Tolls and Blossoms
Season 3, Episode 8
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Kanji 通行料、花
Air date August 31, 2016
Written by Gingalover
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Pretty in Pink Rose's Thorn

Tolls and Blossoms is the 8th chapter of season 3, and the 32nd in the overall series.


Nagisa's condition is getting worse, and an old assassin returns.


The next morning, and things were going a lot better than it had been. Nagisa had gone though his routine, and headed off to the high school as he would normally do. It was a much better walk this time around, and both Ren and Weed could tell he was feeling a lot better this time. He was a lot more determined anyway.

"You're feeling better?" Ren asked, as they walked along.

"Plenty. You two head to 3-E, I'll meet you both there," Nagisa said. Ren and Weed both did so, and Nagisa headed into the main building with the rest of the kids. He had been thinking it over all morning, and he now knew in his heart that he had to learn how to fight, Mizu Multitype or not. So, he'll train hard with the classes this time. Nagisa had arrived early, so it'll be a bit before he will be with Twilight for his first class. So, he went inside, and waited for Twilight over at their first class. Nagisa had been dodging Twilight a little bit, but now he would rather be with her. He saw different students pass him by, but eventually one familiar face stopped by; Sakamoto.

"Morning, Sakamoto, how're things?" Nagisa asked, as he walked by. Sakamoto stopped and turned to him.

"Hello. I'm alright," Sakamoto replied.

"Did you see Yugure come in?"

"She'll be around," Sakamoto assured him, and went off on his way. Nagisa didn't want to bother the 3-A student, and stayed around for a bit more. However, Sakamoto took a moment to look back, and noticed something farther down the hall. Amongst the students coming and going, one of them took a look at Nagisa, before walking off. Nagisa didn't really seem to notice much of it though.

"What do we have here? Looks like Nagisa has a shadow."


Skimming through the hours was quite an easy job for Nagisa. And good thing for it, because when lunchtime came around, he had someone to meet up with. He at least wanted to do that. The usual calm walk turned into a good run - he didn't want to waste any time - as he went past the 3-E building, and into the mountains to find Greninja. Nagisa left him hanging on his question before, but after thinking it over, he was ready this time and had a different answer in his head for him. Heading through the forest as fast as he could, he began to reach the familiar mountain pool in no time at all, quickly seeing Greninja on the water surface, and Phanpy drinking some water from the same pool. Greninja looked over to him, slightly impressed.

"Nagisa. You've arrived earlier than normal."

"Hie. Greninja, I thought over your offer yesterday and ... I'm willing to change my mind," Nagisa decided. Greninja got up, and hopped out of the pool, standing right in front of him.

"I'm honestly happy to hear that. I understand though that you have some previous engagement with Karasuma. What're you deciding to do with that?"

"I decided that I should keep going with him too. You're right; it's about protection, and I need a strategy in case something arrives and Mizu still isn't unlocked yet. Is that going to be a problem?"

"Not at all. You go with Karasuma today, and we'll begin tomorrow. Fair enough?"

"Hie! Thanks Greninja," Nagisa replied. Since he had ran off already, he had to race back to 3-E before Ren and Weed begin to wonder where he had raced off to. Greninja and Phanpy watched him go, but just further away, someone else was keeping an eye on him.

"Multitype ..."


"Let's see what you're hiding."

Sometime later, Gakushu was in the main school library. It was quiet there, of course, but there also wasn't many others around, so it was a good spot to handle some studies. He didn't mean basic study though like math, or science, or whatever, but instead it was a study on that Multitype he managed to catch before. Gakushu had been trying to get some information about what's what, and this Multitype was his first true breakthrough since starting on this. Nagisa's talk with Gakuho, while a good start, didn't give Gakushu very much to work with. With lightning fast typing, Gakushu began to search for this sort of term on his laptop in regards to this Multitype on their school's search engine, but he didn't seem to be getting anything at first which seemed familiar to the situation Nagisa and Greninja were talking about. When simple links didn't seem to work, he tried his luck looking for any images - a method that sometimes works. Once he clicked the option, and the loading done, Gakushu didn't get much options at first that seemed to match up, but the first option caught his eye. It looked like a picture of some sort of entity, or some form of godly creature, with white fur and a halo around its body. Gakushu, curious, clicked on the image just to end up on a Wikipedia page. There wasn't very much to really go on in terms of real information (or accurate information for that matter) but since the other picture options included multiple matches of clothes, this was probably the best he can get for now. The information detailed an entity known as "The Great One", and at first most of the information remained elusive, and vague in most details. Upon further investigation, there was something that came up called "The elements", one of which was actually Mizu!

"There you are. Now what're you about?" Gakushu wondered. The information wasn't too much apart from the basics of what each element could do, and Mizu was a power associated with water. It would explain Nagisa's blue eyes and blue hair, anyway.

"So this is what Nagisa is trying to get? How curious. Perhaps there are others around here ..."

Gakushu got to his own notebook, which he put next to him, and quickly wrote it down. There was no way he was going to lose this kind of information. If 3-E Nagisa is going to go this far, then Gakushu needed to figure out who else was with him, and what more is going on in the grand scheme of things. After a quick time check, Gakushu got his notebook and laptop, and went off to class. He may be a meddling kid in finding this out, but he won't let his grades slip because of it. He could tell things will get interesting.


For the days to follow, it seems that everybody was dead set on something in their own agenda. For Nagisa, this meant training, and train he did - hard. For each day, it seemed to go in a pattern; at lunch he went to Karasuma, trained as much as he could in assassination from him, and then go to Greninja and train with him for a bit. Nagisa impressed everyone with his dead set determination in the arts from both sides, though Nagisa still kept quiet about the incidents - too focused on training to consider it anyway. When it came to preference in tools, it seemed that the blade was Nagisa's natural fighting tool. Sure he can use a gun fairly well, but in close combat he used the blade to its full efficiency, and everyone could see it during his sessions with Karasuma. His friends were impressed more than most, and even Pinkie ended up showing up after a while as Nagisa's personal cheer girl. The others got used to her coming around after a while, and stopped bothering her about it. Despite the entire case of determination, only Weed still seemed to show some slight concern in his approach, but not from if it'll mess with his morals, but Nagisa seemed to be pushing himself a bit each time Weed saw him. Twilight began to notice this too once she saw Nagisa training one day, but she also saw how deep in he was into trying so she didn't want to damper his spirits at first. At the same time, Gakushu had been busy with his own investigations as well. With a lead on the Multitype, and a need to figure out more, Gakushu had been going back and forth in trying to gain more information on what's going on, which included spying on Nagisa, and following him around like a shadow. Unlike Nagisa, his studies had gone much slower, and the results were troubling at the least. If he could say anything, it's that this study was going to be harder than he first thought. Aside from Sakamoto, the other 3-A students (the other big five included), were unaware of what Gakushu was trying to do, and Gakushu seemed relatively fine with that. After all, he didn't need to waste his breath in getting everyone else in the know unless the situation called for it. As it stands, it only called for himself.

One day however, Twilight had arrived to school at the usual time, but she didn't find Nagisa there in the first class straight away. It was odd to see, since many of Nagisa's classes had him there on time, or even earlier than that on a good day. Seeing him late was an odd thing to find, and Twilight waited for him in class while the teacher kept the attendance in check. Eventually, he addressed the class.

"Has anyone seen Nagisa Shiota?" He asked. Before anyone could answer, suddenly the class heard some sort of panting by the door.

"Here. *pant* I'm here *pant* sorry."

Looking over, they all saw Nagisa Shiota standing there, but looking a bit tired - more than usual. It looked like he'd ran a marathon before showing up, but Nagisa calmed himself, and wiped off some sweat from his forehead.

"Glad you can join us. Have a seat please," the teacher instructed. Nagisa complied, and went over to his seat. Twilight could tell almost immediately something was wrong with him.

"Psst, Nagisa. You okay?" Twilight whispered. Nagisa turned to her for a moment and nodded.

"I'm alright, Twilight. Just tired that's all," Nagisa replied quietly.

Twilight took his word for it, but throughout the hours up to lunch, it seems that he wasn't just tired, as Nagisa was saying. He just looked a little bit off as the day went on over to lunchtime. Nagisa kept insisting that he was fine, and for her not to worry, but it was becoming clear that he wasn't looking so good.

"Nagisa, maybe you should skip training today. You don't look so good," Twilight suggested, as they were eating. Nagisa took a bite before turning to her.

"It's alright, Twilight. I really think I'm making a breakthrough here," Nagisa replied, which was true in his eyes. Still, he looked just tired and more tired in his face. Twilight was going to keep protesting, but Nagisa then got up, with only half his meal finished. He didn't feel much hungry anyway.

"Wanna come with me?" Nagisa asked. Twilight sighed.


With a smile, Nagisa began to go, but Twilight needed a minute. Twilight just had one thought.

"Nagisa ... You're pushing yourself too much ..."

Pretty soon, Nagisa was off and at the 3-E building. Twilight herself was a bit troubled by the time she showed up. When she did, Nagisa was already going off at it in his training. Karasuma, Pinkie, Ren, Weed, and Korosensei were watching for a moment, as Nagisa was fighting it out with Karma.

"You made it," Ren simply said, as Twilight stood aside. Nagisa and Karma had been fighting it out for a while, Nagisa showing Karma how much he improved over his own training. Karma was doing well, but Nagisa obviously had the upper hand in blocking his attacks. Each move was fast and accurate, as come to expect.

"Come on Nagisa, you're getting slower," Karma pointed out as they were fighting. Nagisa ignored him, and tried picking up to speed, but he was starting to slip bit by bit. He started fine, but the more he kept going, the more trouble he was in keeping himself up with Karma.

"Karma, can you try slowing down?" Weed called. Nagisa was starting to get a headache at this point, he was that far down. Karma suddenly moved aside, Nagisa falling forward, and getting his back stabbed by Karma's fake blade. This got quite a reaction from the others, as Nagisa tried to regain himself, his head pounding like his own heart. This time there was no hiding it - Nagisa was sick. Karasuma went over, and picked him up off the ground, Nagisa not removing his hand.

"I think you've done enough today," Karasuma decided.

"W-wha? No I'm fine, just let me -" Nagisa was silenced by his own headache. "... O-okay ..."

What can Nagisa exactly say or do? There wasn't exactly a reason to try and fake it out, and he trained plenty already.


The path back to the forest was a quiet one. It was quite a disappointment to Nagisa, still feeling his headache pounding. Maybe he had been pushing too hard on himself, but he hadn't much choice thanks to Giratina messing with him. Another attack could come at anytime, and he had to get himself ready for anything. But look where that got him. Even after so many days, he ended up worrying, and tiring himself sick. He got the skills, he got the strategy, but not the health. Nagisa kept walking until he decided to rest by one of the trees, which was just at the start of losing its leaves. He just hoped that nothing ended up happening during this ...

Well, his luck had run out a while ago ...

"There you are."


Nagisa was praying to God that this wouldn't happen, but it was anyway. Nagisa looked up the tree he was laying next to, and saw the unmistakeable figure that was Gaara. Seriously, Gaara had caused enough trouble, but what can Nagisa do now? He wasn't fast enough to outrun him, and in no condition for a winning fight. Gaara stared daggers down at him from the branch he perched himself on. Gaara had a blade in hand, and a set mind to take him down. Nagisa wasn't ready to fight, and even if he was, he had to weapon to use. If there was a day for reckoning, this was one of them. Gaara, knowing Nagisa wasn't running, jumped down from the tree, landing right in front of Nagisa with his knife drawn.

"Don't think I had forgotten about our last excursion. I'm not falling for your tricks this time," Gaara stated, eyes narrowed in anger. Nagisa returned the glare, straightening up. However, he still wasn't ready for a fight medically, but his soul was prepared for anything. Gaara could see that Nagisa wasn't feeling right, but thinking back to the last fight, he wasn't taking any chances with this human viper.

"This isn't good; I don't have my weapon, and I don't have anyone around. Damn. God damn. But I have to fight." He thought ...

"I'll take you on," he said.

That's all Gaara need to hear.

Gaara got out his blade, and made the first strike at Nagisa, making Nagisa duck and roll to avoid the blade. It ended up jabbed in the tree, as Nagisa got to his feet again. Rather than pull out another blade, Gaara kept to the one blade, not wanting Nagisa to have any weapons this time around. Gaara turned to Nagisa again, seeing him having difficulty already.

"Tired already?" Gaara asked, more annoyed than actually threatening. He hated fighting weak opponents - not worth the effort. Nagisa panted heavily, but didn't respond to his own mockery. Gaara charged him again, and Nagisa tried his best to dodge him, but Gaara checked him, making him lose balance and stumbling on his hands and feet. Nagisa managed to get up, but Gaara was already at him. Nagisa turned just in time to face him, only to see him flying at him full force.

Nagisa couldn't dodge what came next; Gaara raised his blade mid jump, and sliced into Nagisa's head! The cut was clean, and right between Nagisa's eyes, from the top of his forehead down to his right eye, narrowing missing his eye by inches. It happened so fast, and the pain was immediate.


Nagisa's scream echoed everywhere, reaching easily to the 3-E building, and further ahead of the path to the main building. If anyone was outside of the main building, then they could hear Nagisa's cry. 3-E however heard it loud and clear. The scream made Korosensei jump, and Weed jumping to his paws. He knew when Nagisa was in trouble.

"Nagisa!" Weed gasped, immediately running. He knew the path, and if that's where he heard it come from, then Nagisa must be there. Jerome quickly joined him in the run, and some of the other students ran as well to help Nagisa. As for the main building, it was pure luck that at least one person managed to hear him ...

"My goodness."


As quickly as the attack came, it was done and over. Nagisa slammed into the ground in a daze, faced down into the dirt, with Gaara standing over him. Nagisa wasn't moving, feeling the cut stinging all the while as his blood created a pool in front of him. Nagisa found just enough strength to pull himself up, seeing his own pool of blood and the blood dripping down from his open cut. He didn't know how deep it was, but it sure felt like he had his skull cut open. As for Gaara, the assassin turned Nagisa around so he was facing him. The blood from Nagisa's cut tainted Nagisa's face, and even a little bit of Gaara's hand, as he got his blade out and ready.


To Gaara it was a howl, but Gaara turned around and saw Jerome and Weed running straight towards him. Gaara barely recognized Weed, and clearly recognized Jerome. Half delirious from shock, Nagisa could make them out.

"W-Weed. No," Nagisa managed to get out, as Gaara placed him back down, not losing his gaze to the dogs. Out of the two, Jerome attacked first, and rammed Gaara off of Nagisa, as Weed rushed to his aid.

"Nagisa, you okay?" Weed asked urgently.

"Weed. You have to go."

"No way, I'm not leaving you here," Weed insisted, trying to help Nagisa back up. Gaara quickly saw Weed however, and grabbed Weed by the back legs. Jerome was still running to him again, but Gaara swung Weed around, whacking Jerome and sending them both tumbling to the ground. Gaara got his blade ready again, but just before he could finish off anyone else, something blasted Gaara's blade from his hand! The blade landed down in front of Nagisa, and Gaara checked his hand for any damage.

"Get away from him," a stern voice ordered. Gaara turned and saw the others showing up, Karasuma with a smoking gun aimed to him.

"You again?"

"Back away from Nagisa. Now," Ren ordered, equally stern. Gaara wasn't as blind as before, and knew what to expect from this group of killers. Gaara stood there for a moment or two, studying the situation at hand.

"You care a lot for that kid, don't you? None of you are aware of how deadly a poison he is," Gaara stated.

"What're you going on about now, bastard?" Karma asked.

"He's a viper; silent, cold-blooded, invisible to the naked eye, until striking where it hurts most. Don't act like you hadn't noticed how much of a killer he's become," Gaara replied, turning to Nagisa. Nagisa heard every word, but he didn't have much mind power to respond to him.

"You're wrong, he's not a killer!"

"You saw him nearly kill me, so don't act like you don't know!" Gaara snapped. As they were talking, Nagisa had seen the blade, and silently managed to get the blade in his grasp. He didn't attack right away though, Gaara having his senses up and active.

"Then how about you try a harder opponent. How about you try with me instead?" Karma challenged. Gaara wasn't too deterred by Karma's sudden challenge, but he was willing anyway. Nagisa meanwhile began to get up himself, feeling the blood on his face, slowly dripping down. It did hurt, and it did worry him quite a bit, but then Nagisa began to think a bit. His Multitype is water. Blood is water. Can he work with that? Well, stranger things had happened ...

"God. I beg you. Please let this work," Nagisa thought, pleading.

"You? If you want a early grave, then so be it," Gaara decided. Karma was a stronger opponent than Nagisa anyway, and with Nagisa weakened like this, then it'll be just fine to try someone else a bit stronger before finishing him off. More thrill that way.

"Anyone else wanna join?" Karma offered.

"One-on-one, you coward," Gaara firmly demanded. If he is going to fight, being even would be appreciated.

"Just thought I'd ask, geesh. Let's dance," Karma said, getting his own blade ready. Gaara and Karma rushed at eachother, and their blade fight began right away, as Weed tried to help Nagisa a bit more. Twilight and Pinkie Pie managed to loop around, and get to him while Gaara was busy.

"Come on, Pinkie, help me with this," Twilight said.

"Okie dokie," Pinkie replied, helped Nagisa up to his feet fully. Nagisa was trying so hard to focus, and ignoring the pain in him. Those who didn't see it were still quite shocked on hearing that he almost killed Gaara already, and Nagisa didn't want that revealed to everyone by the same person who he almost killed in the first place. He felt awful now ...

"Nagisa, it's okay we're here."

"No. No, don't. Gaara's right; I'm a viper, you shouldn't be around me," Nagisa said, feeling guilty for this, and not just for the incident, but with his success as a assassin in general. He was worried for the longest time, and now he couldn't hold it back anymore.

"Nagisa, that's not true."

"Yes it is! I almost killed Gaara -"

"To save me! Nagisa, you had no choice, and it's okay to feel bad about it, but what you did was to save a life, not to assassinate," Twilight retorted. Nagisa still wasn't sure about that.

"But ... But I promised ..." Nagisa said, starting to tear up a little bit.

"And you didn't break it. You fight more, but you're still the same Nagisa. I guarantee it. We're all behind you, don't ever forget that," Twilight explained. Nagisa kept quiet for a bit more, thinking on what she was saying. Nagisa had been trying, really he was, but it just didn't seem to work. Even with that though, his friends were still with him. So, how bad can he be? ...

Karma meanwhile was having his own fun with Gaara, in his own fight. Throughout their talk, Karma had been doing well against Gaara for the longest time, but Gaara was beginning to grow impatient with him. While the fight was a strong one, Gaara glanced back to Nagisa, only to find him being aided by the others. Not something he wanted to happen. He found Karma a more exciting opponent, but he was tasked to kill the others around as well, so, he wasn't letting Nagisa just run off on him. In a swift move, Gaara dodged Karma, and threw a blade right at Nagisa's heel. It wasn't enough to stab his foot, but enough to keep him still. However, Nagisa kept calm, and almost ignored it ...

"I'm not letting you leave," Gaara stated, and he rushed to him. A quick stab at the back and he'll get back to Karma. Now the duel was over, and the green light was lit for the others to come in and help. Naruto was in first, and knocked Gaara back before he could do any damage. Gaara got up fast, and countered another charge from Naruto with a strong bash from his head. The move hurt them both, but the idea was to block, not to damage, and Naruto froze for a short moment.

"Get your own fight," Gaara advised.

"Make me!" Retorted Naruto, getting his own ninja blades armed and ready. The assassin turned to get his knife off the ground, only to find that Twilight had already grabbed it, and pulled it out of Nagisa's heel. Gaara was starting to get annoyed now, with his targets going away on him. He didn't come here to make a bluff out of it, and he wanted them dead. He had to deal with Naruto first, so he charged at him again. Naruto however suddenly disappeared seconds before Gaara could hit him, and then ...

A kick to the back; Naruto has reappeared behind Gaara, got his leg up, and whacked Gaara good and hard. This was clearly Greninja's move. Gaara was knocked right into a tree, as Naruto landed on his feet. Ren was next to come in, and before Gaara could react, she grabbed him by the throat, lifting him up. Gaara thrashed and kicked her in the stomach and chest (breasts included), but Ren wasn't going to let him go.

"Not this time," Ren simply said. She may not be the smartest person here, but she wasn't going to fall for the same tricks twice. Gaara struggled more and more, kicking and thrashing, as Ren tried to keep him still with both hands on him, but one particular kick finally got him loose; a high kick, right at her head! Gaara rushed around her, a quick slice at her leg to knock her down off her feet, and soon was back in attack mode. Naruto grabbed Ren before she could fall completely to the ground, as Jerome took his turn and rushed him once more, taking a strong bite in Gaara's right calf. Gaara cringed on feeling the bite, and swatted dirt at Jerome's eyes, but as with Ren, Jerome wasn't falling for the same tricks twice, and managed to pull Gaara to the ground. This obviously wasn't any good for him, but he will not be denied by some mutt again.

"You son of a bitch!" Gaara growled, swinging his legs up. Gaara had just enough strength to pull his leg out, but not without Jerome's teeth tearing into it. Gaara did a flip or two to get back on his feet, but now with the cut, he was slightly off balance. First his neck, now his leg.

"Listen here, killer. You can try to single us out as much as you want. But, if you want to kill one of us. Then you have to go through all of us," Karma announced, almost sadistically with his signature smile. Gaara took a moment to let that sink in, and looking to everyone else around him. Karma, Naruto, Karasuma, Jerome, Ren, Weed, Twilight, Nagisa. They all were together, and as far as he was concern, all against him. Looking to Nagisa though, Gaara could easily tell that he was locking eyes with him, even with him being held up by Pinkie and Twilight. Gaara growled, and looked right to Nagisa again.

"I'm not leaving without one target down," Gaara finally decided, his blades at the ready. He didn't care how deep the bite was on his leg (for now), he was so close to killing one of his targets, and if he can just make one more strike, then at least he can say he made some progress on this task of his. The others quickly made a wall between Gaara and Nagisa, but even with a bitten leg, Gaara still was moving swiftly. Weed and Jerome tried getting him, but Gaara jumped over them both. The humans tried, but Gaara used them as a launch pad, and shot up in the air, right above them. Twilight and Pinkie, freaked out, tried to pull Nagisa away, but Gaara moved too fast, and tackled Nagisa to the ground.

It's now or never.

"Nagisa!" Twilight gasped, trying to get to him. Gaara got his blade up, and quickly swung it down fast ...

But, something went wrong.

Gaara's blade met with another blade, but this one was not any regular blade. In desperation, Nagisa had tried to protect himself with the movement of his arm, getting his hand in the perfect position as if holding some sort of blade. When Nagisa and Gaara looked, it seemed both of them were shocked to see what kind of blade now was in Nagisa's hand. This blade was no simple assassin knife, but made of water! Yes, water! The water blade was just like Greninja's blades in appearance, though this one had Nagisa's blood, sweat, and tears put into it (literally). Nagisa's once blood soaked face was slightly cleaned up for the blood being used for the blade, giving the blade itself a striped effect to it with a mix of red and blue ...

After everything, Nagisa had done it.

"What the hell?" Gaara wondered. In his state of surprise, Nagisa quickly knocked Gaara's blade out of his hand with his own water blade, not letting go of the blade. It was quickly noted that everyone else, aware or not, was watching, and saw what happened, but Nagisa didn't care at this point. Gaara just stood there, backing up as Nagisa just managed to get himself on his knees.

"I ... I did it ..." Nagisa thought, looking to the blade in his hand. Gaara felt slightly surprised, and didn't know how to react at first, but he quickly recovered after a bit. He gave a rough sigh and, feeling the sting in his leg again, cringed and looked down to him.

"Well, well, well. I see your training for Mizu had paid off," Gaara stated, bemused only a little bit. The fact he even knew what the Mizu was, nevermind what Nagisa was doing, made everyone who knew of it either speechless, or confirming that he might be involved with Giratina.

"You know about that," Nagisa said.

"Recently, yes. Consider yourself lucky for now. Next time we meet, I'm finishing you off. And have that scar on your face be a reminder in case you decide to forget."

The others tried getting him, but Gaara leaped up as best he could with his injured leg, and began racing through the trees again. After just a few seconds, Gaara was gone. Everyone looked to Nagisa again, who still had the blade in his hand. He was weak. He was ill. And now thanks to Gaara, he was exhausted. That, combined with his injury, made Nagisa keel over, and fall to the ground. Of course, the others rushed to hid aid, with Naruto and Twilight picked him up off the ground, and began to head off. As he walked by Karma stopped, and snapped his fingers at Karasuma's face to gain his attention.

"Okay, Karasuma. We kept our secret about this assassination game for you, now it's your turn to keep a secret for us. We'll tell ya what's going on, but one word to anybody, unless you got no choice, and you'll be damned, ok?" Karma summed up. Making threats like this in front of an official was dangerously risky, but with what they got to deal with, Karma found it as bad as what he survived already. Karasuma looked over to Nagisa again, being carried back to the closer 3-E building rather than the main building.

"Keep your promise, and I'll keep mine," Karasuma said.

"Good answer. Come along then," Karma replied, waving his finger to follow as he started to walk off. Karasuma followed everyone back on their way from there, Nagisa passed out all the while. In the back, Jerome and Weed were alone for a moment.

"Weed. You've been with them longer than me. Was that water blade part of this 'Mizu'?" Jerome asked. Weed knew he had some explaining to do for Jerome.

"Well, maybe. We might have to explain it to Karasuma and Pinkie Pie there anyway, so you might get your answers later. for now, we should keep an eye on Nagisa, don't you think?" Weed replied. Jerome couldn't agree more, and the two dogs followed them back from there. As for Nagisa, they didn't know what was going to happen. But one thing was clear to everyone.

He had unlocked Mizu.