Robert profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 3'5"
Weight 60 pds
Race Foxhound mix
Personal Description
Affiliation Ohu Army
Friends Jerome, Wheeler, Rocca, North
Foes Kaibutsu

Robert is one of the assigned killers alongside Rocca, Wheeler, Jerome, and North, in order to kill Kaibutsu.


Robert is a very loyal and devoted dog, always following whatever command is given to him by Jerome.



Robert was one of the dogs guarding the same facility that Kaibutsu was being experimented on. When Kaibutsu escaped, Robert went with them in order to kill Kaibutsu. While on his mission, Robert found Karma and Nagisa, becoming their pets temporarily.

When they were brought to Gaijou, Robert went with Rocca in order to find Kaibutsu. During their search, Robert came across the Ohu Army, who he eventually accepts into their group as they continued. Before they got to gaijou, Robert explains to the ohu army some history about Kaibutsu back at the facility. When asked about what kind of experiments, Robert claimed that he will much rather not know the details. When they found Kaibutsu, Robert fought the beast until he escaped, Robert going after him along with the others.