Nina Tucker
Nina (human)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Race *Human
  • Human/Dog Hybrid (former)
Personal Description
Affiliation Kaibutsu's pack (former)
Friends Alexander, Kaibutsu

Nina Tucker is the daughter of Shou Tucker, and the subject to the first ever successful human hybrid project.


Nina is a very friendly girl, naïve and sweet towards others much like any normal girl her age. Her young age makes her curious about the world around her, and easily impressed.

While fused with Alexander, Nina turned very emotionless and dull, not showing much emotion or reaction towards whatever happens to her.


Nina (Dog)

Nina after being fused with Alexander.

Nina was once a normal girl, until her ambition-driven father decided to put his hybrid tests on her and her pet, Alexander, causing them to be fused into a hybrid experiment. Nina's consciousness and awareness became depleted upon fusion, as such she could barely remember what happened while being fused with Alexander. The fusion also altered her voice so she sounded like a mutated boy.

One night, Nina discovered Kaibutsu outside of her home, and asked if they could play. However, her father called her in, and she had to go inside. After sometime, Nina discovered Kaibutsu killing her father, and cries over his death. After Kaibutsu tells her that he's not her father to begin with, she decided to go with Kaibutsu.