The Reunion
Season 3, Episode 5
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Kanji レユニオン
Air date August 17, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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On the Rise Gaara: The Sand Assassin

The Reunion is the 5th chapters of season 3, and the 29th in the overall series.


Weed returns to 3-E with unexpected surprises for him, and his friends. With Nagisa reuniting with one, Korosensei gets an unexpected reunion of his own ...


Nagisa hadn't said anything, nor told anyone about it, but that incident with those bullies had left him beside himself. On one hand, he knew he shouldn't do that, but on the other, it felt satisfying for getting even with any bully who messed with him. Still, he kept this idea under wraps from the others, mainly for the sake of worrying. Besides, he did promise Twilight anyway that he'll stay the friendly person he's always been, but after that ... Well, he wasn't so sure. If he could reassure anything, its that those two would most likely report this, and he'd be in a whole heap of trouble. Until that happens though (which he could guess was soon), Nagisa would have to just go along the rest of his days with his own little secret in his mind.

Training came again for Nagisa, as if it wasn't enough trouble already. In this case, it was Karasuma's turn for who Nagisa was training from, and this time rather than knives, he was put on rifles. Oh joy. It wasn't the first time he first held a rifle since Karasuma started them on this, but now that this occurred, he felt a little less confident about trying this again. Or at the very least, was unsure a little bit. If there was any benefit, he can safely say if any demons were to show up, they'd be more prepared and armed this time anyway. For this training, speaking of which, it was a basic shooting range, with target farther away, and a number of students practicing their aiming. Korosensei this time wasn't anywhere around, so, Karasuma couldn't practice his chances with Korosensei as his dummy. At the moment, Nagisa was joined by Karma (of course), Naruto and Hinata. Training had done them fairly well for the most part, and Karma was shooting Koro beeds (as the students came to call them) like it's nobody's business. Nagisa could only struggle to keep up with him for the while, getting one shot to Karma's four. To his credit, he was more accurate than Karma was in comparison.

"How the hell do you do it? I'm not getting anything here with this gun," Naruto complained, getting tired of using the rifle. Compared to the others, he was far better at blades than guns, though that could be from Greninja's previous training with him.

"Just imagine something worth shooting at, and you got it," Karma said smugly.

"Like what?"

"An ex girlfriend for a start."

Naruto was sorry he asked, and didn't bother to ask anymore. He kept trying his gun a few more times until he decided something else; the practice blades. He did practice in ninjutsu already, so, this can help him in both perhaps? Naruto turned back to Karasuma, who was observing as usual. Feeling ready, he pulled out some knives he had tucked away, and suddenly he threw them good and fast. There were about four targets placed for each student, and Naruto got a very good shot with his blade throwing.

"Got it! Dattebayo!" Naruto beamed. Karma, Nagisa, and Hinata were taken by surprise, and stopped for a moment to take in what just happened.

"Well, look at you, ninja boy," Karma teased, though he really was impressed with the tossing of the knives. Nagisa was the one who took a break after seeing that, taking a better look at things.

"Seems everyone's doing better. God damn, this assassination stuff's getting to everyone," Nagisa thought, looking around, and placing his gun down. He had seen everyone grow in this practice each time he came over, and at this point everyone seemed to have at least some degree in assassination and weaponry. Korosensei better be more careful if he does plan to keep this up. Soon though, Karasuma noticed him stopping.

"Nagisa. Something bothering you?" He asked, though he didn't sound as caring as he should be. Nagisa sighed, and gave his rifle to Karasuma.

"mind if I take a break, Karasuma-san?" Nagisa asked.

"Keep practicing, Nagisa. you only have five more minutes left," Karasuma retorted.

"But, I dunno. I don't know if - Well, I mean ..." Nagisa couldn't get his words out correctly, not wanting to blabber on about his incident before. Karasuma, observant as any, began to see the problem.

"Look, I know this is new to you still, but this can do the world a lot better if you do manage to pull this off," Karasuma said.

"That's the least of our problems," Nagisa thought. He would say too, if he didn't promise Arceus to keep the Giratina issue quiet.

"Well, I don't think I'm cut out for this," Nagisa summed up. This wasn't true - he was doing very well compared to the other students - but it was the best excuse he's got to work with. However, Karasuma moved Nagisa away from Naruto, Hinata, and Karma for a moment.

"Nagisa, listen to me. If Korosensei can destroy the moon, think of what he can do to the earth. I'm not saying this just to scare you, but, it's a high chance he can do a lot of harm to earth if he wants to."

"But, what good will I do?" Nagisa asked, still working off his previous excuse.

"I've been watching you for a while now, and I can tell you have something special compared to everyone else. You've improved in assassination faster than everyone else, and that's something special."

Nagisa never got that kind of admiration before, and was unsure how to take it. Sure, his friends supported him, that's for sure, but Karasuma was his instructor telling him this. Being in a school where rock bottom got you kicked out of the main building and constantly scolded for it, that was a rare thing to get for the most part.

"... You think so?"

Karasuma nodded his head, giving his support. He may be a bit strict with his training, but Karasuma knew when to lend his support into his own students in training. This casted away doubts on his decision, and while the incident still hung over his head, Nagisa felt confident to continue.

After the five minutes went around, training was over and done. The students went back into class. Outside in the yard, Karasuma was stuck with cleaning up the place a bit, mainly because Korosensei wasn't around for the moment. It didn't bother him much, and moved the stuff away easily. Once the yard was clear, Karasuma nodded his head in satisfaction, and was just about to head in himself when ...

"Nagisa! I'm back!"

Barking. Karasuma turned back to the open field, and soon he began to see something emerge from the forest, and run along the field towards the 3-E building. To Karasuma, it was just barking, but he was looking for Nagisa. The new-coming dog didn't waste anytime in trying to reach the 3-E building.


Weed had been basically on a mad run to get to the 3-E building, and after many days, he finally made it. Rather than seeing Nagisa though, he saw nobody. He did see, however, the practice targets placed close by, and Karasuma standing by the door. He couldn't wait to see them again, but Karasuma wasn't having it.

"A stray dog," Karasuma thought. And seeing it running so fast right for him, his immediate reaction was getting armed for an attack. Karasuma quickly grabbed a rifle close by, and aimed it. Weed didn't notice until he was ten feet away that Karasuma was aiming a rifle at him, and he skidded to a stop almost immediately. What'd he do to risk getting shot at?! Karasuma kept his gun aimed at Weed in case of a charge, but Weed knew better than to rush in with the man armed like this. Karasuma was thinking on doing a warning shot to get the dog running off, but seconds before he could pull the trigger ...


Suddenly, the rifle was pulled upward just in time, the sound of a gun ringing out in the air. However, it didn't hit anyone, or anything apart from the grass, as the end of the gun was pulled up by a German Shepard's jaws! The second dog yanked the gun out of Karasuma's hands, and landed with the rifle in his teeth.

"Jerome?!" Weed gasped. Jerome took the moment to toss the gun aside before Karasuma could grab it from him, but once Karasuma got a good look at Jerome. Jerome took a moment to look at him, and the two locked eyes. Weed could sense a similar feeling when he first saw Nagisa; the two looked strikingly similar in behavior, and appearance despite the species barrier. Jerome's fur and Karasuma's hair matched up very well, and even the eyes matched up (both in shape and in color). Unlike Weed and Nagisa though, they recovered a lot faster, and Jerome quickly rushed in between Weed and Karasuma before the man could attempt a shot.

"Jerome, what're you doing here?" Weed asked.

"Questions for later," Jerome simply replied, ready to protect Weed like a shield. He wasn't willing to fight the human himself, but, he was willing to keep Weed out of harm's way. It didn't take long before the students noticed, yet none of them were Nagisa, which was odd for Weed. When Weed tried to find a scent, he could recognize Nagisa a little bit, amongst other things.

"Weed, go find him," Jerome advised. Weed still needed a moment to figure things out, but he eventually started to go. Karasuma watched him leave, but Jerome stayed between him and Weed until the blue dog was out of his range of sight. Rather than go with him, the German Shepard stayed around, keeping a serious eye on Karasuma. As for Karasuma, he was left taken aback ...

"Jerome ..."


As the day went on for Nagisa, who was unaware of Weed's return, the boy continued on with his own schedule, trying to keep calm despite the incident before. Even if he was keeping calm as best he could, he knew that at some point, Gakuho will find out and he will be called into his office for his punishment. What worried him the most was what he could do to him - no, what he will do to him! Gakuho wasn't one for sympathy as far as Nagisa knew. Will he send him back to 3-E again? Will he end up suspended?! There were worse scenarios, but, he didn't even want to think about that! What the strangest thing was though, was that throughout each hour of the day ...


Just, nothing. Gakuho didn't call him in at all throughout the whole day, and when the day came to a close, Nagisa went out of the school without Gakuho catching him at any point. He exited the school with Twilight and Sakamoto (Sakamoto by pure luck), and waited for Ren to show up for the walk home. It did feel strange for Nagisa that the principal wouldn't bring this up at any point ...

"Nagisa?" Twilight asked at one point. Nagisa snapped back to reality, and turned to Twilight.

"Everything okay? You've been kinda worried lately," Twilight asked. Nagisa felt a bit more concern, yet before he could say anything, Sakamoto then noticed something over at the side of the building, just pass the corner leading to the back.

"We have a guest," Sakamoto said, looking over. Nagisa and Twilight followed his eyes off to where Sakamoto was looking, and they then started to see something move into sight. Soon, the blue dog Weed then appearing, wagging his tail on seeing Nagisa at last. Weed had been running around all day, trying to figure out where he was, and he was pretty much stuck waiting outside the building for him. Now that the coast was clear, Weed and Nagisa went right over to eachother.


"Nagisa!" Weed happily greeted Nagisa with open paws, Nagisa hugging Weed. It'd been a while since he had seen Weed. Weed recognized Twilight just fine, but Sakamoto began to walk away back to his own house. Weed didn't had much chance to notice him until too late.

"Great to see you again, Weed," Nagisa said, after letting him go.

"Same here. I know this is sudden, but, can I ask you something?" Weed asked. Nagisa glanced over to Twilight, and nodded to Weed. Twilight for one was only hearing barking, but Nagisa already told Twilight about the pill Korosensei gave him in order to understand him, so, Twilight didn't question it.

"Sure, Weed, what is it?"

"It's 3-E; what the hell's going on with it?! I arrive for just a minute, and this guy nearly shoots me. You're in 3-E right, what happened?" Weed asked. Nagisa thought Weed was going to stay at Ohu, so he wasn't exactly prepared for an answer up front, as he'd been doing.

"Here, Weed, We'll explain when we get to my house. Probably better to talk there, anyway."


After a bit, they managed to get Weed up to Nagisa's apartment. Once Nagisa, Weed, and Ren had got there, Nagisa and Ren explained everything to Weed to help him catch up, and help him figure things out at 3-E and what's going on. Weed found it slightly odd to take in after Nagisa had finished up explaining everything to him.

"Assassin? Is that why that guy's there?" Weed asked.

"He won't leave until Korosensei's dead," Ren replied. Weed started to pace a bit.

"Oh my hell. This is a lot of change; Korosensei blows up the moon, 3-E's now a training camp, Greninja's out of sight - ... *sigh* Please tell me no one found anything out yet."

"No one else knows, don't worry Weed," Nagisa said. Weed gave a sigh of relief, sitting down on the floor next to him.

"And Korosensei, where is he? I didn't see him when I got there."

Nagisa turned to Ren for an answer, but all she did was shrug. Knowing Korosensei enough by now, he could easily be anywhere. Nagisa just got up.

"I don't know ..."

Nagisa walked over to the window for a moment to look outside. Looking up, he, Weed, and Ren could easily see the permanent crescent in their moon. To think that Korosensei would do this was simply baffling for the three, but what can they do now? ...


Meanwhile, back within the forests near 3-E, Things had dulled down and grew quiet. With the sound of gunfire finally dwindling, the main sounds at the moment were the sounds of calm winds through the trees, and the occasional crickets. Still, even with so much silence, there was still someone moving around within the area. Steadily moving along, apparently with no direction to go, one lone human stopped in the middle of the forest. It was a rather odd place for just some lonely human to be. The man didn't stop until he got to a clearing, where he could see the moon fairly easily. Looking around back and forth for a moment to be sure he was alone, he seemed relatively safe ...

Then came the growls.

The man didn't seem too worried, but as the growls grew, suddenly a decent sized dog soon appeared from the darkness and shadows of the forest. It looked kinda small, and looking like a sort of miniature fighting breed. It snarled menacingly at him, as a few more followed. Eventually, a much larger dog appeared, a Doberman in appearance but with horns and a tail - the same demon dog Giratina sent out days before. The man didn't seem too worried though, and actually seemed a bit amused if not much else.

"Oh, stop amusing, it's me."

Almost immediately, the leading canine stopped growling for a moment, as the man smirked at him. He went over, and took a few sniffs before looking up to him.

"Huh? Are you -"

The man suddenly revealed himself when his two fingers covered one eye. One they split, the eye suddenly turned into a black eye with red pupils; the clear signs of Giratina! The dog looked surprised, and backed up, as Giratina chuckled.

"Well, I know how well this disguise works. Thank you, Houndoom," he simply said. Houndoom halted for a moment.

"Giratina? What's with the human get-up?"

"Oh, since Nagisa's split from 3-E, might as well get a better look as all. Speaking of which, anything for me?" Giratina asked. Houndoom nodded, but called off the other dogs first before talking to him.

"Alright, let's see where do I start?"

"Oh, any point will do," Giratina encouraged.

"K then. Well, that Nagisa's starting to get a bit frisky with this assassination stuff; saw him scare the shit out of some bullies days ago. Those two didn't know what hit them," Houndoom explained, smirking at the last remark. Giratina found it intriguing, although it also told him he was getting stronger.

"Oh, I'm aware of that. Anything else here?"

"Korosensei's been hiding away a while for one thing. Second, Weed's now back with the group. Not to take a stab at your plan, but I don't think this separation idea's working as you said. Sure we can't just go in and kill just one? My fangs are itching to tear open some throats."

Houndoom took a moment to lick his teeth. Giratina looked up to the moon once more before answering Houndoom.

"You'll kill when you have to, understand. Did anybody give you any trouble yet?"

"... Well, no?"

"Then no. Trust me, you'll get some blood on your tongue in due time. You just got to be patient," Giratina said, turning away to walk off. Houndoom nodded, and disappeared into the forest. Giratina made sure to fix his eye, just before he started his way back ...

With his disguise keeping him out of any suspicious sights, Giratina moved right on from the forest, pass 3-E, and then off to the main building. Since it was too late in the day for anyone to even be inside the building by any means, that also means that the building was all to him regardless of the case. Just like any normal day, Giratina casually walked right up to the door. Giratina, being a pokemon of dark magic, simply unlocked the door with a snap of his fingers, and went right on inside. With all the students gone, and staff already home and asleep, Giratina himself had no issue with wandering around the practically empty school. He may not be too familiar with how human schools work, nor cared for it, but he knew that humans can't stay up entirely long through the night.

While roaming around, Giratina eventually made it from the start of the building, and into Gakuho's main office, replying on pure memory alone to navigate. Once he got there, the first thing he did was go straight for the phone on Gakuho's desk. Sitting down comfortably, Giratina began dialing away, and soon he got his call through ...

"Hello there ... Yes, I'd like to give you a target ... Well, I don't wanna spoil anything for you, now would I? I'd rather you - ... Oh? ... I see. And I also see that he'll start his little massacre with his pals if left alone ... Uh huh ... Just head over to Yunibāsaru Junior High School, can't miss it. 3-E building ... Oh, just follow the sounds of blades and gunshots, and you got it ... Wonderful. Have fun."

After he was done, with a devilish smile, he placed the phone back down and finished his call. Getting this kind of assistance wasn't his cup of tea, but, it would make things interesting all the same. Besides, can't fail to have something extra to test everyone ...

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