Welcome To Our School
Season 1, Episode 6
Episode Info
Kanji 私たちの学校へようこそ
Air date may 14, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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Misao: Academy's Ghost Out With Old, In With New

Welcome To Our School is the 6th chapter of season 1, and 6th chapter of the overall series.


While returning to normal, Class 3-E is visited and joined by a new student, traveling there from a particular army in the mountains...


April had finally shifted off into may, the warmer late spring weather beginning to come along back around. For Class 3-E, it was a time to handle some more of their outside activities with more cheery attitude, Nagisa, Naruto and Luffy in particular were a bit glad that things had calmed down a lot more since their little ghost hunt - and had gotten enough rest to redeem themselves for Korosensei -, so they were a bit better. However, a hint of suspicions were still in the air about Greninja's reasoning, his excuse to 'test them to see if they're ready' and what not. Ready for what exactly? Nagisa was thinking most of it compared to everyone else, a common trait for him to have actually. After all, when someone makes you hunt down a ghost as a test for the future, that'll get anyone thinking about what dangers will come ahead of time.

The class was back outside for gym again, Greninja and Korosensei watching from inside the building, as the class gone through basic exercise throughout their schedule, advised by the alien himself. As everyone in class was busy with their various jumping jacks and stretches, Korosensei turned to his froggy friend.

"Say, Greninja?"

"What?" Greninja asked, still not exactly trusting the alien octopus teacher just yet.

"I've took the time to check some cameras at the main building, and I noticed that you've shoehorned some of my students in harm's way," Korosensei said, as Greninja glanced at him. Considering Korosensei moved at Mach 20, it wasn't that surprising to hear that info out of him.

"It was a test. Someone with your IQ should've figured it out." Suddenly, Korosensei's face turned purple with a purple X on his face.

"Wrong! Students shouldn't be thrown into a daemon's attack and expect it to be hunky-dory, that could've killed them!"

"Koro, it was mandatory. Besides, why do you care, you're not any better," Greninja groaned.

Korosensei's face turned red in anger by that point.

"I'm trying here to teach my students, It's bad enough I had to save them from Kaibutsu, but I don't have time to save them from a ghost! Those monsters you sent them after -"

"They aren't the threat."

Suddenly Korosensei was quiet, instead of anger his face was blank white, his mouth in a single line and a blank stare on his face. Greninja was having a bit of trouble getting why Korosensei would care so much for his students like this, his knowledge on humans rather weak anyway.


"They aren't the threat, you should know. One was a science experiment while the other's just a spirit. They both aren't working for him, if they were I would've helped out in their struggle."

Greninja then got more serious, and aimed a water blade at him.

"Oh, and by the way, you better watch yourself. One harm on anyone, and I'm taking you down myself."

"Isn't that ironic, coming from you. I gave my word, I won't harm anyone here, I guarantee it."

Meanwhile, outside, the rest of the class had just finished up their basic workout, finishing off their 20 jumping jacks as instructed. Rather basic all and all, but was still pretty good none-the-less. Nagisa took a second to wipe off some sweat, as Naruto and Luffy went over to him, also a bit tired, but feeling pretty good.

"Nice work, Nagisa, you're catching up to me," Naruto said with his usual cheeky smile. Nagisa rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, but still felt a bit proud over it.

"Thanks Naruto, I think you're still better than me though," Nagisa admitted. However, as they were talking for a bit more, off in the forest nearby, someone else was beginning to step out. While the class was unaware just yet, the figure began heading off towards them, walking at her pace for a while. As she got closer, some of the students finally took notice, and eventually got the whole class in attention as she walked close. Only one who did recognize the pink -haired fighter was Nagisa, knowing her from travelling to find Kaibutsu.

Ren Hōsen.

Immediately questions got through Nagisa's mind, the main one being why was she here? Last time he saw her was back in the mountains farther north, fighting off the beast alongside them. Eventually, Ren stopped a few feet away from the students.


Course, seeing a random women just walk out from the woods didn't get too many replies at first. And, due to tactlessness, Luffy spoke first, seeing her odd clothing get up.

"Who are you? And what's with the cosplay?" Luffy asked, scratching his head on sight of her. Ren looked to him, obviously confused on the word 'cosplay'. Ren placed a hand on her chest before answering, to signify herself, as Luffy and Naruto walked closer.

"Ren. Ren Hōsen."

"Ren eh? So what's with the get up, you look like you're ready for an anime convention," Naruto said. Ren was actually getting a headache from all these odd words, so, Ren lifted him up by her finger - literally - and tossed him aside as she walked over to Nagisa. Amongst the crowd, Nagisa Shiota was the only one she recognized, all and all, so Ren would go right to him first.

"Uh...Hi, Ren. Been a while."

"Hai. Teach me to be like you."

"Wait, what?"

The message was short, quick, and to the point, but it was enough to make Nagisa feel very confused. He had only met with Ren once before that point, and there she nearly beaten him to a pulp. And here she was, asking him to apparently teach her to act like him. It was almost an entire 180 change from the reaction and interaction from last time. Ren simply looked down at Nagisa, being a foot taller than him.

"Teach me to be human."

Nagisa's face went fully blank. He didn't have a single clue what to say to that kind of request. The rest of the kids didn't help too much, worried to be thrown aside like Luffy and Naruto had. Speaking of which, the two had gotten themselves out of the bushes by that point, a bit shaken for being tossed like rag dolls. After a bit, Korosensei and Greninja both went back outside, seeing the commotion going on. Upon sight of Ren though, Korosensei was a bit surprised, but pleased too, while Greninja was still perplexed by this sudden arrival. Ren looked to Korosensei, as the students went aside.

"It's you. That odd creature from before."

"Correct! Great to see ya again. What brings you to our corner of the world?" Korosensei asked.

"Under orders. I need to be human," Ren stated. Unlike the rest of the class, Korosensei was pretty happy to hear that Ren wanted to learn something new. He patted her on the head with glee on his face.

"So you want to learn huh? Sounds fantastic, you just - OOOWWW!"

Korosensei was cut off when Ren gripped his tentacle, a bit stronger than he'd expect from her no doubt. His tentacle squished in her hand as she made a basic handshake before releasing it, leaving a deep dent grip on his pain-filled appendage. Ren simply nodded, then turned to Greninja nearby, observing the amount of strength she had put. Though he had to admit, it was slightly amusing watching that scene play out.

"You in charge?"

"Well, not entirely. A bit impressive on your grip, I have to admit. The real one in charge though is Korosensei," Greninja said, pointing to the octopus as he held his limp tentacle, sobbing a little bit. Ren didn't think much of it.

"Why are you here?"

"Under orders. I don't think I have to explain myself much, but if you are willing to stay, then Korosensei had said he'll agree." Greninja said. Even if he didn't trust Korosensei that much, he knew who was and who wasn't in charge of the class. Besides, he wanted to observe a little more on this girl. After a bit, Korosensei got back up, as Ren walked back to Nagisa.

"What was that for?!" Korosensei snapped, not pleased with Ren.

"A handshake. Isn't that a sign of greeting?"

"It is when you don't crush the other's hand in the process!" Korosensei yelled, showing her his limp tentacle. Ren just stood close to Nagisa, probably the only one she ain't willing to throw aside.

"What's going on?" Nagisa thought.


Sometime later, back in class, everyone was keeping an eye on Ren. She was basically a bit old for being in their class, and also a bit overly powered. Also questions were in wonder to how she knew both Korosensei and Nagisa upon arrival, but Ren ignored their bickering as class started back up. Since there was a spare seat, Ren sat right next to Nagisa as Korosensei began.

"So, class, time for some work. You have about 40 minutes to finish up the following questions, hope our lessons got to everyone for this," Korosensei said, passing out the written tests in 1 second flat, including Ren as well. Ren was still a bit curious with everything, sitting in a desk and giving some written work. With a pencil in her hand and paper with question in front of her. Ren looked to Nagisa, who noticed her confusion.

"Just pick up your pencil and start answering the questions, Ren," Nagisa advised, showing her what her pencil was. However, when Ren grabbed it, everyone heard an audible snap fill the air, as the pencil snapped in two...

"Try with less strength," Nagisa said, letting her borrow one of his spare pencils. Ren tried again, only using her index finger and thumb that time, successfully picking up her pencil. Now for that paperwork.

"Good. Now watch me," Nagisa said, as he started writing some things on the back of the sheet to show her what to do.

"I don't understand."

Soon, Korosensei popped up in front of them, overhearing the confusion Ren had on what to do.

"Oh it's easy, use your pencil and write down the answer for each question," Korosensei said, pointing to the paper. Ren looked down at the paper before her, and the pencil in her grasp.

"This is my challenge?"

"Eh yeah yeah, whatever you prefer to call it," Korosensei said with nonchalance. However, Ren took the term 'challenge' in the wrong way unfortunately. So, she rallied the pencil up, and actually stabbed the paper, and the desk! Practically everyone was just staring at her with a blank expression, Korosensei included...

"Uh...Ren? You mind waiting outside the classroom?" Korosensei asked, as he pulled the pencil out of the new hole in Ren's desk.

"Didn't I win?"

"No...No you did not. Just wait outside."

Ren just nodded and got up from her seat. As she walked out, she grabbed Nagisa's arm and practically dragged him out, despite all of Nagisa's struggling in her grip. Ren opened the door - accidentally snapping it off the hinges - and walked on outside.

"This'll be harder than I thought," Korosensei thought. All the while, Greninja had been observing the whole situation, thinking rather deeply on Ren and Nagisa. He had never seen one human with so much strength before, and her attachment towards Nagisa made him be put under question too...


As the day continued on, Ren continued trying her best to fit in with the rest of the class. However, many of the students didn't really seem to fully warm up to her as of yet. For starters, she was 3 years older than an average junior student, and second her strength was beyond anything they've seen as of yet. Nagisa was having the oddest experience with her, since Ren stayed strictly by his side for practically the whole time, literally next to him the rest of the school day. Luffy and Naruto kept their full distance from Ren, considering how they were simply thrown aside with little to no effort. The only one who looked at her with intrigue was Greninja specifically, from how she looked to how she behaved, Greninja was getting theories within his head about Ren, but he needed to be sure of it first.

As the school day drawed to a close, Nagisa said goodbye to his friends at school and began to head back to the city on the path to the main building. However, Ren remained by him for the walk as well, which was starting to get a bit rough for Nagisa. Eventually, Nagisa had enough and got out of her grip.

"Something wrong?" Ren asked.

"Ren, listen to me, I need answers and I need them now. What's going on, why are you here?" Nagisa asked firmly. Ren just kept quiet at first, as if thinking over each question said to her. Nagisa himself remained firm and remained locking eyes with her until Ren sighed...

"...A few Weeks ago...Smith-san, called me into Gaijou, soon after you arrived...

(Few Weeks ago)

The Gaijou remained tall in the spring air. Inside Gaijou, Ren stayed kneeling down in front of the Ohu Veteran, Smith, as the Spaniel looked to the girl.


"Ren, I've been thinking over some of the events that had occurred sometime ago, with Kaibutsu, and I've came up to the conclusion...You have to go," Smith explained. Ren looked up slightly to the Ohu Veteran.

"What do you mean?"

"Please understand...You can't be here any longer, Ren Hōsen."

Ren looked to Smith in shock. She can't be there? The sudden news of her having to permanently leave Gaijou and the Ohu Army behind her was news that struck her heart more than most.

"What? But why, did I do anything wrong?"

"No, no, Ren. Understand, you are a brave soldier and veteran of the Army since it's early days long ago. But after hearing your interactions with your own kind, I've realized that keeping you away from them was a crucial mistake. You are a human, Ren. And to sustain your future, you're going to have to be with them..."

"No!, I want to be here, with you, with the soldiers!"

"Enough!" Smith yelled, his voice echoing through Gaijou's inner chamber. Ren kept quiet, but felt hurt as Smith walked over to her on his 3 legs, standing right in front of her. Smith could see how she was troubled by the news, and gentle gave her a lick on her face to remove her tears.

"Gaijou will be safe, Ren. You've proven yourself as worthy of a grand warrior of your time, possibly the best in both canine and human kind. But the fact is that you are a Human. Myself, and the rest of the soldiers are dogs, and while you had shown to work well, you can't remain outside of your kind forever... So please, go and find him. Go and be Human like them..."

Ren still felt deeply hurt, as Smith gave her a hug. Ren didn't return it, but still felt good to her and Smith.

"I...Will be able to come back...Right?"

"Of course Ren, you'll always be welcomed back with open arms. You may be a human, but still a Ohu Soldier at heart..."

Eventually, Smith let Ren go and the girl got back upright, ready to go. Without another word, Ren turned around, and left Gaijou behind her...


Ren stop her explanation with saddened eyes, as Nagisa took in every word. He may not had known the dog for a while, nor knew what dogs said, but Nagisa knew that Ren cared deeply for them. It was the first time Nagisa had seen her sad (or as talkative), and gently placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I didn't want to go. He said I had to...Why does it still hurt?..."

"It'll be okay...So, you really want to learn?" Nagisa asked.

All Ren did was just nod her answer to him...

"...Then okay. I'll help you out."

Ren looked back to him, and then gave him a hug, feeling welcomed first time since arriving. She smiled a small smile, tears still down her face...But Nagisa was more hurt than feeling good about his choice.

"Thank you, Nagisa."

"Ren *choke* REN *HACK* Crushing - Can't breathe!"

Ren let go of Nagisa, as he found room to breathe, and some breath to take in. It felt like a boa was tightening around him for a second there, as Nagisa took a minute to regain himself. Afterwards, Nagisa straightened up, and began walking back home with Ren by his side. All the while, from the nearby trees, Greninja had been observing them both for a while longer, and overheard Ren's back-story. Hearing that, it gave the ninja frog some sympathy for the poor girl, as he started his way back...


Meanwhile, in the nearby forest, Korosensei was happily chilling out in the afternoon sun, the alien resting on a futon chair, happily sipping some Hawaiian pineapple juice, and snacking on some chocolates he got while visiting new zealand while listening to some Chinese zen garden music on his radio (He got around alot). It felt good after a long day of teaching to kick back and relax, especially after some dealing with Ren the literal powerhouse. Korosensei gave a mused sigh as he sipped his drink.

"This is the life," Korosensei complimented, though it was mostly to himself. While he was enjoying himself, someone else went over to him, hiding within the shade of the trees, looking directly at him.

"Korosensei. You've been slacking," It said, the voice low and a bit ominous. However, Korosensei didn't think too much of it, not thinking it was a big deal.

"Slacking on what, I'm doing a good job in teaching, thank you very much," Korosensei replied, readying to sip another bit of his juice.

"Turn around."

"Alright whatever, not like It'll make -" Korosensei turned from calm to freaked out in less than a second upon sight of who - or what - was there. The figure was plenty tall, about as tall as he was, the entire body a mix of grey, black, and yellow, with red eyes. The shape resembled an odd-looking dragon, with two wings extended and raised. Korosensei panicked, falling out of his chair, and immediately bowed to it.

"G-Giratina! My-My apologies, I didn't know it was you, honest honest, true to heart, for truth -"

"Okay I get it Damnit! Now did you get any notes at all?"

"Y-yes sir!" Korosensei said, quickly pulling out his written notes on the humans and giving it to Giratina. The notes were held in mid air by a sort of telekinetic power, as Giratina read through the notes. The look on his face made Korosensei shudder.

"What is this? Excessive sleeping, odd pets, lack of learn ethic, what kind of information are you getting?" Giratina growled, tossing the opened note at him, only to have Korosensei catch it.

"S-sorry, you said to get info on the humans, and -"

"You come back with shit I can't use. Damnit, Korosensei, you need to do better than this. Any defences? their strength? Any weaknesses the humans have I can exploit?"

"Each ones different, I don't have a clue. But I did find this powerhouse of a girl, does that help?" Korosensei asked, hoping Giratina won't be pissed off at him. Giratina snorted at him.


"*phew* well she just came here today, she's Batshit powerful! Look what she did to my tentacle!" Korosensei whimpered, showing Giratina the injured dented appendage. Giratina looked over it for a minute or so...

"So it hurts here?" Giratina asked, as he bit into the tentacle, and ripped it clean off! Korosensei yelled in agony as he saw the severed limb being swallowed. Korosensei kept whimpering a bit, as Giratina groaned in annoyance.

"You can regrow limbs, dumbass."

"Huh?...Oh yeah, I forgot!" Korosensei realized, as he quickly regrew his limb in just a few seconds, good as new. Giratina groaned again before turning away.

"...Keep a better eye on this girl. In fact, keep an eye on the rest of them. Report back anything...Important..."

After agreeing, Giratina simply vanished, leaving Korosensei alone again...However, Korosensei just settled back down in his chair, and relax to the music again. Korosensei was about to have another chocolate, when Giratina suddenly appeared again, and thrown him off the chair.

"Off your ass, I mean now."

"Ok OK!" Korosensei answered, rushing off back to the class. Giratina just sighed again, rolling his eyes as he took what notes he had and disappeared again.

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