Ohu Army
Ohu Army Profile
Vital statistics
Founder Riki
Time Created 2000
Purpose Protect Gaijou
Status Active
Current Former
Gin, Weed, GB, Mel, Smith, Ken, Kagetora, Jerome

The Ohu Army is a large pack of varying dogs that currently reside in the Ou Mountains. The Ohu Army spanned for generations, and was made in order to defeat a demonic bear residing in the same area, and to claim Fugato Pass as their own Ohu paradise.


The Ohu Army works much similarly to a human military system; mainly consisting of roles that wouldn't seem out of place from a real army system. The army follows under one leader, which is surpassed from generation to generation. Under the leaders are the platoon leaders, which number from three to nine at most. Other roles within the Ohu Army vary from scouts, to assassins, to spies, and so on - mainly roles that guarantee the survival of the Ohu Army as a whole.


The Ohu Army was first created back in 2000, during the time when a demonic bear, apply named Akakabuto, terrorized the Ou mountains. The founder, Riki, began to gather dogs from all over Japan, and thus created the Ohu Army, though at the time it was known just as the Ou Army. At first, the army strictly contained male dogs, but with the only exception being Ren Hōsen, who saved Riki and agreed to help him fight Akakabuto. With their combined efforts, the Ohu Army won against Akabuto, and gained their new territory within Gaijou.