The Moment of Truth
Season 3, Episode 11
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Kanji 決着のとき
Air date September 29, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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The Blade of Isuzu Eclipsed

The Moment of Truth is the 11th chapter of season 3, and the 35rd in the overall series.


Just before the Eclipse, and the demons make their big charge! What a time for it.


The days came and went. Time was ticking. And for 3-E and its alien teacher, this was especially apparent. Korosensei was glad he had some time away from being a teacher for a while, and took to the mountains nearby the school. It gave him a better view of the area, and its own fall colors. Autumn had took its time, but it got its grip on the land in Tokyo nicely over the few days, with more leaves turning colors on the trees. Korosensei settled down happily in a lawn chair, drinking some delicious coconut milk, and watching the clouds.

"Finally. No bullets, no worries, no demons. It's about time I was given a break. And with Sakamoto taking my place, everything's right with the world," Korosensei sighed. It had been a little too long since Korosensei got some legit relaxation time since this assassin's game started. That, and way out here, he was pretty much safe from trouble. The clouds looked pretty lovely, and the forest plenty so. He had full confidence that nothing was gonna go wrong today, and soon the eclipse will arrive, and everything can go on normal. Korosensei took the moment to check his clock, which was put as a timer for how long it'll be.

"Sweet. Just got an hour left, and I'm home free," Korosensei concluded. The alien continued to sip his drink, not a care in the world until he began to hear someone stopping next to him. Turn of the head, and it showed Greninja standing there.

"Hey, Korosensei."

"Hi Greninja. Hadn't seen you in a while. How're things?" He asked.

"Don't give me that. I want an answer, Korosensei, and I don't want any tricks," Greninja said firmly. Korosensei sat up as Greninja continues.

"You've said you were no longer following Giratina, correct? Then answer me this. If you really aren't following Giratina, then why did you ruin the Earth by destroying that moon?" Korosensei would go on and say something, but he will basically be innocent by the Eclipse anyway, so, what was the point in ruining the surprise? Korosensei settled back down in his lawn chair, and gave a nice sigh once more.

"Eh, just wait an hour Greninja, and you'll figure it out. We're all gonne be witness to this year's great Solar Eclipse, you know that? That moon will be full again, and everything will go back to normal."

"A what?" quizzed Greninja.

"It's when the full moon flies right in between the Earth and Sun. It's quite beautiful, let me tell ya. You'll get your answer by then," Korosensei explained nonchalantly. That however, didn't seem to make the situation any better, and Greninja himself seemed a bit perplexed. He took a moment to think it over, but once he figured out the main idea, he suddenly grew more tense about the subject.

"... The moon over the sun. As in blocking off the sunlight," Greninja repeated.

"Eh, yeah, that's what it means."

Now Greninja grew even more tense, and when Korosensei looked over, he could easily see the serious look edged on Greninja's face. It made Korosensei a little bit uncomfortable, his face turning the emotionless pale white.

"... Uh, Greninja?"

"Korosensei, do you even realize the risks of this? Light is the only true threat right now to Giratina's health, and if that's blocked off, there's no holding him back. He can wipe everyone out during that time!"

Now the situation got even more troubling. Korosensei's relaxation turned to utter panic when he heard that possibility. And considering Korosensei had worked with Giratina already before, that wasn't too far off from what Giratina would actually do. His white face turned blue, and sweat poured from his head as the reality of the danger quickly settled in.

"... Shit, shit, shit, shit! We gotta go, we need to move!" Korosensie said, jumped up to his tentacles, and ready to rush off down. Greninja wasted no time in heading right back to the 3-E class. He'd been gone from the place too long, and with this danger now present, he had to get himself all set as well.


Meanwhile, down at the school in question, the days that went by for the students had been pretty interesting. Training was still abundant, but without Korosensei to try their skills out on, it was really just practice for his return and nothing more beyond that. Even if Korosensei was there though, the thrill was soon gone from trying to kill him; Weed wasted no time in telling those who'd listen and understood him about the real situation at hand days ago, and since then, the modivation in assassination was, more or less, lost. Karma, Naruto and Ren still kept the practice going, since they were doing so well, and they would probably going to meet up with other demons soon anyway. If that was the case, they got their skills down pact.

As the moment, Karma was actually practicing some of his Kasai fighting skills with Karasuma, Naruto, Ren, and Jerome currently watching. Nagisa, and Weed still hadn't come back yet. He had neglected his training in his own Multitype pretty much since Karasuma stepped in their classroom, but now that things had settled, and that he knew what was actually going on, he had more freedom to actually try out his stuff. Speaking of which, Karasuma had taken the concept pretty much in stride - being a government agent meant that secrets like these were an everyday occupation - yet seeing Karma Akabane blast fire from his feet and hands with his punches and kicks was something new to see. He made sure to clear the field of the practice dummies and targets so Karma wouldn't catch them on fire during his practicing.

"Damn, you weren't kidding about this Kasai power," Karasuma commented as he watched Karma giving a few basic fire punches before turning back to him.

"Damn straight; Got it while in a trip in Africa. and I ain't talking about any safari either," Karma replied, giving a 180 kick. He intended on just a flaming foot, but instead the kick sent a fire slice right around the air, zooming up for a good ten feet before disappearing. Karma felt proud of himself, and knew that it'll only be a matter of time before he can get this all down pact. Karma took a short moment to rest up, and walked over back to the others by the building.

Close by, another person was also maintaining her visual; Emi Isuzu. If she had anything to say, its that this damn mission to kill these guys off was simply unsuccessful, if not embarrassing. She just couldn't get any opportunity the past couple of days, and seeing Karma blast fire out of his body didn't help her in the slightest. She had tried to keep herself down pact, but the longer this dragged on for, the more impatient she was getting. She placed herself hidden off at the corner of the building, just out of sight from them. She tried time and time again, but she felt confident this time with Karma after practice.

She decided to go for broke.

Emi quickly got herself her blades, and actually charged on in! The others quickly saw her, and the fem fatale threw a ton of blades straight for them! with Korosensei gone, this could make it easier, but ...

"My goodness."

Next thing she knew, her blades were all caught by Sakamoto. The example of living perfection stood there calmly, with all five blades being held in his hand, which he was holding by a set of hand fans, with the blades being either caught in the fans themselves or knocked aside on the ground.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Screamed Emi. She was ready to pull her hair out. And the worst part of it is; the others no longer saw her as much of a threat.

"This again, Emi?" Naruto said.

Yeah. she tried many times, and by this point, they were more or less used to it. Shameful, and not good on her tract record. Emi was good, they can credit her for that (how many blades can she hide anyway?), but with who they had on their side, it was just a nuisance compared to what they'd gone through already.

"Screw you!" Emi yelled, sending a ton more blades seemingly out of nowhere right at them. This time, Sakamoto used his fans like nunchucks, and somehow got every single one. Again, annoying Emi Isuzu even more. Emi's hand was at her face, when Ren went over to her.

"Where do you get all those blades?" she asked, in her usual tone.

"None of your damn business," hissed Emi. It honestly could've gone better for her, but it just wasn't going to happen. However, before it could continue ...


No, this wasn't Pinkie Pie showing up this time, but instead it was Korosensei. Korosensei didn't need much time to get from the top of the mountain, and to the 3-E building thanks to his Mach-20 speed, but at the point he was still in quite a panic, remembering what Greninja had told him, and the VERY likely possibility on what Giratina might be up to.

"Guys, thank god you're here, listen we - who are you?" Korosensei hadn't met Emi Isuzu before, and him almost running into her when he arrived didn't help any. Emi Isuzu didn't expect this thing to show up any more than she would with Karma sending fire from his hands into the sky.

"Who the hell is this?!" Gasped Emi. There were some weird people, she got that. There were a few odd dogs, she got that. There was an AI, she got that. But she couldn't get this freak of nature standing there.

"Questions for later. So, see you're back. What's going on?" Karasuma asked. Korosensei got his mind back on track, and was back active again. Before he spoke, he quickly disappeared, and then reappeared in a completely different outfit. This time, his Mach-20 costume change got him from his teacher outfit, into a camo army soldier outfit, armed up with a Submachine gun in his tentacle, and goggles over his eyes.

"Get yourselves armed, we got an invasion coming our way," Korosensei warmed, the sun shining off of his goggles. That information got Ren up on her feet, urgent more than usual.

"When are they coming?" Ren asked, though it was sounding more like a demand. The seriousness in her tone startled some in the crowd. Korosensei answered her by jumping up onto the roof of the school in a split second. During that second, he also grabbed a telescope to check in on the situation. With a keen eye, and his goggles up so he can look through, he peered into the nearby forest ...

Sure enough, shadows were looming, and moving around to the edge of the forest.

"Right now."

Meanwhile, in the forest, a pack of dogs were getting into position, lining the forest edge. Amongst the pack was Houndoom himself, still looking the Doberman than the hellhound. While to the others they were just out of sight, Korosensei could see them clear. Houndoom clearly saw Korosensei as well, and the demon dogs heard him loud and clear. Still, Houndoom seemed a bit amused by this, as one of his followers moved over to him.

"Oy, that traitor's giving us away. Think we should go around or something?" the dog suggested. Houndoom smiled.

"Nah. You stand by, I'll go and humor them for a bit," Houndoom replied. The dog nodded, as the Doberman hellhound got up calmly, devil smile and all, and moved into sight. Honestly, Houndoom found it enjoyable all the same, even if there wasn't any stealth for him now. It didn't take very long before the others saw him, as the Doberman walked right over into the open field, stopped about thirty feet away. The other dogs did not move an inch from where they were, and waited for some sort of word from Houndoom.

"Good morning, fine, fine associates," Houndoom began. The others looked confused, but Jerome immediately recognized him from his earlier attack on Gaara, and he wasn't trusting him by a long shot. Karasuma noticed Jerome's behavior, and took it in thought. Since the others had taken Korosensei's translation pills before (except for Emi of course), the sight of a talking dog didn't exactly faze them.

"Who're you?" Ren demanded.

"Oh, let's not get too hasty here, sweetheart. I was just passing through, and I couldn't help but notice fire boy there showing off his moves over here. You wouldn't happen to be a chosen kid with the Kasai Multitype, Would you?" Houndoom asked, his voice sly as sly can get. Jerome nudged Karma so he wouldn't say it, but Karma knew damn well when not to blabber on.

"I assume you met the hound before, Jerome?" Kerome asked.

"Just a few days ago. I found him trying to kill your other assassin, Gaara. His boss was just using Gaara, as it turns out," Jerome replied. Houndoom was asmused a bit more by this, and gave a smile to the group.

"Oh, good doggy Jerome, you have a memory. Course, too bad not every human know what shit your talking about."

That remark just made Jerome growl more, as Houndoom had a seat on the grass. This dog was obviously not taken aback by their presence, or how much danger he was putting himself in. The others though, figured the other dog wasn't being understood by everyone either. Jerome got down from the building, until he was out on the field, with Ren joining him.

"Call off your invasion, or I'll send you down to hell myself," Jerome warned. Houndoom laughed on hearing him, as he did before with his threats.

"Now why would I do that? Look at you; just a normal dog, with a bunch of little brats, thinking they're any better than I am."

"I'm warning you. leave this place at once!" Ren demanded, fists clenched. Houndoom wasn't so easily intimidated. Suddenly, Houndoom rushed forward, and made one giant leap over them both! Jerome and Ren weren't prepared for this, as Houndoom landed gracefully down over close to the rest of the group. Houndoom looked them over fast before talking.

"Oh? I see some bitches aren't with us today? Where's that Blue haired trap, and that little blue pup of yours?"

"None of your business, hellhound," Naruto said. Houndoom was still having his fun.

"Oh, come on now. It'll make it easier on everyone if you just say. Wouldn't want to end up like Gaara, would you?" Houndoom said. Now he was lying, but his calm tongue made it more than believable enough. Sakamoto then stepped up, catching Houndoom's attention.

"You shouldn't get too cocky, my friend," Sakamoto warned.

"Wait, you know what he's saying?" Naruto questioned. Houndoom got in between them both with a nudge, cutting them off.

"Let's not go off with some miniscule details. Now, about your other friends -"

"We're not saying anything about anybody. Got a problem with it?" Karma asked, devilishly. Houndoom was quiet for a moment, moving out from the group. Ren and Jerome though blocked his way, making him stop. The dog was silent at first, but then a smile crept on his face.

"Hey, Korosensei! Have a good view up there?! Best you stay there!" Houndoom suddenly called. korosensei had been hidden up on the roof, and just hearing that made him worried a little bit, as Houndoom laughed again.

"Last chance, you devil. Get out!" Ren warned. Houndoom cleared his throat before giving them his own final seconds of peace.

"Well, in that case ..."

The howl was then called.

The howl Houndoom made echoed throughout the area, getting everyone on guard. The hounds hiding away heard Houndoom loud and clear, and suddenly exploded out of the forest, charging right to them. Houndoom had a lot of reinforcements with him, easily about thirty to forty dogs rushing in all at once. Each dog did not stop for a single moment, and the group now had an entire pack to deal with. Houndoom stood proudly, as his pack raced up. Ren and Jerome both were the first to be confronted by the pack. Jerome attacked first, already getting one of the hounds in his jaws, as Ren was tackled by five others.

"Ren, on the ground!" Karma yelled, running out. Ren quickly did so, and Karma gave his fire powers a try. He got his leg up, and with a side kick much like before, a fire slice was suddenly launched off. Two hounds on Ren's back had to jump off to avoid getting cooked by Karma, and charged at him soon after that. Talk about a lucky first try. Jerome, after beating up the dog he had, tossed the animal at the other two before they got close to Karma Akabane, sending the three flying off five feet before tumbling in the dirt.

"Thanks, Jerome."

"Wait til later," replied Jerome, jumping back into the fight.

Karma, Ren, and Jerome kept up their fighting with Houndoom's pack, but they couldn't get every dog. Ten dogs got around the three, and aimed for the people on standby, teeth bared and all! Karasuma didn't hesitate, and he drawed out his armed pistol, and the others had to rush out of the way in order to give Karasuma a good range. The shooter blasted bullets right at the oncoming dogs, but only got half of the ten before one got him by the neck. The bullets got them tumbling down in pain, but only two of the five were actually killed while the other three were slowed down. Naruto took action when two dogs jumped him fast, the kid swinging them both off of him. To basically sum it all up, many of them were fighting, except for Emi who was still trying to process everything. This sort of concept was just a little too fast for her to suddenly just take in all at once, and these hellhounds weren't giving her much time or help.

"Hey, bitch."

Emi was suddenly blindsided by Houndoom himself, sending her to the ground. Emi was taken off guard, and the hellhound was on top of her, his paws pushing down on her chest to keep her down.

"Having fun yet?" Houndoom mocked, showing his sharp teeth, ready to bite into her. Sakamoto was not having that, and simply grabbed him, and tossed him aside. Houndoom easily landed on his paws. Emi Isuzu got up to her feet, now getting herself more ready for these hellhounds.

"Perhaps it's time you go," Sakamoto said calmly. Despite seeing everything so far, he was the calmest out of everyone, which did catch Houndoom's attention.

"Impressed you kept your composure. Sorry, but you'll have to kill me first," Houndoom joked, a smug grin along his muzzle.

"I'm not a murderer," Sakamoto made clear.

"Then this should be quick."

Suddenly Houndoom rushed forward, Sakamoto standing in between him and Emi. Emi, just in case, got out another blade from nowhere, in her hand and ready to stab, but Houndoom wasn't going to stick around for much longer; the dog made another jump, and soon was up on the roof. Korosensei jumped as Houndoom stood next to him, the hellhound not caring for the alien. Houndoom looked back to the battlefield, seeing the battle unfold from a better view. The students, and his own pack were getting beaten down, but it didn't bother Houndoom much with seeing blood spilt around the field. Korosensei and Houndoom locked eyes for a moment.

"See what happens when you betray Giratina, Koro?" Houndoom cooed, bringing Korosensei's attention to the group bellow on the ground.

"You mess with the demon lord's plans, and you get your world screwed over. Makes you think twice before you stab Giratina in the back, huh?" Houndoom mocked, Korosensei gulping, as he saw his students getting attacked and torn by Houndoom's dogs. The dogs were getting beaten too, but the students were Korosensei's number one concern. Ren was the main brute beating down the canines, but the others weren't doing as well.

"God, god, god!" Korosensei said in a panic. Soon, he couldn't keep himself back, and jumped off the roof to aid them. Houndoom didn't bother to stop him, but instead slipped away off the otherside of the building. The only one who saw him slip away was Jerome, hearing him rush off.

"Ren, hold them off, I'm going for their leader," Jerome ordered. Ren nodded, as Jerome raced off after Houndoom. Some of the other dogs tried to get him, but they were stopped by Ren. This gave Jerome enough time to go after Houndoom without any other dogs running after him.

Korosensei meanwhile was trying his best in fighting the dogs alongside the others. His Mach-20 speed was doing well in defense in the group, and the dogs themselves were having some more trouble because of him.

"Oy! Get the alien!" One of the dogs yelled, a ton of dogs charging in at Korosensei. Korosensei kept himself at bay, keeping a safe distance between himself, and the ravenous canines, but evenw ith his Mach-20 speed, he still had to stay with the others to help them out. That meant that dodging was becoming more and more difficult for him. He jumped over by Karma at one point, but this pitted himself in the fire of almost the entire pack getting their teeth into him! Even with Mach-20 speed, there was no time to dodge, and Korosensei had to take it.

"Korosensei!" Karma said. Korosensei screamed on feeling the teeth all over his body, and he wasn't seen thanks to the tons of dogs. The pile of dogs suddenly shrank down to ground level, as if they just ate him alive! Did Karma just witness a group of land piranha have their latest meal?! ...

When the dogs moved aside, seemed Korosensei had a Deus Ex Machina planned. He was very small, looking like just a round face inside a thick, glass ball, which itself was about the size of a basketball, or those glass balls fortune tellers use. Either way, he was this way, and he seemed unsure how to take it; one half of his face smiling, the other just a line, giving him a simply perplexed expression. The hounds around Korosensei looked a bit confused, but found this interesting.

"The hell happened to you?" Ren asked. The dogs themselves snickered amongst eachother like a pack of hyenas, as one of them started gnawing on Korosensei. Even if the others kept fighting, they could see Korosensei basically being played with like some toy. Some of the pack actually took a break from fighting to play around with Korosensei. Now, this was humiliating.

"Korosensei, anytime now you can come out," Naruto yelled, fighting off his own dogs.

"I can't!" Korosensei called out, being whacked around.

"What do you mean you can't?!" Naruto yelled. Korosensei was suddenly used as a weapon, as one of the dogs kicked him straight for Naruto, banging him in the head! Sakamoto quickly grabbed him as Korosensei was flying through the air from the hit. However ...

"Okay dogs, fan out!"

All of a sudden, as one of the other dogs gave the command, all the fighting dogs in the pack stopped (not without dealing some more damage), and suddenly scattered and got away from the place, taking the dead bodies as they were. From nearly killing them to running away in just seconds. It took just fifteen seconds before all the dogs had gone, and the others could gather themselves. They were bloody, bitten, but no deaths apart from about eleven dogs from Houndoom's pack, over half thanks to Karasuma's gunfire.

"Weird," Ren noted.

"Can someone tell me what just happened?!" Emi snapped.

"Patient, bitch. Now, Korosensei?" Karma asked. Korosensei felt guilty.

"Damn it! Why'd I panic?! I'm in my Absolute Defense now."

"Absolute Defense?" Questioned Ren.

"Yep, my trump card; I compact my body into a small spherical form. In this form, I'm unable to be hurt in any way, shape or form. No dog can bite into THIS shell," Korosensei said, feeling pride in his own abilities.

"And why can't you break out?" Questioned Naruto.

"Eh ... drawback; I have to wait a day before it liquefies, and I get my old body back ..."

"Well, there goes one help," Karasuma sighed. If Korosensei couldn't break himself out of his Defense, then he wasn't going to be much of help. However, after everything, it was then that the others noticed something ...

"Where's Jerome?"


Farther away, running along the path, Houndoom continued racing along until he was far enough away. The hellhound took a look back, and eventually slowed down. He could still taste blood coating his jaws, as his greedy tongue licked it up in one lick.

"That should keep them busy for a while. Now onto phase two," Houndoom thought, smiling. However, when he took another look back, he quickly saw Jerome running right for him, jaws open for a bite at him. Houndoom dealt with him once already, so he could handle another for sure. Jerome charged at him, and Houndoom dodged in one easy jump. Jerome skidded to a stop, in between Houndoom and the his way out.

"You're not getting away from me, bastard!" Jerome growled, doing a 180, and running at him.

"Don't talk big for a Shepard, you pup! I'll tear your head off!" Houndoom replied, lunging at Jerome. Houndoom's fangs proved to be deadlier, and Jerome suddenly felt something tear off of him! Houndoom landed, but Jerome rammed him off of his feet quick. As for what was torn away, Jerome had his right ear torn clean off! Houndoom still had the ear in his jaws.

"Not quite the head. You can't kill a dog by ripping off his ear!" Jerome growled. Houndoom looked down to the ear in his mouth, and he actually ate the ear! Just like that. No point in wasting some good meat.

"Oh, don't flatter yourself. You'll be long gone before anyone can save you. Allow me to send you off to hell!" Houndoom scoffed. The hellhound began running directly for him. Jerome had no back up for the moment as far as he knew, and Houndoom had no interruptions. Houndoom raced in, and leaped right for the fighting dog! Houndoom saw this as an easy kill ...


Next thing they both knew, Houndoom was knocked to the ground, pinned down by a water blade to the head! Jerome thought it might be Nagisa, but when the dust cleared, it was actually Greninja! Jerome hadn't seen Greninja in a while, and it was nice to see him again in action.


"Sorry I didn't come around much for this season," Greninja said. Houndoom scrambled to get to his paws, and got Greninja off of him. The ninja frog didn't stay away for too long, and got himself rushing to Houndoom again, but this time he missed. Houndoom regained himself.

"Well shit; now I got you to deal with Greninja," Houndoom said, getting the name thanks to Jerome.

"Hie. Anyone threatening their lives will have to deal with me," Greninja replied, his blades at the ready. Houndoom wasn't in the mood for two fighters. Jerome, blood still dripping from his severed ear, stood alongside Greninja. Houndoom immediately could tell this was going to give them all sorts of trouble. He glanced to the sky before looking to them both.

"Seems you've reached a crossroads. See ya bastards later," Houndoom said, suddenly taking off down the path! Jerome and Greninja both knew the path lead to the main building, and Jerome had a decision to make. Without much time to think, Jerome turned to Greninja.

"Greninja, get to the 3-E building. I'll handle him," Jerome instructed.

"He's going to the main building," retorted Greninja.

"Don't argue with me! 3-E's getting torn up by that dog's pack, now get on with it!" Jerome cleared up. Greninja still felt like he should deal with Houndoom, not him, but he began to sense something in Jerome as he was saying that - an aura of a true fighter ...

"Understood. Good luck."

And with that, Greninja raced to 3-E, while Jerome raced off to the main building. There was no time for talk when a turf war's going on.


Meanwhile, at the main building, things were going on as per usual since nobody over there were aware of the attack at 3-E. In fact, nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be occurring at the building at the moment. The students were still attending their classes as per usual, and everything was relatively the same. However, when it came to Gakuho, tensions were running high. Ever since his little confrontation with Giratina himself before (and actually getting his name), Gakuho had been on edge in trying to think on how to handle him. In that one moment, he now saw someone that mirrored him, but with no restraints. Gakuho can admit that he can be cruel, sure, but at least HE had a reason for his behavior; to keep his school in tact, in order, and in peak condition. Giratina had no reason as far as he was concern, and after looking at the surveillance tapes from the last couple of nights with Giratina's meetings with Houndoom and Bisharp, he was no ordinary man by any means.

Any wrong move, and Gakuho could pit the whole school and its system in trouble, one way or another. And he will NOT have it.

Gakuho took the time to check in on Giratina through the security cameras, checking in on Giratina. It took him a while, but Giratina was finally caught in on the monitors.

"What are you up to, demon?" Gakuho wondered, keeping a keen eye on him. Giratina kept walking through the halls of the school buildings, pretty casually by what he was seeing. The students and teachers were in class at this point, so there wasn't anyone out other than him. Giratina appeared calm and collective. Eventually though, he did end up stopping himself over by one of Yunibasaur's many doors. This one was small, and a single door, not unlike a door to a classroom but without a glass window. Giratina looked ready to go in, but before he could, he actually turned his head to the security camera. Giratina gave a smirk, and brought his hand towards the camera, snapping his fingers. Suddenly, the monitors were cut off! Gakuho was a little confused, and tried to get them back online, but when they did come back around, Giratina was back outside, and walked away from the door. Nothing altered, nothing changed, nothing out of the ordinary aside from the strange switch of camera ...

But then came the door ...

"God damn," Gakuho thought, getting up, and heading off to the door. Gakuho wasn't sure what happened, but he needed to find that out before things get any worse. Considering he was almost killed a while ago, he was prepared this time for -


Just a second after he opened the door, he suddenly stopped himself just in time to avoid being decapitated by a oncoming blade! Low and behold, it belonged to the very man that he was just watching - Giratina! How'd he get here so fast?

"And where're you going?" giratina asked. Gakuho kept calm, but inside he was growing a bit tense, and that grew even more so when Giratina showed him his true eyes.

"What are you doing, Giratina?" Gakuho asked. Giratina wasn't giving Gakuho any sympathy, and kept the blade aimed at his head.

"Handling business, as all. No need to trouble yourself," Giratina said. That was very unlikely, considering Gakuho had a blade aimed at his damn head. Gakuho was a normally calm and calculated man, but Giratina was testing his limits here.

"Don't try to speak in riddles," Gakuho stated, keeping his composure despite having a knife near his head. Giratina sighed.

"Oh, let's try to be reasonable here."

"Reasonable?" Giratina could tell that Gakuho was getting tense in his voice, so he played with that.

"Sure. I suppose it's only fair to tell you what I want out of a mere mortal such as yourself, after your cooperation," Giratina explained, walking in and locking the door behind him. Gakuho kept his own composure still, but he was getting more and more troubled. Gakuho was at least feeling smarter, since any mastermind wouldn't blabber on to any one person. Plus the 'mere mortal' comment was intriguing to say the most, and suspicious at the least. Giratina walked over to Gakuho's desk, and without any invitation, sat down on his desk. Gakuho didn't enjoy his rebellious behavior at all.

"So, go on then," Gakuho said.

"Well, I'm sure we're both aware of how your ... peculiar system works, hm? 3-E as the lowest, and one none of you remotely care for, nor want to be, correct?" Giratina began, in a sly and calm voice to unnerve even the sturdiest of souls. Gakuho just nodded.

"Good, good. And I'm sure we're also aware of the unique happenings as well? Korosensei for example? Nagisa Shiota and his little trip to the hospital?"

"Get to the point," Gakuho demanded. Giratina began playing around with the knife he had in his hand, looking at the reflection like it was a mirror.

"... I've been having my eye on those kids for a while. Watching them improve in their craft and wit since this school of yours started this year. Damn bunch of bastards."

Giratina placed his blade down on the table, Gakuho feeling both anger and worry build in him. What was he actually getting at? Obviously it wasn't very good, and seeing that he had the blade in his hand as he said that, Gakuho got two and two together. And Giratina could tell.

"You wouldn't dare," Gakuho warned, eyes turning from a blank expression into an angered one.

"Oh, I don't see why you, of all bastards, would care. Wasn't making them the example of horrible lives your idea? what better than to put some out of their misery?"

That sealed Gakuho's lack of trust for him. Just before Giratina could pick up the knife again, Gakuho rushed in, and grabbed the blade, aiming for Giratina this time.

"I don't place them there to have them dead, Giratina. I place them there as an example to the others -"

"To torture them. Right?" Giratina cut in, silencing Gakuho off, as Giratina chuckled, and casually moved the blade aside. Soon, Giratina was standing again, face to face with Gakuho.

"Face it; your fancy method may have made more determined students. But, they're making more students that'll just LOVE to harass those lower than they were. You can go ahead, and punish the 3-E class as much as you wish, but in the end ... Your system is nothing but bastardized. There's a reason why no one else in your world bothers with it."

that did it; Gakuho grabbed Giratina by the throat, his anger now beginning to tip over the edge. A method that worked wonders for years, and Giratina was calling it bastardized?! The other hand, holding the blade, was raised up as a threat to him.

"My method made my school the best in Japan. I'm not gonna stand here and have you insult my ways."

"Says the man holding the knife. Funny, you don't look like you've killed anyone before," Giratina mocked. how could he be so calm when seconds from death. Gakuho tried to calm himself, but his anger was messing with him, and the blade was moved closer.

"I. Want. You. Gone." that was Gakuho's simple, and main demand. As Giratina said, he was done with his charade. He knew a killer when he saw one, and despite his threat display, Gakuho didn't fit that bill. Suddenly, Giratina grabbed Gakuho's arm. Gakuho thought it was to hold him back, so he tensed up ...

The blade made its mark.

Giratina pulled Gakuho's arm in, and suddenly the blade was in Giratina's head, right between the eyes! Gakuho froze up when this happened, and what's more horrifying was that Giratina didn't fall. Blood poured from the wound, but Giratina did not look ready to fall at any moment, even with his face bloodied, and the knife indented in him. Complete silence. Ever so gently, Gakuho released the blade, eyes locked with Giratina's. The blood began to change into black smoke, Gakuho beginning to back away slowly, moving over to the door as Giratina gently slid the knife out of his head, it covered in a mix of red and black, almost like blood and ink. Gakuho no longer knew what to make of this thing. He knew enough to know that no creature can survive a attack on the brain, regardless of what. But Giratina made it through just fine, as he placed the knife back down on the desk like before.

"Gakuho Asano. If you don't want me to do the job. Then why don't you do it yourself? Save the rest of the school the trouble."

"I'm ... I'm not a killer ..."


Just outside, whoever was calmly standing, and going along their own business was interrupted by the sound of shattered glass, as Gakuho was thrown out the window! The man flew off as if shot out of a cannon, until he found himself crashing in a tree, and tumbling down into the front yard of the school. He laid there, not feeling anything other than pain, as Giratina looked down to his body. Gakuho was still alive, even after that, but he was barely able to budge after landing. Giratina, meanwhile, gave a devilish grin.

"Well, that makes one of us, now does it?"


Meanwhile, Jerome was still running like a mad man, trying to keep up with Houndoom just in front of him. Even with his ear torn, Jerome was not willing to let this hellhound get away from him. Houndoom though was making good speed, and one dog wasn't gonna be very much trouble.

"Come back and fight me, coward!" Jerome called, but Houndoom could care less for him. Looking off ahead, Houndoom could see his destination just in sight: The main building! Houndoom was pretty far ahead from Jerome, so he slowed down a bit to look on to the building. Houndoom looked up to the sky.

"Not long now ..."

Finally, Jerome caught up with Houndoom, but the demon dog turned around to face Jerome, making the other dog stop for a moment.

"Where do you think you're going, hellhound?" Jerome growled. Houndoom wasn't so easily intimidated, and rather than answer, he rushed in for Jerome. Even if he was running non-stop, Jerome was armed and ready; he braced himself, got his paw in the dirt, and suddenly whacked sand right in Houndoom's face. Houndoom ended up blinded for a brief moment, just enough for Jerome to grab him by the neck, as before. Jerome swung his body around, and suddenly tossed Houndoom in the air, throwing the hellhound right into a tree. The hit was hard, but Houndoom brushed it off, and got up to his paws.

"Tough son of a bitch, aren't you?" Houndoom said.

"Don't think I'm letting you get away while your pack is trying to kill my friends! You're nothing but a coward leaving your pack to do your bidding," warned Jerome. Houndoom rolled his eyes, unamused.

"Uh-huh, yeah, okay first off, I don't give a shit about your opinion. And second, why do you care? How much did those humans actually do for you anyway?"

"None of your damn business!"

Jerome lunged at Houndoom again, but this time Houndoom sank his fangs in Jerome's neck just before Jerome could do the same, and swinging him into the dirt head first. Jerome tried to move, but Houndoom was not letting him, and pinned him down with his front paws to keep him still.

"You talk like you're worth anything. Talking big does not make you important. See ya in hell," Houndoom mocked, adding pressure down on Jerome's throat. Jerome waited for Houndoom to crush his throat, and tearing it open, but that moment didn't come. Houndoom didn't give an immediate blow, but instead was suffocating him with his strong jaws cutting off his air. Houndoom enjoyed making Jerome suffer like this, and didn't waver as Jerome tried his best to get some air. Every second was one ticking down Jerome's life. The German Shepard whacked Houndoom with his front paws, but it wasn't doing him any good. Just before Jerome was choked to death ...

  • HOWWWL!*

Houndoom immediately released Jerome, finally giving Jerome his air back in a huge gasp. Jerome felt his neck pour blood, but Houndoom had another surprise in him; a blade in his shoulder! Jerome got up, grabbed Houndoom, and threw him aside. Houndoom landed on upright, and he tried to get the knife out of him. Jerome looked up to where the blade came from, only to find someone jumping down the tree to reveal himself.


"Hey, Jerome," Gaara simply said. Houndoom finally tore the knife out of his back, and threw it aside, only then seeing Jerome and Gaara side by side. Gaara stared down Houndoom, as the hellhound gathered himself.

"Well, look who decided to join us," Houndoom said, rubbing off some blood from his neck.

"I'm not letting you go anymore than he is. Yet, you wouldn't be much of an opponent anyway," Gaara remarked.

Now Houndoom felt insulted. him? not a good opponent?

"Do you know who you're talking to?"

"Hie; a coward. I saw you run, leaving your pack to die in battle. You left about eleven dogs dead, and the rest to run away." Houndoom knew what to do, and heading here was apart of it, but being called a coward still made him pissed off. Jerome wasn't about to question how Gaara knew that, not now anyway. The demon dog snorted at them.

"Oh, keep talking, you bunch of dipshits! Soon you'll all regret the day you decide to defy us. Now if you excuse me, I got a appointment of my own to keep," Houndoom said. Houndoom was about to go, but Gaara threw four other knives straight at him, narrowly missing him. They still cut his skin, but Houndoom still had plenty of energy to run away. Jerome and Gaara ran off after him, as Houndoom neared the main building.

"He's not thinking," Jerome wondered. But sure enough he was; Houndoom looked up to an open window, and suddenly shocked both Gaara and Jerome when he started up for it. Houndoom gathered his strength, and made a gigantic jump right for it! It was no normal jump, as it sent the hellhound easily over twenty feet upward, just high enough to get his paws on the sill, and get himself inside. Both Gaara and Jerome stopped dead in their tracks when they saw that.

"Shit!" Jerome groaned. He couldn't rush in there after Houndoom, and even if he could, Houndoom was far ahead of him, too far to do much. Gaara wasn't going to let him get away, especially after the hellhound nearly killed him. Gaara however, being a human, could. He wasted no time in running in after him, but from the bottom floor door. Jerome took a moment before he did anything, and looked back to the sky the same as Houndoom did. He got a scent that hit him hard after Houndoom left.

"Wait a minute. What is this?" Jerome wondered, starting to follow his nose off around the building. It took Jerome a short bit, but when looking around the corner, he soon found the source; Gakuho! He still was there, still laying by the same tree, but now bleeding from the mouth due to his internal injuries. Some other people had come over at this point, trying to help Gakuho out, the man not moving very much. Jerome watched carefully, out of sight from the other humans.

"Damn. He looks awful," thought Jerome. Soon, his gaze turned from Gakuho, to the sky, closer to the sun. He heard, plain as day, about the Solar Eclipse, and now ...

"Won't be much longer ..."