On The Rise
Season 3, Episode 4
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Kanji 上昇傾向に
Air date August 16, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Living Perfection; the arrival of Sakamoto The Reunion

On The Rise is the 4th chapter of season 3, and the 28th in the overall series.


Keeping secrets is a tough job. Weed goes off again in return, and to hoping that the Multitype will be kept better secret.


Resting alone that night, with the moon still in its permanent crescent staring down at him in his lonely cave, Arceus was still maintaining his patient visual. He was still weak, and couldn't do as much as he used to like Giratina was doing. Giratina could do all sorts of things at this point that Arceus needed more time to even attempt to do. Arceus was worried that Giratina was getting some sort of kickstart, or became active earlier than he thought. The fallen God got up from his cave, and walked over to the entrance, only to see the crescent moon staring down at him. He was sure the world had seen that moon by now, and Giratina was hellbent on ruining the world. Arceus gave a low sigh, and settled down on the clifface, laying down on his stomach.

"I don't understand. Giratina, he ... He wouldn't dare go this far. He wouldn't destroy the world ..."

Arceus lowered his head, looking down to the forests far below him. If the world is to have a better future, then he needed everyone in the Chosen together, and at their best fast. Only Karma actually unlocked his so far. Nagisa, Ren, Weed, Twilight. They were there, yet they didn't get their Multitype to work at all. Arceus knew he couldn't stay back any longer ...

"... I know I shouldn't ... But I have to ..."

Arceus, looking up at the moon once more, started to focus his mind as best he could, his golden rings along his back glowing slightly.

It was something he had to do ...


Far off in the isolated mountains of Fugato Pass, the Ohu army had been rather calm and quiet. Many of the dogs were fast asleep at this point, some resting outside while others stayed inside Gaijou. Amongst the many dogs in the Ohu Army, one of them stayed outside in what moonlight remained; Weed. Since returning, Weed had been beside himself with this catastrophic moon. Even if Weed didn't tell the soldiers about this demon stuff, it was impossible to ignore or disbelieve the fact that the moon was blown up. No human could ever do that, or any animal for that matter. Like every other dog though, Weed was fast asleep, or at least trying to sleep on the outside rocks of Gaijou ...

Meanwhile, in his dreams, Weed himself was in an entirely different place; he was standing on a tall plateau. There was plenty of room to move along the flat outcrop, with the skies bright blue and the winds cooling and calm. It wasn't exactly a place Weed would recognize much of anywhere, and once more, despite the fact that it appeared daytime, the full moon was still high in the sky just ahead of him ...

"Where am I?" Weed wondered. As he was looking around the area ...


Weed turned around, and to his surprise, he had found Nagisa a few feet away.


After a while, Weed realized he wasn't the only one; Karma, Ren, and Twilight too appeared close by, similar reactions following through.

"Hey, pup. Been a while, hasn't it?" Karma said.

"Karma. You're all here?"

"Guess so. But ... Where is here?" Ren wondered.

Before anybody could answer, they all felt a gust of wind hit them from behind, as something flew by from above. When everyone looked up, they all began to see a large entity, galloping along the wind gusts for a while until landing peacefully in front of the crowd. This was Arceus.

"Arceus?" Nagisa said, basically introducing him to the rest of the group.

"So, this is the big God, huh?" Said Karma.

"Greetings everyone. I'm sure you're all are aware by now of what happened to the moon," Arceus began.

"Who could forget?"

"I think the world saw it by now," Ren added. Arceus nodded, and stepped forward.

"Indeed. And I'm also sure that you've faced your fair share of demons by now."

"Hie. Last I checked, about three to five," Nagisa said.

"Understood. I'm afraid this means that Giratina's power is growing at a faster, and more alarming rate. I truly wish I didn't have to force anything upon any of you, but we need everyone together soon. Nagisa had explained to you what you need, yes?"

"I think so. We need three more members to complete the group, right? Lightning, undead, and earth."

"Very good, Twilight. I'm afraid though that there's a set time at this rate."

"Rate? Might've guessed it," Karma said. The others turned to Karma, who was pretty casual and expecting the idea.

"So, Arceus right? What's the date you're guessing here? Months? Weeks?"

"I can't say for sure. But, my best assumption would be over two years from now. I know it's a long time, but trust me when I say that every second that passes is a second Giratina will try to shorten the time. If any one of you are killed, then there won't be enough time to recover to stop Giratina."

Even if they already got the concept of stopping Giratina before, the idea of a time limit was a bit troubling, and that they can't just mess around anymore. Arceus wished he didn't have to place a time, but, it was a must.

"Can't you do something to help? You know so much about him, and what to do," Twilight asked, hoping for a good answer.

"As much as I want to, I'm too weak to do much. It takes time for me to regain my energy, Giratina too. It seems though that Giratina is better at recovery than I am. Besides, it is you all that hold my power now. That's why the Multitypes of the Chosen have to stop Giratina. You are his only weakness. You have what can defeat him. Do you all understand?"

"Hie. But, Arceus, where do we look?" Weed asked.

Arceus closed his eyes, and focused his energy in front of him. He raised his front feet, and three silhouettes soon appeared. Details were missing, but their overall shape was there, head to toe. After that though, Arceus felt a little tired, but knew they have to know this soon.

"This is the best I can manage. These three figures are who you have left to find. Here's to hoping you all can work out your Multitypes just as well."

"... Thank you, Arceus. We'll try our best," Nagisa said, speaking for everyone.

"One more thing before I go. I've noticed you've been quite talkative about it. Greninja though insisted such already, yet I'll say it; this can't just be shared with everyone. For those you told already, be sure they keep this secret. The more who know, the more they're at risk of demon forces. I know this may sound familiar to some, but even Giratina knows this, and if the world knows ... Well, let's just say there's nothing to hold him back."

"What about that moon? Sure the world saw that, right?" Karma pointed out.

"Even so, not everyone in the world knows how it happened, or what truly happened. Unless Giratina becomes desperate, It's not enough for him to reveal himself to everyone. Unless If the situation calls for no other option, this must be quieted down."

The group knew this may be a lot of trouble; there were quite a number of people they knew who got the idea; class 3-E and the Ohu Army, to name examples. If this was that much of a risk, they placed it that high of a risk to everyone involved, and they can't have that.

"We'll try our best."

"... Thank you. Thank you all ..."


The light finally woke Weed up from his dream, the Akita getting up onto his paws. He was a little groggy, but he knew what needed to be done, and fast. If Arceus told him to be quiet, then he shouldn't had told them in the first place. It wasn't just him, but the others too. He hated to do this again, but ...

"Leaving, Weed?! You practically just got here!"

"I'm sorry, but yeah. It's just me this time though."

After getting those he told together at Gaijou, Weed basically announced his departure again. For some, it was a bit of a rough decision to hear, considering Weed had just left before for months on end, and he only stayed at Gaijou for two weeks at most.

"You gotta be kidding, Weed! We just got here, you sure you have to just run off again," Mel said.

"Mel I have to. And that's another thing before I go; can you all promise me something?"

The Ohu Army all nodded to him, reassuring the dog.

"Anything Weed, what?" GB asked.

"... I told you about those demons right? Promise me that it will not leave Gaijou. Keep it a secret, and only a secret to us. I can't risk anyone else involved anymore than there is now. Please?"

The Ohu Army took a moment or so, but eventually they started to understand Weed's situation, even if a little bit. They all eventually nodded to Weed, promising to keep it quiet.

"Thank you. Goodbye, everyone," Weed said. He was just about to leave off to the forest, when Mel asked one more thing.

"Weed, wait! I know you want to go alone, but ... You will come back, right?"

Weed was silent at first, but then turned back and smiled.

"Count on it."

And with that, Weed then went off out of sight, everyone else watching him go. GB and Mel took a glance at eachother, unsure if they should go after him or not; they've been with Weed for a long time, and they've grown used to it by now, so why should they stay behind this time? ...


Back at Tokyo, those who got the message began to do the same when it came to keep it quiet. Those that had found out about these demons, accidental or intentional, were told to keep this quiet and a secret that won't be spread around. In the case of 3-E, that also meant keep it quiet for those who don't know (Karasuma, Gakuho, etc.). Karma and Ren made easy work of talking to class 3-E about keeping quiet (when you've trained to kill, and were as sadistic as Karma, you've guaranteed listeners with a few kind words). Ren made sure to keep Karasuma away long enough so he wouldn't hear them until after Karma was done.

As for Nagisa, telling Twilight about it was fairly easy, even if Twilight already knew what was up. Twilight telling Akari (the only other student she did tell) was easy too. What wasn't easy though was trying to talk to one particular student; Sakamoto. First off, Sakamoto was 3-A, so Nagisa and Twilight wouldn't just run into him during class. Secondly, Sakamoto was usually companies (or at least seen) by a group nearby, so just telling him up front even if they do come across him, wasn't going to be that simple. Besides, who's to really say what kind of situation Sakamoto would be in anyway? During the time between classes, Nagisa and Twilight both would keep their eyes out for Sakamoto as they went, but the kid seemed very hard to find in the school, for no matter where they looked, Sakamoto seemed to disappear from the duo ...

"You think he got called in sick today?" Nagisa asked at one point.

"Maybe. Haven't heard any fangirling all day," Twilight replied. However ...


"Spoke too soon," Twilight sighed. But, it was a good indication. Nagisa and Twilight followed the fan screams until they found the group. It wasn't too far from their next class, so it wasn't much of an issue. As for Sakamoto?

He had his shoes misplaced (or stolen more likely), so instead of troubling himself, Sakamoto turned the halls into his own little rink, sliding along the floors with grace on his socks. While impressive, Twilight and Nagisa had to grab his attention.

"Sakamoto?" Nagisa said. However, it didn't get to him yet.

"Sakamoto! Hey, Sakamoto!" Twilight called. Still nothing. Guess he was more focused on balancing than to listen, or the girls were just a little too loud. Nagisa then tried his luck by stepping in the way, but the floors were too slick to stand, and Nagisa fell right onto the floor. Guess waxing the floor was apart of this too. Sakamoto turned, and slowed down nearby him. Nagisa sat up, looking up to him. Sakamoto was already helping Nagisa up to his feet, and keeping him balance.


"Yeah I'm fine. Uh, hey listen, can I talk to you for a moment? Alone?" Nagisa asked. With his luck, this was his only chance for a while. However, guess his luck was working against him; checking the time on a nearby clock, Sakamoto then looked down to Nagisa.

"We can meet later before lunch. You all should get to class," Sakamoto advised, moving Nagisa off the waxed floor so he wouldn't fall again. Before Nagisa or Twilight could say anything, Sakamoto already skated off down the hall. Well, so much for wrapping this up, but, at least the two had another shot later.


"Where is he? Where is he?"

It took a bit, but Nagisa and Twilight got himself in a good spot where he was sure no one else would end up noticing either one of them - just outside of the school. He didn't see anyone else around the place, nor found it a common spot so it'll work perfect for this discussion. He could only hope though that Sakamoto will show up at all. Eventually though, they did start to hear someone come over to them.

"So, what is it you want to talk about?" Sakamoto asked.

"You did make sure it was just you, right?" Twilight asked, just to be sure. Sakamoto nodded. Nagisa and Twilight looked to eachother first before Nagisa plucked up courage.

"You remember that time, right? When you saved me from that group?" Nagisa asked. He already told Twilight about that, so, she knew what was what yet, he didn't want to go into too much detail on who they were for the sake of keeping quiet for Arceus. Sakamoto remembered clearly about them, and how his practice handled Bisharp decently enough.

"Well ... I need you to keep it a secret. Can you do that for us?" Twilight asked. Sakamoto took a short moment, thinking over the situation. On one hand, this could be a move on Bisharp's part - tattle tale on anyone and there will be more trouble for him. On the other hand, it could be just to keep others safe of Bisharp. Both sides could be true, and easily intertwine with eachother. In the end though, Sakamoto nodded.

"I promise," Sakamoto finally said.

Finally, they were secure.


For the next day or two, Weed had continued on his way off from Fugato Pass, and it was soon far behind him. He honestly grown more used to traveling by now, and he felt better knowing he didn't have to bring his friends along this time, more for their sake rather than his own of course. He felt he dragged GB and Mel around long enough, and they didn't have to come along this time. It was a bit lonely though, traveling along the way from Fugato to Tokyo, but if Weed had anything to say, it's that he would prefer not to get anyone else he knew into anymore trouble.

As the days went by, Weed knew he was further and further away from the Ohu Army, yet he knew the way there easily. On the way there, Weed had to stop for a rest along a nearby river. It wasn't the same river he, GB, and Mel fished at - this one was narrower and the current a little quicker - yet it was a good spot to rest and get a drink.

"Well, it has been quite lonely ... Oh well. At least they're out of harm's way," Weed thought, as he took a drink of the cooling water of the small river. After drinking, he took a moment to sit down, and look down in the reflection of the water. The reflection was a little blurry thanks to the current, but, he still saw himself quite easily. Even if he knew this was the correct move, and that the Ohu Army promised to not spread the word ... It still felt quite lonely all the same. At least before he had someone to talk to. Someone to share his travels with. This time though, he didn't have anyone else with him ...

"I wonder if any leader had to deal with something like this? ..."

"Can we play now?"

Weed stopped for a moment, his ears shooting up as he heard the odd voice. It didn't sound like anyone familiar. Weed got up to his paws, and began to look around for a bit. Whoever it was sure didn't sound threatening, yet Weed wasn't too sure of it. After all, since he'd faced many demons before, it could be anything. After a bit, there was a sound coming from the bushes.

"Hello?" Weed asked. After a bit, he began to see something move out of the bushes, and towards the river. It was a dog, but Weed had never seen such a dog before in his life. He wasn't sure if it was a sort of demon creature, or a disease-written one. The animal looked over to Weed, slightly taller than him. Weed honestly wasn't sure how to react to seeing this creature. It just looked ... well, out of it.

"Can we play now?" it repeated. Weed wasn't sure how to respond at first, other than taking a step back. After a while though, the dog sat down, head lowered. Weed could tell that it looked a bit depressed, and started to calm down.

"Nine? Where'd you go? Nine!"

Weed and Nine looked back into the forest, a much larger figure starting to move forward from the forest. Weed's calm was quickly replaced with utter fear on seeing who came out next.


"K-Kaibutsu?!" Weed managed to gasp in fear. Kaibutsu was still as menacing as he was last time Weed saw him. Once Kaibutsu saw him, it was clear that Kaibutsu hadn't forgotten him either by the growl he got out. Weed wasn't sure if he should run or fight.

"Back away from her," Kaibutsu growled. Weed thought Kaibutsu was going to try to attack Nina, so, he got in between them both, also growling. He wasn't sure if he can face Kaibutsu alone, but, he can surely try. Kaibutsu started to snarl, his claws digging into the earth, and Weed was about to charge him.

"I won't let you hurt -" Weed was stopped cold when Nina suddenly grabbed him by the tail, making him stop running. The move took Weed completely off guard, as he turned back to her. Nina didn't say a word, or did any more damage to him aside from the bite in his tail. Weed could feel that Nina had different teeth from any other dog; more like those of a human instead of a canine. After a bit, Nina released Weed, and moved slowly towards Kaibutsu, in the way of him and Kaibutsu. Weed honestly didn't know how to take this, as Kaibutsu moved over to Nina.

Maybe. Just maybe. This was why Jerome stopped going after him.

"What're you doing out here? Tracking me all these months?" Kaibutsu questioned suspiciously, making sure Nina was out of harm's way. Weed would answer, but hesitated. Not only from him talking to a creature that can tear him in half in one bite, but he promised Arceus to keep quiet about why he was doing all of this anyway.

"Uh ... W-Well, no ... Is that Nina?"

"Who wants to know," Kaibutsu snarled. Weed stepped back, scared, but he could also tell that Kaibutsu was actually trying to protect her - something Weed didn't expect. Nine sat down, resting her head against Kaibutsu's furred leg.

"I-I'm sorry. Honestly, I didn't know you were here," Weed admitted, ears tucked back in submission. Kaibutsu didn't seem to buy it, and moved closer to Weed.


It was a simple order, but Weed did eventually move out of the way, far enough along the river bank to give them plenty of room. Weed didn't leave Gaijou to pick any fights with anyone, nevermind Kaibutsu. Once Weed moved away, Kaibutsu and Nina both went to the river themselves. Kaibutsu laid down by the river, and dipped his head in the water as Nina took a few sniffs of the river before drinking. Even if he was further away, Weed took a moment to watch them, and he didn't see Kaibutsu trying to hurt Nina in anyway. Nina looked over to him at one point, Weed unsure what to really make of this. Kaibutsu then started to notice.

"Don't bother with him, Nina. You're safe," Kaibutsu said, nudging her a little bit. Nina moved over to Kaibutsu and laid down next to him. Weed, again, didn't expect this, but he started to feel slightly happy for them. His mood changed though when Kaibutsu looked over to Weed. One low growl was really all it took for Weed to turn and continue. He got his drink and rest anyway, and he can get another one later.

"Kaibutsu ... Take good care of Nina ..."


While the days had been fair for Weed, Nagisa was doing fair as well over the last couple of days. With their secret secured, Nagisa and his friends felt secure themselves over their involvement with these Demons. With Sakamoto, and 3-E now quiet about it, they can continue with their days with some easing.

At the moment, Nagisa was alone, and during his break decided to get a drink from the school's vending machine just outside. As he was doing so, he failed to hear the sets of footsteps coming his way. Suddenly Nagisa found himself with two other students of the high school, which were of class 3-D. He didn't know the names of these two, but he did know that these two were one of the number of bullies in the school. And these two now were targeting him.

"Hey, dead beat," one of them scolded. Nagisa turned to face them.

"How about some yen, 3-E drop out?" the other one mocked, hand out and ready. Nagisa didn't buy anything yet, so he still had the money in his hand. He drew the line at "3-E" though, he wasn't apart of 3-E anymore.

"But, I'm not in 3-E anymore. I'm in 3-C," he corrected, a little humbled but sure of it.

"Who gives a shit? Give us the money - we'd like a drink too," the same kid demanded, hand out and ready. Nagisa still didn't budge, and kept his money away. He hated this; even before he was sent to 3-E, the students would sometimes push him around for a number of reasons, bullies especially. But, these two were losing patience with him fast, and one of them even had the nerve to reach out, and grab Nagisa'a money from him!

"Hey, that's mine!" Nagisa shouted. while one student readied to pay up, the other grabbed Nagisa by the collar, and pinned him to the wall, holding him up.

"Looking to get killed, Shiota?" he growled. Nagisa wished he could say it was the first time he heard such a threat said to a student. He stayed quiet, letting the "kill" word sink in more than most. What'll normally happen at this point, was that the student would give up and let the bully do what he or she wished. Nagisa had done so himself more than once ... But, something felt ... different.

"Kill me huh? ... And yet it looks like you've never killed someone before ..."

What the hell happened there? The two bullies were stopped cold, scared out of their wits. Nagisa suddenly gave them a death stare, a smirk on his face. It was like what Karma would give, or even Gakuho himself would give. Nagisa could barely grasp what he just said, and the bullies backed up, dropping his money.

"H-Here, take your money back," one of them squeaked, before the two raced off back into the school. Nagisa didn't know what happened at first. One moment he was held up by a bully robbing him, and the next he was on the ground with his money sitting in front of him. Did he mean to say that? Honestly, Nagisa wasn't so sure. One thing he was sure though; it was the first time he got out of being mugged, and by just a few words no less. Without another word, he got his money, paid for a water bottle from the vending machine, and then went off on his way.

It felt ... different to him ...

Hidden off farther away, just out of sight, a dark silhouette loomed nearby, having witnessed everything from where he was. This figure looked kinda small, but it still had an ominous expression evident after witnessing this ...

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