Teacher's Pet
Season 1, Episode 11
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Kanji 先生のお気に入りの生徒
Air date July 15, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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Frog's Secret: The Multitype's Revelation The Real Enemy Revealed

Teacher's Pet is the 11th chapter of season 1, and 11th in the overall series.


Weed, GB, and Mel take the chance, and join Class 3-E. How much can they take?


Weed, GB, and Mel had left Ohu behind them, and their own journey in front as time past them by. The weather around them felt warmer as spring time continued into June. The main canine keeping the trio going was Weed, guided by his own state of mind as the land around them turned warmer compared to the mountains back home. However, they barely noticed that at all, more focused on the run. For every day that past, Weed could sense that he was closer with each passing day, as they continued south. After days and days of traveling through Japan, the three got out of a clearing, Mel going out first.

The young retriever looked out to what was probably the largest city he'd ever seen! Skyscrapers up to their level, and Mel was by a mountain overpass! GB and Weed came out next, seeing the same city behold in front of them: the city of Tokyo. The three canines all looked out onto the land.

"Well, Tokyo."

"You heard of this place, GB?"

"Mel, this is the biggest city in Japan, how can I not?"

Weed looked out to Tokyo in front of him.

"Then they have to be in there," Weed concluded.

"How are you so sure?" Before Weed could answer, suddenly the dogs looked in the sky, as they all saw something fast zoom by above them. It was very fast to tell at first, but the yellow tint and hyper speed were proof enough.

"Well, there we go," Mel commented.

"Great, now come on, they're somewhere in there," Weed concluded, starting to run down to the big city. GB and Mel ran after him. As they ran, they failed to noticed a figure watching them as they continued onward...


In the city, Korosensei had just finished up his purchases at the local convenience store, coming out with a bag full of sweets. However, he was in a 'disguise' of sorts. He had on a black wig, his skin was slightly dulled and tanned, his main tentacles had human gloves on, and he even added an actual wax nose for good measure. The disguise may suck, but, it was better than popping up as his normal self. After walking out, the alien happily munched on a piece of chocolate, his smile growing bigger from the delicious treat.

"mmmmHMMM! That's so good, these people sure make great desserts," Korosensei said, as he happily finished up his opened treat, and began heading back to his school. While gleefully walking down the sidewalk towards the school (yea walking, not flying) he ended up passing a shaded alleyway while going. However, something from the alleyway suddenly jumped out, trying to get him! However, Korosensei moved too fast, and suddenly reappeared with some boxing gloves in place of the other gloves, ready to beat up whoever tried to get him.

"Hey hey, no one mugs me and gets away with it, bring it!"

Then the figure peeked around the corner, revealing the same satanic dragon.

"Come here, you idiot."

"AH! G-G-Giratina?"

Korosensei immediately changed his mind as Giratina moved into the alleyway, Korosensei popping up next to him inside. Course, the first thing he noticed was the odd disguise Korosensei was wearing.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Giratina asked quizzically.

"It's my disguise for public," Korosensei replied. Giratina just sighed.

"Very well. Now listen closely, Koro, some of those kids from that 3-E have a sort of power inside of them, resembling the Multitype."

"Multitype? You sure?"

"Why would I lie about that?! Anyway, I've sensed which kids have which Multitype, and I need you to keep them in close check, understand? There's that powerhouse bitch, the blue 'trap' -"

"You mean Ren and Nagisa?"

"... Yes. Them, and that Karma boy. Try to keep a better eye on them, I need my info in ... By the way, any new reports?"

"... Uh ..."

Giratina just sighed.

"Never mind. Keep an eye on those three, will ya bitch?" Giratina sighed, as he disappeared again, leaving a worried Korosensei to grab his bags and continue on his way.


Meanwhile, Weed, GB and Mel continued going around Tokyo. Weed and Mel were finding to go through very knew to them, with the skyscrapers towering over them, making them feel like ants in comparison. GB wasn't exactly feeling as much effected by the height difference, though it did feel slightly new. Trying not to bother people all that much, they tried taking the side roads.

"Damn. I feel so small in this place," Mel said, looking around.

"I see your point. Come on, sure they're somewhere around -" before Weed could finish, the Akita looked on ahead, and suddenly saw someone ahead. The sidewalk they took reached a crossroads, and across the way, a group of people could be seen. Amongst them, at least to Weed's eyes, was a blue-haired high school student.


Nagisa Shiota was in a hurry again, jogging in place until the light turned green to go. Suddenly, Weed saw Nagisa bolt off soon as the green gone off. Since Weed was a dog, and first time in the city, the Akita quickly bolted after him!

"Nagisa, wait!" Weed yelled. However, when he started running through the intersection, GB and Mel trying to keep up, the cars didn't expect the pup to jay walk (or rather, jay run) through the road, and the drivers skidded to a halt. One car nearly hit the runaway dog, but Weed shocked everyone at the intersection by jumping on the hood, and clearing the car! GB and Mel played smart, and ran around the cars, but were still a bit behind as Weed rushed after Nagisa. Seemed no matter how fast Weed ran, Nagisa stayed ahead of him, and didn't notice.


"Weed, slow down!" GB yelled, not stopping Weed's dash. While Nagisa had no issue going through the crowds, Weed kept trying to avoid getting stepped on or run over during the running. GB and Mel were having it rougher.

"Damnit, pup's crazy," GB groaned while trying to run. Weed saw Nagisa cut a corner, and followed his lead, but saw he just passed a cyclist. Weed just dodged it, but GB and Mel nearly ran into the damn thing!

"You're gonna kill us, Weed!" Mel yelled, trying to keep up again.

Luckily for the three, Nagisa had got to his school so there was no longer any other city risks. Course, Weed still had to get to Nagisa. The pup thought he was gonna go in the main school, but soon after he did, Weed suddenly saw him run to the back! So, Weed followed his lead and ran for him. GB tried to catch him, but Weed moved too fast and left the setter skidding on the ground. Weed FINALLY stopped once he saw Nagisa oddly run into the forest in the back of the main building. Only then did GB and Mel catch up.

"You nearly killed us, what the hell?" GB panted.

"Where's he going? Come on, it couldn't be too far," Weed figured, beginning to run again. GB and Mel were ticked to catch the god damn pup going off again, and could only glance at each other before running after him again. The pup can't take a break.

Some ways ahead, Nagisa had finally managed to reach his class after a half an hour of running. Throughout the whole running brigade, he failed to notice Weed rushing after him. Eventually, the dog trio finally reach the clearing in the forest, and saw the wooden cabin that was Class 3-E. Weed was a bit winded, but, GB and Mel both were tired out by the time they caught up. They all could see Class 3-E students getting settled inside, and Korosensei also beginning to head in. They found it alright.

"This is where he goes huh?" Weed thought.

"Weed can you stop for one damn second, Jesus Christ! He's not going anywhere," GB panted, already laying on the ground. He didn't mean to sound ticked but, for god sake he nearly got ran over catching up! Only then did Weed notice the state of them both: must've been too much in hype to notice. Weed's ears bent back in embarrassment.

"Sorry guys. Yeah, we can rest now," Weed said. Happy, Mel finally laid down right away, no questions asked. They're right, some time to chill would be great, as the two canines chilled out on the grass. However, Weed was still wanting to see them to figure things out. Not wanting the other two to tire completely, Weed went by himself towards the school.

Inside the classroom, all of the students had gotten everything settled for the day, as Korosensei was beginning his lessons, drawing out a evolution line of a tadpole to a frog up on the chalkboard, with a unknown planet as reference. After a really quick look over, Korosensei began. As for the past couple of days (though not showing it) Nagisa, Ren, and Karma had their minds preoccupied with the whole 'Multitype' thing.

"Good morning class! Today we got our lovely guest Ritsu here to help with our little lecture," Korosensei said, as Ritsu turned on, the image showing Ritsu smiling happily towards the class.

"Morning everyone."

"So today for science, we've been going on about life on other planets, so, how about we take a step towards home and give you kids a lesson on (quickly writes the word on the board) evolution. Ritsu, if you please?"

"Sure! *ahem* Evolution is the long lasting positive process of adaptation of creatures to survive in their environment. This process includes, but isn't limited to, adapting to an aquatic life," Ritsu explained, drawing the evolution process from a small tree animal, into a whale. "Or adapting to fly." She drew a mouse ancestor, evolving into a bat. While she was explaining, Luffy whispered something to Karma, who then decided to raise his hand. Korosensei got a bit worried on what he'll do, but Ritsu saw him anyway.

"Yes, Karma?"

"If I may, I think you're missing a fact or two," Karma said, starting to walk over to the front of the room. The other students were unsure on what he was gonna do. By that point, just outside, Weed was looking inside as Karma got to the front.

"Excuse me?"

"Well, Evolution can bring some rough turns for species. Take this little creature." Karma drew out the Dodo on the board. "This bird used to fly, but since it never needed to, it ended up grounded. Correct me if I'm wrong."

"Well, that's technically correct, animals will evolve different if a trait is no longer necessary."

"Right. Now, one requested question: I'm sure we all get now that aliens exist, and a bit off topic today, but, how much intelligent life is out there? In exact terms?"

Ritsu was quiet at first, looking to Korosensei who just shrugged. Korosensei expected some sort of prank but wasn't sure what a question can do. Besides, he had nothing to prank with. Ritsu eventually got out a piece of chalk with her robotic arm, and started to draw something out.

"Well to figure that out, you have to... Have to..."

"Come on, don't be shy."

"Ok let's see...the number of extraterrestrial civilizations equals to the average rate of star formation... Times the fraction of planet filled stars...Times the planets with potential life..."

Everyone could see Ritsu was getting more and more stressed as she tried to figure out the right answer.

"Times the planets that develop intelligent life...Times the intelligent life that develop communication...Times the length between each planet...AARGH!"

Suddenly, the screen clicked, and it showed Ritsu standing stiff with a blank stare. Her eyes turned to two black dots, as her mouth just looked like a small line on her face. Some words popped up under her head, reading 'Error, be back in five minutes'. Karma laughed it up, but Korosensei wasn't having any of it. So, he grabbed him, and placed him back in his seat.

"Looks like I'm going solo," Korosensei groaned, moving Ritsu aside as he continued.


As time went by, the classes continued with Weed watching the whole thing from outside. GB and Mel eventually joined up with the Akita during the end of second period, watching Korosensei teaching the students in class. The dogs were a bit surprised with all of the activity going on in there, but Weed was feeling that urge in him again, the same one that struck him upon first seeing Nagisa. He just wasn't sure how to approach the idea just yet. After all, he can't talk to Nagisa directly, species apart...

"You peepers done?"

The voice started all three dogs at once, all of them turning around to see yet another canine! The scarred Kishu no less!

"Kyoshiro?!" The trio gasped.

"You owe me a fight, pup."

"Fight, what fight? He fought you already!"

"And you ditched our deal too. No dog lies AND screws me over and gets away with it!"

"I screwed you? You're the one who wanted Gaijou when all I asked is for you to leave the other packs alone, remember?" Weed protested.

"And I remember your story about that alien and that was also bullshit!"

"What's that got to do with anything?!"

"Simple: how can I trust you?"


Suddenly, Kyoshiro was all in Weed's face, pushing him back to the wall of the building.

"We had a deal back in Shige, you didn't finish it up. You and your little gang just took you away and that's that. So NO, I'm not trusting you if you can't agree to terms!"

"You're insane, you put your details far too high, you know that!"

Kyoshiro stepped back, readying a charge at the Akita.

"Listen up, bitch. Maybe that little mutt who told you about me forgot to tell you one detail...In the name of killers: I never let my target flee."

Weed knew that Kyoshiro no longer was playing rationally: he tasted blood, and he wanted to finish up what he started. GB and Mel were knocked out of the way as Kyoshiro charged. Weed could only bolt to the open before the fight could start, Kyoshiro grabbing the dog by the tail. Unlike before, Weed fought back harder, kicking Kyoshiro in the face to make him let go.

"If this is about Gaijou, you're not getting it!"

Kyoshiro didn't reply as he charged at him again. Weed, seeing Kyoshiro wasn't going to listen, decided to fight back. As Kyoshiro ran at him, Weed bolted to the side, and bit into his shoulder. GB and Mel started running at him, Kyoshiro ripping Weed off him. Noticing the subordinates, Kyoshiro whacked Mel and GB with the Akita, sending them back! The racket from outside wasn't noticed by the students inside (oddly enough), as the fight continued. After that, Kyoshiro threw Weed towards the school building, the Akita skidding to a stop.

"Kyoshiro, why are you doing this?!"

"Getting even, that's what! You conned me out of our deal!" Kyoshiro yelled. So, even after Weed refused, Kyoshiro still thought the deal was still set? Sure, Weed fought the deranged canine, but never agreed on any terms Kyoshiro said, especially after Gaijou was mixed up in it.

"No I didn't! If anything, you've got your deal sealed, you won, isn't that enough?"

"Do you know anything?! The winner has to have the loser's head to make it official and did that happen? NO! So shut the hell up, and take it like a real dog!"

Kyoshiro tried biting again, but Weed rushed aside.

"So I have to be dead to make it official?"

"Right, dipshit! Now hold still!" Kyoshiro demanded, trying to bite him again. By that point, one of the students from the class glanced outside, noticing the fight unfolding with the dogs outside. Worried, and curious, she raised her hand to get the teacher's attention.


"Not now, Hinata, save questions until after the lecture."

Back outside, Kyoshiro was still going a-wall on Weed and his friends, not showing any mercy on either of them. At one point, Weed stopped close to the building in question, and dodged Kyoshiro, causing the canine to slam into the wall. The sudden impact startled everyone, the hit loud, hard, and making the wall shake! Only then did everyone saw the fight going on outside, Kyoshiro rushing back into the Frey. The students rushed to the window to see what was going on. Kyoshiro and Weed kept at it more and more until the two were at a stand still. The one who was most shocked was Nagisa: that same blue dog from Gaijou all the way here?

"Goddamnit, why won't you quit?!" Kyoshiro yelled. Mel tried to stop Kyoshiro again, but was only flung aside before Kyoshiro ran again. Weed wasn't sure where the dog was getting all of his energy, but Weed couldn't dodge what was coming. Kyoshiro grabbed the pup by the leg, and flung him hard enough for Weed to crash through the wood barrier in the school!

"Son of a bitch," Karma sighed, arms crossed, impressed. Who knew a dog could do that? Everyone else was just flabbergasted, GB and Mel rushing to the hole where Weed was flung. Ren began walking out, dragging Nagisa with her (much to his surprise), confronting Kyoshiro.

"Leave him alone," Ren demanded. Kyoshiro knew better than to talk to a human, but she was right in the way.

"Who the hell's she?" Kyoshiro thought. The scarred Kishu dog growled at her, but Ren stayed strong.

"Can you let me go?" Nagisa asked, a bit urgent as Kyoshiro moved forward at them. GB and Mel tried getting Weed awake, but the Akita did eventually get to his feet. However, the dogs could see something wrong with Weed, his state turning to a look of anger. Nagisa and Ren turned back and saw Weed standing, blood dripping from his forehead. Kyoshiro was ready to charge, but, the look in Weed's eyes shown something different...

They glowed a blue hue.

Before anyone could stop him, Weed charged forward past GB, Mel, Nagisa, and Ren, straight to Kyoshiro. The Kishu readied for whatever attack Weed had for him, as the Akita charged at top speed. What happened next was unavoidable: Weed suddenly jumped forward, and began to spin in the air. Weed spun faster, and faster until his body became a blurry circle, as he aimed directly at the Kishu! Kyoshiro had only seconds to move, and he tried his best to do so, but Weed managed to slice a fine scar on Kyoshiro's left cheek, another to add to his many others. Everyone who saw that was left with complete shock, even Kyoshiro was shocked at that. Weed crashed in the earth, tumbling for another fifteen feet before stopping.

"Weed!" GB gasped, running over. Weed was alright overall, but his back right leg was badly twisted. As for Kyoshiro, his brush with death left him just standing there, blood from his new wound dripping on the ground. What the hell just happened?

"You ... YOU ..." Kyoshiro turned around, teeth grinding against each other in anger. The Kishu was gonna run, but something suddenly made him trip as he rushed forward.

"Damnit! Your dea-" Kyoshiro was cut off when he turned around to face the opponent. It took a while for Kyoshiro to take it all in, the sheer size towering over him! Turned out, the figure was Korosensei ...

"I think you've done enough, no?" Korosensei said, arms crossed. Kyoshiro's face was left completely surprised, eyes wide and jaw agape. Mel walked over to him.

"W-w-what the hell?"

"Told you so," Mel said. Some of the other students walked outside as the talk continued.

"... Nine feet tall ... Yellow ... You guys aren't ..." Mel just nodded his answer. Kyoshiro thought a little more, looking right at Korosensei the entire time. If they were correct about Korosensei being real, then that meant ...

"I ... I gotta go ..."

Without much other word, Kyoshiro began running away from everyone. After Kyoshiro left, the attention turned to Weed again, Ren and Nagisa going over to him. Weed looked up to Nagisa first, that connection feeling coming back to him again. Ren gently touched Weed's twisted leg, the dog whimpering a little bit on the touch.

"His leg is badly damaged, but, he'll be fine after a few days," Ren concluded after feeling around the leg. Weed tried getting up, but needed GB's support to keep balanced. Weed looked to Nagisa, and tried to talk but Nagisa couldn't hear anything aside from barks and whimpers. So, Korosensei gave him another one of his tentacle communicators.

"Thank you," Nagisa said, taking it and putting it in his ear.

"Ok, try again."

"I've been looking for you. Nagisa, right? You were at Gaijou, weren't you?"

"Hai. I was. Why did you come looking for me?"

Weed turned away.

"I ... Well, I've felt this connection, since we first met ... I wanted to know why," Weed admitted. It was true, he wanted answers for these thoughts floating in his mind that he somehow couldn't get rid of. For Nagisa, the connection thing wasn't too far off, as he had a similar feeling upon seeing Weed back at Gaijou during the whole Kaibutsu incident. As Weed tried to stand fully, he began to ache in his leg, and was about to fall over when Nagisa caught him. In fact, Nagisa took the liberty to lift Weed off the ground gently, making sure not to hurt him as he did so.

"Korosensei? I need to help Weed out," Nagisa stated.

"In the middle of a school day?"

"Sir please, he can't keep going around in his state, at least let him stay until he's feeling better," Nagisa protested. Korosensei looked to the dog, who looked beat up aside from his damaged leg. Korosensei thought for a moment or two, and decided to pick up Weed gently.

"Oh alright then! Heck, he can be our class pet!" Korosensei said happily, bringing Weed inside. The other students followed, though GB and Mel were a bit unsure about the idea. Regardless, though, at least they didn't want to hurt Weed anymore than what he already got. Nagisa pulled out the hearing piece from his ear, giving Korosensei an extra tentacle to work with again. Korosensei began to think a little bit on the 'translator' thing: he couldn't always be around whenever Nagisa, or anyone else needed to know what Weed, GB, and Mel, were saying. Sure, there's Ren, but, that was about it and from one person, Ren can easily screw up when she wanted to. What to do?...


For the day following, it became a bit of a hit-and-miss when it came to figuring out what to do. Weed was brought into one of the unused rooms of the building, as to not disturb the class while class was still going on. Weed was settled on the ground in a make-shift bed of sheets, bandaged up by Korosensei himself. The other students were curious over the dog too, yet, Korosensei kept insisting time and time again that he needed time alone to heal. Speaking of the dog, Korosensei was still trying to think over how to handle the translation problem between human and canine. Lucky for him, Ritsu had gone operational again, so, he was in the office trying to think it over while Ritsu took his place for teaching. He can understand the dogs just fine, but, that didn't help Nagisa and the others that much.

"Hm, let's see...collar translators? No, they'll get wrecked too easily...earpieces? Nah, too predictable, plus it'll cost me more of myself...come on, Koro, think, think, think." Obviously, the conundrum was getting to the alien more than he'd like: one answer can cause a number of problems if gone through. Any physical items can easily end up broken or misplaced, so, that was ruled out. If Korosensei was going to do that, he needed a way that wont get wrecked, or have a chance on getting lost or misplaced. Last thing he needed was for a clumsy human to end up coming back for ten more translators for the month. So many ideas tried going into mind, but, so far none of them had a well profound idea.

Meanwhile, outside his office, Nagisa had asked to be excused for the moment, in order to check up on Weed and his friends. After all, finding out that a blue dog from Gaijou went running all the way to Tokyo to see him left him a bit curious on it, to say the least. And (for once) he was glad Ren joined him; he needed a translator while Korosensei was busy thinking anyway. Ren was also a bit intrigued by the dogs showing up, remembering them back at the same place. Among the only person that didn't need a translator to understand the dogs, Ren was a bit interested on how determined Weed was to find out about Nagisa. Nagisa and Ren went over to the empty room, and opened the door to find Mel laying by Weed's side. Weed was laying on his stomach, his leg still a bit sensitive from the fight.

"Hi there. How are you feeling?" Nagisa asked, walking in. Ren and Nagisa sat down by Weed, Mel moving a little bit. Weed wasn't sure if he should speak to Nagisa, but, tried anyway.

"My leg is still hurting, but, I'm fine," Weed replied. Ren translated it quickly to Nagisa, as she was doing throughout the conversation.

"I'm happy to hear that. Wait, where's your friend? That English setter?"

"GB? Oh, he's off hunting, he'll be back soon. excuse me, mis? But, how can you understand us?" Weed asked, referring to Ren.

"Oh? I've been around the Ohu army since I was little. I've developed it overtime," Ren explained (probably the best she could do).

"That explains that. I'm just glad your still okay after your fight. What was that about anyway?" Nagisa asked. Weed sighed.

"That was Kyoshiro Shirogane. He and I had a fight before, and he thought I ditched him. I didn't want to fight him, honest," Weed explained, Ren doing quick translation as he explained.

"I see...wait, what's your name? I never got your name."

"Oh. I'm Weed."

"Weed? Nice to meet you, Weed." While Nagisa was talking to Weed, suddenly Nagisa realized that he had class still. Although he still wanted to stay around with Weed, the boy got back up and began heading out of the room. Ren got up and followed Nagisa out as well, leaving Weed and Mel alone in the room. Weed smiled at Nagisa, and settled down in his spot.

Looked like he was going to stay around for a while longer.