Nagisa Shiota
Nagisa Shiota profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'3"
Weight 106 lbs
Race Human
Personal Description
Affiliation The Chosen
Abilities Mizu
Weapons Assassin Knife
Status Alive
Friends Twilight, Luffy, Naruto, Weed, Ren, Rinrin, Blair, Kimba
Foes Giratina, Hougen

Nagisa Shiota (渚塩田) is a high school student in Yunibāsaru Junior High School, coming back to his 3rd year, apart of Class 3-E (reasons unknown).


Nagisa is a calm, collective yet quiet individual among the many students of his class. He isn't usually too open to people, but when given time to get to know him, he can be rather friendly, and more open. Due to his appearance, he is often mistaken for a girl, something he personally doesn't enjoy. He is very observant of his surroundings, often the first to notice what's going on around him. While naturally talented, he prefers to hide his talents from others, worrying what others would think of him.


Nagisa was born with an abusive mother, whom wanted him to act more "lady-like", since she wanted a daughter instead of a son. His mother's demand for him being a girl got to the point when he was sent off to a girls-only club, where he first met Twilight. Since the two met, Nagisa had managed to open up to her a lot more, until Twilight had to move away. He missed her dearly, and became more withdrawn.


Several years later, Nagisa arrived to the Yunibāsaru Junior High School, almost being late, when he came across Twilight again, very glad to see her after so long. He and Twilight spoke for a while, but their time was cut short by the bell, leaving Nagisa to go to Class 3-E.

Upon arrival, he tried to remain quiet, but was found by Luffy, who also mistook him for a girl, to which Nagisa corrected. After being introduced to him, he soon gets introduced to Korosensei, whom he was shocked to see. He questions why it was there, asking Luffy if they delt with this before, only to be stopped by Korosensei himself. He went through first period without trouble, and as he went out, observed Korosensei's Mach 20 speed inside. When asked by Luffy, he acted like it was nothing, and went off.

He soon reunites with Twilight later on at lunch, and explains the scenario to her, which she had trouble believing until Korosensei showed himself in front of him.

He returned back to his class later on, during study hour, Nagisa and Luffy confused with Korosensei's notes. When Korosensei looked, Nagisa quickly went back to his study, apparently the only person in class doing so at the time.

Soon after school, he simply went right in home, considering that he can transfer back to the main building as he walked. When he got home, he hears of the news about Kaibutsu and the latest attack just north of Tokyo, starting to worry him slightly.

When Korosensei ended up late for class one day, Nagisa went out in the nearby woods to look for him, but running into Greninja instead, whom Nagisa told the directions towards the old campus. He trailed Greninja back to the campus, where he saw him fighting Luffy and Naruto, Greninja adding in how he told him in front of everyone. Nagisa explained that their old campus wasn't the true high school, the official one a mile away from them.

While going to the main school, Nagisa ran into Twilight, whom requested him to help her in studying Korosensei, which he accepted after some thought. While they were spying on him, though, they were quickly discovered not just by Korosensei, but Greninja as well, and were told about more dangers that will come around.

After lunch, Nagisa continued thinking over what Greninja said until he observed Greninja and Naruto training outside during study hour. Afterwards, he went out and tried to help, although things were fine.

Sometime later, Nagisa received a message from Karma, delivered directly to him by Jerome, explaining that Karma wanted him to go help him hunt down Kaibutsu. Nagisa wanted to wait, but after permission from Greninja, he decided to go and follow Jerome back anyway, finding Karma in front of the junior highschool, ready to go. Before going though, he was found out by Twilight and Akari, and eventually managed to convince Twilight for letting him go with Karma, believing that Kaibutsu was one of the dangers Greninja was talking about. When they arrived in the Ou mountains, Nagisa and Karma took point near a pass in the mountains until they were discovered by Ren, whom demanded that they leave. Nagisa got a bit scared upon meeting her, seeing her strength when she easily threw Karma aside, and snapped his gun in two. However he was spared, and he went back to the truck to wait for Jerome and his squad. It wasn't until that night when he decided to go after Jerome in order to protect them, and arrived at Gaijou that night. However, he was soon discovered by Kaibutsu, and was mostly used as a hostage until Korosensei appeared and rescued him.

Upon arriving back home, Nagisa took the time to calm down from the events until he was told that he couldn't meet up with Twilight for a study, although he wanted to. That night, Greninja came and told him that Twilight was in trouble due to Misao's haunting, and he quickly returned to the high school in order to save her, and deal with the ghost. Nagisa quickly arrived, only to find Luffy and Naruto there as well for the same reasons. With them, he went on inside, and tried to handle the issue at hand. Nagisa was the one that kept the group going, and eventually was fully responsible for fixing the problem plaguing the school.

Sometime later, Nagisa found Ren Hōsen by Class 3-E, and soon discovered that she wanted him to teach her to be human. While mostly the choice was thanks to Korosensei, Nagisa was stuck with her throughout most of her first day, mostly because Ren wouldn't leave him at any point. When the school day ended, he confronted her, asking why was she there in the first place. After hearing her sorrows for leaving Gaijou, Nagisa decided to truly teach her to be human like him, and brought her with him back home.

Nagisa continued on his days, dealing with the substitute teacher Ritsu, and the return of Karma Akabane. Eventually though, Nagisa had his first encounter with Giratina, and began to become curious over Greninja, who he tried asking that day. He remained quiet about it for the next few days, but eventually went with Karma to ask Greninja about his involvement. Greninja told him to meet him in the forest, and once he did, he was finally told that he possessed apart of the Multitype within him, which was Mizu, the power of water.


When summer first started around, Nagisa was one of the group of students able to go with Korosensei to a month-long trip in Kenya, which he happily accepts. Nagisa's stay in Kenya remained relaxing and mundane for the forest while, him visiting Zecora during that time. Eventually though, he was found by Pauli, who got him aware of the incident between Weed, Kimba, and the Destroyers from the Desert. He, along with Ren, managed to arrive at the rematch, though Nagisa wasn't able to help.

After that, Nagisa ended up as just a bystander for the Spider attack, but his involvement became bigger after Karma and Hinata ended up captured by Samson. He tried to get them free, but Samson himself caught him before he could escape with his friends, this getting beaten and tossed in the river. However, this caused a "Power Surge" for Nagisa's Mizu ability, and he used this (unbeknownst to himself), to wash the buffalo herd downriver.

The power surge caused Nagisa to pass out, and he remained unconscious for the rest of the night. During this, he meets Arceus in his dreams, who explains to him about the Multitype, what remained, and some more information about Giratina. He passed this on to his friends the following morning.

Once he returned to Tokyo, he told Greninja about his encounter with Arceus, and insists that he needed more information. After a bit, Nagisa found Greninja again, and was told more about Arceus, and what it takes to actually unlocking the Multitype abilities. During this, he was found by Weed, who tells him that he's going to leave. Nagisa managed to convince Greninja to let Weed go back home.


Knife WeaponryEdit

A detail that Nagisa doesn't share often, he is actually quite handy with a short blade, making him a semi-skilled assassin when truly needed to be.

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