Summer Safari
Season 2, Episode 2
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Kanji 夏のサファリ
Air date July 31, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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A Small World After All... Kimba, and the Silver Fang

Summer Safari is the 2nd chapter of season 2, and 14th in the overall series.


After winning a trip, Korosensei takes some of his students off to Kenya for summer vacation.


It was about lunch time for 3-E, yet so close to summer vacation. The feel that vacation was gonna start was showing on everyone in the school, including the staff. Who could blame them really, summer was probably the best time for any school kid, regardless of grade. The staff too, an entire month without worry on work was something special to look forward to.

In his office, Korosensei was chillin out, enjoying his little bento, and some yummy cookies he added in himself, while his radio on. The alien had grown aware of the summer coming up, and couldn't wait for it to come. Far as he was concern, it was just two days away, the day marked on the calendar on the wall. While he was happily munching on his cookies, the broadcaster started to speak again.

"Good afternoon, and welcome to that time of day where we pick out that lucky caller, for today's fabulous prize trip!"

The announcement got Korosensei's attention, as the announcer continued.

"Today's prize is a free summer trip for you and your family, to Kenya wildlife safari, Africa! Be sure to call in our station, and you can be our lucky winner!" Just seconds afterwards, the station's phone was ringing, Korosensei standing with a smile, phone to his ear. He knew the station's number for a while after hearing it the last five times, and this prize he ain't missing! Soon the man picked up his call, much to his delight.

"Hello, is this the Tokyo radio station?"

"That's right sir, and you're the first caller to our big prize. Just answer this one trivia question correctly, and the prize is yours!"

"Lay it on me, I'm ready!"

"Alright sir, and here's the question: what was the height and weight of the largest elephant in Africa?"

"24,000 pounds, and 13 feet tall," Korosensei answered, literally a second after the announcer was done. The announcer took a minute to get the answer checked.

"C-Congratulations sir! Mind saying your name?"

"Korosensei, my good man."

"Well, Korosensei, you just won yourself a trip to Kenya!"

"Awesome! Thank you so much!" Korosensei beamed. He was truly hyped on getting his prize...wait, how was he gonna get it?

"Wait... How am I gonna get my prize?"

"Oh? Well we mail it, of course."

"In that case, send my prize to Yunibāsaru Junior High School, I can pick it up there. Thank you!"

"Uh, sure thing. Have a good day, Korosensei."

The announcer hung up for that days prize, Korosensei downright thrilled! A trip to Africa for the summer, what a fabulous idea! However, after a quick think-over, he realized that the man said him and his family. Yet, he was strictly alone. So, what's a smart alien to do?...


"School field trip?" Nagisa asked.

"Of course, why not? It can be a great bonding experience between teacher and student, it'll be great! What do you all say?"

Yep, Korosensei was going that route. While very sweet, it was a pretty random idea that came out of nowhere. Presenting the idea to the whole class was a bit much.

"So you want everyone to just rush off to Africa on some random last-minute trip, throwing away any schedule they have already?" Karma corrected, arms crossed.

"Come on, it'll be fun! Wide open plains, tons of clean fresh air."

"The whole idea of summer vacation is to avoid school, you realize that, don't you?" Karma reminded.

"You mean to relax for a month's time?" Ren suddenly butted in.

"Hey hey, not all of you have to go, just those who want to! I ain't forcing nothin on nobody. You got a lot of time to think it over," Korosensei assured them. The students all thought a little bit, as the commotion got the dogs outside.

"What's going on?" Mel asked.

"Korosensei wants us to go to Africa with him," Ren replied. Weed and Mel never even heard of Africa before, but, GB was a bit surprised on hearing the news.

"Africa? You sure?"

"Course I am, this alien won a family trip! Come on, isn't anyone interested?"

"Korosensei, there's a ton of problems with this," Nagisa began, counting his fingers for emphasis. "One: it's a continent away. Two: none of our parents know. Three: how are we gonna get there without any plane?"

Korosensei copied Nagisa's actions with his own fingers.

"One: I can mail your parents, they can tell me tomorrow morning. Two through three: I can take you there myself! All I need is a giant quicker basket, and we're all set! Which reminds me."

Korosensei suddenly went into action: in a quick blast of energy, Korosensei was inside and whipped up detailed permission slips for every student in class. Soon after that, he went off like a bullet, delivering each letter to their respected destinations, not a single one missed. He ended up back at the classroom soon afterwards (with a ton of dried hay as it turned out) and quickly whipped up a huge hot air balloon basket! Since he went Mach-20, all of that took just under a minute, impressing everyone present.

"TADA! Minute flat! I got each of your parents the notification, and we'll have their answers by tomorrow." Korosensei said, heading back in the classroom. Apparently, that's a problem solver right there. The students looked to the large basket, thinking a little bit on Korosensei's trip, and how far he was going for them. Even if some of them knew he worked for Giratina...


The next following morning, Korosensei had gotten those replies from the parents as per expected, along with his free tickets to Kenya. The current count had most saying no to the idea, while some actually agreed to it. Korosensei was happy to have some people allowed to go, but, then came to the students themselves. After all, THEY were going, so, their choice if they wanted to go.

"Well, answers in, let's see what the kids have to say."

Korosensei sighed, and went right into the classroom, expecting to see the kids either bored, or waiting for that final bell to ring...But, no one was in there. Korosensei was left blank faced upon seeing the empty classroom: was he too late? No, some students would still be there if others tried playing hooky. Either way, Korosensei wasn't entirely sure where they would just go on short notice.

"Maybe I'm too early?" Korosensei wondered. Then another thought struck him, as he looked out in the yard. Yes, his basket was still there, but oddly, his students were outside too, all lined up. Korosensei quickly got outside to see what was going on.

"Morning, teach, what's up?" Karma started.

"What are you all doing out here?"

"Ready to go. We thought it over and, we decided to go with you to Africa. You've did a good job as our teacher, and it's only fair," Nagisa said.

"And...where's those dogs, are they here with you?" No sooner after he asked, Weed, GB, and Mel all poked their heads out of the basket, ready to go.

"Never mind. Well, let's see who can go, shall we?"

Korosensei only showed the number of approved slips in front of everyone. The exact number was only about five out of the whole class. So, on a whim, Korosensei began to read them out.

"Alright let's see... Nagisa Shiota. Karma Akabane. Naruto Uzumaki. Monkey D. Luffy. And Hinata Hyūga. Congratulations, all of you got the green light!" Luffy was simply stoked on the answer, as Karma and Nagisa just smiled. Hinata was surprised that her parents would even consider letting her go, but didn't say anything, as Korosensei looked to the other kids.

"Sorry the rest of you can't go," Korosensei said, a bit bummed out. The other kids didn't seem to mind too much, and were glad for those who could go at all on the trip.

"When are we going?" Ren suddenly asked from the crowd, walking forward to the alien.

"Huh? Ren, I didn't call you going."

"I will go with you."

"Now Ren, let's just head back in -" Ren suddenly stopped him in his tracks (both literally and metaphorically) by slamming her foot in the ground, causing it to crack under her...

"I'm going."


"Hey, when are we going anyway?" Karma asked. Korosensei thought for a second or two, before he chuckled again. Suddenly, the kids were put in the basket, and Korosensei gripping both sides of the basket. No answer needed for that question.

"Alright, welcome to Koro airlines, please keep all hands, and paws within the basket at all times." Koro began to levitate off the ground. "Next stop: Kenya, Africa. Launch in three! Two! Have a great summer, kids! And OFF! WE! GO!" Suddenly, Korosensei launched straight up in the air, the basket being carried up fast in the air like it was nothing! Everyone in the basket gripped what they could as Korosensei flew off at his Mach-20 speed. Korosensei made all the stops on his flight: few pairs of tentacles whipping away any obstacles that'll injure the students while not going too fast to break up the basket. The only ones who weren't panicking were Ren and Karma, while everyone else braced for whenever the stop would be. Suddenly, everyone in the basket suddenly felt the G-forces weakening, as Korosensei slowed down. Weed had the guts to look of the basket, seeing an entirely different land below. The area turned from Japanese forest to Kenya savannah in just twenty short minutes. When Korosensei slowed down, and settled the basket on the ground, everyone in it took a minute to regain themselves.

"We're here, gang! Enjoy the flight?"

"...Well, roller coasters don't scare me anymore," Luffy groaned.

When everyone regained themselves, they got out of the basket to look around. They were alone, but, there was a town nearby so they weren't too isolated. Korosensei signaled the others off to the city for their vaca, but, he stopped Nagisa before he could continue.

"Hey, Nagisa, got somethin for ya." Soon, the alien presented him with tiny pill-sized objects, all with Korosensei's smile on them. There was a good amount of them in Nagisa's hands, the kid looking confused.

"What's this?"

"A little something to handle your little language barrier problem. Swallow one of those bad boys and see the results!" Korosensei said, holding Mel up to his level, the pup trying to squirm out of his grip. Nagisa tried to think a little bit, but in the end, swallowed one of them. At first, the taste was horrible, like a real pill, but soon after he swallowed it, Mel's yelps began to alter into words.

"Hey, Octo-thing, put me down!" Mel demanded. Nagisa couldn't believe what he heard: he understood Mel perfectly! Weed and GB helped Mel out and got him free, as Nagisa just stared at them.

"Did...did you just...Did Koro give me..."

Korosensei chuckled.

"Congratulations, now you can understand your companions to a tee! Give those to your friends when you get the chance, ok pal?" As Korosensei walked away, GB turned to Nagisa.

"So, you can understand us now?"

"Yeah...I can...This is very weird."

"Tell me about it. Ok, we'll be off then," GB said, started to go away.

"Wait, where are you three going?"

"To explore. Don't worry, we'll find you guys by night fall. See you soon," Weed replied. After that, Weed, GB, and Mel went off to explore, as Nagisa went off to his friends.


For the next couple of hours, GB, Weed, and Mel each continued moving through the savannah. Africa was much hotter than Japan, something none of them were used to. But one thing was good: a ton more running space! While the dogs continued running around, GB suddenly caught sight of something moving around in the distance. The three dogs wandered nearby and soon found a herd of what appeared to be deer grazing. However, these deer were one-pointers, and colored differently.

"Those are some weird ass deer," GB commented.

"Yeah, fancy stripes, too," added Weed, walking over a little bit. The deer (which were really gazelle), didn't notice them just yet, grazing on the grass. However, while they were watching, the gazelle all looked in one direction, away from the three dogs. Weed, GB, and Mel didn't have a clue what they were looking at, but the gazelle knew after a minute, and suddenly started to run away! The three dogs watched the herd run, along with something alongside the herd. The herd suddenly began rushing towards the bystander canines. One of them, a young female gazelle doe, suddenly broke from the herd, and ran straight towards them in panic, as the figures ran after her. The attackers turned out to be more dogs, though not of a breed they're familiar with. The dogs looked like they all had some camo suit on rather than fur. The gazelle skidded to a stop once it saw Weed, Mel, and GB in front of her, but it was a delayed reaction, and she ended up skidding into Mel rather hard.

"Mel!" Weed gasped. Mel and the gazelle were fine, as the gazelle got up.

"Please, you got to help me!" The gazelle pleaded. But that one distraction got the wild dogs to surround them! The gazelle tried to hide behind the new dogs, scared for her life, as the beasts circled them. One of the dogs moved forward, growling at them.

"Hey, give back our meat!" He demanded.

"Ok, sure, here!" GB implied, pushing the gazelle towards the pack, despite the struggling the gazelle had with them.

"No no no, please!" The gazelle yelled in fear. However, GB wasn't the one to befriend prey, so, he didn't bother listening, as the others dogs moved in. While they were, the gazelle looked to the other new dogs for help. While GB wasn't deterred, the look on her face was getting to Weed and Mel a bit. The innocence in her eyes was enough to rival a one month old pup, and just as worried as one...

"Hey, that's our kill!"

All of the wild dogs turned towards Weed and Mel, as they went forward, blocking the others from the gazelle.

"Says who?!"

"Says me, now, back off," Mel said, biting down on the gazelle's neck, as if ready to rip her head off! The gazelle panicked, and thrashed around to get herself free. After a bit, another dog went into view. This one though was a bit bigger, and had a small cut in his left ear.

"What's the hold up? Should've been done an hour ago."

"Sahara, sir, these mutts won't give up our kill! They didn't do shit, and won't go away!"

Sahara looked to Weed, GB, and Mel with a disapproving look. Sahara hadn't seen such dogs before, and the three were the same with Sahara and his pack.

"Hey, we're hungry, we got her, she's ours, alright?" Sahara didn't seem to be buying Mel's words at first.

"Mutt, don't make this difficult, just hand the gazelle over," Sahara insisted, paw out front. The dogs however weren't exactly aware on what a "gazelle" was. The gazelle in question was still freaked out, but stopped fighting Mel from being pinned.

"First of all, I have paws, second, I'm not giving her up so easily!" Weed yelled. Sahara just rolled his eyes.

"If you mutts just want to save her from being dog meat instead of her being your dog meat, you can just say so. Damn Kimba's getting to everyone," Sahara said.

"...Who?" The three dogs asked.

"Wait, you three aren't with -... OOHHH, I get it, tourists, right? Pets?" Sahara suddenly lightened up to the three, walking over to GB.

"How'd you guess?"

"Come on, tell me any other wild canine colored like (points to Mel) a banana, (points to Weed) a blueberry, (points to GB) and some freckled zebra?" Sahara put his front leg around GB's shoulder. "Tell you what I'm gonna do; I'll let you have this kill, but promise to keep yourselves outta trouble eh? The savannah's no easy playground for pampered pooches like you guys."

Sahara then winked to GB before walking to the rest of the pack.

"K, gang, let's go! We got a lot of ground to cover before nightfall, and who knows how far the herd can go in that time. Move out!" With that, Sahara began running off, the rest of the wild dogs running after him. Soon as they were sure that they were gone, Mel let the gazelle go.

"Hey, you okay?" Weed asked. The gazelle looked up to the three, sitting up. She didn't say anything at first, but just stared at them at first.


Suddenly, the gazelle went right over to Mel and Weed, hugging them both.


"Uh, you're welcome," Weed said, caught off guard by the hug. Soon, the gazelle let them go.

"I'm sorry, but, not many predators will help out a gazelle like me."

"I can imagine," Weed said, wiping off some dust.

"Who are you guys, anyway?"

"Oh us? Well, I'm Weed."

"I'm Mel, and he's GB. And you are?"

"I'm Dodie, nice to meet you all," the gazelle introduced.

"Likewise. You better get back to your herd before any other hunters find you out here, huh?" Mel insisted.

"Oh yea, thanks again for the help. Goodbye," Dodie said, starting to run off back to her herd. When she left, the three dogs began turning back to where they came from, and walking off. While they were going, GB began walking by Weed.

"Hey Weed. Who do you think this Kimba guy is?"

"I dunno, but, what luck we got, we might meet with him soon. Now, let's get to the others, probably wondering where we are." With that in mind, the trio of dogs went on their way back to the class students.


Later on that day, Dodie continued running around through the Serengeti for a good while. Since meeting up with Weed, GB, and Mel, she had ran non-stop from the savannah, to scrub forest, the trees green with leaves. Dodie took a second to rest, looking around for a second or so.

"Kimba?! You around here?" Dodie called out. After a little bit, something walked out upon hearing her. The figure looked like a young lion cub, no mane just yet, but this cub was purely white all over, aside for the tips of its ears and tail.

"I'm over here, Dodie, what is it?" The cub asked, walking over to Dodie. The gazelle was happy to see Kimba after what happened that day, no wild dogs to try and hunt her around here.

"Hi Kimba. Listen, I got something to tell you; there's three new dogs here, and they saved me from Sahara's pack!"

Kimba looked up to her in surprise.

"They did? Did you catch who they were?"

"Sure I did! Mel, GB, and Weed are their names," Dodie said. Kimba thought for a little bit on these three dogs in question, mostly for the fact they helped Dodie out from getting eaten...

"Do you know where they went? I'd like to meet them."