What the Future Holds
Season 2, Episode 4
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Kanji どのような未来が保持します
Air date September 3, 2015
Written by Gingalover
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Kimba, and the Silver Fang Destroyer's Indication

What the Future Holds is the 4th chapter of season 2, and 16th in the overall series.


With sometime alone, the group take a visit to the local fortune teller.


The next following morning, the group were out and about again. So far, the vacation had been uneventful for the human side of the vacationers, yet the canines were getting a ton of new stuff thrown at them: Sahara and his pack, and Kimba's kingdom. Still, it was fun for both sides of the party. Korosensei was having some fun too, a vacation away from Asano AND Giratina while he chilled and relaxed on his own time. Thank god for that!

Soon, the group, dogs included, were going through the city, checking out the area as they went. The city wasn't as busy as Japan was, but people were still going about as of were. However, as insisted by Korosensei, Weed, Mel, and GB were collared and leashed, being brought by Nagisa, so they wouldn't wander off (much to their annoyance).

"Oh, what a beautiful day for a walk, eh kids?" Korosensei said to the others.

"Not bad, teach, high-five for effort," Karma said, his hand up at the ready, his smirk on his face. Korosensei, feeling playful, gave Karma the good high five. However, Korosensei suddenly felt a tingling sensation soon as he made contact, making his arm shutter a bit. Korosensei quickly removed the tentacle hand. Then, Karma showed the octopus the signature buzzer in his palm.

"You walked right into that one," Karma chuckled. Korosensei blushed red in the face, turning back ahead. Some of the others chuckled too, though Korosensei didn't find it that silly. As they kept walking though, Nagisa suddenly stopped when he felt the leash stop moving. Turning back, Mel was trying to get the collar off of him.

"Damnit, this thing's trying to choke me," Mel complained, trying to get the thing off of him.

"Mel, don't worry, you can take it off when we get back," Nagisa said.

"Screw that, I *grunt* want it off *grunt* now!" Mel retorted, trying to get it off as best he could. Soon, Ren came forward, grabbing the leashes to the dogs.

"Ren, get this thing -"

"I'll handle them, Nagisa," Ren said.

Just a minute later, the group was off again, but with Ren going along with the leashes in her grip. While Weed and GB walked along too, Mel was literally being dragged behind, annoyed as ever. It was an embarrassment, to say the least. However, while they all were going along, the group suddenly was stopped by Korosensei, who looked ahead in glee. The others looked on ahead, soon seeing what he was seeing. Up ahead, towards the park, seemed to be a sort of tent, purple in color, and not very big either. There was a sign by the entrance but, being from Japan, African language wasn't entirely understandable to them. Korosensei got it though, as it read out: Fortune Teller. Korosensei was extremely giddy upon seeing it, really hoping it was available.

"Goodie, goodie! Ok kids, who wants to go first?"

"In where?" Luffy asked.

"This is a fortune teller's booth, what else?"

"Oh, that crud, I'll pass. My dad says these things are a bunch of shit," Naruto commented. Before they could go any further on the matter, they all heard someone start to move from inside the tent, coming out. The group then notice a women walk out of the tent, having a Mohawk for a hairstyle. Her hair looked grey, but had bands of stripes going along it. She had on a sort of shaman get up, striped like a zebra. Korosensei turned to her, excited to see her.

"Oh, morning, morning! You open Mis?"

"Ah, Korosensei. Indeed, my fortunes are open for all," she replied. Korosensei suddenly freaked, but in a good way: this fortune teller got his name right!

"EEEE! You got my name right!"

"Your aura is easy to read, Korosensei. Rather dynamic, I must say."

"Oh, thank you so much Mis...?"


"Thank you," Korosensei beamed. The women looked to the group of kids, though got the look of annoyance on Naruto first. Seemed some of these kids weren't exactly believers for her.

"Something the matter, Naruto?"

"So you can get names, not too impressive. I'll be over here," Naruto said, starting to walk away. However, Korosensei was already over next to him.

"Come on, Naruto, gonna quit so soon?" Korosensei asked. Naruto simply sighed.

"Do I have to do this?" Naruto asked. Korosensei didn't want him to quit so quickly, but, the shaman girl looked over to the others.

"Are any of you interested?" She asked. The others thought a bit, and eventually, some of them lined up. Those that did included Nagisa, Hinata and Karma, while Luffy, Naruto, and Ren sat it out. Ren would go in, but Weed, GB, and Mel came first. Korosensei joined in, as they went on inside the tent.

The interior seemed pretty decent enough, big enough for them to fit in comfortably anyway. The middle of the room had a table in the center, signature crystal ball at the center, two seat across from each other. There was a few other items along the wall as well, yet mostly those were for decoration. The fortune teller sat down at one end of the round table, awaiting for the first to sit down. It took a bit, but eventually, Nagisa went first. The others stood aside, as he took his seat.

"What fortune would you like told?" She asked.

"Oh. Well, I'm not too sure, I guess any will do," Nagisa replied. Zecora then began to relax a bit before speaking once again.

"Hold my hands," Zecora instructed. Nagisa did such, and both hands settled down on Zecora's own set. Zecora was silent at first, as she focused a bit. Eventually, Zecora looked to Nagisa, reading his eyes apparently. Nagisa wasn't too sure what exactly Zecora was doing, but it was best to not interrupt a expert at work. Zecora then took a deep breath, the others inside watching the event unfold.

"... I see you off on a journey beyond the stars ... Beyond our world, where mortal men cannot tread ... Nagisa, a lover of the galaxy will be looking for you ..."

Nagisa was simply speechless. While Zecora was explaining these predictions, the crystal ball showed what she preferred. At first, it showed what seemed like the sea at night. Then, all it mainly showed was space, as if going through warp speed. Soon, a figure showed up, but, it was a bit to blurry to figure out who it was. There was blue, and white colors, but, that didn't help all that much as the vision faded off from view. Nagisa thought for a little bit, but before he could say anything, suddenly Karma looked, and saw something in a nearby jar. Within it appeared to be a scroll, tied together with a black feather at the end of it. Without much prompting, he grabbed it, and opened it up. Zecora quickly caught him before he read any of it.

"Put that back, if you don't mind," Zecora firmly stated. Karma could care less, though, and started to read anyway. The scroll showed some writing on it, but again, it was hard to make out. Korosensei could read it though, so, he looked it over a bit while Karma was trying to read it out. Korosensei took the little paper, and looked it over.

"Destroyers of the Desert? This another prediction, Zecora?" Korosensei asked. Zecora simply sighed before answering.

"That's actually a legend, one that had been forgotten by many, unfortunately," Zecora said, taking the scroll and wrapping it up again. After that, Nagisa just got up, and walked back outside the tent. He needed a bit to think about this. When he left, the subject of the legend continued on as Karma got the scroll again.

"So what's this legend about?" Karma asked. Zecora took the scroll before answering them.

"The Destroyers of the Desert is a legend as old as the land itself. Beings of destruction, able to wipe out a land of life within days; The legend goes that in the face of the evening sun, the devil winds will rise, sweeping away everything in its wake, in preparation for their arrival. This will be a sign for all to see: for when the devil winds die, look into the face of the evening sun. And there you shall see them: the destroyers of -"

Suddenly, Karma gave an unamused yawn: the story Zecora was blabbering on about wasn't exactly entertaining, plus too long for him to be interested. Zecora didn't exactly approve. However, looking to Korosensei, the alien looked a bit startled from Zecora's tale.

"Sorry, but a smaller tale would be nice," Karma stated, getting a bit bored.

"Apologies, sometimes it can get carried away."


meanwhile, watching from his own crystal ball, a particular demonic dragon, Giratina, had observed the prediction Zecora had gave Nagisa. A rather interesting thing that she made clear. Although, thinking about that term "lover" did complicate it a little bit. He wanted the chosen gone for good, not gaining allies.

"A lover of the Galaxy, huh? A rather complicated scenario to handle. But these Destroyers ... Now that's interesting."

The orb then froze the moment, focusing more on the legend written down on the scroll so he could read it. While he was looking, suddenly he felt a presence in the room with him. Upon turning around, he soon saw a few figures standing by him. One of them moved forward, Giratina smiling upon seeing his next accomplice: a gigantic, 8-legged female arachnid, with a devilish look within her eyes.

"Ah, glad you could show."

"Shall I venture in?" The spider asked.

"Not yet, Spider. I'll be sure to let you go when, but for now, you and the others stand by. I want to see how this'll turn out."