Rocca profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 3'1"
Weight 52 pds
Race Doberman Pincher
Personal Description
Affiliation Ohu Army
Friends Jerome, Wheeler, Robert, North
Foes Kaibutsu

Rocca is one of the devoted followers to Jerome, and one of the assigned killers to track down Kaibutsu.


Rocca is shown to be fearless and very devoted to Jerome, following orders without hesitation. He is the most silent among the dogs.



Rocca was assigned to hunt down the mutant, Kaibutsu, soon after he escaped his facility. While going with Jerome, he soon came across Karma Akabane, and Nagisa Shiota, whom which took them in.

When they arrived in the Ou mountains, Rocca was tasked by Jerome to look around the area alongside Robert for the day. His searched continued on into the night. When the squad heard the Ohu Army nearby, Rocca was tasked with checking it out, and soon attacked GB by mistake. Rocca did move away, and continued after Kaibutsu along with the others, keeping thoughts to himself as the events occurred at Gaijou. When Kaibutsu left, Rocca went with Jerome and the others to hunt Kaibutsu down.