Smith profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2'8"
Weight 80 pds
Race Spaniel mix
Personal Description
Affiliation Ohu Army
Friends Weed, GB, Mel, Ren Hōsen, Jerome

Smith is an old, 3-legged Ohu Army veteran, being loyal to the pack in protecting the Ohu paradise.



Smith was one of the platoon leaders of the original Ohu Army, and took part in defeating Akakabuto, and one of those helping Ren Hōsen out when she joined Ohu. As the years pass, he eventually discovered Weed's whereabouts after he helped fight off a bear to protect GB. He explained to the pup of his family line, and agreed to help him get back to Ohu.

Season 1Edit

Once they did, they discovered Kaibutsu, which Smith described to nearly wipe out Ohu's main platoons before running away. Smith followed after Kaibutsu to take him down, when he ran into Jerome's squad, demanding some explanation to why they were there. He refused to let them go until they gave him the answer, and told them about his encounter with the beast. When the group ended up by a gorge, Smith recognized it as the same gorge Weed's father jumped to prove himself as well, giving them the courage to jump across. Smith was the last to make the jump. He continued following the group until they reached Gaijou. He got involved in the battle itself once he realized Ren Hōsen was fighting Kaibutsu inside. He continued fighting Kaibutsu until Korosensei showed up.

After the fight with Kaibutsu, Smith decided it was best to send Ren over to the humans, believing it'll be best for her. He promised her that she's always welcome back to Fugato Pass at any time. Later on, when the group was going to go off to face Kyoshiro Shirogane, Smith took it upon himself to stay and watch over Gaijou while they were away.

Season 2Edit

Smith continued his job at guarding Gaijou with the rest of the Ohu Army, being the first to see Weed, GB, and Mel return. He insisted they tell their adventures back in Kenya. When Weed left to find Kyoshiro, Smith didn't bother to stop him. While waiting, he, GB, and Mel went on top of Gaijou to wait for him, and were able to see the moon's destruction from there.