Strike Away, Akabane
Season 1, Episode 8
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Kanji アウェイストライク、赤羽
Air date June 13, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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Out With Old, In With New Crazy Fourth Son

Strike Away, Akabane is the 8th chapter of season one, and 8th in the overall series.


After being gone for a good while, Karma Akabane's suspension had come to an end, and he was back in school. But what has he missed?


The streets of Tokyo were as busy as ever, the citizens of hundreds of people going along their daily business. Among this crowd of people, one particular individual was strutting down the sidewalk with a huge amount of swag, even having shades on while going through. As he went, he took a stop at a store in town. Being a regular, the man behind the register recognized him right away.

"Hey, Morning Karma," he said, as Karma Akabane turned to him with his usual smile, taking off the glasses for the second.

"Morning, just came for my usual," Karma replied, taking a candy bar from the register.

"So, word's around you're no longer suspended. That right?"

"Yep, first day back. Gonna see what I missed this month, heard some crazy shit's been going on." Karma took a bite out of the candy bar as he put a quarter yen down.

"You don't say."

"Yes sir, some new stuff. Speaking of which, better make tracks. Cya."

With a simple good bye, Karma left the store behind him, and began heading off to the high school. While on the way, he looked around the city for a while. He simply loved the city life he had, the hustle and bustle of the streets, the many people around him. He was home. With a smile, he put back on his shades, and continued off down the street, getting a good beat in his step. Then he began the tune.

(Why should I worry parody)

One minute, I'm in Central Park

Karma hopped on the back of a passing truck, holding on the bar.

Then I'm on Takeshita Street

Karma hopped off after a little bit, reaching his corner as he continued off on his walk. He saw some workers ahead of him, loading up some cargo into the back of their truck.

Through Kappabashi on the mark

One of the rounder packages suddenly rolled out from the truck, heading right for Karma until he kicked it up like a ball, balancing it on his head.

There's a synch-o-rated beat

Going with the tune, he threw the package back in the truck, the workers thanking him as he walked on.

Say whoo whoo WHOO WHOO whoo

I'm street wise

Karma stopped by a red traffic light. Needing to go, he just walked over to the pole.

I can improvise

He turned around and kicked the pole, turning the traffic light from red to green, as he went off on his way down his set path.

Say whoo whoo WHOO WHOO whoo

I'm street smart

I got Tokyo city heart

Karma's walk started turning to more of a dance as his little song continued. Ahead of him, he saw some school girls bout his age, watching him with love struck smiles near a flower shop.

Why should I worry

Why should I care

Karma plucked a rose from a bouquet as he passed.

I may have crossed that line

Karma placed a kiss on the rose, and tossed it in the air towards the girl's direction, making them go wild as each tried to take it.

But I got street saviore faire

After his little song, he could see his school just ahead of him. Time to get back in the swing of the school, but as he began to go into a jog, he looked up in the blue sky, noticing what appeared to be a flock of birds flying by. He didn't think too much of it as they flew by above him, but as he continued off, suddenly he stopped when he heard something hard hit the ground behind him. Upon turning around, Karma found an odd, yet beautiful item laying on the pavement. It looked a bit small, about the side of a badge, but appeared in peak condition and looked worth a lot of money. It modeled some sort of Angel, wings a bright silver and the center a cyan sapphire heart. Karma picked it up with his usual smile.

"Well, must be my lucky day."

Karma happily put the little trinket in his pocket, and continued off to the school.


Speaking of the school, class 3-E was going along the usual schedule. Korosensei felt so much better from his time off, and was back with his sweet class teaching his lessons. It was just starting class, so not too much happened just yet. In fact, he got a number of books up and ready for his students. First one to see him come in was Nagisa, still next to Ren in the front.

"Good morning sir, it's great to see you back."

"Swell to be back, my compadre! And now with that said, today we're gonna be doing study a little different," Korosensei announced to the class, his voice getting their attention. In a sudden second, everyone suddenly had the books on their desks, each having a picture of Korosensei's face on it.

"How's this different?" Luffy asked, skimming through the many pages.

"Catching up from where we left off, I'm sure my substitute had you go through the inner planet astronomy I understand. Today we'll be going back to the outer planets, passing the asteroid belt," Korosensei explained, drawing out a diagram of the solar system in less than seven seconds, even including the moons revolving around the planets. Afterwards, he turned to his class.

"Alright class, let's start with Jupiter. Now then, which moon do scientists believe can support life? Come on now, don't be shy."

At first, no one exactly said anything, not having the slightest clue which moon that'll be. However...

"It's called Europa."

The new voice caught everyone's attention. The one who answered was leaning on the classroom doorframe, giving his usual smile. While most of the students never saw him before, Korosensei was pretty startled, but pleased while Ren looked at him with a form of anger.

"Scientists think there's a global ocean under a few miles of ice, shaped up by friction while going around Jupiter. That right, teach?"


"Yep, long time no see." Karma introduced, starting to head in. While doing so, he quickly noticed Ren sitting next to Nagisa, who made a glare off at him.

"Class, welcoming our newest student to our family, may I introduce Karma Akabane," Korosensei quickly introduced, as Karma took the time to find a spare seat. While walking pass Ren, the girl tried to ignore him...despite her fingers digging into the desk like claws, even leaving marks on the surface.

"Ren, no clawing the desks!" Korosensei snapped, making her stop. Nagisa, whilst a bit uncomfortable with Ren's behavior, was more surprised Karma was back in class. As for Karma, he took a liking already to the students as he sat down in the back, glancing at Korosensei as he went off on his lessons.

"Looks like the octopus is gonna be watching over me. Let's see how long it takes before I break him," Karma thought, chuckling to himself. Nagisa glanced back at him, and could tell by the look on his face he's gonna cause some trouble. And on the first day back too...

His first bit of mischief began literally next hour. Upon that hour, culinary as it turned out, everyone was busy cooking things up. Korosensei, dressed as a 5-star chef, observed everyone's progress.

"Uhuh, looking good everyone," Korosensei said, looking each dish over with anticipation. Eventually, he got to Karma, who made a suspiciously small dish, looking like vanilla ice cream from scratch.

"Karma, is that all?"

"Oh this little thing? This is my personal gift to you teach, you know free sample. Go on, have a bite," Karma insisted, holding the plate to Korosensei. Nearby, Nagisa observed the event alongside Luffy and a few others, as Korosensei happily took the treat, and gobbled it in one bite.

"Thank you, Karma, a fine -..."

Korosensei took a sniff in the air, smelling smoke.

"Huh? Someone's dish burning? Wait."

He stuck his tongue out, seeing it burning up -literally.

"Oh. It's my tongue. K then. AAAAAHHHH!"

Korosensei started running around in a panic for a few seconds, being Mach 20 making that looking like teleporting, until Korosensei saw Karma holding actual ice cream, only to have him eat it in front of it. Knowing Karma was mocking him, Korosensei disappeared outside, finding a faucet outside and pouring the water in his mouth. Luffy found it hilarious and started laughing it up, Nagisa looking in concern.

Next trick came up next hour, which Korosensei made it to be mathematics -something easier. Course, the burning tongue left him having to bandage that, making him sound slightly muffled and kinda funny, as he went on to teaching...until Karma got his attention again.

"Hey teach? Can you come here?"

Korosensei didn't feel up for it, but being a teacher, he had to. So, he went over, the students watching again.

"What's it gonna be this time?" One of them wondered. Korosensei heard him, but didn't say anything.

"What is it, Karma?" Korosensei asked.

"I don't get one of these questions, teach. Mind reading it over for me?" Karma asked. Korosensei's face remained unchanged, but his eyes narrowed a little as he took the paper and read. Karma waited for a little bit, as Korosensei suddenly looking shocked, white blank face.

"What the?"

The question was actually a VERY sexualized drawing of a bikini babe, curtesy of Karma's dark mind. Karma expected Korosensei to fall over ala nosebleed, but instead his face turned into a pink goofy grin, in a trance of sorts.

"Well well, look who's the pervert," Karma mocked, causing Korosensei to snap back in reality, and many students to laugh. Embarrassed, Korosensei quickly erased the drawing, and gave it back to Karma.

"Back to the subject..." Korosensei groaned, going back to the boared. Nagisa and Ren looked to Karma.

"Damn, Karma's acting ruthless. Sure, he's been like this, but not too often like today..." He thought...

Third attempt: gym time. Everyone outside and handling their exercise. During this little exertion, Korosensei kept his eye on Karma for another trick or prank. Dressed as the instructor, Korosensei made 3 lines in the dirt with chalk.

"K everyone, just follow my lead in whatever makes you comfortable. Ready, go!" Korosensei began the exercise, which was jumping side to side on the lines. However, everyone was more interested in what Karma Akabane was gonna do this time. Ren and Nagisa wanted to say something to the mischief maker, but Karma was already ready for an older gag. Pulling out a piece of wet cloth he had on him, he flung it down at Korosensei's feet. Moving so fast, Korosensei barely lifted one of the tentacles, missing the cloth.

"HA! No trickery this time kid!" Korosensei mocked, his face lined with green stripes as he said so. Karma rolled his eyes, not every trick works out as planned.

"Whatever, two out of three ain't bad." Karma shrugged. Nagisa breathed a sigh of relief, yet Luffy was a bit bummed out. As they continued on, a figure suddenly appeared on the Class 3-E roof. First one to catch the figure up there was Ren, who calmed down a bit upon seeing him. The figure leaped from the rooftop, right to Karma!

"Karma, above you!" Nagisa yelled. Karma glanced up, the figure suddenly landing in front of him, inches away. Everyone soon recognized the frog visitor, Greninja.

"What're you doing here?" Greninja asked firmly. Karma took it pretty calmly, and smiled.

"Well, seems teach isn't the only freak here. Who might you be frog-boy?"

"First of all, I'm middle aged. Secondly, my name is Greninja to you."

"Greninja! You're back, where'd you go? You've been gone for two weeks!" Naruto asked. Greninja relaxed a bit, and stepped away from Karma for a second.

"Personal protocol. So, how come I didn't see you before?" Greninja asked, referring back to Karma Akabane.

"Been suspended, no big deal. Name's Karma by the way," Karma said, extending a hand. However, Greninja didn't even bother with him in that regard. He could tell that this kid was trouble by the look on his face. Then Greninja's attention turned to Korosensei, quickly taking note of the alien's tongue bandaged up.

"What happened?"

"Ask him," Korosensei groaned, aiming a finger at Karma. Greninja thought for a second or two, but then something caught his eye from Karma's pocket. Looking down, Greninja noticed Karma's small trinket that he found earlier. Karma followed his eyes to the item in his pocket.

"What's that?"

"Just a little trinket I found." Karma happily pulled out the Angel trinket from his pocket for him to see. Greninja's eyes suddenly widened upon seeing what Karma had in his possession. His expression turned quickly to anger, and suddenly knocked Karma to the ground! No one expected that kind of reaction, as Greninja slammed his webbed foot onto Karma's chest.

"Where'd you get this?! Answer now!" Greninja demanded. Almost instantly, Ren rushed over and pulled Greninja off of him with little effort. Greninja felt like a giant bear was holding him back. Karma got up with some of the kid's help, brushing it off. Greninja got himself free, but was still angry with the kid over how he got a hold of the item. However, as Korosensei was brushing off the dust and dirt off of Karma, the alien looked off into the forest, and noticed a figure standing within the shadows...

"Well, I think that's enough for today, I'll be right back and we can move onto history," Korosensei said, suddenly disappearing in Mach 20 speed. Despite moving so fast though, the red head Karma had saw him go into the forest...


Meanwhile, Korosensei went into the forest a good 50 feet away from the school, just to make sure he wasn't followed by anybody. After a quick look around, Korosensei gave a sigh of relief as he looked back into the shadows, the same figure waiting for him. the alien immediately bowed in his presence, as the shadow, which turned out to be Giratina again, stepped forward.

"So, anymore information?"

"Yes, sir, I got it right here." Korosensei pulled out his notebook, and gave it back to Giratina. the demonic dragon levitated the notebook to his face, looking over the newest information once again...Unfortunately, Giratina wasn't bvery pleased, making Korosensei a bit nervous as he dropped the notebook on the alien's head.

"You're not doing a good job, dumbass."

"What?! B-b-but you said to-"

"I also said to study up on that kid. And did I get anything? no."

"but he didn't do anything freaky, honest! Maybe you got the wrong guy?"

"Oh? Well maybe you should do a better job, so maybe I wouldn't have to replace you, and maybe not slice your head off. Clear?" Meanwhile in the forest nearby, unaware to Korosensei and Giratina for the moment, some of the student actually had the nerve to follow Korosensei! Those among the group included Karma, Ren, Nagisa, Naruto and Luffy. the group remained quiet as their conversation continued, keeping out of sight from them both...

"C-crystal clear, sir, but-"

"But what? Do you actually prefer teaching those brats than remain loyal to me? Don't forget who gave you your powers, Koro."

Korosensei panicked a little bit.

"NO NO NO, I would never, honest! I would never ditch you for those school brats for the life of me, I'm loyal to you forevermore, honest!" Korosensei shuttered. That news hit the students kinda rough, but remained quiet.

"I thought so. Now listen here, I've got my own plans for this world, but, I need to figure out -" Before Giratina could finish, Karma had enough hiding for that day, and stepped out.

"Figure out what, dragon? you can't go in and find out yourself?" Karma mocked. The very sight of Karma made both Korosensei and Giratina surprised, although Koro was a bit more so. Giratina gave Korosensei a signature death glare before confronting Karma, stopping inches away from him in a matter of seconds. Karma wasn't too afraid upon seeing Giratina, a bit used to these kinds of encounters already.

"How much did you hear?" Giratina asked firmly.

"Oh quite an earful. Got a kick out of you freaking the shit out of teach over there," Karma smirked, though he was actually impressed a alien at Mach 20 was scared of Giratina. However, the dark dragon wasn't up for visitors, so he attempted a good charge at him. However, Karma simply fell back like the wind knocked him over, Giratina flying into a latch of light. Making a low groan, Giratina quickly flew back in the shadows, Karma immediately finding a weakness for the guy.

"What's wrong, Satan? Can't handle some sun?" Karma asked, not changing much tone in his voice. Giratina was still ticked off, but upon closer look at Karma, Giratina was beginning to notice something different about him, aside from his impish behavior...

" got the eyes of a demon, kid..."

"Oh, why thank you~" Karma cooed, acting oddly 'cute' for Giratina. Soon, after some thought, Giratina turned back to Korosensei, who was still kneeling down like he was when first finding him.

"Koro. You go, I need to talk with this character."

Korosensei quickly nodded, and bolted away, grateful he wans't hurt in the frey. For the moment, with the others still hiding in the bushes, Karma and Giratina were alone, Karma not showing any sign of fear to the demonic being. Giratina gave him a nother look over, as if examining the red-headed demon teen...

"Why are you here? I don't recall Korosensei being instructed to bring any visitors."

"How could I not? Besides, you threatened to kill the thing, Thought it'll be interesting to watch. So, now that I caught you with your date with teach, how about some answers?" Giratina growled upon the idea of him and Korosensei on a date, but kept his composure in front of Karma, leaning in so he was eye-to-eye with the smirking human.

"I'd tell you. But I much rather see you suffer on the spot. This never happened." Giratina raised his wings, as if ready to fly off. Instead, Giratina began to charge up some sort of dark energy ball from his opened mouth, aimed directly at Karma! The ball was released right at him, Karma only able to brace for impact. However, then the kids got out of hiding, and Ren got in the way, taking the hit for him! The impact caused a smoke cloud, and took a bit before they could see the result. The result was that Ren, although not deeply injured, was on the ground in a daze. Nagisa, Naruto and Luffy got in between Karma and Giratina in case of another attack. The dragon looked over them, examining them as well...

"Leave him alone!"

", three of you are already together..."

"What're you talking about?"

"You mean he didn't tell you? In that case, go and talk to your amphibian advisor. He'll know." After that, Giratina made a 180 spin in the air, and disappeared in the shadows, leaving them alone...


After their encounter, the group immediately went off back to class 3-E. Upon heading back to the field, Greninja was waiting at the Class 3-E building, arms crossed. Greninja could tell by the looks on most of their faces that they had something on their mind. They didn't stop until they were a foot away from Greninja, Nagisa in front.

"There you are."

"Greninja?...We need to ask you something."

"What's that?"

"...Listen, do you know someone named Giratina?"

"And what does he have to do with Korosensei?" Luffy added. Greninja kept quiet, not looking at them for a bit.


"Greninja, we saw something with Korosensei in the forest, and it nearly killed Karma! It knew you too, so you have to know something, so out with it!" Luffy demanded, getting a slap in the head by Ren.

"Stop that... But it wouldn't hurt to know."

Greninja still kept quiet, appearing distressed on hearing the news. Korosensei, Giratina, the near death to Karma...

"It will kill you if I said anything... Now, go back to your daily occupations..."

"What, don't go silent on us, say it!"

Greninja didn't say anything, and turned to walk back inside. However, upon facing the doorway, Ren grabbed him by the arm.


"...Talk with me some other time... Right now I have to think about... Well, it doesn't concern you."

"It nearly killed Ren yes it does," Nagisa snapped. Still, Greninja just turned away, and went back into the school...