The Real Enemy Revealed
Season 1, Episode 12
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Kanji リアル敵は明らかに
Air date July 17, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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Teacher's Pet A Small World After All...

The Real Enemy Revealed is the 12th chapter of season 1, and 12th in the overall series.


The time had come for the chosen' first official threat: the official demonic followers of Giratina, had finally risen!


The sun of the early summer beamed down upon mid day. The ninja frog, Greninja, settled comfortably upon the water of his pond. He'd been hanging around there for quite a while, the same pond he revealed the Multitype to Nagisa, Twilight, Karma, Ren, Naruto, Akari, and Luffy. Greninja felt at ease with the world, nestled on top of the water, occasionally chipping like a spring peeper.

"A nice day indeed," Greninja thought, taking a webbed hand in the water, and splashing water on his skin. He did feel very good...however, as he sat there, he suddenly began to sense something...something terribly wrong. Greninja got up and looked around. When he looked just outside of the pool, he suddenly saw something in the shade. It looked like a human, but far more devilish! One blink was all it took for it to disappear...

"So soon?...I have to warn them..."


It has been a few days since class 3-E had their class pet with them. Weed had been recovering a bit more since his fight, healed enough to walk around without trouble or pain. Nagisa was glad for it too, knowing that he'll be alright. However, Nagisa, although curious over the pup as much as Weed was, at least had some idea over why thanks to the Multitype explanation. Ever since that was brought up, Nagisa especially got thinking over what they could be. Far as he knew, it was an elemental power of sorts, and his meant water so what did that mean? What could he do? Well, until he could figure out how to even activate it, let along use it, he had to wait for an answer. Course the same ideas applied to Karma, Twilight, and Ren too. Ren was a bit too easy to figure out; extreme strength. But for Twilight and Karma, it was another story.

When lunch came around, Nagisa went outside, instead of going to the main school like he usually did. Twilight was supposed to meet him anyway that day, so, he could relax until she got there. While sitting, he had got a sketchbook with him (a gift from Korosensei), and was drawing out his own idea of this "Multitype" deal. He was about the middle of drawing out himself when Ren walked over to him.

"Nagisa. What are you doing?" Ren asked, sitting down next to him. Nagisa had grown used to it by that point, so, he didn't protest.

"I'm just trying to think over this Multitype thing," Nagisa replied, setting the sketchbook down beside him. Ren took the moment to pick up the book (trying not to break it) and looked over the drawings he did.

"What's this?"

"Just some ideas on what the Multitype could end up being," Nagisa replied. Before their conversation could continue, they both suddenly heard a low growl nearby. It was so loud, Nagisa got a bit spooked, sounding like it was right in his ear...

"I'm hungry," Ren said. While Nagisa was used to her being close, he wasn't used to her hunger all that much. So, Nagisa got back up to his feet, Ren following afterward. Nagisa had his own lunch (basically a Bento - which was fish, rice, and vegetables), but, Ren didn't exactly had hers, and Nagisa knew it. Nagisa walked back to the main building, and was about to eat when he looked to Ren...who was giving him puppy eyes for some food. The blue haired kid just sighed, and gave her what food he decided to offer (which was just the fish).

"Here, Ren, have this," Nagisa said, giving her the fish. Ren took the fish, and began to eat up her portion of the lunch, as Nagisa continued. However, when the kid looked back to Ren, he saw that Ren was really enjoying the fish. The girl looked surprisingly cute while she was eating, like, REALLY cute! Nagisa didn't get it, and Ren looked over to Nagisa, her cheeks cutely puffed out due to the fish in her mouth, her eyes innocent like a child. Nagisa Felt overcome by the look on Ren's face, and unintentionally gave her some more of his food (rice that time). She just looked so cute while she ate to Nagisa (for some reason). While Ren was enjoying Nagisa's food, Nagisa failed to notice Twilight come over.

"Hey, Nagisa!" Twilight called. Nagisa looked away from Ren and saw Twilight coming his way. Seemed she had arrived, and Ren was good with her food (or rather, Nagisa's food). However, Nagisa didn't mind it too much regardless, and got up.

"Hi, Twilight, how's it been?"

"It's been going well, grades had been fine. I'm just glad summer vacation will be around soon," Twilight replied. Nagisa smiled, but, Ren was a bit confused on the matter.

"Vacation?" Ren asked.

"You never heard of that before?" Twilight asked.

"No. I usually consider summer the hunting season," Ren replied. Twilight then remembered that Ren didn't grow up with humans, so, knowing stuff like that was a bit off for her to a large degree.

"Oh right, you grew up in Ohu. Well, a Vacation is basically a long time-off, when your excuse from school to have fun," Nagisa explained. Ren looked a bit in wonder about the 'vacation' concept. After all, most of her life had been fight, hunt, and live.

"How long does one usually go for?"

"For about a month at least."

Ren thought on the idea a bit more. An entire month to just relax and do what one pleased? That sounded wonderful! However, before they could continue on with more of the events, the group then heard someone else start to walk out. From the building, one of the dogs, Weed, began walking out into the sunlight. Behind him, Mel and GB joined him as well, making sure he was walking alright.

"Hello, Weed," Ren said. Weed turned to her and nodded his head, quickly noting the new girl with them. He recognized Ren and Nagisa, but, Twilight was completely new to them. Twilight didn't hear too much about the three dogs, and was a bit surprised seeing them too.

"Who are they?"

"Oh, them. Twilight, theis is Weed, Mel, and GB," Nagisa introduced. Nagisa had gotten their names for the time they stayed. Twilight kneeled down, at better eye level with the dogs, but, they weren't as friendly to her as they were to the others. Not aggressive, just new over her. While they were getting introduced, GB's ear flicked suddenly, catching something in his senses. It didn't sound, or felt normal to him, as he suddenly looked to the forest farther down.

"GB, what's wrong?" Mel asked.

"Over there, Mel. Do you notice anything odd?" GB replied, looking in the direction again. Mel looked off, and began to get that same feeling as well, becoming a bit wary. Weed was the last to catch it before the humans noticed their behavior.

"What's the matter?" Nagisa asked. GB rushed ahead a good foot or two, and suddenly began barking to the humans (or at least it sounded like barking to them). Ren, able to understand them, suddenly got on edge to GB's warning, and looked off in that same direction. Soon, the people began to see something move amongst the bushes. It was small from where they were, and moved very quickly, but it was enough to get their attention. Weed rushed forward, starting to growl a bit upon sensing the threat. All of them looked ahead, as they saw something rush out from the edge of the forest, and running out into the school yard towards them! The figures looked small, only slightly taller than Weed appeared to be. They all moved very fast too, small arms aimed to the back, and rushing forward through the yard. There was about twelve at first, but they could see twenty more of them running through the yard, looking like two-legged beetles, heads red-capped.

"What the hell are those things?" GB gasped, stepping back as they ran for them! Nagisa and Twilight rushed for the building, but one of them was fast enough to grab Nagisa by the neck, and pulled him back outside! five of them targeted the dogs, Weed and Mel trying to fight them as GB tried to avoid them as much as possible. Ren was targeted by three of them, Ren slamming them away every time they got close! Twilight tried to get Nagisa inside, but two more of them grabbed her and got them outside as well, despite their effort.

"Let go!" Nagisa yelled, kicking one of them in the face to let him go! However, whatever these things were had blades for hands, and when Nagisa kicked it off, the blades dug into his leg, blood coming out! The one he kicked screeched, and three more ditched the others and attacked him, digging their bladed hands into his chest and arms to keep him still! Ren was beating them up the most, being the strongest, but even if she kept doing so, they kept coming back at her, cutting her up more and more. The dogs weren't doing much better, GB and Mel already pinned down as Weed kept trying to fight. And to think, Weed had just healed from Kyoshiro's battle, suddenly he had to fight these things! Weed looked and saw Nagisa in big trouble.

"Nagisa!" Weed gasped, ramming two of the fighting things off of him, enough so he could get them off him! Nagisa smiled to Weed before fighting off more from him. At one point, Ren was suddenly confronted by nine of them at the same time! Ren braced for the impact of the hit, but suddenly five of them were knocked back when one of Korosensei's giant books were thrown at them. When they looked back, they saw a smirking Karma standing there.

"Found a use for those books after all," Karma chuckled, looking to the oncoming attack. Three of them began attacking him, but, Karma rushed forward and began to beat up whatever tried to slice him up. However, suddenly the entire hoard charged forward all at once, and pinned them all down as much as they could. Practically everyone outside was pinned down outside by these things, even Ren (which had ten on top of her). When they all were pinned down and secure, something else began to walk out into the light. The figure was much taller than the others, about four feet taller than the others, looking like a more human-like version of the things on top of them. It also appeared to have half of an axe fixated to its forehead. It looked down to those around it.

"Well done, Pawniard. Keep them down," he ordered. The Pawniard did so, and kept them still as much as possible as the thing walked over to Ren, Ren couldn't look up much until the Pawniard flipped her over to her side to get a better view of their leader.

"How dare you!" Ren said from beneath the Pawniard. The figure placed one of it's two-clawed feet on Ren's head, not showing much care for the human in front of him. Before he could do anything, the leader heard something from the main building, seeing the faces of Luffy, Naruto, Hinata, and the rest of the students inside. He gave the signal, and ten of them rushed to the school, making sure none of them run out to fight by blocking the door, ready to attack at the slightest provocation!

"Tough bitch, who are you?" Karma groaned. The leader moved from Ren and towards Karma, bowing down to get a better view of him. Karma, despite his situation, was more annoyed than actually scared.

"Name's Bisharp. Now keep still and your death will be painless," Bisharp said, readying the final blow on him by lifting his right arm, the metal shining in the light. Karma knew exactly what he was going to do: one hit and off will go Karma's head! Before he could do anything, Mel somehow got loose from his restraints, and rushed as quick as he could to Bisharp. However, instead of chopping off Karma's head, Bisharp suddenly swayed his arm to the side, hitting Mel's back to stop him! The Pawniard quickly pinned Mel again after that, Bisharp leaving the mutt alone as its head bled, knocked out instantly. Everyone saw little to no remorse in Bisharp's eyes, as it turned back to Karma.

"Mel! You okay?! Mel!" Weed yelled, not getting a response from the retriever. Bisharp just ignored the pup, and was going to try again, but Bisharp took the second to check around him, making sure they indeed were alone. Outside pinned, inside trapped, and no one else watching...


Scratch that: one person watching. Rushing out from the forest, Greninja had caught up with Bisharp and his Pawniard. Greninja was shocked to see everyone pinned down by the Pawniard, telling the ninja frog he was too late to warn them. Bisharp got up, being a foot taller than Greninja was.

"Greninja? Quite a surprise to see you here."

"Let them go, Bisharp, they're not worth it!"

"How so? The Demon Clan seemed very specific on their assignment," Bisharp replied, stepping on Karma's free hand, making Karma cringe a bit from the hit. Greninja readied himself for whatever attack Bisharp would do. Bisharp made another signal, and all Pawniard who weren't pinning anyone charged at Greninja! The ninja frog immediately went into action, and began fighting the Pawniard at high speed, defeating all of them within just five minutes! Bisharp knew Greninja was strong, but, this was pretty quick for what he remembered him to be. After beating up the Pawniard, Greninja turned back to Bisharp. Bisharp then signaled the Pawniard blocking the door to fight, but only ended up failing after a little bit.

"You've improved since last time we fought, eh, Greninja?" Bisharp commented, watching Greninja fight. It didn't mean Greninja got away with no injuries; a few cuts were evident on his body from the Pawniard slicing and dicing. Everyone pinned down were watching the battle Greninja was going through, and they tried to break free to help Greninja before he ends up killed! Bisharp got upright, and charged at Greninja after getting him weakened. Greninja and Bisharp began fighting it out one-on-one, as the others tried to get the Pawniard off of them. The first who got freed was Weed, and quickly began getting the others off Ren first. Ren got herself free after three Pawniard were rammed off, her strength throwing all of those on her back away. With quick motions, Ren got the other Pawniard off the others, fighting off the spares as they did so. Bisharp and Greninja still kept at their duel, but while Greninja was faster, Bisharp proved much more durable, and didn't flinch upon any hit. Greninja even tried the back of the head, but all that did was giving Bisharp the chance to swing the frog forward, slamming Greninja in the dirt as hard as he could!

"You've got stronger..."

"Thank you. Now hold still," Bisharp raised his metal arm in the air, it glistening in the air, ready to slice. However, Bisharp was about to take his own 'frog legs', when Ren finally took action and grabbed the arm, swinging Bisharp over her head! Bisharp was slammed into the dirt, looking up to Ren from below. Bisharp swung his legs forward over his head, and sliced up Ren's stomach as he jumped up to his feet. The cut was minor, but, was dangerously close to cutting her open if Bisharp did just a little lower.

Bisharp was ready to fight, but then noticed that everyone else was up and ready too. That, and the fact that most of the Pawniard were either knocked out or injured from Greninja, and from the others before Bisharp showed up. Bisharp maybe tough, Bisharp maybe pitiless, but one thing he wasn't was stupid. He knew when the odds were stacked against him by that point. So, Bisharp turned away.

"No wonder you are the chosen. OY! Withdraw!" Bisharp commanded. The Pawniard heard the command, and scattered away like a bunch of flies startled from food, and Bisharp began walking away as well. But, not before Bisharp gave one more hit to Ren to knock her over, before running off himself. As quickly as they appeared, they were gone...

After everything was done, the other classmates went off outside and helped the others up. While they did, Greninja helped himself up.

"Greninja? You know him?" Nagisa asked.

"He and I fought many times before. I imagine he'll be back... But, that's not to worry about right now. Are you all okay?" Greninja asked, looking over everyone.

"A bit cut up, but, I think we're fine. Ren, you ok?" Twilight asked.

"My health isn't important. But, I'm fine," Ren replied. Greninja then noticed the three dogs by the others, GB, Mel, and Weed. Greninja mostly focused his eyes on Weed for the moment, seeing the dog as if reading the aura in him.

"When did they get here?" Greninja asked.

"Oh them? They arrived a few days ago. Sorry you had to meet this way," Ren explained.

"Who might you be?" Greninja asked, looking at Weed.

"I'm Weed. This is GB, and Mel," Weed said, knowing they had a translator with them. Before Ren could say anything though, Greninja already spoke over her.

"Is that so?... We'll talk later on," Greninja stated, before turning to everyone else. If Giratina was sending such strong forces this quickly, then, Greninja needed to get the group on the level to keep up before it was too late.

"Nagisa, Karma, Ren, Twilight, Weed, come here," Greninja quickly said, bringing them over, so they won't be heard by the other classmen.

"Listen to me right now, what you all just had to deal with is just a fraction of what's to come. Giratina had planned farther ahead than I'd ever realized if he started so strong. Bisharp and his group are just one of many other enemies you all will have to face in the near future, you all have to be ready. I know I said you shouldn't worry too much, but, if Giratina started like this...There's no telling what else he planned to do..."

"Started? What about Kaibutsu and Misao, aren't they -"

"They had nothing to do with Giratina. They just happen to come out at a bad time, as all. Now look, you all hold the multitype. If things are going to get better, you all have to know how they work, before Giratina tries anything else."

"Wait, all of us? mean -" the group all looked to the only non-human creature with them, Weed. With a nod, Greninja confirmed his own words, the dog completely new to everything...

He too was a holder of the multitype.

"Why didn't you say anything when he arrived?"

"I wasn't there, remember? Now, without another word, we start training tomorrow, no exceptions."

"And that's what Giratina wants."

Suddenly everyone looked to Karma Akabane with a surprised expression.

"What are you talking about?"

"Giratina apparently wants us dead right? That son-of-a-bitch will be expecting us to training like crazy. He'll end up making all of us paranoid as shit, and take us all out in one blow, with the help of your training to tire us out. We'll work at our pace, and Giratina will work at his."

Greninja thought for a minute, but, in the end he just groaned.

"We can't ignore it forever, Karma..."

After that, the frog turned and went away. Karma knew what he was talking about, as everyone began going back to the school.


Observing all of the events from a dark magic sphere, Giratina in question circled around the orb like a snake, taking in the details on what had happened. He was observing from the safety of a mountain cave, out of the sun. He had seen everything since the Pawniard had arrived on the scene.

"Damn, Karma's good. Only met me once, and he's already making loopholes for me," Giratina thought, stopping for a second. He took note of each holder among the group.

"So, five now? Working faster than I thought. Very well, I'll give them a break for their effort..."