Pretty in Pink
Season 3, Episode 7
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Kanji ピンクでプリティ
Air date August 28, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Gaara: The Sand Assassin Tolls and Blossoms

Pretty in Pink is the 7th chapter of season 3, and the 31th in the overall series.


As training intensifies for Nagisa, a pretty student in pink began to appear.


The next morning went by a little bit slow for Nagisa. If he can say anything, it's that last night was hard to sleep. He was glad he wasn't caught by the others, but what is he supposed to do? Before could easily be shrugged off as basic protection, but not with Gaara. What he did there was assault, and there was no excuse for putting a knife to someone's throat. If something wrong were to happen, this was it. Nagisa's walk to the high school was quiet, and throughout the first class he was quiet as a mouse. He honestly had some trouble with listening to the teacher as of late, and once the class ended, he wasn't feeling much better. He wanted to avoid twilight this time, not in the mood to talk to her. In fact, he wasn't in the mood for talking at all.

"I don't believe this. What's going on with me? I shouldn't be proud for threatening their lives, but ... Why does it feel nice? I feel confident - in control, but no. No, I can't have these feelings - I shouldn't ... Should I?"

These kinds of thought had been going up and down his mind for quite some time, and he had yet to come up with a complete answer for it. Should he be happy or not? On one hand, he did save Twilight, but at the expense of nearly killing Gaara. He'd yet to kill anyone, but if this keeps up, then he might end up with blood on his hands sooner than expected. Be it from either Giratina's goons, or another assassin coming to their school, something will happen again. Before he could even continue ...

"Nagisa Shiota, please come to the main office. Thank you."

The announcement from the inner com sent shivers down Nagisa's spine. It looks like Gakuho was finally bringing him in. This was just another worry to top off his load, and now it was being executed. Nagisa didn't want to, like any other same person would, but he knew he had no choice. Once someone's called to the elite, there was no choice but to listen. At least he got his stuff into his locker just before it called out, so he only had himself to bring. Nagisa gave a grave sigh, and began his walk towards the main office. Nagisa had a few questions on his mind as he walked silently to the office, the main one being; what will his punishment be. Gakuho wasn't one for simple, straight-forward punishments, so it was anyone's guess on his own fate. Once Nagisa had finally made it to the main office doors, his worries were through the roof. Gakuho was going to do what? Sent him back? Detention? What?! Nagisa had no choice but to face the music, and step into Gakuho's office. The office was dark, the windows being the main source of light, as it reflected off Gakuho's desk, and the principal himself. Nagisa knew the second that door shut behind him that he was trapped, as he looked to Satan's gentleman sitting in front of him.

"Nagisa Shiota."

"Y-you called me sir?" Nagisa asked.

"Nagisa. I've been noticing some ... Peculiar behavior as of late, involving you. I've been given a report about you threatening the lives of two of my students a while ago. They said they saw a killer stare in your eyes ready to kill their hearts," Gakuho began. Nagisa knew exactly what he was talking about, as the principal got up and walked over to him. It's circling like this that would get to anybody.

"I was willing to let that slide. However, I'm starting to get some interesting reports; sounds of gunfire, strange beings that come and go, odd occurrences around Tokyo ... Know anything about that? Nagisa?" Nagisa now had his back to the wall; that's why he called him here?! Nagisa promised Arceus that he won't continue talking about these things, yet Gakuho now waited for an answer from him. Nagisa tried to stay calm, and decided to play it dumb.

"No. No I don't."

"You do realize that these reports happened long before you transferred, right? There's no real reason to lie to me, you know. Go on. You might as well tell me."

"I-I can't!"

Nagisa didn't mean to say that, but what else could he really say to counter it? Gakuho was getting a bit lack luster from this, as he loomed over beside him, leaning in closer.

"Can't you now? And why not, might I ask? Scared?" Gakuho asked. Nagisa tried to think of something to say, not even daring to look up at Gakuho's eyes. Nagisa had to be careful - one wrong word could ruin everything. In the end though, he didn't had any sort of escape except for one.

"I-It shouldn't be worth your time, sir. I mean, it's just a few small things that are nothing to worry over," Nagisa claimed. However ...

"You're dodging me."

Damnit. Now he had nowhere to go.

"Okay okay. I-It's for your protection!"

"Protection?" Quizzed Gakuho, getting interested.

"I'm not supposed to tell anyone else sir. It's too dangerous - if I do, then you'll be at risk."

"... You do realize who you're talking to."

"And do you realize you'll die if I told you?!"

Now he done it; he yelled at Gakuho! Nagisa clammed up, cold sweat, and couldn't look at him. How can he look at him? Gakuho still found this surprisingly intriguing, though was disappointed to not had known anything beforehand (aside from Phanpy, that is). Though, if this stuff did involve Phanpy, then it might explain that. Gakuho still barely had much information to work on though.

"Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry," Nagisa repeated in his head, though his mouth couldn't quite say the words. Gakuho decided that he had to convince Nagisa to talk to him. Soon, he went back to his desk, and opened up his laptop, beginning to quickly type out what he needed, his fingers almost a blur. Nagisa stayed completely still, listening to the typing until ...

"Come here."

Nagisa gulped, and did what he was told. Nagisa was right at the desk, when Gakuho turned the laptop over so Nagisa could see. On the screen, Nagisa saw security cam footage, from just outside. It showed, to his surprise, a number of class 3-E students just arriving to the main building, some a bit winded.

"Then maybe you can explain this?"

"... I ... I wasn't aware this happened sir." This time it was true; he was warned of Gaara, but he didn't know that they ran from 3-E to the main building out of it. This time Gakuho closed the laptop, and sighed. He was wasting his time trying to talk to him this way.

"In that case, then you just head off to class," Gakuho decided. Nagisa didn't expect him to just let him go this way, but he went with it. He nodded, turned away, and walked to the door. Nagisa quietly walked out, closing the door behind him without a word. Nagisa only felt even more guilty; having to deal with Gakuho and the huge burden that came with keeping this quiet. It was really eating at him, and it was hard for him to just go on ...

Yet Gakushu, hidden away, wanted to figure this out for himself ...


As the hours came and went, it eventually came up to lunchtime. Nagisa hadn't reached the lunchroom just yet, having his own meal still in hand, and unopened. Even if many of the kids paid him no mind, he had been quite down through the last hours of classes, yet he failed to share why. He threatened two kids already, what'll they say if he just said he nearly killed a kid?! Nagisa got to the doors, but he didn't go in just yet, and instead placed his back to the wall. He needed a bit to think over what to ... Well, what to think - what to decide. Gaara will come back, along with many others, and he had to wrap his mind around what was good and what wasn't.

"Okay okay. It's just one time, Nagisa. You can go past this, sure. Just relax, and everything will be fine ..."

At least that's what he kept telling himself. Oh well, it seemed to put him in a better mind, and he can act happy for the others to feel better, no problem. After gathering himself, he began to go ahead, and open up the door. Nagisa was hoping to have less surprises when ...



Suddenly, Nagisa was tackled by someone in a strong hug. Nagisa fell onto the floor in surprise, feeling pinned down at the lower waist, and when he looked up, he saw that it was somebody entirely new (to him anyway). The kid was a girl, teenaged, and smiling wide. Her blue eyes matched Nagisa's, yet her hair was not only huge, but pink and poofy, like cotton candy or something. Oddly though, her uniform matched his instead of those typically worn by schoolgirls, grey pants instead of the usual skirt. While she was apparently very happy to see him, Nagisa was left a bit speechless, eyes blank and wide ...

"Uh ... Hi ... Do I know you?"

"Nope, nope, nope, but you looked SO DROOPY, I just had to cheer you up!" She beamed. Nagisa got her off, and got to his feet. The girl hopped up to her feet, smiling cutely. Compared to Nagisa, she was actually the same height if not including the hair. A nice surprise considering height was an issue with him for a while.

"Well. Thanks. It surely was a surprise," Nagisa said, awkward more than most. Still, this girl was happy all the same.

"Happy to see you happy to be happy! By the way, I'm Pinkie Pie."

"... Pinkie Pie? Really?"

Nagisa wasn't one to really question names, but Pinkie Pie? That sounded less like a person and more like a desert. Pinkie though put a finger to her chin while thinking.

"Well, my real name's Pinkamena Diane Isuzu, But Pinkie Pie sound SO MUCH CUTER - like cutie pie but with pinkie! Anyway, what's your name, mister?" Pinkie asked innocently. Nagisa was happy that SOMEONE new didn't mistake him for a girl for once, though he still needed a moment to even keep up with her.

"... Uh, Nagisa ..."

"Nice to meet you! Well, let's eat," Pinkie beamed, humming, and heading right into the lunchroom. Nagisa followed right behind her, but however he seemed to notice something with Pinkie; her butt was huge! Call him a pervert, but some of the boys watched Pinkie go by too, and eyeing her ass for the most part, which just looked more noticeable, bulging in the pants she was wearing, and swaying in her step. Nagisa blushed red, and left Pinkie Pie alone as he walked to find Twilight. Twilight was already sitting down and eating by the time Nagisa found her ... Still blushing ...

"Hi, Nagisa. Is everything okay?" Twilight asked.

"I think I witnessed Earth's new moon," Nagisa simply replied. Twilight was slightly blank-faced, but when she looked to see Pinkie strolling by, she was smart enough to take the hint. As for Pinkie, she didn't seem to notice the crowd eyeing her as she looked around to find her seat. However, she did end up seeing Nagisa, and waved to him before continuing. Oh well; so long as she's oblivious and stays that way, things should be fine ...


"Watch yourself!"

Training back at 3-E went on as usual. Even if Korosensei found things out, he didn't want to stop them from having their fun until this game was over. This time, not too many students were training; studying putting on priority a bit higher this time around. Karma and Naruto were actually doing a personal training session outside, with Weed and Jerome watching with Korosensei and Karasuma. Naruto and Karma didn't mind it, and the two were doing a duel together.

"You know, these two are on their game today. You did a fancy job training, Karasuma," Korosensei complimented.

"Don't forget they're training to kill you," Karasuma replied coldly. Korosensei didn't mind it though. Weed sat by Korosensei and Jerome, watching the two fight.

"Hey, Jerome? Is this something you've been through?" Weed asked.

"Not exactly as detailed, but in a way yes. The common idea is mastery over quick kills on specific targets without distraction or fault."

"... Is it exactly a healthy practice?" Weed asked. He'd been around for a little bit, but seeing this assassination stuff was getting him a bit concern.

"Healthy, Weed?" Jerome asked. Before it could go any further, the noise of the fight got their attention again. At this point, Karma and Naruto were charging right at eachother once more when ...


"What the-?!"

Karma and Naruto skidded to a halt, inches from her, their fake blades almost slicing her up. Pinkie Pie was back around, but she didn't really worry on the knives now aimed at her face. Naruto was in front, and Karma was in back. The others nearby were just as surprised by the sudden arrival in their own way.

"Who the hell is this bitch?" Karma wondered.

"Did Nagisa come this way? I saw him wander away from school and wanted to see what he's doing," Pinkie said, still oblivious to the situation. Suddenly, Korosensei rushed in, and pulled her aside.

"Now now, it's rude to interrupt someone's little session. Now why don't you just - what're you doing?" Pinkie Pie didn't bother to pay attention to what he had to say, and instead her eyes boggled as she held one of Korosensei's tentacles, feeling how smooth and squishy they are. Korosensei's face turned blank as she was looking them over. Then she had to face Karasuma.

"Hey. Who are you?" Karasuma asked.

"Pinkie Pie!" She beamed.

"... Your real name," Karasuma corrected, seemingly not believing in her.

"Oh! Pinkamena Diane Isuzu," Pinkie corrected. Karasuma didn't need other blabber mouths like these going about and seeing this. Jerome and Weed turned to eachother as Karma walked over to her.

"What are you doing here?"

"Nagisa wandered this way, so I wandered with him without him knowing and got lost. You seen him come by?" Pinkie asked. Karma turned walked into her sight, and moved her head.

"And what do you need him for?"

"I wanna make him smile!" Pinkie answered, which was true.

"With a big ass like that, you'll get anyone smiling," Karma thought, which was also true, probably.

"No, I haven't seen him. He doesn't come to 3-E anymore, so he's probably still stuck at the main building," Naruto finally answered. Pinkie Pie nodded fast, and she was soon out of sight, as she raced off back to the main building. She saw Nagisa leave, but she was sure he might still had ended up back there.


"Ah, Nagisa," Greninja said, once Nagisa had showed up. Greninja and Phanpy hadn't seen Nagisa in a while, but Nagisa had come back around to the mountain pool to see them both.

"Hi Greninja. Ready to begin," Nagisa said. Nagisa walked over to the pool, as Greninja rested himself on top of the water.

"You've been gone for a while, Nagisa. Has everything been okay?" Greninja asked. Nagisa didn't expect that question to jump out at him from Greninja. All that did was get him seeing what was going on; Bisharp's attack, Gakuho's talk, and once more, the incident with Gaara. Eventually though, Nagisa sighed and looked to him.

"It's alright. I made sure no one else knows what's going on," Nagisa concluded.

"Good job," Greninja said, as Phanpy settled down next to Nagisa, and falling asleep. Nagisa did enjoy seeing them both, but he still needed to think on something.

"... Greninja? Can I get your opinion on something?"

"Opinion? ... On what?" Greninja asked.

"... It's with that assassination training. Is it something I should be doing?" Nagisa asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well it just ... Doesn't feel right. Maybe I should stop." That was probably the best way for him to put it without saying much else. Greninja walked off of the water, and looked to him.

"Not a good idea."

Nagisa looked surprised as he looked to Greninja. This was assassination, and Greninja was encouraging it? Nagisa wasn't sure about that reaction.

"You do realize that this is a proper exercise so everyone can protect themselves, don't you? I've been watching you for a while, and you are doing exceptionally well," Greninja explained. Greninja still remembered himself hidden in the trees, and watching from afar as it went down.

"B-But this is assassination."

"If Giratina decides to send more demons after them, then you and them will be more prepared once they do. In fact, I think it's time for some training of my own," Greninja said, suddenly bringing out a water blade to show him. Nagisa wasn't so sure, and got to his feet, but before he could say anything Greninja brought a webbed finger up to him.

"Now, I know this wasn't what you had in mind, and while this wouldn't help in unlocking Mizu, it will give you an alternative protection strategy. If you don't want to train with Karasuma, that's fine. So what about I try to teach you instead?" Greninja offered. Not something he'd normally do, but, Nagisa seemed like a good candidate for this sort. Nagisa though found this troubling for him. Instead of taking the offer, he turned away.

"No thanks ..."

Nagisa needed some more time to work on this, so he decided to boycott the idea, and go back to the main building ...

"So, that's where he's been training. Better keep that in mind on my next move," a spying assassin thought, disappearing in the trees ...


By the time school was done, Nagisa honestly felt withdrawn again. As if Karasuma wasn't enough, now Greninja wanted him to continue. Even if this was protection and not killing, it still was taking its toll on him. He managed to find Weed again on his way, and soon was walking home with him. The two spoke along the way.

"How has it been Weed?" Nagisa asked.

"It's going alright. We did have a new guest come to 3-E though earlier today. She was asking about you," Weed said.

"She was? Who, Twilight?"

"No, some odd girl named Pinkie Pie. Don't ask me about the name - I don't have a clue," Weed answered. Nagisa didn't realize Pinkie had followed him up to 3-E, and that got him worried. Weed quickly helped him ease that worry though.

"Don't worry, I don't think she knows what's going on."

"Thank god."

It didn't take very long until they got to Nagisa's apartment, and right at the door. While Pinkie Pie showing up at 3-E was unexpected, at least nobody revealed too much about everything, so it was alright overall. Nagisa was just hoping to relax again, as he opened up his door. The second he did though ...

"Welcome home!"

Pinkie Pie. Again. Not in a school uniform this time, but in a casual pink shirt with three balloons on it, and a pair of blue jeans. Nagisa and Weed didn't know what to say, and Nagisa closed the door again.

"I could just walk away right now ..."

But, he opened it again, Pinkie still standing there, and still smiling at him. Nagisa and Weed walked in, but Nagisa wasted no time with asking his next real question for her.

"How'd you get into my apartment?"

"Ren let me in," Pinkie said innocently. Weed and Nagisa looked behind her, and saw Ren looking back to them, wearing a blue striped party hat on her head. All she did was give a small wave to them, as Pinkie hugged Nagisa from the side.

"We meet again, blue man! How's your day?" Pinkie asked, her face right next to his. What was he supposed to do?

"Alright, thanks to you," Nagisa said, might as well please her. Pinkie's eyes sparkled in excitement, and hugged him harder, spinning him around.

"Oh I knew you'd be happy!! Have a seat, and chef pinkie will make ya the best yummy goodies ever!" Pinkie said, setting Nagisa down on his couch, as Pinkie bolted to the kitchen. Weed was still dumbfounded, but sat down by Ren anyway.

"You met her before?" Ren asked.

"Only at lunch today," Nagisa admitted, Pinkie worked up a storm in the kitchen with what Nagisa had available.

"She seems to be friendly."

"I guess so -"

"Done!" Pinkie suddenly said.

"So soon?" Weed wondered. When they looked, they quickly saw their dinner. In just that short of time, somehow, Pinkie Pie had made a large bowl for Nagisa and Ren; looking like a mix of noodle soup, and egg drop soup, with a slice of ham in each. It wasn't really a traditional meal, but Pinkie was anything but traditional really, as she brought the bowls over to them.

"How'd you make these so fast?!" Nagisa gasped. Pinkie Pie simply winked.

"Trade secret," Pinkie simply answered.


It took sometime, but eventually the bowls were finished up. Since it was Ren who ate them both, she had fallen asleep to digest her meal, giving Pinkie and Nagisa time to talk.

"This is awfully nice of you to do, Pinkie Pie. But you didn't really have to," Nagisa said.

"It's not a problem, seeing you happy makes it all worth it," Pinkie replied.

"You sure are bent on smiles, huh?"

"Of course! Nothing says a happy day like a big smile on your face!" Pinkie smiled wide to show her point. Nagisa couldn't help but smile a little himself. However, before things could continue, Pinkie felt a vibration go off; her phone. One quick look at the phone, and Pinkie jumped to her feet.

"Oh my goodness! I'm sorry, I gotta get home," Pinkie said.

"It's okay, Pinkie. And thank you."

Pinkie quickly gave Nagisa a goodbye hug, and then went on out. Nagisa may have only met her for a day, but he was still happy to have met her at all. Though he could tell there's going to be more of her in the future, no doubt about it.


If only that night was just as easy to handle. Nagisa, Ren, and Weed all were asleep, but while Ren and Weed were sleeping soundly, Nagisa was tossing and turning a lot in his sleep, his slumber not really good. Inside his head, Nagisa's dream had him waking up in the darkness, no one around. Well, at first that seemed so, until he began to see a huge silhouette looming over him. The shape of the body, and red eyes were unmistakeable. Nagisa was up on his feet, but by the time he did, the other figure was down to his level.

"Giratina," Nagisa growled.

"We meet again. It's been interesting." Nagisa suddenly had a blade in his hand, looking down to it. Nagisa looked ready to fight him - if anyone he can fight head on Giratina would be it. Giratina looked down, and charged to him, as Nagisa aimed his blade, ready to strike. Nagisa thruster his blade forward, but just before it landed, the figure shifted, and changed in the blink of an eye to another figure; Gaara! Both sides were frozen in that moment for a bit, and when Nagisa looked, his blade was through Gaara's throat. Gaara took a dying breath before falling down in front of him. Nagisa just stood there for a moment or two, as a ominous voice laughed behind him.

"See? That wasn't too hard to do," Giratina said. Nagisa didn't even try to make a reply, as Giratina circled him.

"You feel guilty don't you? Knowing that your innocence has now been killed off? I'm not the type to say I told you so, but I did warn you back in Africa, didn't I?" Giratina explained.

"It isn't true!" Nagisa protested, his head lowered.

"Oh don't lie to yourself. I'm actually disappointed in you, Nagisa. To break down over one assault."

"Why should you care, of all things?" Nagisa replied. Giratina stopped circling him, and loomed just over his head.

"Oh you're right. Why should I care about your wellbeing when I'm the one wanting you dead? So I'll leave you off with this." Giratina started to gently stroke Nagisa with his wing. "Your innocence has died since starting this bastardized game of cat and mouse with Korosensei. Let yourself go."


"No? You know you like it, Nagisa. That satisfaction of watching those people cower and become humbled over you. For you to -"

"Stop! Just stop!"

Giratina was silent for a moment, and moved in closer.

"Nagisa, you're becoming a disappointment. But it's your choice of you still want to be weak and innocent. I mean, a promise to one friend is obviously more important than the lives of many others, isn't it? It'll make my job much easier."

Nagisa had enough on hearing that, and backed away.

"I won't let you!"

"... And how are you going to do that without killer instincts? I'm sure Karasuma, and even Greninja got enough points across; the only way to deal with a problem like me is to kill it off. But you've made up your mind, so I'll be sure to find you later and kill your friends off. After all, being innocent is all that matters here."


Nagisa woke up in the middle of the night, but not in such a startle as a normal nightmare would give somebody. The dream was less a dream and more of a warning. Why would Giratina even bother with him was enough of a confusion, but the answer was simple; he wanted him to break. Giratina's sick jokes didn't help him either. Nagisa looked to Weed, who was sleeping at the side of his bed. Nagisa didn't want to admit it by any means, but Giratina was right; he had to fight, no matter what. That fact was as plain as the hair on his head, and his innocence will go away no matter what he'll do. Even if that was what Giratina wanted, Nagisa knew it would give him a chance. Greninja said it was for protection. Karasuma said it was to help the world.

And that's just what Nagisa was going to do.