North profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2'8"
Weight 55 pds
Race Hokkaido mix
Personal Description
Affiliation Ohu Army
Friends Jerome, Wheeler, Robert, Rocca
Foes Kaibutsu

North is one of the low-ranking members of Jerome's squad, and one of the killers assigned to kill Kaibutsu.


North is rather loyal to Jerome, and follows many orders given to him. North, unlike the other members of the squad, is more considerate towards Karma Akabane and Nagisa Shiota, showing visual concern towards their absence from them.



North was once of the dogs that guarded the same facility that Kaibutsu was experimented on, until the mutant escaped. Afterwards, North was assigned to go after Kaibutsu and kill him. After a long time of absence, North eventually came across Karma Akabane, and Nagisa Shiota, becoming their pets.

After a while, he was taken along with the rest of his pack to the ou mountains, him going with Jerome in order to find Kaibutsu. As time went by, North asked Jerome if they should go back to their masters, him beginning to get worried about how they would be acting to their absence, Jerome not taking it to mind. When they got to Gaijou, he and Weed were assigned to lure Kaibutsu outside, making them the first (Behind Ren Hōsen) to encounter Kaibutsu. North kept fighting Kaibutsu until he escaped.