Rose's Thorn
Season 3, Episode 9
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Kanji ローズのソーン
Air date September 8, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Rose's Thorn is the 9th chapter of season 3, and the 33rd in the overall series.


The news soon spreads, and reached a killer's ears ...


"... Nagisa ... Nagisa? ..."

Nagisa Shiota couldn't remember too much at first, feeling rather exhausted, all things considered. It took him a while before he could get himself awake - enough to figure out his current whereabouts. His vision was a little bit blurry, but he eventually got his eyesight to work properly, finding himself in some sort of room. The room was quiet, calm, and similar to ones you find in a hospital. Nagisa found himself in a bed, white blankets covering him to just show his head. Speaking of which, Nagisa began to realize that he had one eye covered up by bandages, which were wrapped around his forehead and right eye. Did he lose his eye in that fight?! No, he could see the bandage through his other eye, so that can't be it. He didn't had much of a headache so that was a good thing, though all he could remember was his fight with Gaara. Nagisa began to look around, finding he was in some sort of hospital bed, as he thought. A window was right next to him, showing the morning sky just outside. Looking back again, he saw somebody else sitting next to him.

"... Twi ... Twilight?"

"Nagisa, you're awake. How're you feeling?" Twilight asked, happy to see him actually awake. Nagisa moved his hand over to his bandages, but didn't try to remove them just yet.

"How long was I out for?" Nagisa asked. A basic first question for anybody who had passed out.

"Just a day," Twilight answered. Nagisa sat up a little bit, but only then did the soreness come to him, hand holding onto his forehead.

"Where's everyone else?" Nagisa asked. Nagisa's answer came when he heard some other people come in; Karma, Ren, Pinkie, Korosensei and, surprisingly, Sakamoto.

"Hey kid. How's that cut?" Karma asked.

"Hi everyone. It's still sore," Nagisa replied, gently touching it. Soon though, Pinkie Pie gave Nagisa a good hug, catching him off guard.

"There there, you're going to be alright!" Pinkie promised, a bit more over the top than she needed to be. Ren simply picked up Pinkie Pie, and moved her away off of him. Nagisa looked to everyone else.

"What happened?" Nagisa still asked.

"Nagisa, you were great; You finally managed to unlock your Multitype, and drove your assassin away and everything - good stuff!" Korosensei reminded.

"Yeah, you scared the shit out of him, Nagisa. Who'd of guessed?" Added Karma. Nagisa was just glad everyone else was alright in the end. However, the soreness came back in his head.

"Ow ... What I want to know is who that was."

That's when Sakamoto spoke.

"I can answer that."

The others turned to him after Sakamoto said that, adjusting his glasses in the meantime.

"You know who?" Korosensei asked.

"Hie. Who you're dealing with is Gaara."

"Gaara?" Nagisa asked. Sakamoto nodded.

"He's a rather secretive, and more obscure assassin known only by a few in Japan. He's considered by many as the youngest serial killer to date. Honestly, there's not much else known about him," Sakamoto explained.

"Serial killer? ... Um, h-how many are we talking about? Ten?" Korosensei asked, a bit worried with his face turning blue.

"Latest reports counted fifty assassinations, and many of those were targeting strong opponents. Gaara seems to like taking on that kind of competition," Sakamoto explained. Korosensei gulped. He was more worried over what he'll do to the other kids at the rate he was going. Maybe this assassination game was going a little too far, as far as he knew. Nagisa looked a little worried himself, for both himself and for the others, as Sakamoto walked over to him.

"Hold still Nagisa," Sakamoto said, as he began to remove the bandages. Nagisa had stopped bleeding, so it should be good enough to remove. Nagisa stayed still as instructed, feeling the bandages being removed delicately. It didn't take very long until the bandages were all removed, and everyone could see his face. At first there wasn't much of a reaction as they took it in.

"So ... How do I look?" Nagisa asked. Karma had the 'honor' of telling him.

"Looks like Gaara gave you your first scar, Nagisa," Karma answered.

"W-what? How bad is it?" Nagisa asked. There was a bit of a pause, but eventually Korosensei quickly disappeared, and reappeared with a hand mirror. Korosensei gave Nagisa the mirror, and the kid took a good look at his reflection. He seemed normal everywhere else, but a large scar stretched from the right side of his forehead, narrowly missing his eye altogether, and stopping at the bridge of his nose. Nagisa just stared at the reflection for a moment or two, letting it sink in. How was this the look of innocence?! No, no it wasn't, not at all. Nagisa didn't say anything, and gave the mirror back. Nagisa knew this was the final straw. How could he play this off? He can't keep anything at 3-E a secret with this kind of injury just coming up from nowhere, and what kind of excuse can he come up with? ...

"Nagisa? ..."

"I ... I ... I need sometime alone ..."

So they gave him what he wanted. After a bit, the others began to leave, and soon it was only Nagisa Shiota, and his thoughts ...


It wasn't just 3-E who managed to catch this sort of event; the main building - albeit a bit scattered - did managed to get some information about the matter. Having a student nearly get killed was sure to spread the word no matter how hard they tried, especially considering the abrupt absence of Nagisa Shiota in general. Amongst those that managed to catch this news was Gakuho Asano. He pretty much had to be told to excuse Nagisa anyway, but with the damage he got, it was starting to get pretty interesting to put it lightly on what happened to him. Gakuho had been getting curious over 3-E for the while since vacation had ended, and finding this happen was even more peculiar. Gakuho, rather than handling paperwork, was pacing around for a bit in deep thought. He just spoke with Nagisa just one day shy of a week ago, and he suddenly found him being whisked away to a hospital? Honestly, Gakuho wanted some answers to this assorted game 3-E was playing. As Gakuho was doing this, the recent substitute then walked in unannounced.

"Morning, Mr. Asano sir," he said, Gakuho stopping himself. If he were to say anything about him, it's that Gakuho just felt a bit suspicious of him since he showed up.

"Oh, it's you."

"Have you heard the news, sir? One of your students was sent off to the hospital yesterday," he informed. Gakuho groaned, and sat back down.

"I'm well aware of that. Strange is it?"

"Hie; how some kids from the lowest ranking order get themselves into such trouble. Does anyone else know about this?"

"It's hard not to say anything," Gakuho admitted, but he didn't go any farther about that. The substitute walked over to his side, wanting to help him relax a bit.

"Hey. How about you try to relax a bit? I'll take care of everything," he promised. Gakuho however got his finger over his mouth to silence him.

"What kind of fool do you take me for? If you want to help me with anything then how about this?"

Gakuho then presented him with a sort of forum. He was supposed to get this as an agreement, and while Gakuho tried to give it to him, he never got one back from him. The substitute grabbed the forum again, and looked it over.

"If you're staying, sign your name here. This way you know your -" Gakuho went quiet when he heard the sound of ripping paper. Gakuho watched the substitute tear apart the paper right in front of him, and drop the confetti on his desk. Considering how cooperative he was up to this point, this was new.

"I don't need a piece of paper to stay in this building."

Gakuho got up to speak to him, but the substitute was already walking away from him.

"Are you testing me?"

"Showing you my place. Now, excuse me -"

Gakuho however already got his hand gripped on his shoulder, just before the sub could exit the room. The principal had him.

"I'm not appreciating your attitude towards me. I'm your boss, and -"

"And you're the one testing me!"

Suddenly, with shocking strength, the substitute man swung around, grabbed Gakuho by the throat, and had Gakuho pinned to the wall! Gakuho tried to pull free, but even with his own strength, he had nothing. The man gave Gakuho his own demonic smile and killer stare.

"I've tolerated your tyrannical long enough, Gakuho. So here's how it's going to work; I do my job, you do your job, you stay out of my way, and we'll both be happy. Am I clear?"

"Who are you?" Gakuho choked. The man gave a low, close-mouthed chuckle.

"Haven't you heard? I'm Giratina."


Nagisa was having a bit of trouble. Hours went by, and he still was in the Hospital as he was supposed to. Incredible to think that he almost died just the day before, and here he was all quiet and in bed. It took a while to figure out what was really wrong with him though; too much strain and stress on the body finally took its toll. As for his newly gained scar, it was deep but no fracture to the skull, or anything major apart from just to the skin. Still, the scar was there, and it was there to stay. Nagisa knew, in his heart, that this involvement with Arceus would be an experience that would change him, but not in this way. He would never think of himself to have such a huge scar on his face. How was he going to explain this to anyone? The school? His own parents?! He promised to be quiet with Arceus, but how's that even possible now?

"Arceus. I wish I can talk to you. I ... I don't know what to do. I promised to keep this quiet for the longest time, but ... I don't think I can anymore. Please. I need to know what to do ..."

Nagisa's wish had settled to nothing however, and nothing seemed to happen. This promise to keep the involvement of Arceus and the Multitype quiet just wasn't working. He was starting to wonder why it was worth it in the first place? Once he does get out of this place, he has to figure something out soon ...


Nagisa looked over to the door, and then saw that Pinkie Pie came back to see him, alongside Ren. Pinkie Pie was holding something inside a box, which she place down in front of him.

"Hi. I thought you two went home."

"We never left," Ren stated, as Pinkie sat down next to him.

"Go on, open it up silly," Pinkie insisted. She must be referring to the box. So, after a bit, Nagisa got the box opened, and looked inside. In it, he saw two things: a book, and a note. First Nagisa looked at the note.

Hey Nagisa. Heard about your Mizu trick, and I made this baby to help ya.

Hope to see you soon; Korosensei

As for the book, the cover had a picture of the open ocean, and bright blue sky, the title of the book written by Korosensei himself, saying: go with the flow. Nagisa skimmed through a page or two, and realized this book was actually filled with all sort of tips, tricks, and skills to what the Mizu can do, and how to do them. Nagisa was starting to wonder the alignment of Korosensei at this point if he's going through all this trouble.

"Do you like it?" Pinkie asked, hopefully.

"Hie. Thank you," Nagisa said, placing the book on the cabinet next to him. Pinkie beamed on hearing the news, and hugged Nagisa tightly. Ren helped him out by pulling Pinkie off of him.

"The staff said we can't stay any longer."

"Oh. That's okay. I'll see you guys later."

Pinkie didn't want to leave so quickly, but while Ren didn't want to either, she knew that Nagisa would be safe here, so she and Pinkie left him with his stuff. After they left, Nagisa took another glance to that book, and picked it up. If he can't train physically, he might as well try it mentally, and work when his body is ready.

So he began to read.


Meanwhile, off in the forest, another kid was still quietly attending his wounds. Gaara had to go off hiding again since his last fight with Nagisa, mainly because of - once again - Jerome. This bite wasn't as deep, but still needed attending to regardless. His calf was bandaged up to stop the bleeding, and Gaara just waited it out in a tree, further away from the other areas of the school. This task was getting too troublesome for him; first Jerome bit in his neck, then Nagisa almost sliced his head off, then Jerome nearly tore his leg open. Yeah, he was closer the second time around, but still didn't finish anyone off. He honestly wondered what he should do, or what exactly is the correct move now without tearing himself apart. His survival was top priority, after all.

"Hey. You Gaara?"

Gaara didn't move much, but still looked down. However, no one was there. Instead, he looked across from him, and found someone else on the tree across from him. Looking closer, turned out it was actually Greninja perched on a tree branch. Gaara looked to be sure nothing else was around, but it seemed that Greninja was alone.

"You're that frog."

"I am that frog. And you're the assassin after the others, I presume."

"Lucky guess," sighed Gaara, as Greninja hopped the tree, and landed on the same branch Gaara was on.

"I advise you to stop trying to kill those kids, Gaara," Greninja warned, though he didn't go into detail why. Gaara snorted.

"You handle your own life, I'll handle mine."

"But you'll lose your life if you keep this up. Look at you; you nearly got your head and leg torn off as it is."

"... You calling me weak, frog?" Gaara growled. If there was one thing he hated, it was being called weak, and therefore unable to protect himself. Greninja sighed.

"Just consider if it's worth the trouble."

And with that, Greninja hopped off and out of sight, leaving Gaara with that thought in mind ...


Night came. Nagisa, still in his bed, was still reading through his book given to him. It was quite useful for him all and all, and with Mizu finally activated inside him, he had time to test some of it out. Well, he wished he could, but he was in a hospital with 24/7 room cameras, so he couldn't even try the basics without them seeing. He kept on reading a little bit more, going over the basics over and over, until he started to get tired. It was getting late after all, and looking outside Nagisa could still see that moon there, still in the crescent as it had been since summer ended. Nagisa just sighed, placed the book beside his bed, and settled down to sleep. Just before he could though, he took one more look to the dim light from outside ...

A shadow was casted in.

Nagisa thought it was Giratina about to torture him some more about him losing his innocence, or Gaara coming back to finish him off while he was recovering. But, the shape of the shadow didn't look much like either. Soon, Nagisa heard something gently step into the room from the window, barely making a sound.


Nagisa turned himself around, and soon found his visitor. Much to his shock, it was actually Arceus! He figured that he heard him earlier about wanting to talk.


"I heard you wanted to talk to me again. Is something troubling you?" Arceus asked. What a rhetorical question. Nagisa sat up to show Arceus his cut stretching on his face.

"Arceus, look at me! I got a scar fighting Giratina's hired assassin! I know I promised you, but let's face it: I can't do it anymore. I can't keep this a secret from anyone with this face," Nagisa cleared up. Arceus could understand Nagisa's frustrations, but didn't say much of anything at first. Arceus lowered his head, and sighed gravely ...

"It's my fault," he said, simply.


"It was a mistake. I shouldn't had made you keep it a secret Nagisa. I thought it'll help, but Giratina doesn't need to rely on you to continue. I'm not sure why, but Giratina is focused on you more than the others, and having you keeping this quiet was something he's just using against you. I'm sorry, Nagisa ..."

Arceus waited for a response from Nagisa, who was just quiet after hearing that ...

"... Arceus? ..."

Nagisa then smiled.

"We both knew it wasn't going to work anyway. More people had been figuring it out."

Arceus was quiet, and looked to Nagisa.


"There's Sakamoto, Pinkie Pie, the Ohu Army I bet, and I'm sure Karasuma knows after seeing me with Gaara earlier."

"Wait. Gaara?" Arceus questioned, getting up. Nagisa nodded.

"He gave me this," Nagisa replied, pointing to the scar on his face. Arceus looked at his scar before continuing.

"... Do you happen to know what he looks like?" Arceus asked. Nagisa was confused.

"What for?"

"I want to have a word with him. But first ..." Arceus gently raised his foot up to Nagisa's head. It took a bit of focus on Arceus's part, but Nagisa began to feel something different as he did so. There wasn't any light, flash, or glow, but Nagisa's sudden stroke of sickness suddenly began to go away! Arceus couldn't remove the scar, but he did at least make Nagisa feel better health wise.

"... Thank you."

"My pleasure. Now, about Gaara ..."


Under the watchful eye of the scarred moon, isolating himself as best as he could do, Gaara made every single opportunity he could to keep from being followed. He kept in the safety of the same tree since Greninja spoke to him earlier, and he for sure didn't want to just charge in with an injured leg. He was sore, he was hurting, and things seemed to be just going against him. Gaara wasn't tired, not feeling up for it, and simply sat in the tree for a while, looking up to the moon ...

"Hello, Gaara."

"Greninja again?" Groaned Gaara. When he looked however, it wasn't the blue bipedal frog that was standing there. This time it was Arceus himself, looking right at him from a neighboring branch on the same tree. No hiding, no tricks, and Arceus immediately knew Gaara was different. Gaara was not in the mood for anymore guests in his tree.

"Not another one - what do you want?" Gaara asked.

"I understand that you scarred Nagisa earlier."

"This again? I already heard from your frog friend, so you're wasting your damn time."

It was clear that Gaara was referring to Greninja.

"Gaara. I think that you should consider what your ally is trying -" Arceus was cut off with Gaara aimed a blade at him, aimed right for the head!

"I don't have allies. Just me."

"I see. You've been all alone. Well that will change once you're accepted in, I promise you."

"By. Who?" Gaara growled, nice and slow so the words could set in. Gaara had come to accept that he'll be a loner, and not being accepted by anyone was something he learnt to live with. Who in the right mind would accept him in any group, anyway? Arceus still could sense that he was special, but in more ways then one ...

"The Chosen," he answered quietly. Gaara wasn't at all convinced.

"Bullshit," Gaara simply said, decided to get down from the tree. Despite his leg, he can still walk a bit, but now it was in a limp. Arceus floated down from the tree and onto the ground.

"I'm telling the truth, Gaara."

"Shut up. No one on this planet accepted me in anything. Aside signing up to be an assassin."

"You'd be surprised what your friends -"

"I don't have friends! I never had friends, and I never will," Gaara concluded, cutting Arceus short. He was looking out only for himself, and nothing was going to change that for him. Arceus only saw a child in need of help, so he wasn't as deterred by Gaara's behavior.

"You're so sure about that."

"Yes, I'm sure of it, now go away or I'll cut your head off," Gaara warned, armed and aimed. Arceus kept his cool, but it was getting troubling to see Gaara act this way. Arceus turned away.

"May I at least request that you don't target the students anymore."

Gaara didn't answer. He only turned around, and left ...


Meanwhile, as the night continued on, the 3-E building was all quiet and abandoned apart from one individual still inside the place - Giratina. Since the staff had left again, he was all alone for the moment, and all able to do what he wanted again. He knew that Gakuho may be more testy against him for his outburst earlier that same day, but, he wasn't too worried about it. In fact, he was at the front desk, when something began to appear in the same room, inviting itself in from the windows behind Giratina. The windows weren't broken, and the figures went by in a blur before they turned around, and bowed in his presence.

"Ah, Houndoom, Bisharp. You two had been gone a while," Giratina said, getting up. Bisharp needed some catching up with Houndoom so he wouldn't attack Giratina on sight at this point, Houndoom telling him what was what on the way over.

"I'm pleased to report that Nagisa Shiota has been sent to the hospital," Houndoom announced. Giratina walked around the desk.

"Sorry to break your pride, but, I'm well aware of that; kid was sent off to the hospital from the main building yesterday," Giratina said, as he began to reach for the phone on the desk. Houndoom felt disappointed.

"Bisharp? What have you to report?" Giratina asked. Bisharp didn't really want to report his failures as of late, so he was a bit hesitant at first.

"I believe they're starting to gain more allies, my lord. Seems they're not keeping it much of a secret as we've come to expect," Bisharp concluded. Giratina took a moment to think over the concept a bit.

"I see. And any word on their multitype development?" Giratina asked, as he started to dial up a number. Houndoom and Bisharp glanced to eachother.

"There has been some word about Nagisa's Mizu Multitype activating not too long ago," Houndoom revealed. Giratina didn't seemed too fazed by this, and dialed up a new number. Bisharp and Houndoom looked to Giratina.

"What're you doing?" Bisharp asked. Before Giratina answered, he answered the phone.

"Hello? Yes, I have a task for you to complete for me ... Yeah ... Over in Tokyo Japan, look for the Yunibasaru high school ... Yeah, you'll get your money - upon finishing the job ... I'll give you your targets when you arrive ... Okay then, see you in the morning."

"What the hell was that?" Houndoom asked. Giratina hung up the phone as he asked, and turned to the other demons.

"Oh, just some extra help from the screwed up minds of the community. Since Gaara didn't work out, I'm getting a new killer on the task," Giratina said, sitting back down.

"And what're we supposed to do?" Houndoom questioned. Bisharp wasn't as vocal as Houndoom in front of giratina, but, he wanted to know as well. Giratina leaned back in his chair casually before answering.

"Well, how does this sound. Houndoom? find Gaara. And kill him," Giratina said quietly. Bisharp understood this, and Houndoom licked his sharp teeth.

"Oh, NOW we're talking," Houndoom cooed, finally having a task involving some sort of blood spillage. Houndoom went off on his way, as Bisharp stayed put. Giratina looked back to him.

"Bisharp? Is there something you wanna tell me? You seemed hesitant when making your report."

Bisharp froze for a minute, but gathered his nerves. He wouldn't dare defy Giratina for any reason.

"I-It's with the allies, my lord. They're strong, even for humans. I targeted Nagisa, as you've instructed, but -"

"They beat you, didn't they?"

Bisharp couldn't look to Giratina at that point.

"I'll do whatever you ask of me," Bisharp said, ready for anything Giratina had for him. Giratina took a slight moment to think it over before answering his demon follower. Then he got an interesting idea ...

"Bisharp? ..."

Bisharp looked up to Giratina, who started to write down a number of names on a separate sheet of paper, along with drawing some pictures, and gave it to Bisharp. These names didn't sound familiar to him, nor did the pictures look familiar.

"Now, how about you go out and try to find these characters for me? That should give you plenty of time to work with," Giratina instructed. Bisharp wasn't too sure, but since his last couple of missions weren't so successful in taking down the other group (not to mention getting beat by a student with a ribbon), Bisharp didn't bother to question this new task. After that, bisharp went off on his way, leaving Giratina alone in the room ...

"This is going to be fun."