The Battle of Kaibutsu
Season 1, Episode 4
Episode Info
Kanji 怪物の戦い
Air date April 10, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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The Hunt for Kaibutsu Misao: Academy's Ghost

The Battle of Kaibutsu is the 4th chapter of season 1, and the 4th in the overall series.


Kaibutsu's discovered, and the assault's about to start! Nagisa and Karma join Ren in the fight, and the plan goes underway


The night still went on, and Nagisa and Karma were still waiting by their truck for the dogs to come back. It was getting late, and Kaibutsu was still not really found anywhere on their end, everything said and done. Nagisa was leaning on the truck while Karma chilled in the back, laying in the pickup truck.

"It's sure taking them a long time," Nagisa sighed, looking up to the stars above them. Karma gave a yawn of boredom.

"Yeah, sometimes I dunno what they're thinking. Hell, they could be onto that monster right now," Karma replied, thinking over some odd crazy battle in his mind of Jerome and his dogs fighting Kaibutsu. far as he knew, that could be a good possibility. Nagisa turned to him.

"Well maybe. You think we should look for them?" Nagisa asked.

"NAH, they'll be fine," Karma replied. Nagisa wasn't sure about that though, but didn't want to say it to him. However, before their conversation could continue, Nagisa looked to the forest nearby, around where he last saw Jerome and his comrades before they ran off, and began to notice some sort of odd figure coming towards them. Since it was dark, it was kinda hard to tell who it was, but it was on 2 legs, and looked hurt a little bit. Karma noticed his stare and looked in the same direction, seeing the similar figure, and got out a pocket knife at the ready. A few seconds later, the figure became clear in the moonlight, the same girl warrior, Ren. Only difference from before and that moment was that she looked kinda worn down, and even a bit hurt by the look on her face.

"You again?" Nagisa wondered, as Ren stood a few feet away from them both. Karma wasn't in any mood to be thrown like some rag doll again - not to mention get his gun wrecked - so he just stayed where he was.

"You're still here," Ren stated, still her monotone voice.

"Yeah we are, milk duds, we're waiting for our dogs to come back," Karma said with his amused smile. While Nagisa understood the 'milk dud' thing, Ren looked kinda oblivious to it. Though that can be debated later.

"What happened to you?" Nagisa asked, looking worried over Ren's current condition.

"A monster fought us. You must go now," Ren informed.

"We ain't leaving without that monster's head. He's got a good bounty that's worth the hunt," Karma said with a smirk. Ren stayed quiet, as if not getting the word.

"He means a lot of yen," Nagisa said.

Still quiet.

"coins and paper?"

Still quiet.

"...I don't understand..." Ren finally said. Hand to forehead, Karma was getting rather annoyed with the dumb bitch, if she didn't know what coins and paper were, then she's far gone.

"Doesn't matter if you get it or not, we ain't goin bitch, and that's that."

"...I'm not a female dog..."

"Goddamnit," Karma snapped. Finally, Nagisa looked back to the forest again, and decided to wait no longer. He started to walk off a bit before Karma caught him.

"Where're you going?"

"I'm not waiting any longer. The more we wait, the more at risk they'll be in. I'm going to find them. And besides, don't you want to kill Kaibutsu or no?" Nagisa explained. He knew Karma for a long time, and added the last part strictly to get Karma on board with him - which worked. Karma got out of the truck, and went to the blue-haired kid. Ren turned to them, and was about to protest...but she sensed something different about them, Nagisa especially. Something she didn't notice before...Something about their spirit seemed...oddly familiar to her...She had to go with them.

"I'm coming too," Ren said, walking to them.

"What? What happened to 'you must leave' and all that shit?" Karma asked, annoyed as ever.

"Your spirit...It's very powerful...I can't stop you," Ren concluded, as Nagisa and Karma looked to each other. Nagisa nodded.

"Thank you, Ren-chan. Come on, Karma, let's go find Kaibutsu," Nagisa concluded, as he, Karma, and now Ren went off on their way. Nagisa didn't expect Ren to come along, but, they were gonna need all the help they could get to fight this thing...


Meanwhile, Jerome's squad were still going through the forest, with the stray dogs walking behind them. However, due to Smith's handicap, the walk was a bit slower than Jerome would like it to be. During the walk, the group had gotten some introduction to the strays following them. Aside from Weed, GB, and Smith, there's also Mel the golden retriever, Ken the Great Dane, and Kagetora the Kai Ken. Good information for Jerome and his squad to take note of. There wasn't much in talk though, as they continued, Jerome needing concentration on the scent.

"So you guys are assassins?" GB asked at one point during the walk.

"Only for Kaibutsu, yeah. That was our mission for many years since he escaped," Robert replied, walking alongside GB through the trip.

"Escaped? You mean that thing was actually contained before?!" GB asked, having high doubt over such a monster even being remotely secured by anything.

"A bit hard to believe. I'm shocked that son-of-a-bitch didn't break out after his third year of containment," Robert explained, as the golden retriever joined them in the conversation.

"What happened to him? Doesn't look like anything I've ever seen," Mel asked, curious a bit.

"Heck if I know, that thing was just brought in and tested on for days at a time. I much rather not know the details," Robert replied, sighing. While they were talking, Jerome overheard their conversation, and the open-ended question of what really happened to Kaibutsu. The idea of what happened to Kaibutsu was making him rather agitated, and distracted. Weed walked to his side, seeing him so annoyed.

"Jerome, is something wrong?" Weed asked, in concern. Jerome glanced at him, and immediately looked monotone again.

"I'm fine," Jerome replied, looking ahead. Wheeler, also being next to him, could tell that Jerome wasn't just fine, knowing the dog a lot longer than Weed had in entirety. He also knew better than to ask him when these things came around, as he continued walking. Jerome took another sniff in the air again, that time the scent becoming very powerful. Before they could realize it, the group came across something large up ahead. In the light of the moon, it seemed to look like just a huge pile of stone and branches all smashed together, but Smith knew exactly where they're at.

"Gaijou. It's been forever since I've last been here," Smith sighed, looking over the large rock pile with a smile. Before anyone could say anything though, they all heard a low growl edit from inside. This time the squad was suddenly on edge; they knew what that sound was.

"Kaibutsu's inside," Rocca said.

"We can't fight him in there," added Robert. Jerome walked forward, thinking for a minute or so until an idea came to his head. Soon after, he turned to the others.

"This is it, Kaibutsu's just inside that rock pile, yet -"

"Gaijou," Ken corrected. Jerome just rolled his eyes as he continued.

"Alright fine. Inside "Gaijou", yet we can't fight him within enclosed walls. We have to get him out of there. North, you're the fastest in the squad. Go in there and lure Kaibutsu back outside. The rest of us will attack him the second he comes out, understand?"

"Got it, Jerome," North said, about to go but Wheeler then nudge Jerome.

"What if he get's caught?" Wheeler asked. That got Jerome thinking again, and - oddly - turned to the strays that went with them, giving a look as if examining each and every single one... His eyes continued to look them over until they stopped once he looked to Weed. Small, young, an akita breed. Perfect.

"You there. Weed, is it? You go with North and help lure him out," Jerome decided. Almost immediately, there was a sense of shock among the group.

"What, you crazy?!" Kagetora gasped.

"In your eyes, probably. He looks like a fast dog to help with this."

"But he's just a kid!" yelled Ken.

"Good, makes it easier for him to avoid him."

"You can't just -"

"I'm on it," Weed suddenly said, moving over to North by the entrance to Gaijou. The others were unsure about this decision, but Smith stopped them from going any further.

"Alright, Jerome, you handle your plan. We'll be here at the ready," Smith said, sitting down. The other dogs did the same thing, allowing Jerome to do so. Standing over by the entrence, Jerome gave the signal, and North and Weed went on inside...

The passages and winding tunnels of Gaijou were making things claustrophobic and disorientating as North and Weed walked through. The Hokkaido mix kept a focused head but the Akita was feeling a bit nervous going through the tunnels of Gaijou, but kept his mind set (as hard as that was). North turned back to him and noticed the worried look on Weed's face.

"Weed, don't think on backing out," North said.

"I'm not I'm not," Weed insisted, as he continued. North also kept a level head as they kept walking along the path set for them, both dogs keeping their eyes and ears open... As soon as they walked off from that part of the path, something from the shadows crept out slightly, watching them go. With his front paws scraping the ground in discomfort, he kept out of slight in case they'd loop back around. He really didn't want anything to do with them right now, but, he didn't want them walking around in there either.

"Oh no, more threats...Now what?"

Meanwhile, on another side of Gaijou, the trio Nagisa, Karma, and Ren had just arrived. Thanks to some navigations on Ren's part, Nagisa and Karma had figured out on where Gaijou was, somewhere Kaibutsu would most likely run off to. Karma happily took out his rifle, and readied himself for the assault onto the beast.

"He's inside," Ren said, looking intently at Gaijou.

"Good, let's have some fun shall we?" Karma said, getting him rifle loaded, starting to the lair. However, Ren gripped him by the collar, immediately stopping him.

"Wait here," Ren said, rushing to the Gaijou tunnels, heading in before they could say anything. Nagisa bolted to the entrance where Ren rushed in.

"Ren, wait, we have to think about this! Ren!"

Too late, Ren was gone. And those two were stuck outside. Great. Karma didn't want to wait on the sidelines for this award. A ton of yen was on the line for this thing, and he ain't gonna just stand by.

"Screw her, I ain't being no side character for this fight," Karma groaned, as he too suddenly rushed in!

"Karma, hold on, we didn't - and he's gone," Nagisa sighed, pinching his nose bridge in annoyance. Looks like no plan was needed here.

"Well shit, trying to talk some sense, and no one listens," Nagisa thought, just before going in himself after them both. Was it a good idea? Not really, but he can't have them all just die by rushing in after this thing...

Meanwhile, still inside, the giant beast was still not found by both sides, it hiding away in a larger, self-made chamber among Gaijou. In the chamber, a gigantic creature was resting on the rock floor. It's leonine mane, German Shepard fur pattern, and skinless left side and metal, made a guarantee that this was Kaibutsu. He just laid there, hearing both claw scratches and footsteps going about. He knew what both of those meant for him if he were to be found...

"Dogs, and Humans now?...What did they do to them to do this?" Kaibutsu wondered, looking to his front paws. He raised his left leg to see his skinless muscle.

"Am I that horrifying?...That I have to be killed for wanting freedom?...No, I didn't mutate myself to be this way," Kaibutsu said to himself, setting his leg down. Even after so many years, he still found it hard to believe that this thing was what he really was: a monster. Just the very thought of what humans done made him angry, gritting his teeth.

"...Jerome's out there...He's waiting for me...Jerome...What did they do to you?"

Kaibutsu felt an odd, yet painful sting in what heart was left. He knew why Jerome was out there, waiting for him...Kaibutsu got back up, starting to sense a presence...Jerome...a ghostly, distorted Jerome...

"P4. It'll all be over soon," it said, the voice in a whisper. Kaibutsu's eyes flashed red as he spun around.

"Stop it."

"Accept it, P4. It was mean't to be."

"Stop it!"

"They're waiting, P4. Give them what they want. It'll make it easier."

"Shut the hell up! I have a life, and I won't be denied it!"

The ghost faded away after he was done, Kaibutsu collapsing back onto the floor with a thud. Soon as he did so, he could hear those footsteps again. Turned out (somehow) Ren had found him, and waited by a corner out of sight while he was yelling to thin air.

"You," Ren said blankly, readying herself for the fight. Kaibutsu heard the comment, and turned his head, catching her coming out to face him. The very sight of her made his blood boil; nowhere for him to run. There's only one way out...

"Kaibutsu. Face me now!" Ren yelled, charging at him. Kaibutsu also charged in, a roar echoing to outside, being heard from all around Gaijou. The very roar was especially heard by the ears of the squad by the entrance, Jerome too. At first, Jerome was expecting North and Weed both to come out right away, Kaibutsu behind them. However, those thoughts were immediately dashed when they all heard a loud womanly scream admitting from inside.

"Who's that?" Robert wondered.

"They didn't find him first," Jerome concluded, not recognizing the scream...but Smith did, as he suddenly started running! Ken and Kagetora were about to go, but Smith stopped them by saying "Stay put! That's an order!" Course, with much worry, the two stayed as told. Smith rushed towards Gaijou, the squad in the way.

"Let me through," Smith demanded.

"Do not intervene with the plan," Rocca said.

"Your plan had already fallen apart, one of my own is in there."

"You could get killed," Wheeler said.

"Heh. It's my life," Smith concluded. That right there struck on them in surprise - Jerome anyway -. That told him that Smith didn't care for what happened to him, even if death awaited him inside. All Jerome did was step aside, as Smith rushed in.

"Why'd you do that, he'll ruin the plan," Robert asked. Jerome looked on in the entrance.

"You can't stop a true fighter..."


Back inside, Kaibutsu and Ren were going at it still, the giant beast verses the fem fatale. So far, Kaibutsu was having the troubled luck with the battle, so enclosed compared to himself. To Ren, though, she'd done just fine in the space for her, as she kept using her weapon to fight at Kaibutsu. The experiment beast didn't want to deal with this, but didn't have the choice here. Ren continued the fight strong, though damage was evident on her from the tussle with the beast. As that fight went on, Weed and North, hearing the fight, rushed off and found them both.

"What the hell is this?" North wondered.

"How'd she get in here?" Weed asked.

"Don't know, but we still have a plan to work out. Give her a minute to tire him, then we can begin, understood?" North instructed. Weed agreed, but wasn't sure on that kind of logic North was following. Soon after that was decided. Though, Ren's other friends, Karma and Nagisa, caught up with them, seeing North and Weed.

"Ren! There she is!" Nagisa gasped. Karma got his rifle all at the ready, loaded and aiming at the struggling beast. Kaibutsu looked on ahead, and saw the rifle aimed right at him, and he stopped. Nagisa turned to the strays by then, and saw Weed...

...Something seemed to click...

Weed and Nagisa stared at each other for a little bit, taking note of how much in similarities they both had; blue eyes and blue hair especially. But as they were, North bit on Weed's ear to get him back in the game.

"Your head will look lovely over the fire," Karma mocked, his rifle about to shoot! Unfortunately, Kaibutsu saw a right-of-way, and took it, as he avoided the bullet shot at the wall. With surprising speed, the beast rushed at Karma, throwing him aside, and snatching Nagisa in his teeth! Nagisa screeched and struggled in the monster's grip as it bee-lined for the exit.

"Oh shit, Nagisa!" Karma yelled, rushing after it alongside Ren. North and Weed both looked to each other and rushed after Kaibutsu too. Seemed the plan didn't go so wrong after all. Kaibutsu, however, was in absolutely no mood for the hunters: he just wanted some alone time damnit! Things just got worse as he cut the corner, suddenly having yet another attacker suddenly lunge at his face: Smith!

"Smith," Ren said, slightly surprised. Karma and Nagisa didn't have a clue how Ren knew the 3-legged dog's name, but that didn't matter at the moment, as the shock and pain from Smith's bite made him let Nagisa go -the pain of the bite not withstanding. Smith gripped on for his life, sinking his razor teeth into Kaibutsu's skull.

"Get off!" Kaibutsu yelled, flailing around like a bucking bull trying to get the rider off it's back. Smith held on tight as Kaibutsu tried to run, Karma finding the chance. He aimed it right at the beast, but Ren tried to stop him.

"You'll hit Smith!" She yelled -first time she'd done so-. Karma, more caring for the hunt rather than her feelings, shot the beast in the shoulder as it ran. The gunshot could be heard from outside, making some of the dogs flinch in surprise. So an actual Hunter was in there now?! Jerome's squad got ready for the beast to run out at them...

...Kaibutsu found another exit.

In a loud crash, Kaibutsu smashed through Gaijou's walls, just 10 feet from the original entrance! Kaibutsu rushed out with Smith still locked on his head, as the others saw their chance and charge at him. Kaibutsu tried to move, but, Ken and Kagetora got a hold of the monster's feet, as Weed, North, Wheeler, Robert, Rocca, Mel and Jerome joined Smith in the assault, weighing Kaibutsu down. Nagisa, Karma and Ren rushed out. Karma wanting another shot at him again, but Ren gripped the gun firmly.

"Let go you idiot!" Karma snapped, trying to get her to let go. Kaibutsu could see the struggling humans nearby, despite an entire pack on his back, and Nagisa locked eyes with it. The blue-haired boy backed away from the glare, as Kaibutsu got the strength to rear back, getting every single dog off of him!

While Kagetora, Wheeler, Jerome, Weed and Rocca landed on their 4 paws, the others took quite a tumble upon landing. Kaibutsu turned around to Nagisa, his eyes glowing a red tint, teeth glaring in the moonlight. Nagisa didn't know what to do, looking around for something to use as protection against it. However, Kaibutsu already got to him, gripping him tight, and holding him high up for everyone to see.

"You coward, drop him now and take your fate!" Wheeler demanded. Those words almost seemed to hurt Kaibutsu a bit, but he refused to drop Nagisa, as he struggled in the beast's mouth.

"He's using him as hostage," GB pointed out in worry.

"More like a shield," Ren said.

"Makes sense I - wait what?"

Wheeler and GB looked at Ren with shocked expressions.

"Y-you can understand us?!" GB asked.

"Of course. I always had."

GB and Wheeler just stared at her with a blank, almost unsure expression. But it wasn't the time to exactly figure out someone's ability when their target was right in front of them! Karma was slightly confused too; all he was hearing was barking from the canines the whole time, unable to understand them. Regardless, his murderous stare was targeted on Kaibutsu, as his rifle got ready. However, it was hard to aim correctly with Nagisa in the way. Nagisa was freaked out as can ever be, slamming his heels and fists into the jaws of the beast, unable to get loose. In the end, Nagisa found it fruitless, locked in death's jaws. Jerome got the basic plan on the matter to save Nagisa: chucking a huge rock at Kaibutsu's head. Kaibutsu got Nagisa to let go, but the beast stomped on his back to keep him still as he wiped off the pebbles from his eyes. Karma got the gun ready and blasted right at Kaibutsu, getting the back of his head! The shot got the beast off balance, but not knocked over. Kaibutsu looked among the crowd around until he saw Jerome, giving him the similar death stare...but why?...

"Jerome. What happened to you? Why are you helping these monsters?" Kaibutsu asked.

"Look who's talking."

"I never asked to be this way! Those *grr* humans, they made me this way, and you know it, you ALL know it! Now tell me why?!"

The dogs and humans listened in -Nagisa and Karma not having a clue- as Jerome walked forward.

"...Our ancestors owed their lives for humans. They created who we are today, they protected, loved, and took care of our kind as if we're their own. The humans deserve respect. Those same humans YOU killed and eaten had made us who we are. As our duty as dogs, no matter what the masters decide to do in their lives, we must go through the pain..."

"...What? That's all you have to say about these humans? Jerome, they tortured and experimented on me for years, they hunted me down after I became free, they trained you to assassinate me, even after you supported me through all of those experiments! How can you just stand there and say that it's justified for humans to do those things to me?! us, Jerome... We both know they warped you too."

"That no longer matters, P4. Our bond had been severed ever since you decided to escape. I'm the guard, your the escapee, That's all relationship you and I had. And now, I'm the Hunter. And until you're dead, your my target. No exceptions will be made for the likes of you."

The conversation was truly showing what relation Jerome and Kaibutsu had for each other, prior to his escape, and a taste as to what happened to Kaibutsu. Too bad Nagisa and Karma were still in the dark on all of it. Suddenly, Nagisa got himself free, and rushed back to the others before the giant dog could do anything. Karma got the rifle loaded again, but, Ren had enough and kicked the rifle out of sight!

"What the hell?!"

"Coward," Ren simply said. Karma had the nerve to beat her up, but Kaibutsu -no longer restricted-, charged and rammed Karma clear over 15 feet. Ren and Nagisa rushed to the left to avoid the creature charging.

"Ren!" Smith yelled, rushing at the beast again. However, Kaibutsu just slammed his paw in Smith's face, knocking him aside.

"Back off!"

"You nearly wiped out our platoon, I'm not gonna let you off that easily."

"Bullshit, you attacked me first, mutt! You leave me alone, I got humans to kill," Kaibutsu growled, readying for the charge at the humans. However, Weed got in the way of the beast, teeth showing.

"Leave them alone, Kaibutsu! They're different from other humans!" Weed demanded.

"Get lost! All humans are horrible creatures and, like the fleas on your back, they all must be eradicated!"

Kaibutsu charged right towards Karma, whom already got back up, a look of shock in his eyes as the giant beast rushed for him. The squad tried to stop him, but the giant beast was unfazed by the onslaught of teeth and claws...but just before Kaibutsu could finish him off...


In a sudden, almost random crash, a huge cloud of dust exploded right on top of Karma, the blast throwing any attacker off, and bystanders eyes tightly shut to the oncoming dust. When the dust cleared, and the view easier, the sight left everyone simply speechless: Kaibutsu was suddenly on the ground, legs and jaws tied together with odd yellow rope, like a steer caught by a cowboy. Speaking of cowboy, the other figure was that all too familiar yellow octopus alien teacher from Class 3-E, Korosensei, only dressed as a cowboy instead of a teacher, cowhide coat and cowboy hat and everything.

"Howdy," Korosensei said. Practically every living creature there was simply jaw drop speechless, except for Ren, Nagisa and Jerome.

"Korosensei?" Nagisa said in surprise. Ren just gave the alien a puzzled look, as Jerome groaned, paw to forehead.

"Oh great," Jerome sighed in annoyance.

"You met that thing before?" Ken asked, still blank-faced.

"I'll explain later."

"What're you doing here?"

"Oh I was just heading to Hokkaido for a weekend trip when I saw that something was trying to murder my student. Pity, I was hoping you weren't here to begin with, and those rope arms of mine hurt to use," Korosensei summarized, showing worry for Nagisa, despite the permanent smile. Kaibutsu, slightly freaked out that aliens were after him too, struggled in his restraints to get free, as Korosensei went over to Nagisa.

"What the hell are you?" Karma asked.

"Korosensei, I'm a friend," he answered, acting friendly to Karma. Jerome ignored the alien, and turned to Kaibutsu, lunging for him when Korosensei grabbed his leg easily.

"Hold it, pooch," Korosensei said. Jerome didn't want anything to do with this thing.

"Get him!" Jerome ordered. The squad tried at him, only for Korosensei grabbing them all with his yellow tentacles, keeping them still. Ren tried her luck next, also wanting Kaibutsu dead for nearly murdering her friends. Korosensei tried with her, grabbing her arm, but Ren just pulled off the tentacle with one strong yank, as she rushed at Kaibutsu, who was still struggling in his binds. The alien counter planed, and wrapped her full body (aside her head) in his tentacle wrap.

"Goddamnit, I'm not all arms, knock it off!" Korosensei yelled.

"You're not?" Karma wondered, not getting an answer. The strays nearby were a bit unsure on what to do; this thing fell from the shy, restrained the monster, and wasn't allowing anything close to it. They could try to go at him, but they could end up the same way as Jerome's squad did. Before any of them could end up trying, Kaibutsu looked to the alien in confusion.

"What?...why are you helping me?" he muttered out through restrained jaws.

"Come on, I heard what you went on about, you don't need to get killed over some freedom, eh?" Korosensei replied, surprising the beast that he knew what he's saying.

"Go, be free. But promise you won't keep hunting these humans, okay?"

"W-what?! You're letting him go?" Ken yelled.

"That thing's a killer!" Added Robert. Before Korosensei continued, he noticed Karma and Nagisa's confused faces, still not following what the canines were saying. So he slipped two small paired of faced tentacles to them without the others seeing or noticing.

"Translators. Put them in your ear, and you'll know what they're saying," Korosensei explained. Nagisa did so, putting it in like a earphone. Karma was slightly skeptical but did the same. Then he answered their questions.

"Yeah, I'm letting him off the hook, it's no big deal."

"Bullshit, he nearly killed everyone!" Yelled Kagetora, Nagisa and Karma FINALLY able to understand what they're talking about. As a stab at them, Korosensei unwrapped the rope around Kaibutsu's jaws, letting him breathe normally. Now jaws free, he quickly got the 2nd rope off himself, freeing himself from restraints. Everyone around got ready to attack, but he didn't move at first. Kaibutsu looked to the alien, which was about a foot shorter than him. He still found it hard to believe that he's being released for anything...yet this thing was doing so?

"You are letting me go?...but why did you restrain me?"

"Hey, gotta make an entrance somehow. Plus wanted an excuse for the cowboy getup," Korosensei said with a shrug. Kaibutsu looked at him a bit skeptically, but just sighed.

"Thank you."

With that, to Jerome and Karma's dismay, Kaibutsu turned and disappeared into the twilight dawn.

"Hey, get back here!" Karma yelled, yanking the translator out of his head, stealing Ren's spear, and starting to run after it. That was short-lived when Korosensei pulled him back, getting him within his coat like he was being wrapped in a pouch. Nagisa was watching everything, trying his best to make sense of practically everything, Korosensei releasing the beast especially. Nagisa and Weed suddenly had caught each other's gaze again for a few seconds before Korosensei brought Nagisa to him too.

"Come on Nagisa, there you go."

The alien then did a solute to the crowd.

"Sayonara!" Korosensei said, ready to take off. Suddenly Weed felt a odd urge, and charged to Korosensei, trying to stop him from flying away, but the alien was already off just before he was caught...just like that, they were gone. Korosensei, Karma, and Nagisa were all gone...well, all except for a small piece of Nagisa's hair, cut off. Weed sniffed it, the scent remaining in his nostrils for a good while as he, the other dogs and Ren looked up where Korosensei launched off...

"...Nagisa...His name is Nagisa... Something's different with him..." Weed thought.


In the sky, Korosensei was happily zooming through the air at his signature speed, Nagisa and Karma both trying to keep it together through the speed. As they were though, their flight didn't go completely unnoticed. In fact, something was keeping a close eye on Korosensei from the shadows of the trees, eyes glowing a deep hue of killer red, it's entire body encased in darkness.

"...Don't fail me...Koro..."

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