Weed profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1'4"
Weight 30 pds
Race Akita / Kishu mix
Personal Description
Affiliation Ohu Army
Abilities Furaito, Zetsu Tenrou Battouga
Status Alive
Friends Smith, GB, Mel, Ohu Army, Nagisa Shiota, Jerome, Kyoshiro Shirogane, Kimba
Foes Kaibutsu, Hougen, Bisharp, Kyoshiro Shirogane (formerly)

Weed is a kind-hearted and brave dog, member of the Ohu Army, being next in line as leader due to his family history.


Weed is shown as a very brave canine, and having a heart of gold when fighting for those he cares about. While he is strong, he doesn't believing in killing, believing that everyone deserves a chance to learn from their mistakes and grow into better people, leaving killing as a very last resort. However, this same mind set makes him slightly blinded to lies, and trusts others a bit quickly.


Weed was born a stray dog among the northern alps of Japan, living with his mother. Wile hunting one night, he finds GB getting attacked by a bear, and bravely fights it away. That was discovered by Smith, a veteran soldier for the Ohu Army. Smith confronted and explained to him about who his father was, and the Ohu Army he was supposed to be in. Hearing the information, Weed decided to go to the ou mountains, to help in protecting the paradise.

Season 1Edit

Soon after arriving in Ohu, Weed soon came across Jerome and his squad, impressed with them a bit while they were talking with the Ohu soldiers. Thinking they might know more about Kaibutsu, he decided to follow them, seeing them made the same jump his father had made. Upon hearing the news from Smith, he gathered enough courage to jump across, thus gaining the respect of Jerome's squad. Weed kept with them for a while, eventually being participated for a mission made by Jerome's squad. Heading inside Gaijou, Weed was supposed to lure Kaibutsu back outside. However, he soon comes across Nagisa Shiota, sensing a sudden connection almost on sight. Weed remained as moral support throughout the rest of the incident.

About a month past, and still Weed was thinking over what had happened, trying to make sense of it, until a deeply injured dog told Weed (who he thought was his father, Gin), about Kyoshiro Shirogane before passing. Weed soon tells Smith this, and decides to go and find him along with the rest of the ohu army. After days of traveling, Weed soon finds Kyoshiro, yet wasn't believe when he told them his status as the Soudaishou. Weed explained the reason behind the lack of soldiers thanks to Kaibutsu, but that didn't help either. Eventually, Kyoshiro challenged him to a duel. His terms for his victory was for Kyoshiro to let the packs return, and promised to not harm them again. However, Weed dropped the deal entirely once Kyoshiro said his winning rights, but attacked once Kyoshiro started insulting his family. However, Weed didn't manage to win, and was knocked out as a result.

When they returned to Gaijou, Weed recovered, but he still thought over Nagisa, to the point where he decided to leave Gaijou in order to find out. After talking to Mel and GB about it, Weed and them left Gaijou.

After traveling for days on end, Weed and his friends eventually reached Tokyo, where he began to look around for Nagisa. When he did eventually find him, he quickly gave chase (nearly getting run over in the process), until Nagisa reached his class building. While he was waiting for him, he was confronted by Kyoshiro again, the dog demanding another fight which Weed forcefully ended up in. Weed tried talking Kyoshiro out of it, but, it ended up getting him hurt more and more. Eventually, he was almost knocked out, which resulted in him unintentionally activating his power, and using the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga on Kyoshiro. The attack resulted in him getting a deeply wounded leg, and as such, had to stay with Nagisa for the while until he recovered.

Season 2Edit

During his stay with Nagisa, he soon ended up involved in a trip to Kenya, which he, GB, and Mel agreed to go on. Upon arrival, he and his friends explored the African Serengeti until they came across Dodie, who was being hunted down by Sahara. With some convincing, Weed managed to save Dodie from being eaten. This news had Weed then meet Kimba, who he got along with right away. During his stay in Africa, he ended up involved with more demonic involvement, which included Spider, and Narcissus, and also helped in the defeat of the Destroyers from the Desert, and Samson.

After returning to Japan, Weed found Nagisa and Greninja, and told then that he had to go back home to Gaijou due to his promise to return. Thanks to Nagisa's support, he left them alongside GB and Mel.

For the next few days, Weed continued towards Fugato Pass with his friends, finding Sasuke, and Teru along the way. Once he did arrive back home, he was soon informed about Kyoshiro Shirogane staying in Fugato Pass until he finishes his fight with him. Weed left to search for him, and didn't find him until later that night. A fight quickly broke out between Weed and Kyoshiro, which Weed eventually wins. Rather than finishing him off, Weed helped Kyoshiro, explaining that he had his whole life ahead of him, and an entire pack to take care of. Afterwards though, he was found by Bisharp, who warns him and Kyoshiro about Korosensei. Weed became one of the witnesses to the moon's destruction.



Weed is able to perform a special move among his family line known as the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga, a technique from the wolves.