Out With Old, In With New
Season 1, Episode 7
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Kanji オールド用いて、新規で
Air date May 30, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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Out With Old, In With New is the 7th chapter of season 1, and 7th in the overall series.


After getting sick, Korosensei makes a new teacher for Class 3-E named Ritsu. Meanwhile, Kaibutsu frees another tortured soul from her tortured life.


Classtime as usual, and close off to the end of the day, as the last hour just started on up. The study on that time: astronomy, something Korosensei exceeded in ten fold. While going through the basic ideas behind the various planets and types, each student was having a bit of trouble following along with him, for the most part. It wasn't because that the astronomy was extremely tricky, or the fact they were just lazy. The actual reason itself was that Korosensei was having his own issues. The issue was Korosensei's 'eyes' were watering like crazy with yellow goop, looking like cartoonish honey or something as it drained out. Everyone couldn't ignore it, especially those to the front like Nagisa.

"Damn, Korosensei Isn't looking so good," Nagisa thought. It was so much of a distraction, one of the students raised her hand right next to him.

"Hai *sniff* Ren?" Korosensei said, the voice sounding a bit funny. Ren had only been around for a while, in fact just a few days, but thanks to Nagisa's help, she'd been keeping herself under better control with her strength. Not to mention, her capability of speech, but emotion was still dull as ever.

"I can say for everyone, we can't focus with you in such condition," Ren said, dull and to the point. Korosensei got out a bucket and a towel to wipe off the goop on his face.

"I'm sorry, it's spring, and it's aller- Ah- allerg- AHCHOO!" Korosensei's sneeze let loose a good amount of goop off his face into the bucket, both gross and weird to see. "Allergy season."

"But you don't have a nose," Luffy blurted out, aiming at his own nose to show his point. Korosensei slumped, trying to clear his own nose.

"I do, it's right under my eyes, look," Korosensei said, pointing to a tiny pair of nostrils just inches under his eyes. Since they looked exactly the same, it was impossible to tell.

"I'm sorry, but as a teacher I have to give you kids the proper le- ah, AH, AHCHOO! - lessons. So try to pay attention, please," Korosensei insisted, as the octopus alien went back to his lessons. Even if requested, none of the kids could remember too well what Korosensei was talking about...


After the hour had ended, Nagisa went off down through the forest path. Normaly alone, this walk was accompanied by Ren, which he no longer mind. Course, even if Korosensei was alien, allergies were something that affected everyone, and Nagisa couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy. Still, before he left, he asked Korosensei for some of the goop as samples, a favor he was doing for a friend. Speaking of friend, she was heading off over to him at the moment.

"Nagisa, there you are!"

"Twilight, good to see you. Hey, look what I got," Nagisa said, showing her the plastic bag full of the yellow goo. Twilight looked at it in confusion, but took it anyway.

"What's this?"

"Korosensei was going through some allergies today, he figured you'd like more samples" Ren bluntly concluded, rubbing Nagisa's head as well. Twilight smiled at her friend, happy to have more study on the alien.

"Thank you so much!" Twilight said with a smile. Then her attention turned to Ren. Course, Nagisa had told Twilight a bit about Ren and what their deal was, so Twilight was a bit new to the whole thing, but not so far as to explain the entire thing over again.

"So, how has it been Ren? Did you learn anything new?"

"I'm doing better. I was a bit confused about one matter: many males wouldn't stop staring at me. They didn't talk, they just watched. I don't understand," Ren explained. Considering she was a lot older than Twilight and Nagisa by a few years, and thus more 'matured', it wasn't too much of a guess as to why people would stare at her 'maturity'.

"That might be something worth getting used to," Twilight advised, though that didn't help too much in her confusion. Despite that, Twilight, Nagisa and Ren were suddenly met up with Korosensei, who pretty much popped up by them, some tissues in his nose. Twilight still wasn't used to the sudden speed demon.

"Hey pals, what's up?" Korosensei said, waving a tentacle. His voice sounded really odd since his nose was plugged up. Though he still looked slightly greyish from the allergies affecting his head.

"Oh, Hi there. Are you Ok? You don't look so good," Nagisa pointed out. However, Korosensei tried acting bombastic.

"Me, sick, HA! I've never felt - ah - bet - AH - Bett - ACHOO!" Unfortunately, Korosensei's little tissues were blown out, the goop splattering around the place, and on the 3 students. Ren didn't react too much, but Twilight and Nagisa were disgusted with it. After a few seconds of silence, Korosensei ended up crying.

"AH who am I kidding, I'm sick as a dog!" Korosensei balled, on the ground.

"Dogs aren't sick, they can be very healthy -"

"Just a metaphor, Ren," Nagisa reminded, as Korosensei continued to sob for a while.

"What am I gonna do, I can't leave you, who's gonna fill in for me?"

"Uh...A substitute teacher?"

"A normal sub can't match up with me!" Korosensei yelped, more goop getting on Twilight's face. The violet-haired girl got the goop off as she tried to approach the issue. As Korosensei sobbed, suddenly an idea popped into his head, as he was suddenly upright, no longer balling.

"That's it! Twilight, you're good with mechanics, aren't ya?"

"What for?"

"You can help me make a new teacher, that's what! One that can match with my talents and knowledge!" Korosensei concluded. Twilight was a bit surprised by the sudden plan. Making a new teacher? Korosensei disappeared, and quickly came back dressed up as a mechanic, tool box and blueprints with him as well.

"You really think I...?"

"Of course, you're a bright girl, I'm sure you can figure something out. We can do it together, you and me!" Korosensei offered, just before another sneeze suddenly rang out. Luckily, no more goo got onto her. Korosensei held a print in front of her for a second, before Twilight took it. Nagisa walked over to her, a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, you can do it. I know you can," Nagisa motivated. Twilight looked down at the print in her hand, and suddenly looked deeply determined and motivated.

"Alright, I'll do it!"

"EEEEE, OH thank you, Twilight, you're the best!" Korosensei beamed, hugging her tight. Twilight smiled, although the hug meant she was covered in goo again. Even so, she was still pleased with the opportunity all the same.

Seemed tomorrow will have a new teacher after all.


Later on that night, Nagisa was just about ready for bed, just staring up at the ceiling of his bedroom. It was interesting to hear that there's gonna be a new teacher besides Korosensei being involved in Class 3-E, but it was something that left him deeply curious about. With his hands behind his head, he continued to let his thoughts roam on about what the new teacher could be, not to mention what had happened to him so far.

"Last month had gone by rather fast. It sure had been interesting since Korosensei had came to the high school. I just wonder what else would wait for us in the future?" Nagisa thought, taking a glance outside just before drifting off into sleep...

Nagisa then drifted off into a dream, but this dream wasn't any one like he had before. Upon opening his eyes, he found himself in his room again, but unconsciously opened the door into a endless ocean. The water was cool to the touch, and didn't appear to be any top or bottom to the watery atmosphere. Nagisa could see clearly amongst the area, but couldn't figure out where he was, or why. The door leading back to his room closed up tight, and disappeared by the time Nagisa turned around, so he was basically stuck. As he looked around for some sort of clue, he could only see some small fish swimming around the place. Having no other option, Nagisa began to swim ahead, at a surprisingly fast rate, until he began to see something move around in the water. The figure in front of him was unrecognisable, and huge, but Nagisa oddly continued to swim towards it. The figure's chest started to glow a blue light, as a Japanese symbol appeared in front of him. His hand moved forward, and made contact with the symbol. Upon the touch, his body suddenly rocketed back, everything turning white, as the sea turned back into his room...

And he woke back up.


Soon after his dream, Nagisa went right off to school, Ren alongside him again. Bizarrely, he remembered the dream in exact detail, something that doesn't usually happen unless it was a nightmare. His mind was a bit wrapped up in his thoughts as he continued off into class. He didn't meet up with a Twilight at the main building, just went straight off to his class 3-E. Soon as he got to his classroom, though, he was greeted with something new. Luffy, Naruto and a few others were also a bit curious with the odd new object. The thing in the room looked like some black box, black screen in front of it aimed right to the class.

"Oh, morning Nagisa," Naruto said, as Nagisa walked over to the odd box, looking it over. Curious like the others, Ren walked over to the machine and gave it a little tap. Soon as she did, the screen suddenly came alive, and showed a girl, in the same uniform as the rest of the class. Main difference was that her hair was pink. She gave a friendly smile to the rest of the class, giving her a confused look.

"Good morning, everyone. My name is Ritsu, I'll be your teacher today," she said, waving her hand.

"Teacher? But, you're a computer aren't you?" Luffy asked.

"I'm an A.I actually. Korosensei-San and Yugure-chan made me to sub."

"Where is that alien anyway? Sinus trouble too much for him?"

"Indeed. That's why he made me, to teach you in his absence. If you kindly take your seats we can-..." Ritsu stopped once she saw Ren right in front of her, looking with deep intent.


"How are you in there?" Ren asked, looking around, trying to find a clue of some sort as to how Ritsu was inside the box.

"I'm an A.I - Artificial Intelligence. I was made in here," Ritsu said. However, Ren didn't have a clue what a computer was, let along an A.I.. Still, she tried to figure Ritsu out. When she said she was made, Ren took it as 'she was born inside'.

"Shouldn't you get out?"

"Huh? Oh, I'm not able to, my creators didn't put that feature in."

"Horrible. I'll set you free." Ren started to ready herself, her fist ready to smash the screen to get Ritsu free. Just before she could, Nagisa suddenly got in the way, in a panic.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA, Ren don't, there's no one in there!" He screamed, Ren stopping just seconds before accidentally punching Nagisa in the face.


"Ren, that's just a moving picture. There's nobody in there. Why don't you just take your seat and we can begin, okay?"


Ren went over to her seat, dragging Nagisa again, giving Ritsu a break from her. They could tell today was gonna be something new...


As the hours came and went, Ritsu did a fairly good job on her class, although being programmed to do such in the first place. The class went along with it after a while, and actually found Ritsu quite enjoyable, cute even. While some kids did have some trouble, Ren had the most difficulty following the A.I. in her teaching. For starters, Ren was still new to acting like a normal human, and second, learning such advance techs and details from a robot brain was completely foreign to her.

When lunchtime came around, Nagisa and Ren went out by themselves, Ren gripping her head from the horrid migraine she had obtained from Ritsu's classes.

"Ren, you're gonna have to get used to this sort of thing if you're going to stay."

"How? My head hurts so much. What kind of torture is that?" Ren wondered, groaning while trying to stop the pounding in her head. While heading on out, Nagisa was gonna head off to the main school, but before he could, they heard someone calling to them.

"Nagisa! Ren!"

The two looked off and saw Twilight, and in this case Akari, heading their way.

"Hi girls, how's it going?"

"Pretty good actually. I wanted to check on Ritsu, is she going okay? I hope she wasn't too much for you." Before Nagisa could say anything, Ren already spoke up.

"I don't like her, she's torturous."

"What?! What did she do?" Twilight gasped.

"She's not torturous. She just taught us on the basic subjects. You know, Equations, chemical science, geometry -"

"STOP IT, YOU'RE KILLING ME!" Ren demanded, gripping her head even more. The concern was completely gone, knowing why Ren was really suffering. On the bright side, some more emotion was being shown from Ren as of late, even if most of it was negative. As they were discussing, Akari looked to the building, starting to walk over to find Ritsu by the door, wheels moving the box.

"Oh, hello mam. You another class student?" Ritsu asked. Akari looked at her in surprise as Twilight, Nagisa and Ren walked over. Ritsu smiled happily upon seeing Twilight.

"Twilight-chan! Wonderful to see you here! I thought you were staying with Korosensei."

"I still have to go to school too, you know. I'm sure Korosensei will be fine by himself for one day. I'm glad to hear you're doing so well for your first day," Twilight congratulated, Ritsu actually blushing from the compliment.

"Thank you, Twilight-chan..."

"So, what can you do anyway?" Akari asked, looking Ritsu over for a while.

"I've been programed to do a lot of tasks. I can scan other life forms to better study them, and been programed with a supercomputer to match Korosensei's knowledge. Let me demonstrate!" Ritsu them suddenly pulled out a scanner from the top of her box, which looked like a camera, and took a quick picture of Akari in front of her. Soon, Ritsu showed a 3D image of Akari on screen, and started showing many different scans and information on screen about her anatomy. The body showed Akari as a body of DNA for a little bit before Ritsu popped back up on the screen.

"Scan of figure complete. Height: Four feet, nine inches. Weight: eighty six pounds. Status: normal health. Though, I'm unable to figure out the bumps on the back of your neck," Ritsu explained. Akari looked shocked, and immediately felt the back of her neck upon hearing the word. However, she breathed a sigh of relief soon afterward.

"I think you might need some work, I don't feel anything there," Akari sighed. Ritsu wasn't sure what she was talking about, but shrugged it off eventually.

"I guess I could be wrong. I was born yesterday," Ritsu sighed. Twilight and Nagisa smiled as Ren just ignored what Ritsu was saying...


The day finished off with no trouble, everyone going along rather nicely with the robot teacher. As they walked home, Akari and Twilight got back home later on that night, Akari visiting over with Twilight for a study session. As they arrived, Twilight and Akari were in the living room with their work. While they were studying, Twilight's mom came in. She looked a lot like her daughter, but her hair lighter in color.

"Hey, sweetie?"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Well, your friend upstairs. How long will he be around for?" Before Twilight could answer her, her other guest, Korosensei, eventually came walking downstairs, still a bit woozy for the day. He looked literally a sick green, despite his smile still on his face. Twilight's mom stepped away from Korosensei, as one of his tentacles tried to wipe away the goop still on his face.

"Hi Twilight. How's *sniff* how's school?" Korosensei asked.

"Uh, are you feeling good enough to be moving around?" Twilight's mom asked.

"Miss. Kagayaki, I'll be fine by tomorrow," Korosensei assured her, although more yellow goop was dripping out of his nose. Twilight's mom stepped aside as the goop dripped on the floor where he was standing.

"Did Ritsu program well?" Korosensei asked.

"She did fine, from what we heard, she did a great job," Akari replied.

"Wonderful! She's doing so - ah - so - AHCHOO!, nevermind, I'm going back to bed," Korosensei groaned, starting to move back upstairs tiredly.

"Goodnight, Korosensei," Akari said, as Korosensei moved slowly upstairs. Keeping quiet, Korosensei went back to the guest room, opening the door to show a small room with a bed by the window. Korosensei lazily fell on the bed, the tips of his tentacle feet drooping off the bed, as the alien got the blanket over his body. While laying there, Korosensei reached for his little notebook next to him, and wrote down his latest entry.

Human Study Log # 9

humans can be compassionate and helpful towards other species, while also rather good in mechanical work.

After that, Korosensei set the book down, and went right to sleep for the night.


Miles away, in a remote area of Japan, more activity was taking place that night. The night was quiet, and a large animal figure continued to roam around looking for food. The light from the moon revealed it to be the escaped experiment, Kaibutsu. Ever since his encounter with Korosensei and the others back at Gaijou, he'd been going incognito, keeping out of sight for a good while and trying not to cause trouble. However, even if humans were no longer on his death toll, he still needed food, and his roaming had him ended up dangerously close to a human settlement, a very large building, almost mansion like. The giant beast had his head to the ground, trying to find a scent of some sort of food to eat.

"Damn, there's barely anything here. Better get out before they find me," Kaibutsu thought, looking to the house he was at. The giant turned to leave, but before he could...

"Can we play now?"

The voice sounded low, almost unreal, making Kaibutsu stop, and turned to the source of the voice. What he saw was another dog standing nearby, or at least something like a dog. with a dark brown mane attached to a white body, with eyes purely white. Kaibutsu didn't know what to really make of that thing as it looked up at him, undeterred by Kaibutsu in any way.

"Can we play now?" he repeated.

Kaibutsu didn't answer at first. That, and hearing a door open from the building, made Kaibutsu rush off and hide as another man stepped outside. Luckily, Kaibutsu was just out of sight from the other human, as he got the dog.

"time to come in," he said, as he and the creature walked back inside. Kaibutsu wanted to go, but his curiosity got the better of him. He seen many different dogs before and after his mutation, and none of them looked like that. Not any normal breed of dog. Quietly, Kaibutsu walked to a large glass sliding door, keeping just out of eyeshot. Inside, he saw the man working on some chemistry, as the dog just sat in the corner watching. Kaibutsu knew all too well what kind of place would have those: another science facility, and that man is another scientist. The scientist inside, not noticing Kaibutsu near the large window, took a minute to rest, taking out a book and beginning to write down something in it. The dog started nudging on the man's shirt.

"Daddy. Hungry. I need food."

"I'll feed you in a minute, Nina."

"Nina?" Kaibutsu thought, listening in a little more as Nina starting pulling on his shirt. Annoyed, the scientist pushed Nina back rather roughly.

"Not now, Nina, sit and wait!" he snapped. Nina lowered her head, and didn't bug him anymore. After that, he went back to work. While looking in, Kaibutsu notice something on the man's desk, looking like a picture of the man, a young girl, and a white dog. But it didn't show Nina in any of it. While slightly looking in, Kaibutsu noticed something else on the man's desk, but couldn't make out what it was. After the scientist finished writing, he got up, and looked to Nina.

"Alright, I'll be right back." After making that clear to Nina, the man walked away to the next room to get her food, Nina following behind him. The giant beast took the moment to move and take a better look around the room. on one of the walls, Kaibutsu swore he saw some sort of plan, or blueprint study. The light from outside can just make out what it was about, but not enough to get the full picture. He could make out some sort of image from the wall though: a picture of a young girl's anatomy. Kaibutsu had to figure this out. Gently as he could, he got the large window open, and with one leap, got his full body inside. The room was just tall enough for Kaibutsu to stand straight, and large enough for him to walk around a little bit. Inside, Kaibutsu got a better view of the print on the left wall. The exact board showed a study on both the human and canine anatomy, a larger dog body type next to the girl. On the top it said 'Hybrid test no.26'.

"Hybrid test? He worked on that?" Kaibutsu wondered. He then glanced to the wall to the right, and noticed something on a billboard within the room. Upon closer look, it was a newspaper headline, which read out 'Shou Tucker, first successful hybrid experiment', as it showed Shou Tucker winning an award for such, with Nina sitting right next to him.

"They get awarded for this torture?" Kaibutsu thought, more angered that time. He gave an annoyed snort at the newspaper article...only to have another secretly fall from behind the first one. Kaibutsu watched it fall to the ground, and read off what it was. This newspaper clipping was instead a missing poster, reading off 'child and dog go missing'...The picture showing a little girl, and a white dog...

"Huh?...Wait... Why does that look -"

His mind stopped cold. He turned back to the blueprint to the left, and then back to the poster on the floor...they looked very similar, almost the same...

"...No...He didn't..."

Soon enough, Kaibutsu heard footsteps from the next room, hearing Nina saying "Thank. You."

...Never before had Kaibutsu felt more angered by humans. They've proven cruel enough to torture animals, but this...this was beyond cruel, and was high ranking demonic! Kaibutsu snarled in horrifying anger, teeth grinding as his muscles tensed. As soon as Shou Tucker opened the door, Kaibutsu immediately grabbed him and threw him to the wall. Shou tucker looked to see Kaibutsu staring him down.

"How dare you, doing this to your own daughter, Your own flesh and blood! And you throw that away just for some damn ambition, you bastard!"

Of course, Shou tucker was in an utter panic, and can't understand what Kaibutsu was saying. The beast didn't care for that, as he walked closer, claws scraping the metal floor. Shou tucker was stopped, frozen with fear.

"You don't disserve ambition! You don't disserve life!" Then, in one bow, Kaibutsu clamped his jaws around Shou's head, immediately crushing his skull. The move was quick, and didn't last long, but it was easily enough to kill Shou instantly. Upon hearing the crush of shou's skull, Nina walked back in the room, seeing Shou on the floor dead. Nina walked over to Shou, and started nudging his hand.

"Daddy's hurting...Daddy...No more Daddy..."

Kaibutsu looked right at Nina, who actually started shedding tears for her dad's loss. The beast looked down at her, getting the human blood off of his muzzle.

"He's not your father. A father would take care of you, and love you...Not this."

Seemed to him, Niuna understood what Kaibutsu had said, because after that, Nina walked over to him, looking up to Kaibutsu's eyes, not saying a word just yet. Kaibutsu faced the window where he came in. Before leaving though, Kaibutsu turned back to Nina.

"Nina. Let's get out of here. You don't disserve this kind of life."

Nina looked back to Shou on the floor first, quietly thinking it over. Then, without a word, Nina moved over to Kaibutsu's side, and looked out the same window. Wanting to make as much distance as possible, Kaibutsu lifted Nina off the ground with ease, jumped out the window, and disappeared back into the wild...

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