The Blade of Isuzu
Season 3, Episode 10
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Kanji いすゞのブレード
Air date September 19, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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The Blade of Isuzu is the 10th chapter of season 3, and the 34rd in the overall series.


Killers everywhere!


It was just an hour before sunrise, and in the forests near 3-E, Weed and Jerome were doing some cooperative hunting together. It was basically something they had plenty to do, and plenty of time for. Since it was early in the day, no people were around, so they had the area open for themselves. For Weed, it had honestly been quite a stay of surprises; the government and assassins and all that. It was rough enough on Weed to find the moon blasted to bits, but then there's Karasuma, Gaara, assassin training, and the fact Nagisa got himself away from the building? For the love of God, that was quite a lot to handle in just a few months. The strangest thing though was the lack of any true demon activity. Gaara may be a close second, but anything considered a demon hadn't exactly showed up to mess with anyone. Not that he wanted that to happen, by all means, but it was a bit peculiar. As the sun peeked over the mountains, Weed and Jerome had managed to catch a good ten birds for breakfast, five birds each.

"Nice job, Weed," Jerome said.

"Thanks," Weed replied. However, Weed was too deep in his own thoughts to really eat at first. Jerome went through one bird before he noticed Weed just sitting there. Jerome swallowed his food, and looked over to him.

"Something on your mind?" Jerome asked. Weed looked to Jerome, but didn't say anything at first. Jerome knew a troubled pup when he saw one.

"Come on Weed, talk to me," Jerome said. Weed sighed.

"Jerome, It's Korosensei. Do you really think he destroyed the moon?" Weed asked.

"Excuse me?"

Weed prepared himself, and chose his words carefully.

"It's too random; Korosensei had announced that he was on our side, and suddenly he goes and does this? That's not like him to just jump to that ..." Korosensei wasn't a alien of random acts, and Weed could be sure that him just jumping to such things seems almost impossible for him. Unless Giratina controlled his mind, there was no way no how. Jerome was more sure on whatever the public agreed on, and they kept saying that Korosensei did destroy that moon.

"And how are you so sure?"

"Jerome, I've been with Korosensei for months -"

"And how much do you really know about him? Why would he not do it?" Jerome cut in. Weed looked down to his paws on that question. Turned out, Weed didn't know enough about Korosensei to really make any sort of conclusions in regarding the moon. He thought for sure Korosensei had done it when he saw it, but Korosensei's behavior made the idea very muffled. Just one day, he suddenly acted all peachy keen about the assassinations, when he wished they'd listen to him just days before.

"Why would he do it, Jerome?" Before their conversation could continue, they suddenly heard the sound of beeping coming from the building, like a computer program starting up.

"Charged up, Ritsu?" A voice asked. Curious, Weed decided to go and investigate. Getting his front paws on the window, he looked in and saw Korosensei and Ritsu talking to eachother. Weed could've sworn that they were alone a minute ago.

"Morning, Korosensei."

"Say, Ritsu? How many more days until that eclipse comes around again?" Korosensei asked. Ritsu's screen showed a loading screen for a few seconds until the calendar popped up on screen.

"Only a few more days," Ritsu said happily. Korosensei chuckled, and cleaned up his desk for the day ahead.

"Nice. Just a little bit longer, and this assassination will end, and I'll be free as a bird. Giratina's spell can't last forever," he sighed happily. Jerome went up with Weed at this point, and listened in as well.

"But Korosensei? What about their training?"

"They've got a ton already, Ritsu. And with Nagisa finally learning Mizu, and Karma with Kasai, I say we're good. Besides, with how many demons popping up, I'm sure they'll get plenty of extra practice until Giratina decides to give up."

"Speaking of which; he had been awfully quiet lately. I haven't sensed him for weeks."

"Don't worry your head over it. I'm sure the Chosen have plenty of strength to handle them in no time. I mean we got Karma, Nagisa, and Ren already. That alone got a ton done as it is, so we got nothing to worry about. Faith, my dear, is a virtue," Korosensei explained. Jerome and Weed glanced over to eachother for a brief moment, considering what Korosensei and Ritsu were talking about. An eclipse?

"What's an eclipse?" Weed questioned. Jerome, being with humans longer, knew this term to some degree.

"Something to do with the moon going over the sun. It's a rare event, and I guess we'll be seeing one soon," Jerome answered. They didn't know how a proper eclipse would be visible overall thanks to the moon missing to begin with. Either way, they did seem excited over this eclipse, whatever that is. The two dogs walked off with what information they just got. This flat out proved that Korosensei was innocent. Jerome and Weed stood there for a minute or two in silence.

"... I suddenly feel like a complete dumbass," Weed said. Why didn't he figure that out sooner?

"So, Weed. What're you gonna do now?"

"You need to ask Jerome? I'm gonna tell them the truth," Weed decided. It'll be a while until they arrive to school yet, so Weed had time to get himself moving, and try to find them. Jerome was about to go off with him, but suddenly his attention turned away from him, and towards the nearby forest. At first glance, one wouldn't see anything out of the ordinary, with the trees starting in fall colors. Amongst the shadows, the morning light of dawn began to show the shadows of another dog within the bushes, as that same dog moved off from sight.

Time for some investigation.


As the sun got higher, the activity in Tokyo grew more active, and soon many students were starting their way towards school. Honestly not too different from any given day. Amongst the people, over at the building in question, Twilight had just arrived at the school, but she didn't wait for Nagisa this time. As far as she was concern, he was still sadly at the hospital being treated of his injuries. It won't be too long until Nagisa could come back though, so Twilight was just going to have to deal with it for now. She can't rush any healing process Nagisa was going through.

"So let's see now. Nagisa has an assassin going after him, and he's now in the hospital because of Gaara. Wish there was some way I could help," thought Twilight. She still was more or less confused on who was supposed to be for what Multitype, but Twilight didn't want to keep being a nuisance and stand aside on the sidelines to watch Nagisa keep taking hits like this. She kept going to class, but all of a sudden, her distracted mind got her walking into someone.

"Eyes to the front," a voice said.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Twilight said, stepping back. For the person, it was another student. She looked taller than her by a few inches, and had quite a beautiful look to her. She had an impressive bust, devilish eyes, and pink curly hair, almost like Pinkie Pie, but less like cotton candy. Her school uniform just seemed to emphasize her curves more than actually concealing them like they're supposed to. Twilight stood there for a moment to try to figure out who she was, for she did not look familiar to her at all. Her mind caught up to speed when the girl knocked on her head.

"Hey, anyone in there?" She said rudely. Twilight got to her senses, and went away. She can figure it out later, but class was still priority. As for the new girl, she walked off on her way as well. She was fairly new to Yunibasaru, and that basically means getting the lay of the land was something worth getting down pact for her. Twilight was still in ear shot when ...


Out of nowhere, the new girl was caught in Pinkie Pie's sights, and tackled in one of her signature hugs. Twilight turned around to see her standing with Pinkie cuddling her. She must be this Emi person then. Emi groaned, and got Pinkie Pie off of her, Pinkie landing on her butt.

"God damnit. Hello, Diana," Emi said annoyed.

"Call me Pinkie!" Pinkie said with a huge grin. Emi rolled her eyes on that remark. Twilight, curious, kept to the sidelines, and listening in on them both for a little bit, watching from the corner in the hallway.

"I didn't know you'd be visiting me in my school!" Pinkie said.

"Yeah; I just got transferred. You just go on with your day, okay?" Emi advised.

"Aww, you sure?" Pinkie asked.

"Yes I'm more than sure. Now if you excuse me, I'll be at 3-E," Emi replied, walking past Pinkie Pie. Pinkie though wasn't done just yet, and bounded over to her again, Emi stopping again.

"Oh you're gonna have a blast there! Not just a fun time, more like KABOOM blast!"

Now Twilight was getting nervous, and prayed to God Pinkie wouldn't blabber on any further about -

"Excuse me?"

"They're playing with guns, and knives over there, going all COD! They got this funny teacher who blew up the moon and there's this thingy about Devils and angels going on there, and this funny man's teaching them. Oh, and I'm letting Twilight watch us without her knowing. HI Twilight!"

Well, shit.

Emi was, oddly, less shocked and more bemused than anything. As for Twilight, her mouth was left wide open in disbelief. Pinkie, in front of this random stranger, and in some crowd, just blabbered on what was going on! Not to mention she blabbered on her nickname. Twilight was silently screaming, and went out of sight before Emi could see her.

"... Eh, yeah, whatever. Guess you know where it is?"

"Pass the mountains behind the school, take the trail right to it. Watch out for Gaara - he's a big meanie!"

"Uh ... Okay, thanks. Well, see ya later," Emi said, going off on her way. Pinkie waved goodbye, and went off to her class, leaving Twilight to bang her head on her locker. Well now what is she supposed to do?! Pinkie quickly saw Twilight.

"Was it something I said?"


"SHE WHAT?!" Korosensei gasped.

It obviously didn't take too long before 3-E found out about the news. Thanks to Pinkie's big mouth, this random stranger (and possibly others), about what was going on in her own way. They were still under impression to keep this under wraps, but Pinkie wasn't making it easy. Since Twilight couldn't get the job done, she had Sakamoto tell Korosensei the news. Who else but him, let's be honest. Karasuma, Korosensei, and Sakamoto were in Korosensei's office at this point, and finding out that Pinkie Pie was running her mouth was a bit rough to hear.

"How much did she say?" Karasuma asked urgently. Sakamoto adjusted his glasses before answering.

"Not too much. She did basically sum it up for Emi," Sakamoto said.

"Damn it! She must be another assassin after my class, I just know it!" Korosensei said, face turning blue as he chewed on his tentacle fingers. Karasuma turned to look at him.

"Wouldn't she be after you?"

"I'd be totally fine with that - it's a walk in the park, but I don't want another Gaara after them!" Korosensei snapped. He was having fun with being the target in this game, and it showed for a while that the training was paying off. But when the assassins arriving aren't targeting him, but his students, then clearing his own name wouldn't get them out of harm's way. Gaara was deadly enough, and now they had Emi to deal with. Sakamoto took a moment to calmly consider, and then got an idea that might benefit. Sakamoto got up, and looked right to Korosensei.

"Why don't you take a few days off?"

Korosensei and Karasuma looked to him after he suggested that.

"You do realize he's the prime target, right?"

"If this assassin is after the class, then I'll take Korosensei's place. After all, Emi still doesn't know who the teacher is."

Karasuma found this as a complete joke. Korosensei was the target, replacing him won't change that. So why would Sakamoto want to fill in for him, and what difference would it make anyway? The only reason for Sakamoto to do this was to give Emi an impeccably harder target. As for Korosensei, he suddenly disappeared and reappeared in a Hawaiian T-shirt, a sun hat, and a few suitcases in each hand, and a stack of papers for Sakamoto.

"Here's everything you need, Sakamoto, I'll see you all in a few days. Catch ya later," Korosensei said.

"Wait, hold on you -"

Before Karasuma could stop him, Korosensei suddenly disappeared from sight, leaving just Karasuma and Sakamoto. Karasuma didn't need this, and Sakamoto calmly looked over the papers. The papers were a list of information, and lessons that he was supposed to teach to the other students. Sakamoto adjusted his glasses.

He was ready for the challenge.


Meanwhile, Jerome continued to go around the nearby forest, and investigate the area. Since seeing that Doberman dog, Jerome had been looking around the area for a while. His nose kept telling him that there was another canine somewhere around here.

"The scent's getting stronger," he thought, going off ahead a bit. At one point, he looked through some bushes , and suddenly found someone else.


Since the encounter with Arceus, it got Gaara thinking a little bit. It had been a bit of a odd ride so far, and just after seeing Nagisa with his water blade, he finds this entity visiting him? Honestly, it was too coincidental. Maybe Arceus was telling him a deeper truth? To him, probably not. As he told Arceus, who would accept someone like him anyway? Since last night, he hadn't started anything yet in his approach. The last two times he was attacked, and nearly killed by Jerome, so if he is to come in again, he had to at least wait until Jerome was gone first. Sure, Ren, Karma, and Karasuma were more pain, but Jerome was the closest to killing him out of them. Maybe he was apart of this "Chosen" group Arceus was telling him about? Not likely, but, it would explain a thing or two.

Gaara kept himself in the forest, just enough so he could see 3-E, but not enough for anyone to just glance into the forest and see him, sharp-eye or not. At the moment, he was resting down on the ground rather than in the tree, finding it a bit more comfortable than sitting on bark. His leg had healed up, and the bandages had been removed at this point, but he still didn't rush in just yet. Besides, it gave him more time to think over exactly what was what. In particular, what Arceus had told him.

"... So my boss is after this "Chosen". Well, whatever they are, I don't know how I'm involved in that kind of crowd," Gaara thought. It didn't take much mind power to put two and two together for him. Arceus and Greninja both had mentioned Nagisa and the scar he had gained, and with Arceus adding in "The Chosen", then it honestly was clear what his current payer had in mind for him. Gaara was tasked in fighting a group that could possibly be friends with a godly entity. Or in short - he's fighting angels. It was hard to truly say though, and Gaara himself still wasn't sure why Arceus would even consider him apart of it ...

"Hey, prey."

Gaara looked around him for the source of this odd voice, but, he honestly didn't hear anything else apart from that. Gaara looked around the forest more and more, and soon he suddenly saw something come out into the clearing. It was no humanoid frog, nor a deer-like god, but this time a Doberman hound, staring right to his eyes. Gaara gave a rough groan.

"Another one?"

"Get used to it, demon child," the dog suddenly replied. Gaara flinched on hearing that, surprised as ever. He still didn't have any of Korosensei's special translation pills, like Karma or Nagisa for example, but he still understood what the Doberman had said. This was obviously no normal dog.

"Look who's talking, hellhound," Gaara replied coldly. The Doberman chuckled devilishly, licking his sharp teeth.

"Sharp, aren't you. You've been rather unsuccessful in your little game as of late with Nagisa and his friends. And, fortunately for me, my master has lost his patience with you and the little gang," he explained, though Gaara wasn't too fazed by him. As for Jerome nearby, he was starting to see where Gaara's side of the coin really was in this scenario ...

"And I suppose you've come to kill me," Gaara assumed. Living as an assassin for a while meant that some things one must come to expect, which included becoming a target himself. Even if the assassin after him was a different species. The Doberman smiled, showing his sharp and menacing teeth. Gaara glared at the demon hound, as he moved closer.

"You really are sharp. Too bad - we could've used you a bit more. Oh well, what can you do? See you in hell, bastard."

Suddenly, the Doberman leaped up in the air, and launched himself right towards Gaara. Gaara dodged the lunge easily, but the Doberman sank his teeth into the tree he was resting by. The dog, rather than let go of the tree, quickly tore off a huge chunk of bark like it was nothing! He tossed it aside, and looked over to Gaara, snarling, and licking his teeth again.

"Damn, he has strong jaws. I wouldn't last long if that demon got a hold of me," Gaara thought. The Doberman turned towards Gaara again, preparing for another jump at him. The assassin wasn't prepared for another battle, and the Doberman gave another huge lunge right towards him! But something else got the Doberman instead, hitting him at the side.


Neither side expected Jerome to suddenly show up, and the Shepard turned the tables on the Doberman almost immediately, sending the Doberman landing in the dirt nearby, his jaws clamped on the Doberman's neck. The quick bite almost immediately drew blood, the Doberman cringing from the pain. Gaara needed a second to take in what just happened, as the Doberman got up to his paws, yanking Jerome off of him. This was a strange role reversal - the same dog that tried killing him suddenly protecting him. Jerome knew what he was doing. He had heard everything.

"You again," Gaara noted.

"Well, we got another player in this game, huh?"

"Leave him alone," Jerome demanded. The Doberman, not caring if Gaara understood Jerome or not, just laughed.

"Oh, how ironic; the same dog who nearly mutilated and crippled the bitch, and now you're here trying to protect him."

"That was before I knew he was just being used, you scum. I'm not as blind as you think I am."

"Oh, you're adorable, you know that? Tell you what I'm gonna do; I'll give you two time to get to know eachother, and I'll see you later when the heat rises up. Have fun."

The Doberman then turned around, and raced off out of sight. The fight was brief and blunt, but at least the two were alive for now. After a bit, Jerome turned back to Gaara, who honestly was beside himself. He may not had known what Jerome had said, but from the Doberman, Gaara had gotten enough of an indication on him. Jerome turned over back to Gaara, the kid in question keeping his guard up. Instead of attacking him though, Jerome began to move off back to the 3-E building. After a few steps, the dog turned back to Gaara, and motioned him to follow. Gaara did not move though.

"What're you up to?" Gaara asked. Gaara wasn't going to trust his would-be killer that easily because of one save. Jerome hoped for some cooperation, but Gaara wasn't giving him anything. He didn't push the problem any further, and just walked away. If Gaara wanted to keep away for now, then so be it.


Back at 3-E, the first class was now in session. The students had showed up (apart from Nagisa, of course), and they were basically chilling out for the time being. Korosensei hadn't come around yet, and Weed wasn't there either. They were informed about a new teacher, so, Karma took the sweet time to set up a little "welcoming present" - just a chalkboard brush on top of the door - and waited for whoever it was to show up.

"So we got a new teacher? Guess Korosensei couldn't handle it as well as we thought. Oh well, let's see who we got," Karma thought with a smirk. As per expected, they began to hear the door open up. Some of the kids, Karma included, readied for the reaction. The brush began to fall, but suddenly it was quickly caught. The one catching it, the dust adding some shine to him, caught the brush midfall with ease.

Sakamoto had entered the building.

"Good morning, everyone," Sakamoto said, wiping off some chalk dust from his clothes before heading over to the. Karma was surprised, but interested, as Sakamoto placed the brush down on the front desk. Off to a good start. Of course, Ren immediately had a question.

"Where's Korosensei?" Ren asked.

"He'll be away for a few days. I'm here to take his place," Sakamoto answered, adjusting his glasses in his own way. While many of the others were affected by Sakamoto's behavior, Ren didn't seem too fazed like anyone else would be. Sakamoto got the brush, and sweeped off some of the dust from the desk (starry with each sweep), before Sakamoto began his lesson.

"You're a bit young to be a Teacher," Ren stated.

"You're a bit old to be a student," Sakamoto stated back. Ren didn't respond after that. Sakamoto looked over the papers Korosensei had left him. The first lesson was extremely detailed, but Sakamoto did eventually figure it out; math. Simple enough, and simple to understand. Sakamoto got the chalk, and wrote up what they had going for them.

"Korosensei had left me what he wants you all to do, so we shall begin with mathematics for this morning," Sakamoto started. None of them would've guessed Sakamoto would be their teacher for the next couple of days. Karma took some time to consider who he now was dealing with, and wondered if Sakamoto was actually aware of what was really going on. If he did, then fair enough. But if not, then he'll figure it out soon enough.


"Where the hell is this place?" Emi wondered, annoyed as ever, as she kept walking along the path as she was told by Pinkie. Honestly though, she didn't consider how far away it actually was, and the longer she went, the more she felt like it was a lost cause. She knew who she was looking for, she knew where they were located at this point, but she needed to be on her A-Game before she gets there. Finally, after what felt like forever, Emi looked ahead, and saw the 3-E building sitting there in front of her, about thirty feet ahead. Emi smiled, and got herself ready.

"Finally. Let's do this," Emi said to herself. However, as she was heading over, she quickly stopped herself once she saw Karasuma suddenly come outside. He wasn't apart of her targeting list, so maybe running at him knives a blazing wouldn't be a good idea. Besides, he looked pretty tough by appearance alone. Emi was just far enough away that Karasuma may not had noticed her straight away, so, that was good for her. Karasuma brought his hand up, fingers in his mouth, and gave a good whistle. Emi observed what was going on, and after a little bit, Jerome suddenly appeared, and joined up with Karasuma over by the building. Seemed to Emi that they got a guard dog too. Emi needed to get her act together in order for this to work.

"There you are, Jerome. Is Gaara still around nearby?" Karasuma asked. Jerome responded with a nod, but it was for no rather than yes. Karasuma considered the idea, but soon, the two then began to hear someone starting to come over. Jerome and Karasuma turned and sure enough, there was Emi walking over, looking innocent this time around.

"Hello! Is this for 3-E?" Emi called.


Things honestly had been going up and down throughout the day. Sakamoto kept his job as substitute teacher, despite the fact he was a grade A student for the very same school. It was still a bit of an adjustment, but Sakamoto was taking it in with flying colors, as he done with practically everything. Make that what you will. Also, there's the introduction of Emi Isuzu in the 3-E class. Of course, some suspicion rose from her just randomly showing up out of nowhere, and this sexy hot shot's excuse wasn't any better than her being there to begin with. Emi gave them the reason that it was simply grades going to pot, or something of the sort, but some of the smarter students had their doubts. However, perhaps this pink bimbo may not be too far off. For Emi herself, the task in assassination was, for a lack of a better word, bad. She had been trying to make some progress all day long, and she was getting nowhere with it. Each and every single attempt she had tried, from a quick stab, to a sly slit of the throat, there was always something that went against her pulling it through. She kept herself back from either the crowd with too much witnesses, or just bad timing altogether. She needed a better time, away from the others, and where she can pull it off without getting caught.

Both tasks not easy in an already questionable crowd.

As time went on, Emi Isuzu was getting more and more frustrated with her lack of success. Soon though, lunch time came around, and Emi began to get excited. Emi Isuzu got herself hiding off, as she observed the situation. Her targets were together, having lunch outside. Karma and Ren were sitting outside eating lunch by themselves, no one else seemingly around, and it can be an easy hit if she can do this right. Emi Isuzu peeked around the corner of the 3-E building, just out of sight, as she got out four throwing knives at the ready. If she can just get one good throw ...


Emi screamed in surprise, as she jumped back, falling on the ground, and in the sight of the others close by. Thank god, the knives were covered up by her hand behind her back. The new girl showing up was Pinkie Pie, and another chance for finishing her job had been dashed - again.

"Oh, h-hi. I thought you were at the main building," Emi said, getting up to her feet and quickly hiding her blades from sight.

"I am, but I like visiting my buddies here. What fun is having friends if you don't pop by?" Pinkie said with a smile, oblivious to the blades it appears. Emi was bemused by Pinkie's sudden arrival, but at least she didn't ruin anything.

"Oh, hey Pinks," Karma said.

"You know this person?" Ren asked. Pinkie smiled wide, and nodded.

"Everyone, meet my big sis Emi!" Pinkie introduced, although they already got her name. What they didn't get though was the sister bit, which took them by surprise. The two didn't look visually surprised, though Karma did get to his feet as Ren considered it.

"Sister, huh?"

"Can't you see the resemblance?" Pinkie asked, arm around Emi, and putting her head right next to hers. Emi was obviously not enjoying it as much as Pinkie Pie. Karma did a "camera" look with his fingers, looking at them both.

"Yeah, I can see that. Two sexy bitch sisters in the same place," Karma noted. Pinkie was fine, but Emi got herself free from Pinkie's grip. The pink hair, blue eyes, and "full" assets did indeed show between them both. Yeah, Emi's breasts were bigger (naturally), but it was still there, and still noticeable. Ren got up herself, and looked right to them.

"Pinkie. Is there any word on Nagisa?" Ren asked. Pinkie thought for a moment, tapping her foot and scratching her chin.

"Me got nothing. Haven't heard a peep out of him all day long; no hint, no letter, no text, no thing. Sorry," Pinkie replied. Emi was getting bugged, but this conversation was getting interesting. Nagisa was apart of her targets after all ...

"Nagisa?" Emi questioned.

"Oh yeah, he's - MMPH!" Before Pinkie could blabber it all, Karma got his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. She already blabbered on what was going on here, she needn't blabber anymore information about what's going on.

"He's a friend of ours," Karma just summed up. Emi tried again.

"So, where is he?" Emi asked innocently, and curiously. Karma saw through her easily, and had another lie at the ready, as he moved Pinkie over to Ren, who held her in a similar manor. Pinkie didn't know why they were keeping her quiet, but she couldn't escape Ren's grip for the life of her.

"He's not at 3-E, I'll tell you that. Kid's running around the main building somewhere, though good luck finding him; he's quite a sneaky son of a bitch," Karma explained. Each word was a crafted lie, and keeping a straight face was a easy thing for him to do. Emi wondered if he was right, and if he was, sending herself here may not had been the best idea after all. Before it could continue ...

"Oy. Lunch is over," Sakamoto suddenly said.

Well, so much for that. Pinkie Pie was released, and she bolted away to the main building. Emi Isuzu had to wait on her assassination, and had to try again later ...

Again ...


As the day went on, the sun shifting towards late afternoon, Weed had been trying to figure out where the heck Nagisa had ended up. He knew well, from the back of his paw, where Nagisa's house was, but he didn't see where Nagisa was taken, and finding one place in such a huge city was no easy walk. Weed went practically all over the place since finding out Korosensei's true involvement (or lack there of) in the moon's destruction, and Weed wanted to find Nagisa Shiota first. After all, he nearly killed himself training for a goal that was now no reason to even exist, and Weed might as well tell him before he would come back out and training himself to death again. Weed had ran around from top to bottom, and he wasn't getting anywhere.

"Damn it. Why didn't I see where he went off to? I should've followed him after all," Weed thought. Even if he spoke allowed, it didn't matter if Nagisa was the only one in the city to understand him right now. Weed kept walking around for a bit more, head down, trying to get a scent, but came up empty. He wasn't as good of a tracker as GB was, and it didn't work in his favor. The Akita kept going around the place a bit more until he heard a sliding door open up from a nearby building. Weed looked ahead, ears focusing, and he saw someone walk outside.


Weed was grateful to finally find him after a day of searching. Nagisa was feeling a lot better since he first arrived thanks to Arceus, and now with his worries gone, he looked more confident too. That was both new, and nice to see for Nagisa. In his hand was Korosensei's book, which he decided to keep. When Nagisa turned to Weed though, he did not expect to see Nagisa's face scar, and was taken aback.

"Nagisa," gasped Weed.

"Hi Weed. Nice to see you again," Nagisa said smiling. Weed though was more surprised on seeing Nagisa's scar. Nagisa took a moment to feel the cut on his face before responding again.

"Yeah, Gaara got me pretty good. Is there anything I missed back at the school?" Nagisa asked. Weed regained his composure, as the two began walking away. That comment did remind Weed though on why he wanted to find him in the first place. Weed rushed in front so Nagisa could stop.

"Oh that, Nagisa listen! It's about Korosensei; he didn't destroy the moon after all!"


"It's true; I heard him this morning talking to Ritsu about it. It was Giratina who did it, not him," Weed revealed. Nagisa just waited for a moment. But his surprise began to shift to a smile on his face.

Then he laughed.

"Nagisa, I'm serious, he -"

"no, no, I believe you," Nagisa said as he relaxed, "It's just hilarious how we didn't think that first."

It was true, overall. Why didn't they figure that out earlier? Nagisa seemed cool with it, and they both had at least an idea of how Giratina can act. Why they didn't figure that out rather than jump to Korosensei was anyone's guess, but they know now.

"So, Nagisa, you ready to head back to 3-E? Everyone's been wondering about you."

"Sorry Weed, but I can't. The hospital insisted I stay home for a few more days before going back. They should give the school the message soon," Nagisa explained. The dog didn't see why Nagisa would by looking at him, for he appeared in the peak of condition, but Weed probably figured it might be better off for him. Besides, with all he had gone through, it might be for the best.

"Alright, if you say so. i'll go tell the others now. Goodbye, Nagisa," Weed said. He'll come back to him later, but for now, Weed went right off to 3-E to tell them the news. Nagisa turned, and then went off back to his own home. It would be good for him to rest at home, and maybe even try out some of these skills from the book at last.


"Ah, Houndoom. You've come back," giratina said, sitting casually in his chair as Houndoom bowed to him. Giratina was still in the office, and yet Houndoom returned oddly early. Their meetings would normally be at night, but it was sunset when Houndoom did eventually return to him. Giratina made sure to lock the door, so they wouldn't be disturbed.

"And the state of Gaara?"

"I tried to finish him off. Turned out he had a few friends after all, so I gave him time to get his act together. Be more fun to stab at his heart once things heat up," Houndoom explained. Giratina didn't approve of Gaara being let go, but he trusted Houndoom to know what he was doing, so he didn't push that on him.

"Well, Houndoom. Have any other information?" Giratina asked. Houndoom took a moment before telling him.

"Well, that traitor blabber mouth Korosensei figured out your little act, Giratina. Once more, that bitch pup Weed's running around telling everybody about it. Sorry, chief, but the jig's up," Houndoom replied. Giratina got up, but he didn't appear upset.

"I have to admit, I figured they'd find out anyway. Besides, keeping them apart didn't work either. Unfortunate."

"Well it wouldn't matter anyway. He also went on about something called a "eclipse" in a few days, or something like -" Giratina brought his finger up to quiet Houndoom for a moment.

"Eclipse, you say?"

"Hie. That octo-bastard isn't even scared about this assassination stuff anymore! He thinks it might break your bastardized bind on that moon of theirs."

"And it will. Good too."

Now Houndoom was confused. did he hear that right?

"What do you mean, good?" questioned Houndoom. Giratina gave a devilish smile to Houndoom. Giratina was having his step ahead, and suddenly got his dark magic working, and conjured up a written plan, and showed it to Houndoom. Houndoom held it in his paws, and read it all over. His confusion slowly turned to devilish glee.

"Ready to end this season, Houndoom?" Giratina asked. Houndoom licked his muzzle in anticipation.

"Oh hell yeah."