone else could get up, suddenly Korosensei bolted fast around the class, collected each piece of work, and popped back to the front of the class in literally a second, all the students unable to react to the sudden speed boost.

"How the hell?!" A student shouted from the crowd. Korosensei chuckled, setting his stack of papers on the front desk.

"Impressive ain't it? Not many people get to see my Mach 20 speed," Korosensei said. That alone made everyone shocked; Mach 20?! The fastest jet can only move at Mach 2, and this thing can move 10 times faster? It's official, he's an alien. No living creature can ever move that fast, and not kill itself doing so. Without another word, they all went right outside, Nagisa being the last to do so. His mind was running with so many questions about Korosensei, and it was only just after one period, with the first day. Nagisa did walk out, but snuck a peak at Korosensei from the window outside. Korosensei kinda knew he was being watched by Nagisa, but ignored him, sitting down and checked each and every single paperwork ten seconds. With a Mach 20 speed being used in full potential right in front of Nagisa. As Nagisa was looking, Luffy caught him and walked over too.

"What're you doing?" Luffy asked. Nagisa turned around quick, seeing him, and immediately backed up.

"Nothing. Come on," Nagisa said, walking past him, like he wasn't doing anything. Luffy looked back to the window, shrugged, and walked off with him. As for Korosensei, he waited for Nagisa to leave so he can handle his own work: pulling out a note pad from his desk drawer (marked with a odd red flower symbol on the cover). Korosensei grabbed a pencil with his 2 - fingered tentacle, and began to write some things down.

"Human study log 1:

Human beings seem to show lack of interest in learning. Most show to be slow, and incomprehensible. Only one human, under the name, Nagisa Shiota, had proven more focused, and intelligent."


Time continued onward from there for the next 2 hours of time. The 2nd: Gym class, went on with some sort of basic structure. Of course, Korosensei's examples were impossible to follow (being Mach 20 and everything). Nagisa was still not used to everything that was going on: first the class change and now an alien teacher. On the bright side, his feelings were shared among the rest of his class, who had similar (if not identical) feelings towards the alien. Korosensei took it in his stride as the classes went along. Before Nagisa knew it, lunch time came around: an hour of free time to handle his thoughts. Luffy was busy with his friends, so, Nagisa had some free time to handle what he this case, meet back with Twilight again. Thought it would be nice to talk to someone he can open up to. It took quite a gamble to do, going off class 3-E grounds just to meet someone else a higher level, but, he did eventually work it out, and got to the main school cafeteria (which was average, packed with kids, and barely able to find a seat at the tables). He brought his own lunch, so the trouble with waiting for food was out of the question. However, it was a bit hard to find, and locate Twilight in the crowd, until he saw her hand wave for him, empty seat right next to her.

"Hey, Nagisa!" Twilight said with a smile, as Nagisa sat down next to her, lunch set on the counter.

"Hi, Twilight, how's the school going for you?" Nagisa asked. Twilight just sighed.

"Boring. It was nice meeting some of the students, but, it took forever to sit through," Twilight admitted, taking a bite of fish from her Bento (boxed meal), "What about you?"

Nagisa felt himself retaliate to Twilight's question. After all, who'd believe that a octopus alien was his teacher anyway? Nagisa simply turned away from her, looking down at his own Bento meal.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Nagisa stated. Twilight turned to face him.

"I'm sure you can tell me, Nagisa," Twilight assured him. Nagisa took a minute to work out the words in his head before he explained to her.

"Okay here it goes...*takes a deep breath* my teacher's an alien."


"...Alien? mean a foreigner?"

"No...well, maybe, but not from planet earth. He's got these octopus tentacles, and this weird goofy smile," Nagisa explained, using his index fingers to curve his mouth to mimic Korosensei's grin (which hurt to even do). Twilight wasn't sure how to react to this odd news, giving Nagisa an expression of blankness...

"'re kidding."

"Told you," Nagisa sighed.

"But, I mean, it's a little too -"

Before the girl could continue, suddenly a large shadow was quickly casted over them both. Turned out, that same teacher octopus alien, Korosensei, was standing right in front of them, that same smile on his face. At least explanation to Twilight was out of the question, all the proof she needed right in front of her. As for Twilight, she couldn't believe her eyes once she saw Korosensei standing there in front of her, taking every detail in.

"Nagisa, I didn't expect you over here at the main school," Korosensei began, looking down at them both. He turned to look at Twilight, who had a look of absolute shock edged on her face.

"Oh, hi. Twilight, this is teacher," Nagisa introduced, still unsure himself on the last part. Twilight didn't reply. Korosensei oddly turned blue, droplets of sweat on his head, as he tried regaining her attention, waving a tentacle in her field of vision.

"Hello? Anyone in there?" Korosensei asked, poking her head...which she fell backwards, passed out, and foaming comically out the mouth. Nagisa knew her reactions could be a bit big, but not this much...

"Geesh, what's her deal?" Korosensei reply...

After some sort of time, Nagisa was back in the old campus that was class 3-E. Korosensei was taking more odd notes, in front of the whole class, but not talking out loud that time. The hour now was turned into a study hall, as Korosensei was busy taking notes of what the students were doing. Nagisa took the mental note on the action the alien was doing. He wasn't the only one seeing it, though, Luffy watching in confusion.

"What the hell's he doing?" Luffy wondered aloud. Nagisa shrugged, though he wasn't sure who Luffy was talking to anyway. Before they could even remotely check, the notes were put away rather quickly, Korosensei looking to them both. Nagisa and Luffy acted like they weren't bothered with it.

"Humans sure are nosy," Korosensei thought, as he examined the other students in the classroom. For the most part, the kids either had nothing to do, or just didn't want to do anything. The only exception (again) was Nagisa, who actually bothered to really look into a book rather than talk to the others. Korosensei needed to keep an eye on Nagisa. Nagisa too was keeping his own mind on their 'teacher'. Exactly why did their school had to get an alien for a teacher? Regardless of whatever reason it may be, he wanted to figure it out eventually...

"I don't understand. An alien for a teacher? this school never gone through such a thing before," Nagisa thought, glancing to the alien in front of him. After a minute, Korosensei got up, and walked over to the door, leading outside.

"Where you going?" Nagisa asked, as Korosensei slid the door open.

"I got a skiing event to catch in Canada, I'll be back in a bit," Korosensei said. No sooner after he said that, he quickly bolted off at Mach 20 speed, a cloud of dust and a loud BOOM left behind him, the kids left to their own devices. The backlash of wind blew many papers, and books to the wall, as the kids recuperated a bit.

"There he goes," one of the students stated. This gave Nagisa the chance to relax a bit, no longer under Korosensei's watch. Luffy picked up his straw hat off the ground, and looked over to Korosensei's desk. He saw where the alien put that book, and his curiosity got him up, and walking over to the desk...but when he looked, it wasn't there. He must've took it with him to Canada before he left, so no one could snatch it.

"Damn it, it's not here," Luffy groaned, going back to his seat. Nagisa just looked back in the book in front of him, unsure of what else to do aside from that. However, Luffy wanted to talk.

"So what's with the trap?" Luffy asked, no sense of tact. Nagisa looked to him confused.

"Trap, what trap?"

"The girl-get-up, what's with that, anyway? It's starting to bug me."

Nagisa gave a rough sigh, turning to Luffy with a annoyed expression.

"I always look like this, Luffy, I'm not meaning to be a 'trap'," Nagisa stated, quotations on 'trap' with his middle and index fingers. Luffy just groaned, as Nagisa went back to his book...


The school day continued onward through the various subjects, and other things that Korosensei taught each student. Nagisa tried to ignore the fact that an alien was teaching them all these things, but, it was rather impossible to ignore as far as he was considered. Before Nagisa knew it, the day was up; class was finished up for that day a bit quicker than Nagisa had hoped. The weirdness of it all was rather much for him to bare, and he needed a break. Soon as that school bell sounded, the blue-haired boy went right out of the old campus, and right off to home. How on earth was he going to handle this year with a teacher like that? no, screw that, what about being in Class 3-E to begin with?! He needed some sort of answers for that, but for the moment, he just needed a bit of rest from the weirdness of it all.

"Man, what's with all that? Maybe I can transfer tomorrow," Nagisa thought, as he continued walking toward his apartment building, eventually getting home. He practically lived alone, no one to really bother him. the apartment room he had was a pretty decent commendation for someone like Nagisa. A bit of trouble to keep the home however, him not having a job for sometime. Nagisa simply settled down on his couch, oddly not getting any homework from Korosensei, and decided to see what TV had to offer for him. The TV got onto news first thing, and Nagisa was about to switch it when he heard what the news bulletin was.

"Now for our special news bulletin," the reporter began. A picture appeared next to him as he continued, what looked like some sort of leonine black figure, with red eyes, in a dark, rainy setting. The picture was blurred though, so, details were hard to tell. "The mysterious beast sightings continue, as a new report had been brought in by local hunters of this horrifying beast, apply dubbed "Kaibutsu", just north of Tokyo. The men who reported the sighting claim to have been attacked by the beast while riding through the Japan countryside. Here's to the men on the scene, and see what they have to say."

The camera pans to another scene on TV, turning to a live, 'on-the-scene' broadcast. the camera focused on one of the witnesses, who seemed to have his arm in a cast, indication that it had been broken. He also had his chest bandaged up, as he spoke.

"We barely saw it coming, this huge - huge thing just comes running at us from the forest. We were lucky it didn't drive us down the mountain," he explained, occasionally holding his broken arm.

"Can you describe what attacked you, exactly?" the reporter asked from behind the camera. the witness sighed.

"Oh damn, it looked about ten, maybe twelve feet long. We were going about what, 50 MPH down the road? It kept up with us like it was nothing, it was so fast. Looked like some sort of dog, but, it was far too big to be any damn mutt I've ever seen."

"You claim that it managed to stop you in the road?"

"It was like driving into a wall. The thing pulled me out, crushed my arm here, and just threw my away like trash. Hell, it loved torturing me and my friends for a good while. Only managed to drive it off once our car caught on fire," he finished.

Nagisa turned off the TV soon after that, thinking over what news he heard. The reports of this "Kaibutsu" were getting more and more consistent. If it really was just north of Tokyo, then, the attacks were getting more dangerous. On the bright side, Tokyo wasn't near where 90% of the sightings were, so, he didn't worry too much about it...


Far beyond Tokyo, in fact, far beyond any human settlement, there was a cave within the mountainous regions of Japan, untouched by any form of human intervention. Inside the cave, a figure was resting inside, laying down in a similar manor to that of a deer. It's body was covered in a white skin, it's legs ending in yellow stubs. It's head aimed towards the entrance, a sort of 'mane' flowing behind it's head. it's neck, head and shoulders had a sort of spike or bump on it. It's torso had an odd golden ring, opening up on it's back and stomach. In front of this figure appeared another, much smaller figure, thin, ninja-like shape, in a bowing position in front of the creature.

"You summoned me, lord?" the ninja figure asked.

"Hai. It appears our old enemy has released a new threat towards the world, located in the mortal settlement of Tokyo," it explained, booming and spoken telepathically rather than moving a mouth to speak.

"I see. What are my instructions?"

"I've managed to sense its presence towards the east, although the figure itself had rapidly retreated, it will return. I need you to go and make sure nothing is harmed towards the humans."


"The location where the threat resided is known among the mortals as Yunibāsaru Junior High School. You will find the objective there. Now go," it ordered. With instructions given, the ninja bolted off out of sight, right off to the east, leaving the figure all alone in it's cave once again...

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