Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'3"
Weight 112 pds
Race Human
Personal Description
Abilities Ninjutsu
Weapons Shuriken, throwing knives
Friends Luffy, Nagisa, Greninja

Naruto Uzumaki is a Class 3-E student of Yunibāsaru Junior High School, apart of a line of ninjas, dating back to the prime-time of Sengoku period of Japan's history.


Naruto is mainly a good kid, very friendly towards many people he meets and is, for a lack of a better word, a friend to everyone. His behaviour for making allies meant that he always had a friend for him. When it came to training, he's the type that'll stay to it as much as he could, learning as many different techniques as he could. However, he does have some sort of resentment for whoever mocks ninjas, and a slight perverted side to him that surfaces time and time again.



Naruto was one of the latest born among the Uzumaki clan family line, but wasn't fully taught in the training of Ninjutsu yet, his family giving up the exact style of ninjutsu years ago. In fact, Naruto wasn't even aware of his family's history until he discovered himself while looking through some of his grandparent's old things, finding various ninja items, and even weapons. Intrigued, he was later told about his family past, and his status as the latest line in the clan. So, with that knowledge in mind, he decided himself to go off and 'regain the techniques', with his family wishes. During travelling, he eventually came across someone who'd agree to train him in the art. His training within the art lasted for a few more years until he was told he needed the propor education, and as such, was sent to school. His lack of interest in the subjects though had him ended up in Class 3-E.

He made his debut in Chapter two, soon after Greninja showed up. After Greninja knocked down Luffy, Naruto was next, yet he managed to dodge the attacks rather well, impressing Greninja. Sometime later, Naruto decided to ask Greninja for some pointers, being out of practice. As such, Naruto and Greninja began practice, Naruto losing the fight rather quickly. Though, Korosensei gave him some encouragement for the next time.

He continued going through his training and school time for a while longer, eventually getting involved with Nagisa and his struggle with Misao. He eventually was told by Luffy about the involvement Nagisa, Karma, and Ren had with Greninja, and went off to figure it out alongside him, Akari, and Twilight, finding out about the Multitypes and Giratina's involvement with them.



Being apart of a Ninja family line, Naruto's skilled in Ninjutsu (though slightly out of practice in the earlier chapters). His skills in various assortments of jutsus gave him a wild variety of fighting, including one he taught himself.

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