Spinning Web
Season 2, Episode 7
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Kanji スピニングウェブ
Air date June 16, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Destroyer's Revolt Samson: Living Hell with Horns

Spinning Wed is the 7th chapter of season 2, and 19th in the overall series.


Seems Africa's getting its own taste of demonic trouble; a deadly giant spider has taken over the jungle! Can the others stop him before he wipes out Kenya?


Silence amongst the African jungle nightfall, every animal for the most part was quietly resting in their homes. Within the brush though, a large rhino moved out of the toughened brush with a tough push of the branches and bushes. The rhinoceros was heading over to the watering hole for a nightly drink, the only main light coming from the moon above him. Normally, thanks to his size, the rhino was generally safe as he drank the cool water ...

Tonight was not a normal night.

The winds felt an unnatural cold to it, something the rhino had picked up on as he was drinking, as clouds covered the moonlight. The large animal looked around for a bit, tense and alert. But even so, it didn't prepare him for what was about to happen. Just behind him, a distinct high-pitched chuckle echoed in his ears. The rhino turned around, and whatever it was shot something at him at lightning speed!

When the moonlight reappeared, all that were left were a set of footprints ...


Further away, the sound of the trouble began to be more aware to some of the nightly animals of the jungle, scurrying back into their homes upon hearing (and by that point seeing) whatever had the rhino in its clutches. The large shadow told them that it was indeed something huge that had gotten the rhino, but those who saw it could barely believe it. The commotion of some of the birds taking flight finally got one animal coming out of his den to investigate; Kimba. Kimba yawned a little bit, unsure of what was going on really. The white lion took a bit to wake himself up. He knew night animals were about, and what sounds were usually heard but what got Kimba outside was something different. The lion moved off a little bit from his den, trying to figure it out.

"A bit quiet tonight," Kimba thought. There wasn't enough clouds for any rainfall, which would be the main reason for any silence in the jungle at night but the skies were still pretty clear. The silence of the night was a little too suspicious, enough for Kimba to wander around for a bit. The cooling night wind gave the lion a scent that wasn't what he expected to get. Kimba looked around a bit more, ears up and alert and his mind sharp as a tack. What was going on? ...

As the moonlight shined down through a patch in the jungle, Kimba caught sight of something moving amongst the trees. It was large, but too fast for Kimba to get a proper sighting of it. Kimba kept looking around every which way since the glance of it. After a while, another blur shot through the jungle canopy, but unlike before something else suddenly was dropped to the ground by the lion. The object was large, animal-shaped, and covered in silver silk. Whatever was inside it was still alive and squirming around inside the silk. Before Kimba could even remotely process this, whatever was carrying the thing leaped down quick, and sank its large fangs into the animal's hide! The creature that came down looked like a spider, but this was by no means an ordinary spider. This spider was large enough to tackle an elephant if it wanted too. The animal in the silk stopped struggling after a while, succumbing to the arachnid's deadly bite, but the giant spider locked its horrifying eyes upon Kimba, the lion unsure if he was dreaming or not as it began to creep towards him. In a lightning fast strike, silk was shot out from its mouth, though Kimba dodged it quickly. Only a tiny bit of silk got on his ear, but it wasn't enough to keep Kimba still; rushing off like mad.

the spider quickly leaped off back into the trees, following Kimba as the lion ran on the ground. Kimba may have fought the Destroyers, but those guys weren't completely mutated or whatever the spider was. Plus, he never seen a spider so huge before. Kimba just kept running, ocassionally seeing the huge spider move about in the trees. Kimba knew the spider was still shooting silk to get him, hearing the shots land on the ground behind him. He heard three shots ring out, but the fourth shot got Kimba in his tail. It slowed him down just enough for a direct hit by another silk shot, covering his whole body up to his neck in silk! Kimba squirmed in his restraints, the spider landing feet away from him. Soon afterwards, the giant arachnid started to creep over to Kimba, the lion doing nothing else but moving like an inchworm away from him. Despite Kimba's attempt, the spider got a foot away before it reach out one of its long legs to stop Kimba in his tracks. It didn't stab him, or even hit him, but instead gently pulled Kimba back along the ground until he was right under the spider's fangs. Kimba continued to struggle like mad, but the spider had an extra trick as it poked Kimba in the side with the same leg. Seconds later, Kimba began to feel woozy, and soon ended up past out. Unable to get away, the spider was just about to sink its fangs into him...

Seconds later, something ... happened. The naked eye couldn't catch it if it blinked, but the spider, thinking it got its teeth into Kimba, instead had its teeth sinked into two stones ... which were stuck. The spider got them out, but Kimba had disappeared, silk and all. So, disappointed, the spider jumped out of sight.


For Kimba, the sudden grab and knock-out kept him quiet and subdued for the rest of the night. He didn't remotely get the chance to see who saved him, or even remember what even happened thanks to his passed-out state. After his little fiasco though, he finally began to come back around after what at first felt like minutes (which ended up being hours when the sun came up). Kimba found himself in his den again, no longer having enough silk to keep him still. However, silk still remained on his tail as a reminder that it wasn't any dream he just experienced. How'd he get back there after running through the jungle, he had no idea on that. Kimba got up to his feet after a bit, getting rid of the extra silk, and ventured back outside.

The lion found himself not in a jungle exactly, but instead in a sea of cobwebs all over the place! His own den alone had too many webs to count connected to it. The webs themselves, like the same silk used on Kimba, draped the jungle everywhere, to the point where Kimba was lucky not to walk into it or step into a patch of silk. In so many parts of trees, branches, and other things, the webs were everywhere and anywhere that it got a grip. Almost as if a raincloud went by and rained down silk everywhere. Kimba could only wander around and figure out what had happened to the jungle while he was knocked out. The only sound Kimba could hear was the swaying wind through the breeze, but there were no chirps, no snorts, not a single sound. Obvious it was far too quiet for anything normal. Kimba's wandering lead him to a more opened area of the jungle, but it was clear that no matter where he went, the spider's work was clearly present...

Then Kimba saw something else. Amongst the jungle's new webs, he also saw the Spider's victims stood in position. Unlike the rhino, these were completely still like statues, modeled with webbing to keep them still in suspended animation. Kimba felt deeply mortified by what he was seeing, but even more so the concept of it; either all the animals were captured by the spider, or disappeared without him. He didn't see the spider itself, but Kimba already had enough of a reminder of the results.

"Dan'l! Dodie! Pauli! Anyone here?!" Kimba called, running through the jungle along the ground. However, he got no reply from any of his friends, and he continued to go on from there. All he saw in terms of animals were those who were captured and frozen in place by the silk. Kimba stopped eventually, feeling that his search was getting nowhere for him. Kimba sat down, feeling a tear or two fall from his eyes.

"No. No. Crying won't do you any good, Kimba. Pull yourself together," Kimba told himself. He was old enough to know that crying won't undo what had happened here. Even so, tears still found their way out of his eyes and on his face. All Kimba could do was continue to search to see if anything was still around anywhere. If he ended up finding that spider again ... Well, there'd be hell to pay.

Looking around for a while longer, Kimba tried his best to figure out if anybody or anything was still around the jungle for him to help out. So far though, even after an hour, there was little to show for it, if anything. He was still alone, still searching up and down for some sort of live animal apart of his jungle, and nothing to show for all his effort. The more he looked, the more he realized how alone he actually was for the longest time. Eventually his search brought him over to a lone cave along the jungle's rocky imperfections.

"Wonder if the spider ended up in there," Kimba thought, glancing the corner to see it. As he was though, something else caught his attention, as a seemingly large set of eyes suddenly showed up from inside the cave. Kimba gulped.

"It is." Kimba was a bit scared (of course, who wouldn't be when facing a gigantic spider for the first time) but Kimba the White Lion needed to swallow his fear for a bit, and face the spider before it could go off and get more of the jungle again. If he left him alone, the spider would keep going until the whole jungle was a silky gravesite, and he for sure didn't want that to happen to his kingdom!

"I got you now!" Kimba finally got his bravery pulled together, and charged in blindly to attack the beast. He knew there was nowhere for the spider to go, and nowhere to hide; Kimba got his sights locked in, claws and fangs out! From outside, the rumble did sound like Kimba was fighting the spider at first with loud growls and shrieks abound ... However ...

"Kimba, Kimba stop, we're friends remember?!"

That voice, was not the spider at all. After the dust cloud cleared up from Kimba's tussle, only then did he realize who he was attacking - Korosensei! The alien was who'd saved Kimba earlier. Turned out as well, it wasn't just Kimba who the alien had saved from the spider; a good amount of other animals were also saved and were in the cave, out of the spider's reach. Amongst the crowd were Dan'l, Dodie and Pauli as well, the white lion relieved to see a good amount of animals not wrapped in silk.

"Sorry about that. I'm glad to see you're safe," Kimba sighed with a smile, as Korosensei shook off the scratches and bites. He'd dodge the attack if he wasn't in such an enclosed space. Korosensei's quick healing handled the cuts around his tentacles and head.

"Eh, I can take a claw or two," Korosensei replied. Guess they were stuck for a while.


Back at their little vacation home, the others of Korosensei's group were unaware of the trouble just yet in the jungle; the spider not reaching them just yet. Since the last excursion with the wild, everyone else had gotten back safe and sound. Still, that didn't mean they didn't have any sort of injuries that needed recovery from. Even with Korosensei's training getting them out of trouble overall, Mel and Weed still were pretty sore and bruised up. Nearby them, GB and Nagisa kept them both company for the time being.

"You two feeling any better?" GB asked. Mel lifted up his back right paw, which was very slightly red, even with his yellow fur.

"Still rough in the leg. Weed, how about you?" Mel asked, turning to the blue Akita. Weed licked his dry cut on his front leg before looking over to Mel.

"I'm fine. I'm just glad we helped Kimba all the same," Weed admitted. While they were talking, Luffy soon came back out.

"Hey, Nagisa, dogs. You wanna do something or what?" Luffy asked, bored out of his mind.

"Like what?" Nagisa asked.

"I don't know, something other than sitting on our asses doing nothing. And where's Korosensei anyway?" Luffy wondered, bored out of his mind. The others were fine, but there wasn't anything interesting without their host in their vacation.

"Give them a break, will ya? They nearly got themselves killed yesterday," GB retorted.

"What, really? And I missed it?! Seriously, I'm missing everything cool!" Luffy groaned, hand to forehead in a slap. He didn't want to miss anymore stuff. The dogs didn't respond to that statement. Luffy just rolled his eyes, and went off back inside the house, leaving them to heal up.

"He finds that cool?" commented Mel, bemused. As they were there though, the dogs continued to relax and heal up, but suddenly Weed's ears flicked up from a noise further away. It was quiet, and rather far away, but Weed just heard it.

"Did you hear something?" Weed asked, turning to the others. Mel and GB took a moment to listen in on what Weed was hearing. Nagisa tried to look around, getting up, but he didn't see much of anything at first. However, the dogs began to hear whatever it was closing in on them. Then they saw a dog scurry about in the bush, heading towards them ...

"Who's there?" Weed called. Whatever was close by began moving over to them. GB and Mel moved back slightly once it showed up, Nagisa staying with them. As for who it was, suddenly one of Africa's resident wild dogs came into view. He looked a bit tired, and having some sort of white stuff all over his back.


"Hey, tourists," Sahara said, a bit winded. He tried to shake off whatever was on his back, but it didn't work. Sahara looked over to the only human there, but noting that he wasn't scared on seeing him. Sahara just turned back to the bruised and battered dogs.

"What happened to you?" Weed asked, as Sahara sat down, panting a bit.

"Think you'll believe me if I told you? Just give me a second," Sahara answered. Nagisa, curious and worried for the wild dog, went on over as best he could. He was easily understanding Sahara, so, the barrier in that regard wasn't going to be too much trouble. As he kneeled down though, Sahara growled to him.

"Sahara, don't, he's trying to help you," Mel said, before Sahara could bite him. Sahara moved away from Nagisa.

"Hold still, Sahara," Nagisa said, reaching out for the stuff on his back. Sahara stopped, a bit surprised to hear his name come out of a human's mouth, when he was sure that dogs and humans can't talk to eachother. Nagisa got off some of the stuff, and it turned out to be thick spider silk.

"Strange. what kind of spider would do this?" Nagisa thought, as he continued to clean off the silk from Sahara's fur. After a few minutes of grooming, the silk was off of him. There was some small pieces of fur that came with it, but that didn't bother Sahara much.

"That better?" Weed asked.

"Yeah, sure, but how'd your human know my name? Don't recall humans going to any language class for dogs," Sahara questioned, turning back to Nagisa. Rather than the dogs answer, Nagisa decided to answer himself.

"Rather confusing, but, my teacher gave me this pill earlier. Now, I guess, I'm able to understand you guys," Nagisa said. He'd try to explain, but, he barely understood it himself, and would rather let Korosensei do the explaining once he got back. Sahara didn't knew what a pill was, never mind what Nagisa was talking about. Besides, he was tired anyway, and he laid down to catch his breath.

"Now, where'd you get this?" Mel asked, picking up a little bit of the silk with his mouth. The African Wild Dog took a bit before he answered them.

"In the jungle; something's taking down animals all over the place. It got my pack, and nearly got me. shot me in this white stuff before I managed to get away. any longer in that shit, and I wouldn't had made it," Sahara explained, paw pointed to the spider silk on the ground. GB took a closer look, along with Nagisa, who picked some up.

"Looks like spider silk to me," Nagisa said.

"Spider silk? The thing that nearly had me for a late night snack was no spider," Sahara retorted. Nagisa tried to think on what had attacked Sahara, but came up empty. Considering he'd came across a number of hellish things already before arriving to Africa, it could really be anything.

"What attacked you, anyway?" GB asked, head tilted.

"Oh, just a giant hell-born spider the size of a fricking Rhino!"

"S-Sorry I asked," GB sulked, a bit freaked about this giant mutant spider. So now they got a mutant demon spider to deal with? Honestly, there wasn't much of a break here by the rate this was going. Still, Weed looking off some ways towards where he remembered the Jungle being located, and started to trot away. However, GB stopped him.

"Hang on, Weed."

"GB, I won't be long."

"You kidding me, you just fought a wildcat, a monkey and a killer elephant yesterday. I think you can rest this time," GB retorted, slightly sarcastic in tone, as he brought Weed back to the others by some ushering.

"Then can you do it?" Mel suddenly cut in.

"What?! Hell no!" GB snapped. If this was true, he'd be dead for sure the second it finds him.

"I'll go."

Everyone suddenly turned back to the house, when Ren was suddenly standing. She had heard what Sahara had said, and seeing a dog nearly getting eaten, and losing his pack was more than she could bare (even if she didn't show it). Ren stepped over towards Sahara, who didn't expect such a strange looking human to show up.

"You, Ren?" GB questioned.

"Yes, I'll be fine. Let's go, Nagisa," Ren said, catching Nagisa completely off guard; there was no prompting for this.

"Eh, wait, wait, I think I'd rather -" Nagisa yelped when Ren grabbed him by the arm, and began to drag him along again. Nagisa wished she didn't but he couldn't fight her powerful strength. Weed went off after the two, this time ignoring GB.

"Weed, wait."

"I'll be alright really. you two do what you want, I'm going to help the others," Weed said, and he began to follow them away, leaving Sahara, Mel, and GB back at the house. Sahara was still trying to comprehend this sudden turn of events, and Mel and GB just sighed upon such things happening.


Weed, Nagisa, and Ren continued on from there, Ren mainly leading along the whole way. Nagisa was getting tired of Ren constantly pulling him about like this, but neither he nor Weed could really do anything about it. Besides, she had enough strength to throw around an elephant, so, arguing with her was a risk at getting their bones broke. Their walking continued until they got closer towards the jungle, where they quickly began to see the spider's work with all the silk lined up all over the place, as Sahara had said. The trees, rocks, the ground, nearly every inch of the place was covered by some degree of spider silk. It was clear no normal spider would do this.

"So ... who's going first?" Nagisa asked, a little worried. Just because he'd been confronting things like this before doesn't mean he was always up for the challenge. Ren didn't hesitate, and began to go on into the jungle. The silk kept getting wrapped around her legs, but her strength made it no problem to walk through. Weed and Nagisa followed straight behind her, since her walking made a easy path to go through. The further through they've gone, the more silk seemed to surround them. There were no birds, no insects, not a single sound aside from the quiet wind blowing against the trees. It was hard to see the sky in some places, the silk was so thick by this point. The sight of it made Weed and Nagisa both a little bit squeamish, though Ren stayed firm. Eventually, Ren suddenly stopped, Nagisa accidentally bumping into her.

"What is it?"

"Something's coming," Ren stated. Weed and Nagisa looked around, but all they saw were branches, tree trunks, and bushes covered in white silk. Even Weed and his predator senses couldn't seem to catch anything, but Ren could sense that something was moving around the foliage, and keep her senses at attention.

Then they heard a strange hiss coming from above.

"There it is!" Weed gasped. Sure enough, when the three looked up towards one of the trees, there was the spider! And Sahara wasn't kidding either; the thing was huge! At first, they just saw the eyes and front legs, but as it crawled out, its size easily matched a overstuffed rhino, fangs the size of daggers. Nagisa was frozen as Weed backed up towards them both, but Ren moved pass them both, and confronted the eight-legged menace.

"Leave this jungle," Ren demanded, not wasting anytime. However, the giant spider didn't seem very fazed, and moved closer towards Ren.

"Well, Giratina was right - lookie who's here," the spider hissed. That didn't take very much to figure out.

"I said -"

"I know what you said, bitch. I like it here. Besides, I now got my prey in my trap," the spider replied. Suddenly, the spider spun around, and shot a strong amount of silk right at them both! Ren braced for the shot, protecting Weed and Nagisa behind her, as her body was covered in sticky, white spider silk. Even if he was a bit worried, Weed began to growl at the large spider, for it obviously knew what it was doing, and knew who they were for the most part. The spider soon saw the dog.

"Delicious. I haven't had dog in a long time," the spider said, mainly just to scare Weed. However, while it slightly worked, Weed still couldn't stand by to let Ren fight away. Weed rushed forward, but the spider swung one of its eight legs at him, tossing him right into a tree covered in silk. Weed ended up stuck to the tree, all four paws covered in silk. the spider moved effortlessly through the silk as Weed tried to shake himself free, but to no avail. Ren got herself free of the silk herself, and lunged right at the spider, landing on its back. The only one just standing aside was Nagisa, unsure what to do. Ren and Weed were both fighters at heart, but, Nagisa didn't exactly grab that concept good enough to fight anyone head on like this.

And the spider was noticing.

At one point, he whacked Ren aside, and quickly moved away from Weed, and over to Nagisa. The dog and girl would be good snacks, but Nagisa - prey that wont fight back, was even better. Rushing along the silk, the spider turned around and readied itself to shoot out webbing at him. The silk blasted out fast, but Nagisa rushed out of the way just in time to avoid getting stuck. If this spider was from Giratina's demon group, then what could it do?

"What's wrong kid? Scared? I thought you were a multi-type user," the spider hissed mockingly. Nagisa was scared, but he felt rough on seeing Ren and Weed both stuck with fighting him.

"Just go away, and we all can go away without injury," Nagisa finally said, only to have the spider pretty much on top of him, fangs drawn right in his face. Nagisa couldn't move back, otherwise he'll get stuck in the silk.

"No little human tells me what to do."

The spider was just about to finish off the boy, but Ren found her opportunity, and leaped up high in the air. The spider was just seconds from slamming his fangs into Nagisa's head, when Ren slammed her foot right down on the spider's head. The diving kick was so hard, and so brutal, the head was torn off, and splatted at Nagisa's feet! The final blow was quick and didn't had the spider suffer from it...

"Oops. Too hard," Ren stated, though Nagisa was simply left speechless. He felt the liquid from the spider's head on his feet, which looked like dark ink from an octopus rather than any real blood.

"Uh ... I think we're good now," Nagisa replied, not thinking of much else. After the spider's defeat, there was another problem that they all had to deal with ...

Cleaning up the spider webs.

"Can someone get me down from here?" Weed asked, still stuck on the silk on his tree.


After that, things got rather busy; Ren, Nagisa, and Weed all first went around trying to find any survivors of the spider's rampage. Considering most of the jungle was quiet and lifeless from all the webs around, it was indeed a long search. Ren kept the lead, since she was the strongest one of the three and got through the silk easily.

"Hey! Anyone here?!" Weed called, trying to get an answer from somewhere, or someone. At first though, things weren't looking very good for the most part, but as they continued on inward ...

"Over here!"

The three rescuers quickly heard the voice, although the voice sound muffled. The area they heard it at first seemed to be a rock wall, one of the few areas that didn't had any real sort of webbing on it. They saw a boulder that seemed to not be naturally apart of the mountain, and Nagisa and Ren both moved the rock out of the way. The first sight they've seen was Kimba the White Lion jump out of the cave to see them, some of the other animals wary but coming out a little bit. Some of the birds quickly flew out to take to the skies, except for Pauli.

"Weed, you're alright. Did you see that spider?" Kimba asked.

"Yeah, we found him, and Ren took care of him. You don't have to worry about him anymore," Weed explained, though like Nagisa, was still stunned with how fast Ren took care of the spider, and how brutal the death was overall. Kimba was relieved to hear that, along with the other animals who could understand him. Suddenly though, Korosensei quickly came out on hearing the news.

"Oh, thank god you all are okay, I was so worried about all of you!" Korosensei said, hugging Ren, Weed, and Nagisa at once with comical tears streaming from his face. Weed and Nagisa didn't expect him to show up, though Ren kept her usual monotone stare.

"Nice to see you too," Nagisa said in a daze.

"How long were you in there for?" Ren asked.

"Oh, throughout the night, keeping the other animal pals safe. Great the beast's gone."

"But what about all this web?" Bucky asked at one point.

"Leave that to me," Korosensei said, feeling a chance to show off, his face green-striped with his ego rising. With his accuracy and speed, this job was as good as done. Korosensei looked onto his latest challenge, stretching his tentacles out, ready to begin.

"You think you can do this?" Kimba asked, in concern.

"Time me; five minutes, and your jungle will be spotless."

"Ten minutes for half the jungle?!" one of the animals gasped, summing up the thoughts fairly well.

"Watch," Korosensei replied.

Then he began; in a blur, Korosensei began his assault on all the spider webbing in the area, everything else covering their eyes from the dust kicked up from him rushing off. For those that could see, the results were extraordinary, with so much silk being precisely plucked, pulled, and weaved by Korosensei's tentacles. Korosensei raced all over the jungle, making the silk disappear like magic. For any animals still alive in the silk, they were cleaned up from head to foot from the thick silk about as fast as the rest of the place. Pretty soon, after half the time Korosensei had planned, the silk was gone from the jungle like it wasn't there in the first place, bundled together in the alien's tentacles. Korosensei also took the time to bury the spider's dead body, finding a nice spot under a tree, and even had time to put in a gravestone - this took just three minutes. After that was done, Korosensei suddenly got himself some sewing sticks, and began sewing the silk from his new yarn ball into a large blanket. This just took up the rest of his time, and soon the alien was back with the others, with a shiny, soft, and beautiful silk blanket, which he was holding to show the others.

"Anyone want a comfy blankie?" Korosensei asked innocently. Those who hadn't seen his speed were left speechless, and even those who were familiar with it were left with a few words. It was hard not to please with such accuracy and speed. Korosensei simply stood there proudly, with his usual cheeky smile and cocky giggle.

"Wow. Thanks, Korosensei," Kimba said, pleased but still amazed.

"Eh, it was nothing," Korosensei said, with a wave of the tentacle, though it was nice to get thanks anyway. However, the blanket was soon taken from his tentacle, and soon was in Ren's hands. Seemed she wanted the soft blanket after all...

As things had been going though, this sort of action hadn't gone unnoticed by the watchful eye of Giratina's spying orb. Giratina himself was starting to lose his trust in the alien, since so far he'd been helping the same people he was supposed to be against. The devil dragon thought it over a little more, his clawed foot tapping a slow beat on the rough earth under him.

"Looks like I have to check on him ..."