Return of the Blue
Season 2, Episode 12
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Kanji 青のリターン
Air date July 31, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Return of the Blue is the 12th chapter of season 2, and the 24rd in the overall series.


Back in Japan, Weed, Mel, and GB head off for Ohu, and to Gajou. How much has changed, and what surprises await them at home?


Since their departure from the Yunibasaru, Weed, GB, and Mel had been traveling off away from Tokyo, and off towards their own home. It'd been too long since they were last there, and since Weed technically promised to come back eventually, then they had to go back either way. For the trio of travelers, the weather was fair, and better to travel than back over in Africa. Since it was early September, that meant the weather was getting cooler anyway, so it was a nice relief for them over the blistering heat on the Serengeti. They had departed from the others a few days ago by now, and were continuing off towards Fugato Pass. It had been a while though, so, Weed's memory was a little foggy. He just knew it was off northward, so, he worked with that.

During one point in their travels, the three stopped over to a shallow river. The water was only a foot deep, and with a rocky bottom which made it a good fishing spot. As for the fish, whatever fish swimming through had to stay close to the surface of the water, even having to jump in a number of places. It was the jumping fish that were the ones to catch, and Weed was the one to catch them. Weed was already a quick dog, for sure, and the training with Korosensei back in Kenya just made him a bit better at it. The Akita did a pretty good job on fishing for himself and the others, catching about fifteen fish after just a half an hour. With the catch, the three sat down and enjoyed their own breakfast.

"Good catch, Weed," GB complimented, as he bit down on one of the fish. Weed needed a minute to swallow first.

"Thanks. Guess Korosensei's training session paid off," Weed replied. After Mel finished his own fish, he turned over to Weed.

"Hey, Weed? You said something about that Multitype thing before we left. Which one do you think you have?" Mel asked, legitimately curious. Weed looked up, as if looking to the sky for an answer, as he tried to think.

"Don't really know; Greninja didn't really say much about it to me. I'm sure we'll figure it out later though," Weed assured him.

Conversation wasn't really all that much after that, the three more into their meal than most, before they set off again. Since they were moving further away from the more populated areas of Japan, the area broke more into forests and the Japanese countryside. Since they were heading further north, the changing seasons began to show more amongst the trees, some of which were turning to autumn colors (reds, yellows, and oranges). This was more their speed, and actually a bit of a good memory on their home as they went.

During their traveling, they came across a mountainside tram railway. The railroad traveled alongside a line of telephone poles and wires, suggesting this might be an electric tram track. The rails were a bit old, moving straight for some ways, and not traveled too much, so the dogs used it to continue on their way, Weed remembering following the track a bit of ways last time he went this way. Mel was balancing himself on one of the rails as they went along, as GB stayed in between the rail tracks on the ground, walking alongside.

"It'll be great to see those guys again," Mel said at one point.

"Yeah; it's been forever. Wonder how Smith's doing since we left?" Weed replied.

"I more wonder if they'll believe our big story in Kenya."

"After seeing both Kaibutsu and Korosensei, I'm sure they'll believe anything," GB joked, all three of them sharing a short laugh. The three continued off for a little bit longer until the railroad made a curve downhill. If Weed remembered right, they should go off the track at this point.

"This should be the right way; off the railroad, and through the mountains here."

"Alright, let's get going," Mel said. They began to head off the tracks, and into the mountains. As Weed and Mel went up out of the way, GB was about to follow them up when ...


The three stopped in their own tracks when they heard the cry for help. The voice itself came from down the railroad. Looking down the track, something then rushed into sight, and began running towards the three. The creature was a dog; a very young pup, looking younger than any of them. He had a brownish color to his fur, drooped ears, and a dead rabbit in his mouth. It was a bit big for the pup to catch, but that's because he technically didn't. Right behind the pup was another, bigger, angry dog. This one looked like Weed in a way, but with orange fur instead of the blue tora-ge. It didn't take long before the bigger dog caught up to the pup, taking the rabbit away from him, and knocking over the pup in the process. The pup tumbled on the tracks, as the Shikoku stood with his catch.

"Get your own rabbit," the Shikoku dog said, as the pup got up, shaking off the fall. Seemed this pup tried to get an easy meal by swiping this dog's rabbit. A backfire to say the least. For GB, Weed, and Mel, they took a quick moment before going over. While Mel was stuck unfamiliar, the other two oddly began to recognize the large dog.

"Sasuke!" GB called, catching the Shikoku's attention.

"GB? GB!" Sasuke replied happily. However, this quick distraction got the pup to grab the rabbit again, and bolt to the other three.

"That pup with you?" Sasuke asked, annoyed more than most.

"Eh, not really Sasuke," Weed said. He then looked to the young puppy, hoping the other dogs won't attack him for the rabbit. However, they were good from the fish earlier, so, it was alright for them.

"You know him Weed? GB?" Mel asked, referring to Sasuke in particular. GB and Weed both knew Mel hadn't met Sasuke before like they did.

"Mel, this is Sasuke; an old friend of mine back in the Southern Alps. Sasuke, this is Mel," GB introduced. The only one neither of them knew was the pup, who tried to keep quiet and out of the way.

"Nice to meet ya, Mel. Now I'd really like to HAVE MY RABBIT BACK!" Sasuke snapped, his tone changing from happy to angry immediately on seeing the pup again.

"Oh relax, Sasuke, we'll get you another rabbit later. It's okay kid, you can have it," GB said. The pup wasted no time, and started eating the rabbit.

"Thank you," the pup said, eating up his meal. Sasuke didn't want his rabbit eaten by someone else, but, his focus changed to the other three.

"So how's it been, GB? Haven't seen you in a while," Sasuke said, nudging him playfully. GB smirked, though he wasn't sure if Sasuke would believe him.

"Oh, this dog's seem some damn freaky things over the summer," GB simply said.

"Freaky, huh? Well, fill me in, what's up?" Sasuke insisted. GB didn't know how to put it, but Mel helped him out.

"You wouldn't believe us even if we told ya. We're heading to Fugato Pass now," Mel said.

"Fugato Pass? Thought you tried heading there months ago. You get lost or something?"

"No, we made it there, but we left after a while. We're just heading back now," Weed cleared up. Sasuke didn't think that was exactly freaky, and wanted to figure that out at least.

"Oh, that so? Come on guys, don't leave me in the dark here; what happened to ya? Where's the freaky shit you're talking about?"

"Sure you wanna hear?" Weed asked, just to be sure of it.

"Hie!" Sasuke insisted. Mel, Weed, and GB looked to eachother before they decided.

"Alright then, it's like this ..."

So, Weed, GB, and Mel all explained their experiences so far to Sasuke, both the Shikoku, and later the puppy, listening to every word. They explained from the start, when they left off to Gaijou the first time, down to their return from Africa. Thanks to Sasuke's insistence, they didn't leave out any details, and kept Korosensei, Kaibutsu, and all the demon shit in for them both to hear. The trio still didn't know if he'll believe them, but hey, it was practice for retelling to the Ohu soldiers anyway, so that was something at least. As insisted by Greninja, they left out the Multitype involvement, but that was about it. By the time they were done, Sasuke was left at a loss of words, though the puppy was simply amazed by the story ...

"Well, God ... That's some freaky shit alright," Sasuke said, though that was all he could really say to that story.

"That's so cool!" The pup said. The group forgot about him really, and that opinion got their attention again.

"Oh right. Sasuke, do you know this pup?" GB asked.

"No, why would I be asking you guys?" Sasuke answered. The pup began to get slightly worried as the dogs moved over to him.

"What's your name?" Weed asked kindly. The pup relaxed slightly after a bit.

"... Teru," he answered.

"Teru. I'm Weed. What're you doing stealing the rabbit anyway?"

"I-I was hungry!" Teru replied.

"So am I!" Sasuke snapped in, "You got your parents to feed you, you don't have to get at my food!"

Teru suddenly got quiet again, looking away from the others, looking almost sad. There wasn't much of an answer from Teru's mouth, but Weed began to get two and two together. This was a very young pup, risking his neck over a catch that wasn't even his own. For a dog that young, there wasn't too many reasons to do this other than just one ...

"Psst. GB, over here," Weed said quietly, moving GB over for a bit.

"What's up?"

"GB, I ... I think we have an orphan here."

"You mean Teru?" GB asked. The two glanced back at Teru for a moment as Weed continued.

"Well why else would he try to steal from a much larger dog?" Weed wondered.

"Weed, you do know this is Sasuke we're talking about right?"

Weed raised an eyebrow at that comment, but didn't push that point. Their small discussion continued on for a bit longer as the other three waited a bit. Soon, Weed and GB finished, and walked back towards them.

"Teru?" Weed started, the puppy in question turning to him. "Would you like to come with us back to Fugato Pass?" Mel didn't expect that conclusion, but considering what they had on their paws, maybe it would be better to get Teru to Fugato Pass for a better life. Of course, Teru was a bit surprised to hear such a request, with what he just did and all.

"Really? You'll let me?"

"Sure; The Ohu paradise's the perfect place for any dog like you. You wanna go?" GB replied. The puppy, wagging his tail, was more than happy to comply. What're the odds?

"Sure!" Teru replied. They were glad for that, but they were slightly cut off by the growl of Sasuke's stomach. Sasuke still hadn't eaten anything yet, and that rabbit would've been his first catch of it wasn't for Teru.

"Damnit. Look, since you're here, can you help me get some food, please?"

"Alright Sasuke, come on," GB replied, as the group began moving off the railroad tracks, and off into the forest.


After a small delay in terms of hunting, they were off again, moving off back to Fugato Pass in record time. Teru did make their traveling slightly slower, but they didn't mind that too much, so long as they kept moving anyway. That, and after some convincing, Sasuke joined up in their group too. After hearing how much he missed out, he would rather do that than bore his days with what he been doing. Weed was happy to help them out, and aided them along their journey. The group of five continued off for the next few days, almost non-stop, with Teru riding on top of GB's back on multiple points in their travels. It wasn't too much trouble for Weed, Mel, and GB. The trio were more excited to see the old faces of their friends in Ohu, especially Smith. They hadn't seen Smith in quite a while, and the Ohu veteran, they knew, must be wondering about them a little bit. Same with Ken and Kagetora; those two canine soldiers must be waiting for them too. It took them a while yet, but after such a long time of traveling ...

"We're here!"

Standing at a raised clearing, they all could see the mountains of Fugato Pass just ahead of them. This was where their home was.

"Awesome! We made it!"

"Well, what're we all waiting for? Last one to Gaijou's bear bait!" GB said in glee, already starting off towards Gaijou. Smiles all around, the whole group began running straight for the pass, where Gaijou should be. Even Teru kept good pace with the larger dogs, equally excited to get there. The five dogs raced through the forests leading to Fugato Pass, which were already slightly colored for the autumn season. The sounds of leaves under their paws, and the cool mountain breeze blowing in their fur, were all lovely. It didn't take very much longer before the forests broke open into a huge flattened clearing of grass and rocks. It was this clearing, where they all finally saw Gaijou, standing in its full glory (they missed the cliff jump by coming in from another way). As they neared, some of the dogs of Ohu saw them coming closer.

"Hey, Weed's back," one of them said.

"I'll report this," replied another, going into Gaijou to tell the others the news. Weed, GB, Mel, Sasuke, and Teru didn't stop until they were standing right in front of it, grateful to be home.

"HEY, WE'RE HOME!" Weed called, good and loud. Not too long after that, a few other dogs came out, one of them being the three-legged dog Smith. The second he saw their smiling faces, a smile came to his face as he moved down to see them.

"Weed. Wonderful to see you return. Did you find the answer you were looking for?" Smith asked. Weed nodded.

"Yeah I did. Great to see you again, Smith-san," Weed replied. It was lovely to see a familiar face like Smith. After a bit, the old setter then noticed Sasuke and Teru nearby.

"See you found some new friends too."

"Hey there, Smith. How're things going here in Fugato?" Sasuke asked.

"Pretty fair. I'm more interested in your little story though, Weed. You've been gone for over a month, after all," Smith explained. The trio expected to hear that, and who could blame him for wondering?

"Well, better find a seat inside; it's a long one," GB joked.

After a short walk, the group decided to continue their conversation inside Gaijou instead. It was a more relaxing spot than sitting outside. Sasuke and Teru were a bit new to the place, so, they were mainly guided along so they wouldn't get lost. Smith brought them over to the main chamber inside Gaijou to tell their story. However, before they could even start, the company inside was a shock for them. Inside the main chamber were Ken and Kagetora, but that wasn't all. Laying across from them were five other dogs that they didn't expect to be there.

North, Robert, Rocca, Wheeler, and Jerome!

"What the? Jerome?" Mel gasped.

"Hey there, pups," Wheeler said.

"What're you guys doing here? Didn't you run like hell after Kaibutsu last time we saw you?" GB asked. Sasuke sensed another story coming around, and sat down comfortably. Jerome looked to the others in his squad before answering.

"Let's just say he's not worth it anymore, and leave it at that, okay?" Jerome simply stated. They were a bit confused honestly, but then Smith got their attention again.

"What do you mean not worth it?"

"He said leave it at that, nosy mutt," insisted Wheeler. Weed sighed.

"Okay okay, let's not get in trouble on the first day. But can you at least say why you stayed here?" Weed asked. This time Robert answered.

"We found it more valuable here than with humans. The mission with humans was strong, but being with the Ohu Army is even stronger, and more purpose for us. Makes sense?"

"Uh, yeah I think so," Mel said. Smith sat down close by, and got their attention.

"Now go on. I'm eager to hear what happened to you over last month," Smith said. Wheeler didn't seem to be very interested though.

"You sure you all wanna know?" GB asked.

"Eh go ahead; what kind of shit can you dogs go through that we didn't?" Wheeler mocked.

"You're going to eat those words, trust me," Sasuke commented, as he sat down by him. Wheeler just ignored him. GB, Mel, and Weed knew they didn't seem very impressive, yet their story would do the trick. Weed gave a smirk to them.

"It began soon after we left Gaijou ..."


After a half an hour of explaining, they were soon finished with their story. The expressions on many of their faces were ... Well, surprise, to say the least. As with Sasuke, Weed and his friends kept in the details aside the Multitype business. While some like Smith, Jerome, or Rocca didn't appear too shocked on hearing this, others were left more shocked. Wheeler for one was left mouth agape, and wide-eyed.

"Told you," Sasuke said.

Wheeler shook off his surprise, but it was Kagetora who spoke next.

"So let me get this straight. So you, GB, and Mel here left Gaijou, and during that time you faced four different, literal demons, in just one month?"

"That and made friends with a white lion, mini elephant, and fought a cultish buffalo, yeah," GB answered, a bit nonchalantly for what they were talking about.

"God. Damn."

"I know it's a bit farfetched, but this is true, we swear," Weed said.

"Don't worry, Weed. Not sure about the rest, but, I believe every word," said Kagetora.

"Same here. Besides we already saw Kaibutsu and that alien," added Ken. Guess that was true. Still, while catching up from one side was all good, now Weed and his friends need to know what happened to Gaijou while they were away. Even if it was just a month, it would be good to know what they all did while they were gone.

"Well anyway, what about over here? What happened while we were gone?" Weed asked. At first, however, there was some silence amongst the Ohu soldiers, which was kinda curious. Eventually, it ended up being Ken who said it.

"Yeah, about that. Weed, there's been some trouble here."

"Really? What, who?"

"Kyoshiro Shirogane, that's who."

Kyoshiro? Outta many names, they didn't think much of Kyoshiro. In fact, they flat out forgot about him for the longest time.

"What did he do?" GB asked urgently.

"Son of a bitch won't leave us alone until he finishes his fight with Weed. Hellbent on doing so too," Ken explained.

"No way; Weed fought him at Tokyo already!" Mel retorted.

"Well that's not enough apparently. He wants a fight with just himself and Weed, no interruptions or surprises," Kagetora said. Weed thought this over as their conversation continued.

"That's bullshit! Why can't he leave well enough alone?"

"You took the words right out of my mouth," North said.

"Well he's not getting him; we've gone through enough trouble without him -"

"Where is he?"

Everyone turned to Weed once he spoke again, the Akita looking determined. Weed had already fought Kyoshiro twice now; one in Shige, two in Tokyo as previously mentioned. If Kyoshiro won't give in, there was only one thing left for him to really do.

"Weed, you're not thinking," GB said.

"I have to fight him; maybe then he'll finally leave everyone alone. We'll have to fight him eventually, anyway. Ken, Kagetora, do you two know where he is?"

"Just look around for some torn up trees, you'll find him then," Ken sighed. It'd been a common sight to see torn up trees since Kyoshiro showed up, so finding them would make finding Kyoshiro easier.

"Eh, Weed, you sure about this?" Sasuke asked.

"Sasuke, I'll be alright. You all can wait here, I'll be back soon," Weed replied. Even if they traveled for this long, Weed knew Kyoshiro would just cause more trouble for them. With that in mind, Weed left them at Gaijou.


Leading on into the night, Weed was still looking around for Kyoshiro Shirogane. It was a bit ironic that a dog so bent on fighting him would be this hard to locate. Weed honestly wasn't as worried over it. He fought demons much more dangerous than the scarred kishu ever was - that and he did some proper training with Korosensei before. More or less, Weed kept looking around for a while longer, his nose to the ground for a scent of the canine.

"Geesh, he sure hides well for wanting to kill me," Weed thought. As if on cue though, Weed stumbled across some wood shaving and torn bark. Looking up, he saw a tree with its bark torn away by sharp teeth. If this wasn't any indication, then what was? Weed looked off ahead, and saw some more trees with similar states of bark being torn away.

"Here we go," Weed said to himself, starting to pick up the pace. The scent of Kyoshiro began to get stronger as Weed continued onward. Pretty soon, it didn't take Weed much longer until he began to see someone off in the shadows, ripping off the bark of another helpless tree. The sight of his white fur and many scars immediately told Weed who it was.


Kyoshiro jumped around, and soon he was face to face with Weed.

"You! Where the hell had you been?!" Kyoshiro growled.

"That's not important Kyoshiro. Listen; you still want a fight, right?"

"You got it; that last fight in Tokyo was cut short again, and you -"

"I know I know! I came alone this time, so no surprises. Just you and me," Weed compromised. Kyoshiro smirked, licking his teeth.

"Then what're we waiting for? I'LL HAVE YOU IN MY TEETH!"

Then it began.

Weed didn't expect the fight to start so quickly, but he was ready either way. Kyoshiro rushed forward first, jaws open and teeth bared. It was a basic attack, and one Weed easily dodged with a jump over the kishu. Kyoshiro quickly made a one eighty, and got his teeth into Weed's back. Weed stumbled onto the ground, and started to roll with Kyoshiro biting hard. It took a few spins, but Weed got strong enough to spin Kyoshiro off his back. The Akita then made his move, and grabbed Kyoshiro by the back leg, swinging him around. Kyoshiro was slammed in the earth, dragged, swung around, and finally tossed at one of the trees. Not often did he get that kind of beating. The kishu jumped to his feet, licking the blood off his face.

"You got stronger since we last fought," Kyoshiro said.

"Had some practice," Weed replied, as Kyoshiro charged in again. Weed rushed at him, but rather than bite, Weed jumped in the air and started spinning. Kyoshiro thought this spin was the same as that killer move before, the one that gave him his new scare during their last fight.

"Not this time, bastard!" Kyoshiro yelled, rushing to the side so Weed would zoom by. While Weed did miss, he landed on his feet that time, able to keep spinning and launch off rather than crash. Korosensei's training made Weed far more accurate during his spinning, so Weed managed to avoid crashing. In fact, Weed even manage to land at a tree, and launch back at Kyoshiro! The kishu wasn't ready for that, and took the full force of the impact; Weed's back feet slamming Kyoshiro's head into the dirt. Weed landed on all four paws, as the Kishu struggled to get his head out of the dirt. Kyoshiro, his head bloody, got himself free. Growling, he spun away from the Akita, and started to dig. Weed was prepared this time, and jumped aside before any rocks could hit him. Kyoshiro turned back, only to find Weed right in his face, biting his neck! Kyoshiro managed to do the same, but in such a position, he can't do much else. If either pulled away, they'll get ripped open.

"Damnit, this kid's better than I thought," thought Kyoshiro. All of a sudden, Weed made the next move; he released Kyoshiro, but then began running off with Kyoshiro biting him still. Next thing the Kishu knew, his head met another tree, head on, and just enough to make him let go. Weed gave Kyoshiro some distance as Kyoshiro shook off some blood and bark from his head. Strange how Weed wasn't too talkative during the fight though.

"Shit. Damn head."


Kyoshiro turned around to Weed, but again, Weed moved too quick for him. Weed grazed his head, and his jaws grabbed his shoulder, throwing him head over heels. Kyoshiro landed hard on the ground, not on his head grant it. Before he could even get up, Weed rushed at him one last time, and sent the scarred fighter flying! That was the finishing move; Kyoshiro landed on the ground hard, but this time he was too weak to get up.

The fight was officially over.

Weed turned back to Kyoshiro, standing over him, as the kishu waited for the last blow.

"Well? What're you waiting for? You won, now kill me. Get it over with," Kyoshiro insisted, eyes closed, waiting for the attack...

But it never came.

"Here," Weed simply said. Instead of killing Kyoshiro, he did something Kyoshiro wouldn't ever expect. He bent down, and gently helped Kyoshiro on his own four paws. The scarred dog was still a little weak in the legs, but still just enough energy to stand. However, he was left completely perplexed.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Helping you," Weed said. Kyoshiro shoved him away.

"But why?! I tried to kill you three times now, why should you care about me?!" Kyoshiro yelled. He was getting a bit naive at this point, but he was just acting his age. Even if he was strong, he was still just a year old, like Weed. Weed however just smiled.

"You're still young, Kyoshiro - you have your whole life ahead of you. Why should I take that away from anyone? Besides, I came here to finish our fight. That doesn't mean I have to kill you," Weed explained. Kyoshiro was left perplexed, and only perplexed on this decision. Weed nodded, and began to go off back towards Gaijou. Eventually, Kyoshiro managed to get more energy, and got himself in front of Weed before he could leave.

"Hold on you! I don't understand; the first time we meet, I tried to murder you, with Gaijou at risk. I tracked you down all the way to Tokyo, and nearly killed you again. Now I kept myself and my pack in Fugato Pass just to fight you again, and even after all that -"

"Hie," Weed answered, cutting Kyoshiro short. Weed can agree that Kyoshiro was a bit stubborn about the whole situation, but Weed gave a sigh before looking to him.

"Kyoshiro. You have an entire pack of dogs to take care of, and they need you. I shouldn't be responsible for taking their leader away."

Kyoshiro Shirogane simply stood there, thinking over what the hell was going on. He gave this kid hell, and Weed was still showing kindness towards him even after all that. Even before, Weed didn't try much for him before, so, where was this coming from all of a sudden? Weed kept his smile, and it seemed Kyoshiro was beginning to wonder a bit more about this dog ...

"How pathetic."

The mood was quickly changed when the two stopped and heard the sound. The voice wasn't from either one of them, nor any dog any of them knew. Looking around fast, the two dogs tried to see what the voice came from. Weed managed to find out who was responsible first, looking over to the shadows. leaning against a tree, was the silhouette of a demonic being Weed hadn't seen in quite sometime.


"It's been a while since we last met," Bisharp said.

"Bisharp," Weed said, glaring, as Bisharp jumped down from the tree, landing in front of them both.

"What the hell are you?" Kyoshiro gasped, not expecting any company.

"Your bitch already told you," Bisharp answered, starting to move towards him. Weed quickly moved in the way. Even if injured and tired a little, he won't watch Bisharp tear Kyoshiro apart.

"Stay away from him, Bisharp!"

"Lucky for you, I'm not ordered to come here and kill anyone ... unfortunately," Bisharp said, almost annoyed with the order itself. As Bisharp walked over to the same tree, hands behind his back.

"Is he with that Korosensei thing?" Kyoshiro whispered.

"No; but he nearly killed me and my friends once before, replied Weed, quietly. Weed turned back to Bisharp, and added in "How long were you watching us?"

"Saw the whole fight. Anyway, as annoying as it is, I'm sent here to tell you that your world had already lost."

Weed and Kyoshiro glanced to eachother, as Bisharp made a good jump upwards. He landed gently onto a sturdy branch, conveniently high enough to where Bisharp was next to the moon. At least he seemed next to the moon from Weed and Kyoshiro's point of view. Bisharp leaned his side to the tree, standing casually on the branch.

"The hell are you talking about, freak?" Kyoshiro asked, getting pissed off at him. Bisharp wanted to kill the mutt, but, orders were orders, and they didn't say kill anyone just yet. Bisharp made sure the two got a good look at the moon itself, a hand almost presenting it to them like a piece of art.

"Korosensei's off on his way now. Eyes to the moon."

"Wait. What?" Kyoshiro asked, getting more and more confused each second nothing's explained to him. Before Kyoshiro could get any answers, Bisharp made a jump, and disappeared from sight, leaving the two a clear view of the moon. Kyoshiro still had no clue what was going on.

"Eh, Weed, talk to me. Did we stroke out when we were fighting?"

"No we didn't," Weed said, worryingly. His main worries was over what Bisharp had said about Korosensei. The alien saved his life a number of times before, so, why would he do anything like this? He wouldn't do this - he can't do this!


After the news, just a few minutes afterwards, Bisharp moved off from the main area of Fugato Pass, and actually raced off to one of the mountains. The demon had a lot of stamina, and made it to the very top of the mountain that made up Fugato Pass in no time at all. Standing at the very top, he had the perfect view of not only miles of forest, but the night sky and the full moon high in the sky in its full glory. Bisharp crossed his arms,, looking up to the sky. As he was, something then started to fly off ...

Something very. Very. Fast.

One could easily mistake it for a shooting star, but it was too low to the earth at this point to be one (not to mention too big). Bisharp gave a low chuckle, watching it fly to the moon.

"Not long now."



Weed and Kyoshiro both kept their eyes up to the moon a while more, waiting for something to happen. Kyoshiro Shirogane still wasn't sure what was going to really happen, or what Korosensei was capable of, and Weed knew what Korosensei can do, but tried in his heart to not believe he would do such a thing.

"Korosensei, please ..." Weed thought, as they could just see something flying towards the moon ...



Weed and Kyoshiro weren't the only ones who saw what was going on. Wanting to see if Weed had finished his search yet, Smith got on top of Gaijou to look around, joined by GB and Mel. However, that just gave them a good view of what was coming for the Moon. Neither knew what was about to happen ...



Some of the Ohu soldiers began to sense something wasn't right; Ken and Kagetora walked outside of Gaijou after a while, looking in the similar direction. They didn't know what made them do this, or what was going on, but something was telling them that something huge was about to occur very soon. Sasuke, Ken, and Kagetora stood just outside of Gaijou, looking up to the moon, as Teru just moved outside in between them, poking his head out to see.


"Nagisa ... Hurry, Nagisa ..."

Miles away, back in his apartment, Nagisa Shiota oddly started to feel restless. The voice was so urgent, he had to wake himself up to see what was going on. After waking up, and rubbing his eyes, turned out it was Ren, who was already staring outside the window to the night sky.

"Ren, what's the matter? It's so late," Nagisa said tiredly, as he got up.

"Something's about to happen," Ren said urgently. Nagisa, still not sure what was really going on, moved over to the window alongside Ren. She had his attention aimed towards the moon, and Nagisa looked up to it. While it was extremely slight, Nagisa and Ren both looked very closely to the moon, and began to see something move to it.

"What's that?" Nagisa wondered.


In her home, someone else was feeling deeply restless. As if some unknown force forbade her to, Twilight finally woke up from her slumber, unable to get herself back to sleep. For someone like Twilight, who slept well mainly, this was especially odd for her. Twilight Kagayaki opened her window for some cool air, and it was then her eyes looked up to the moon ...


Far away, in his isolated cave, Arceus began to sense a deep disturbance. He was weak, yes, but he just managed to walk from his hideout in the cave, out to the night, just enough to see the full moon high above in his sights. His white fur glistened in the moonlight, his eyes up directly towards it. He began to feel restless, deeply troubled even.

"You wouldn't dare ... Would you? ..."


Every side was looking up at the moon at this point in time, all sensing the disturbance that was currently occurring. Those apart of the Chosen especially were aware, and couldn't go to sleep. Every one of them looked outside where they could, and up towards the moon where they all sensed the disturbance was especially going on. Fugato, Tokyo, anyone in the world even (whoever was up), was about to witness something unreal.

And at the top of the mountain, now with a few Pawniard next to him, Bisharp finished his presumed countdown.

"... Zero ..."

... Then it happened.

At first, the moon itself began to show a dark hole, as if a tiny planet had blocked its center, to make a shadow upon it. However, this was no shadow. This was when whatever was watching especially kept their eyes directed to it. Seconds after ...


The explosion was beyond anything they had ever seen (most of them anyway). It wasn't any normal explosion from any dynamite, TNT, or even atomic bomb. This explosion was quick, powerful, yet after the explosion, completely quiet. The moon was no longer its natural white color, but completely black with a white rim around it, rings of the sonic blast spreading from it. The light from this moon removed the usual night sky for a brief moment, the sky turning black, and the shadows disappearing from the black light effect. Those witnessing it stared up in a mix of amazement, and horror. Soon, the flashes of light caught up with earth, as everything turned from twilight, to a light too bright to see anything. Those witnessing the event had to shield their eyes to the flashes, as the sonic waves of sound echoed like the skyquakes of the world.

Once the flashing and noises stopped, everyone witnessing turned back to see what had become of the moon. Upon looking up, the sight was beyond terrifying ...

The moon was destroyed!

Not completely, but now the Moon had a permanent crest, fabrics of space rock looming around it, as if kept by the moon's own gravitational pull. Regardless of what state, there was no denying it that the moon had succumb to the inhabitant's twisted game. So many that witness the event first hand were mainly left speechless at the least, and horrified at the most. Even Arceus himself was left with shock at what had occurred for Earth, and he was unable to stop it from happening. Weed and Kyoshiro were terrified beyond belief at what power was just demonstrated in front of their eyes.

"H-He ... H-He blew up the moon ... He blew up the goddamn moon! ..." Kyoshiro managed to get out, unable to think of anything else. As for Weed, he could only think of one thing ...

"Korosensei ... How could you? ..."